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    20 Jaw Dropping YouTube statistics (2022) you should Read

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    In the modern era, if you don’t know what YouTube is, you are probably living under a rock on an isolated planet. YouTube is probably one of the most well-known social media platforms used by people all over the world. It is a great place for brands, businesses and content creators to target audiences and grow their visibility. Today, we will be looking at some YouTube statistics that can help your promotion strategy. These YouTube stats have been collected from multiple sources and range from data collected in the year 2020 and 2021. So, if you have been looking for some quality YouTube analytics to gain some good insights for 2022 you are at the right place. 

    How Popular is YouTube? – YouTube Statistics

    YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms to have been ever built. But it can often be hard to gauge the popularity of YouTube. But as always, like most things on the internet, there are facts and figures about YouTube as well. 

    • YouTube is the 2nd most used website. It is easy to guess who takes the crown then. It’s none other than the OG search engine Google. 
    • Google also owns YouTube so yes, it is currently dominating the internet traffic. 
    • It isn’t surprising to find out that the site most of us use daily for multiple hours is the second most visited website in the world. 
    • This means you can still promote your brand on YouTube because there is a lot of traffic directed to this platform. 
    • Since it is so popular you will find users from different demographics to use this site. This means your target audience is also using YouTube regularly and you will most likely be able to reach them if you create targeted content or collaborate with YouTubers in your target niche. 
    • The diverse user base of YouTube makes it very easier to find active users in most niches which brings us to the next statistic.

    A Huge Number of Monthly Active Users

    YouTube Annual User Growth Percentage Year Over Year

    YouTube Annual User Growth Percentage Year Over Year
    If the first statistic didn’t cement the popularity of YouTube, this one will supplement it.

    • It is estimated that YouTube has over 2 billion monthly active users! That number, though humongous, isn’t that surprising at all, isn’t it? Just think about it for a second.
    • Everyone you know, your parents, friends, colleagues, etc. use YouTube. You will generally be hard-pressed to find a lot of people who don’t use YouTube.
    • As we also mentioned in the previous point, the huge number of active monthly users can give you an idea of how diverse the user base of YouTube is.
    • It is a field day for any marketer who knows how to target the right audience and right influencers. This will help brands connect to the right audience that can lead to more lead generation and more conversions as well.
    • Many brands are actively using their own channel to target the right audiences with that niche-related content.

    Second Most Used Search Engine

    Since YouTube is the second most visited website on the internet, 

    • It is obvious why it is also the second most used search engine. It is behind Google which is the most used search engine across the world. But being the runner-up on this list is no small feat. 
    • This means that people often visit YouTube to search for stuff. Whenever you want to learn something, watch something, understand something, etc. you will generally be looking for a more visual representation of that particular thing and YouTube is the perfect platform for that. 
    • How does this info help brands and businesses? Brands need to focus on optimizing the metadata and title of their video. 
    • Since YouTube is being used as a search engine, if you put effort into YouTube SEO you will reap benefits. People use YouTube as a search tool for videos and you can capitalize on that to increase your exposure.

    The US Provides 16.5% of YouTube Web Traffic

    These 3 countries have top web traffic in the world

    Web Traffic of Top 3 Countries

    Since YouTube is used by hundreds of millions of people all over the world there is no doubt that the user base is very diverse and is spread across multiple countries. 

    • Even then if we crunch some numbers and distill out some YouTube statistics we can see that the largest percentage of YouTube web traffic does come from the US. 
    • Around 15.6% of YouTube Web Traffic is from the US. This is vital information. Hundreds of millions of people in the United States are browsing YouTube daily.
    • That’s a huge reason for brands, targeting US customers, to use YouTube to market their products and services. A lot of US YouTubers have a very loyal following and they can be used to spread awareness about a brand or promote a product. 
    • The second country where a good chunk of YouTube users come from is India. Around 9.9% of YouTube Web Traffic is from India.
    • Being one of the most populous countries, you can expect a good level of consumerism from India. 
    • YouTube, being one of the staple sources of entertainment and information in the country, is the perfect platform for marketing products to Indian audiences.

