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    Guest Post Submission Guidelines

    • All articles have to be a minimum of 1000 words. The topic can be anything within reason. Take a look at the last point to know which niches are prohibited. One can also do product reviews. So, if you want to deep dive into any product and provide your opinion on it, that’s allowed.
    • We recommend including images in your posts. Only use high-quality images. You do not have to add the image to the post. Provide the link to relevant images from sites like Flickr, Pixabay or Pexels.
    • Formatting should be on point. The post should follow a good structure and have appropriate headings and subheadings. Your post should look visually appealing and good formatting can help with it.
    • Plagiarism is a strict No-No. You have to send original content. The post should not be published anywhere including on your website. So, only write original content for us.
    • We do NOT entertain any posts or articles that deal with gambling, nudity, porn, casino or the promotion of drugs. Basically, we don’t want articles promoting vulgar or illegal things.