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    10 Best Twitter Follower Tracker Sites & Apps for Better Growth

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    Twitter can be more difficult to manage than most other social media sites. This is mostly because Twitter is based on interaction and not simply content viewing. People do not come here to simply spend time, but make a contribution in their way. Hence, it can be very difficult to understand and rank the level of activity taking place on your profile based on quality and quantity. A Twitter follower tracker will ensure that you take quick notice of people who follow and unfollow you.

    However, an even advanced follower tracker on Twitter will give you a detailed account of how much a certain person has been engaging with your tweets. You will be able to see the effect of different users’ comments on your original post, you will be able to track the supporters, the haters, and the critics.  If you are looking for such an efficient Twitter follower tracker.

    Best Twitter Follower Tracker Sites & Apps

    Tweet Binder

    Tweet Binder - twitter follower tracker

    Tweet Binder is a highly efficient tracker for Twitter followers- operational all over the world. They also provide services to companies and businesses that manage the social media of other customers. Tweet Binder will not only act as a Twitter follower count tracker but will also provide information on other KPIs like lists, retweets, likes, mentions, original tweets, etc.

    If you want to track competition and see the trends in their KPIs- then Twitter Binder can provide that as well. Their website makes it very clear that other than followers, they understand the importance of engagement metrics like mentions, engagement, etc.

    Their twitter follower tracker app will let you know how many followers you are growing daily. you shall also come to know who followed or unfollowed you in the past. With the help of their subscriptions, you will be able to track new followers, compare yourself with other accounts, add other Twitter accounts, as well as track competitors, clients, etc.

    Altogether, there could be no better app for your Twitter engagement evolution. Further, you will also be able to find out when one account follows another. Hence, you will come to know if any big figures in your niche are being followed more or unfollowed. There is also a master tag through which you can filter between celebrities, Politicians, businessmen, etc.

    This app will also give you information on Twitter followers by the hour, Twitter followers by day, and Twitter followers by week. You can even set a custom period to get a graph on the rise and fall of your Twitter followers and your engagement.

    Status Brew

    Status Brew - twitter follower tracker

    Status Brew is an all-encompassing social media management and social media marketing service. You will be able to find services related to Facebook, Instagram, and basic websites on this app. They have a separate section under social media management in which this specifically cater to performance analytics.

    While this section will help you create posts, make them live, and manage engagement; it would also help you track the activity by seeing who engages with you most days. You will be able to develop strategies that help you reach tangible goals.

    Your posts and tweets will become more customer-centric and user-friendly to help you establish your brand authority. Even if you are a business, status blue could be a really good investment. Naturally, you will also be able to see the number of followings and unfollowing that happen every second.

    As long as you are registered on the site, you will receive an immediate update on any changes in activities on your Twitter profile. You will also be able to get instantaneous updates on your conversations from Twitter. They will provide a unified platform where you will also be able to see updates on Facebook and Instagram conversations. You can even send a single message to all your clients in different apps and different groups. - twitter follower tracker

    This website, which also has an app, comes loaded with features. They will provide you with a comprehensive inbox, information on your followers from all social media apps, new leads, content ideas, and much more. They also have many features that are Twitter-specific.

    The site has a special section, which is devoted entirely to Twitter. Therefore, more than being an integrated social media management app, it is mostly a Twitter management platform. They have three plants, namely corporate, business, and pro.

    The Pro plan is the least expensive at $19. This will give you management for two social profiles, a three-day limit on analytics, four monitored features, 100 weekly campaigns, unlimited whitelists, and 50 free engagements. The business plan has added features. Such as six social profiles and no ads, 60-day access to analytics, as many as 40 monitored features, unlimited weekly campaigns, and 100 engagements.

    Other than the upgrades, you get unlimited custom groups, unlimited followers analyzed, one on one, training, as well as three team members to help you out. The corporate plan has as many as 12 social profiles managed under it. You get 400 engagements, unlimited weekly campaigns, unlimited custom groups, one on one training, and as many as 14 team members. However, this plan costs about $117 and is a little expensive.


    Audiense - twitter follower tracker

    With the help of this app, you will be able to take Twitter to another level. This offers a comprehensive Twitter monitoring program. Naturally, it will help you track the number of followers and unfollowers you have in a day. Other than that, you can monitor audiences based on certain demographics.

    These could include interests, language, profession, age groups, etc. Once you have found relevant audiences, you will be given certain insights that can help you create better strategies and tweets. This site has gained recognition from major names like Apple, PepsiCo, and TikTok. These companies also happen to be their valued customers, along with other bigger names like Manchester United, Deloitte, and more.

    This site will help you track followers and will also help you understand the trends in their activity. Once you combine different profiles, you will be able to get a dashboard with a specific audience segment. You can personalize your messages and your content strategy for each different section.

    They will also provide you with audience insights through which you will be able to understand the trends in a particular niche and demographic. Naturally, this will lead you to make better marketing decisions, improve your targeting, improve the relevancy of your content, and drive high performance for your Twitter account.


    Twitonomy - twitter follower tracker

    This app will help you get detailed visual analytics on people’s tweets, replies, hashtags, mentions, and much more. Further, you will be able to search and browse as well as filter to get insights into the people you wish to track. Other features include backup and export tweets, mention tweets, reports to XL as well as PDF.

    You might not have heard of this app before, but Buffer considers it one of the most prominent places to manage your Twitter from. You will be able to monitor all your interactions with other Twitter users. They also offer features for search analytics for keywords as well as hashtags and URLs.