    YouTube is Used by Most Marketers

    Social media platforms started as ways for people to connect. Very few envisioned them to take the form that we see today. 

    • Currently, most of the popular social media platforms are important spaces for brands and businesses to get ideas about the general public. 
    • A huge part of the revenue generated by social media platforms comes from advertisements and promotions. It is due to these sources of revenue that we get to use these platforms for free. 
    • Being the most used social media platform, YouTube is a platform filled with opportunities for marketers to capitalize on. 
    • Around 55% of Marketers use YouTube to promote brands and services. This is because you get a wide variety of users interested in a variety of niches. 
    • If you can target the right influencer then you can boost your lead generation. 
    • Even if you directly want to create content to promote your brand on YouTube you can create and follow an action plan and directly connect with your target audience.

    YouTube Users Spend a Lot of Time Watching Videos Daily

    Even though we spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos it may not be easily comprehensible how much time we are spending on the platform. Let’s use some handy statistics to put that into perspective. 

    • On average, over 1 billion hours worth of content is watched daily on YouTube. That’s a huge number. This means that YouTube is being actively used each day by people all over the world. 
    • If you are looking to expand your audience base and target more people then this is one of the best platforms to do it. 
    • Brands, businesses, and influencers can work on video optimizing strategies. An optimized title of your video and an optimized YouTube description can often help in finding the right users that you want to target. 
    • Any brand can find its audience on YouTube since such a huge amount of time is being spent on the platform by a diverse group of people all over the world.

    100 countries, 80 languages

    YouTube Available in 100 Countries

    If we weren’t already homing the point that YouTube has a diverse user base then the next YouTube statistics will definitely do it. 

    • YouTube is used in over 100 countries and is available in 80 languages. Now, that’s an impressive feat. That’s the reason why YouTube has such an active user base.
    • People coming from different parts of the world with different cultures and languages can share one platform and find things that they are interested in. 
    • This is a great incentive for brands as well. Doesn’t matter which part of the world you belong to. 
    • If YouTube is available in your country you can use it to target the audiences from your nation or target international audiences in your niche. You can be as specific as you want. 
    • The numbers will thin out the more specific a niche is but you will have the chance to get more visibility. 

    500 hours of video content uploaded every minute

    Since YouTube is so popular it receives a huge amount of traffic as is obvious from the other statistics. Due to this huge volume of content is uploaded to YouTube frequently. 

    • Some YouTube stats put that number to 500 hours of video content uploaded per minute
    • This statistic has both good and bad sides. One of the good things is that YouTube is still quite popular and is going nowhere. 
    • This means you will still find hundreds of millions of users to target on the platform daily. 
    • However, since so many videos are uploaded every minute the platform is saturated and it might be very easy to get lost among other videos in your niche. 
    • That’s why it will take some time and effort to get everything right so that you can also start getting views and likes. Focus on optimizing the metadata of your videos. 
    • Your video title and description should be crafted to boost YouTube SEO. It is possible to add Hashtags to the video content. It tells the algo and the users what the video is about.

    YouTube is a Good Platform for Advertisement

    Social ranking platforms are no longer just for entertainment and social connections. They are businesses that have one agenda – the generation of revenue. 

    • YouTube has become more advertiser-friendly over the years and has been generating huge ad revenue. In 2021, 
    • YouTube reported having generated over $28.8 billion in ads. Amazon still beats YouTube when it comes to ad revenue-generating a whopping $31 billion from advertisements. But $28.8 billion is still one of the largest amounts generated from ad revenue.
    • This shows that YouTube advertising and promotion works otherwise companies and brands won’t be pooling in so much money. 
    • If you have been wondering whether or not to use YouTube advertising this statistic should clear some of your doubts. Many companies trust YouTube’s ad campaigns because you will get way more visibility. 
    • With different kinds of ads now in play, you can bet your target audiences will definitely be aware of your brand.

    YouTube is Relatable to Users

    YouTube is one of the social media platforms that people feel they can relate to. YouTubers are entertainers who connect with their audience. 

    • The persona of a YouTuber is such that it feels within reach. People can see themselves being friends with YouTubers they enjoy watching which is very different from actors, singers, or other celebrities. 
    • Around 65% of users feel that YouTube content is relatable like real life.
    • Due to this when people come to YouTube they don’t expect brands to manipulate them into buying any product or service. They prefer genuineness. 
    • Your YouTube marketing strategy should be about connecting with your target audience and selling them products that you genuinely believe in. 
    • The more you let that genuineness show the more appreciative your audience will be leading to much better results. 
    • Younger generations like Gen-Zs who are going to be your future customers, value authenticity and transparency in marketing.

    A Decent Percentage of Users Watch Videos Based on Recommendation

    YouTube initially showed random videos. There weren’t many creators and you always got to find new niches. The purpose was to create a platform where people can share video content. But today, the YouTube algorithm is very strong. 

    • It has been designed so that users keep on getting recommendations that make them stay longer on the platform. Thus, a lot of users actually watch recommended content which often comes on the sidebar while you are watching a video. 
    • Around 81% of YouTube users watch recommended videos
    • If you optimize the metadata of your video and use the correct hashtags and keywords telling the algo what topic your video belongs to then the platform will more likely recommend your videos if a user watches videos in the genre. 

    This way you can dominate the sidebar with your videos if a user watches one of your videos.

    Most Users Are Watching YouTube on a Mobile Device

    70% of YouTube Viewing Time comes from a smartphone and tablets

    Smartphones and tablets allow portability to people so it is not surprising that a lot of people are watching YouTube on their mobile devices. 

    • Around 70% of YouTube Viewing Time comes from a smartphone. This number is significant as it means that YouTube is always within reach of the users since they always have their phone on them and might watch some videos whenever they take a break. 
    • This means that YouTube is an immensely popular source of entertainment and many people are frequently using the platform making it ideal for marketing and promotion. 
    • You can also invest some effort in different mobile-friendly content like YouTube shorts which will display in a vertical format. 
    • A lot of influencers and brands have started using the short video format to deliver very short but high-quality content to the users.

    US Adults Love Using YouTube

    Most Video Streaming App Usage in the US

    Video Streaming App Usage in the US

    We mentioned before that one of the largest user bases of YouTube comes from the US. Adults in the US love using YouTube. 

    • In fact, YouTube is the most widely used social media platform by them. This shows the effect YouTube has on people.
    • Since people connect to YouTubers in a more relatable and genuine way, it can build a strong communal sense. This is the reason why so many people use YouTube to get their daily information and entertainment. 
    • Around 73% of US adults are actively watching YouTube. 
    • The more active these users are on the platform the more likely they are going to see your promotion. If your brand’s target customers are adults living in the US then YouTube is the best platform to use if you want to directly target your promotion and marketing at them.
    • You have to remember to be relatable and authentic if you want to gain the attention of young adults.

    YouTube is Used Daily By Most Users

    YouTube started as something very niche that only a small percentage of users all over the world were using. But as the internet became more accessible and technologies became easy to use, YouTube’s popularity spread quickly. 

    • Today, a huge percentage of the world actively uses the platform. It has become one of the primary sources of entertainment and information all over the world. 
    • In fact, around 62% of active YouTube users use the platform daily.
    • They frequently consume videos on the platform making it a good space for marketers to promote a brand or product to its target customers. 
    • If you include the users that use the platform at least on a weekly basis then the total number of users who watch YouTube weekly becomes 92% of the active user base. 
    • With this much engagement and viewership, you can find your target audience and build a community.

    More Parents are Allowing Kids to Watch YouTube

    Most Watched youtube Video

    Baby Shark Became the Most Watched Video

    YouTube is very popular with adults as proved by the above statistics. But you cannot really ignore kids since brands can often increase sales by marketing a product towards a family, especially targeting the kids. Turns out a good number of children watch YouTube. 

    • According to YouTube stats, 81% of parents are allowing their kids (age 11 and below) to watch YouTube. Some of the most subscribed channels are geared towards kid’s content and some of the most viewed videos are the ones made for a younger audience.
    • Baby Shark is the most-watched video on YouTube. This should give you an idea about how much impact kids have on YouTube.
    • Brands that create toys, cereals, and other similar products that target a younger customer base can easily use YouTube to their advantage. You have to create advertisements and collaborate with influencers who are creating kid’s content. 
    • This way you can easily connect with them. Most kids often watch videos with their parents and they may see something interesting in your product and might consider buying it for their kid.