    The site also features many guides that make it easier for you to understand Twitter and access its hidden features. You will be able to download any users’ favorited or retweeted tweets. If you have any favorite users or lists, then you can monitor their tweets directly from a special window.

    The site will even let you in on the keywords that they have been searching. Various other features will help you track your follower growth over time. You can manage lists from 1 dashboard and add people according to the analytics given. The site will also give you a detailed list of the people who have decreased their engagement or who have unfollowed you in the past few days.


    Klear - twitter follower tracker

    If you want to build trust with your various Twitter followers, then you should try out this website. It is a Twitter management and Twitter follower Tracker app. They also have an amazing user interface on their website. In case you have any questions about how the app works, then you can directly ask their representatives.

    This app is considered the new standard in influencer marketing. They also provide services for Places like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Hence, they can also help you to put together an integrated marketing scheme for your brand. The link that we have given above will take you to their free Twitter influencer analysis tool. This tool will not only help you to analyze your profile, but it can give you a complete analysis and PDF report on the Performance of any other influencer.

    In case you fear that your competition is doing too well, then you can look into the metrics where they are underperforming or overperforming to know where you can do better. Oftentimes you will also realize that they are using fake followers to grow their account. Hence, with the help of this app, a lot of things about your competition will get clear. They also provide unique features like your own social media resume.

    Analytics Twitter 

    Analytics Twitter

    Twitter in itself is a very wonderful dashboard to analyze your growth and your followers. Of course, Using Twitter you will be able to track the downfall and improvement in the number of your followers. However, if you open Twitter analytics, then it works just as efficiently as other social media management tools.

    Since Twitter knows itself much better, it will even be able to give you insights that are more accurate than anywhere else. You will be able to measure the engagement and learn how to make your tweets reach more people. They have other features on their dashboards like followers as well as Twitter cards.

    This will allow you to explore the demographics and different categories of your followers. On the other hand, Twitter cards will give you information on how well your Twitter cards are performing, or if they are not performing at all. But the cards are an intensive part of Twitter analytics and cannot be accessed without it.

    With the help of Twitter cards, you will even be able to improve your advertising within the app for improved market reach. You will be supplied with a different dashboard for different sections. The account home section will have a separate dashboard, which will give high-level twitter statistics for your greatest and biggest tweets.

    Then, there is the tweet activity dashboard which will let you know how many times people have been retweeting, liking, and replying to your tweets. Similarly, you can also use the video activity dashboard which will give you an insight into the video tweets specifically. You will be able to create better videos with the help of this dashboard. And this is not all, since it also allows you to manage your ad campaign through the campaign dashboard and conversion tracking dashboard.

    Social Bearing

    Social Bearing

    Social Bearing Is not just a Twitter follower tracker, but an. All in all, insight and analytics tool for tweets as well as timelines. As soon as you log into the website you will see various sections such as tweets, handles, Geolocation, people, followers, as well as friends.

    Under the tweet tag, he will be able to find several keywords or hashtags, or websites that are related to a specific tweet. On the other hand, you will be able to find various handles as Well, as keywords and hashtags are narrowed down by the Geolocation tab. Under this option, you will get full-screen auto-refreshing maps from Twitter.

    You will also be able to view tweets by language and other metrics like sentiment and crowd behavior. It’s just the most advanced tool which will give you hashtag views as well as overlays for photographs. You will be able to find keywords and hashtags within a specific radius and find the biggest influencers within a specific region.

    You will be looking at the Internet through the eyes of Twitter alone, to help you access the algorithm in a more advanced manner. The place will also offer premium Twitter reports. These do not just account for reports, but accounts of the performance of Twitter since 2006. We will get a report of a specific Twitter year in a PDF.



    This is one of the most intelligent social media assistants that you will find for Twitter. They will help you to grow as well as engage your most important audience on Twitter. They will analyze not only your growth as well as the activities of your target users, as well as your competitors.

    There is no price that you have to pay to use this. The app is powered by Hootsuite itself. This wonderful app can be used by Freelancers, teams, professionals, enterprises, as well as businesses. Individual social media influencers or Twitter users can easily use it as well.

    They will be able to provide you with the right growth hack for your profile in the purview of your competitors. To do so, they will give you complete information on the number of followers you have, the number of followers who engage with you, and the number of followers who could be false. It would also give you information on the followers of your competing profiles.


    This is a wonderful Twitter management app and A Twitter follower tracker. With the help of their state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, you will be able to engage users, get followers, and track your progress. To date, as many as 1,750,000 people have used this app to manage their Twitter growth.

    They will give you constant updates on the number of followers, the number of followings, the number of Twitter actions, the number of new followers, etc. This site has been featured on social media today, including Forbes, Yahoo, social times, etc. It will also tell you the kind of hashtags you should use to increase engagement and get noticed to grow your brand.

    They can guarantee as many as a hundred new followers in a day just with the help of updated Twitter Analytics. Simultaneously, you will be able to get rid of any followers who are not contributing to your growth. We will give you a short brief of how this app works. First, it will monitor Twitter to find the most active users.

    They will track down all the engaging consumers as well as competitors in your industry related to your hashtag. The Tweet will filter out the best ones to help you target these and create tweets specific to this group of people. They also use the Geolocation tags to narrow down the research. Once this target group is completely defined, they will go on to provide information under the sections- reply, follow like, retweet, and unfollow.


    The extremely comprehensive list that we have given above has the best Twitter follower tracker tools available on the Internet. Not only will these be able to give you information on the growth and fall of your followers but most of them will give you different tactics to improve twitter performance. Do check the websites/apps for yourself, and let us know what you think.

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