    YouTube Often Has a Positive Effect on Its Users

    YouTube helped to solve most of the problems

    In one of the YouTube analytics, we mentioned that people find YouTube relatable. YouTubers seem like a friend or family member hanging out with you rather than some celebrity who is too high to make any sort of connection with. Most YouTube videos have a very positive comment section. People often comment how a particular channel has helped them go through tough times. 

    • In fact, around 47% of YouTube users have felt that YouTube videos helped them cope with problems in their life.
    • There are many positive and supportive people commenting on videos. Even though dramas and controversies on YouTube often see more light, most users are still looking for positivity. 
    • So, if you want to build a loyal and stable community then oftentimes taking a positive route helps. Brands with a positive message and outlook will often be welcomed on YouTube.

    YouTube is Used Widely in the US and Has More reach Than TV Networks

    Television networks have started to lose their dominance when it comes to connecting with people. Earlier, if you wanted to market any product to an adult you would have to air an advertisement on a television network. It costs a huge amount of money. 

    • Now you have so many options to reach audiences often directly. YouTube tops the list when it comes to video streaming services. Most old Millenials and Gen-Z adults are more likely to use YouTube than watch any TV network. 
    • YouTube is free. It takes fewer data to watch, making it widely accessible. So, any brand or business looking whose target demographic happens to be adults can use YouTube rather than a television network for much better results. 
    • Around three-quarters of the US population is active on YouTube as we mentioned in previous YouTube stats while a lesser percentage is watching TV channels regularly.

    Most First Page Videos are HD and have around 15 Minutes runtime

    YouTube’s algorithm keeps on changing based on what their advertisers want. YouTube is kept afloat mainly by ad revenue. So, they want their users to stay on the platform for as long as possible. Since the factors keep changing over time YouTube’s algorithm keeps adapting to these changes.

    • Currently, HD videos are recommended quite a lot. Around 68.2% of videos on the first page are HD and they have approximately 15 minutes in length.
    • This should tell you the quality of the content that most people are looking for. They have better internet facilities and better devices. So, they want to watch videos in high-definition. 
    • Also, it seems that most videos are around 10 to 14 minutes long. People aren’t generally looking for very big videos. They would rather like to watch multiple smaller videos.

    Good Quality of Videos Matters

    YouTube is a big platform. Hundreds of thousands of videos are uploaded regularly on the platform. But only a percentage of them get a lot of visibility regularly. 

    • Focusing on the production quality of a video is one of the best ways to ensure that you get regular engagement. If a person is interested in a topic they are more likely to click on a video with higher production quality than poor quality videos. 
    • So, investing in decent equipment and putting some effort into editing the videos can be a good way to gain more engagement. 
    • If your video has a higher production quality then users are 1.6x more likely to watch it.
    • If you want to gain the goodwill of your target audience you will have to focus on creating high-quality videos as it will convey to the users that you are putting time and effort into creating the content. It will make them more willing to engage with your content.

    A Quarter of US Adult Users Get News from YouTube

    A Quarter of US Adult Users Get News from YouTube

    As we mentioned previously YouTube users have begun to use the platform for stuff other than entertainment like information and news. 

    • Around 26% of US adults use YouTube to get news. The dominance of TV networks when it comes to news is still there but more independent journalists and YouTubers are taking to the platform to deliver news in a different way.
    • Many people are looking for opinions and commentaries on issues. The number of these people comes to around 51% of the YouTube news consumers in the US. 
    • Around 48% want just the facts and information not necessarily skewed by opinions. This shows how powerful YouTube is and how much it has become a part of people’s daily lives.

    The purpose of these YouTube statistics is to help you gain some quality insights into how users are perceiving YouTube and how they interact with it. Learning about the demographics and psychographics of YouTube users can help you make more engaging content and get better at YouTube marketing and promotion. We hope you found some useful YouTube statistics to improve your strategy. We wish you all the best.

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