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    7 Best Twitter Auto Liker Tools to Increase Engagement (2022)

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    You might be working in a company that posts regular Tweets, and you have to like them regularly. For the first one or two days, everything will seem so easy-peasy. Suns and moons will keep changing their places, and things will start appearing so monotonous. Every day you will get new posts to like and your interest in the same will decline day by day. If you are thinking about whether it is possible, it is! With the seven best Twitter auto Liker tools you are just gonna read.

    You can enjoy the pleasure of Twitter auto Liker. No more boring scrolling and individual liking. Moreover, if you are doing it out of obligation or professional/personal commitments or anything else, you can just like all of them! And the best part?

    It will all be done without any intervention from your side. However, be hypervigilant!  You will find plenty of scammers out there waiting to rob your data.  Well, do not worry. The tools we have compiled for you are genuine and trustworthy. Not only will they offer you safe services, but they will also be your true-blue Twitter assistant. Without wasting any more time, let us begin!

    Here is the list of the 7 Best Twitter Auto liker Tools in 2022:

    Phantom Buster

    Phantom Buster - Best Twitter auto liker

    Want to generate more leads on Twitter? You can do it with the Twitter auto Liker that Phantom Buster gives you. How? It is just simple psychology. People will notice you if you show them love. And the best part? With Phantom Buster, you won’t have to waste time scrolling and liking individual Tweets! Furthermore, Phantom Buster will offer you a series of seamless Twitter auto Liker features.

    Firstly, you can set it to automatically like Tweets from specific accounts. It is a blessing for anyone who fits in the situation you have read in the intro. Secondly, you can add the Tweets you want to like in bulk, and this tool will like all of them.

    Thirdly, they have a sophisticated Twitter hashtag collector that will provide you with a stream of new Tweets to like based on specific hashtags. Finally, thanks to the cloud-based operating system, your browser does not need to be open or turned on to execute automation.


    Tweetfull - Best Twitter auto liker

    Now, visualize a situation. What if you spent only a few minutes on Twitter and liked hundreds of Tweets without doing anything? The strategic artificial intelligence of Tweetfull will, therefore, save hundreds of your hours. Liking individual Tweets and the scrolling down ordeal is now a thing of the past. With Tweetfull, you can automate everything! Moreover, the days of squandering hundreds of hours communicating with people who add nothing to your brand’s value are over.

    The tool will also help you identify the supporters and collaborators who will help your brand achieve its goals. Just stop shooting the arrows in the dark and use Twitter auto Liker to generate leads. Are you getting kicked off the site because you use a slew of spammy tools? It will never happen again if you have Tweetfull. The strategic AI tool will keep you from being suspended. It adheres to Twitter’s anti-spam and anti-manipulation policies.


    Twitfox - Top Twitter auto liker

    Using Twitfox is extremely simple. No codes, formulas, or messy steps. Just enter the keywords and phrases related to your specialization, product, service, or website. You just do not want to like the Tweets of random people. Their AI-powered database will check Twitter throughout the day for people who are tweeting about topics similar to your niche.

    Also, after finding the relevant users, Twitter auto Liker is done. Moreover, the Tweets that they find are heavily liked or retweeted, and the tool will automatically follow that Twitter user.

    You do not have to do anything. All these are handled automatically behind the scenes by Twitfox. Every person they introduce you to is enthusiastic about your product, service, or issue- so much so that they are tweeting about it.

    If you can fix their problem, they are likely to visit your website or follow you on Twitter. Along with Twitter auto Liker, this tool will be your helping hand for lead generation. Finally, because they control your account in the cloud via their powerful online management panel, there is no need to download anything!



    Socinator is known not only for its Twitter auto Liker, but it will also increase your Twitter engagement and ROI. What will this tool give you? You can automatically follow, follow back, like, comment, retweet, send auto messages, etc., among many others.

    With the Twitter auto Liker of Socinator, you can save a lot of social media time. Socinator will provide you with simple automation and anyone too busy to do it themselves. Note two things here- it is simple, i.e., you do not have to be tech-savvy, and next, you no longer have to race against time.

    Moreover, Socinator claims to be able to automatically and safely expand and manage all of your social media accounts, including Twitter, saving you a great deal of time in the process.

    They promise to be capable of assisting you with complex publishing and content scheduling along with automatically commenting, praising, and even tracking your audience. Moreover, they can publish your content ahead of schedule, giving you more time to focus on generating new content.

    Tweet Partner

    Tweet Partner

    Dubbed as an all-in-one marketing tool for Twitter, TweetPartner’s Twitter Automation Tool allows you to completely automate your Twitter marketing. You can post, schedule, and automate all Twitter activities from a single dashboard! If you’re still not using all of Twitter’s features or wasting time on manual labor- finding the best posts and individually liking them- you’re missing out on a lot.

    With TweetPartner’s assistance, you can see considerable development in your company. Moreover, TweetPartner is one of the top Twitter marketing tools, thanks to its unique and amazing features. Firstly, it will help you frame a successful Twitter strategy. You can schedule your Tweets and go live any time! Secondly, you can enjoy Twitter auto Liker, by automatically liking others’ tweets based on hashtags or usernames.

    Thirdly, their Twitter auto-follow program automatically follows other users’ accounts based on hashtags, relevant activities, or usernames. Fourthly, you can automatically retweet other users’ content based on relevance. For this, you can use hashtags or usernames. Also, Twitter unfollowing will help you automatically unfollow users based on predefined parameters.

    Moreover, you can send out automatic tweets to your Twitter followers. Unlike other platforms offering similar services, it is possible to have more than one Twitter account with TweetPartner. In addition to that, you have everything on the Dashboard. Finally, you will get an excellent file manager with advanced user analytics and statistics.



    One of the best platforms out there which you have to try for Twitter auto Liker, TweetJumbo is our next pick. Just tell them about the popular keywords, hashtags, and phrases in your sector. Their AI-powered engine will then look for people looking for similar products and services.

    Furthermore, they will engage potential customers by liking and retweeting their Tweets from your Twitter account. What more? They can even automatically track these potential customers for you! And the most important thing- all of this is done without the need for human intervention.

    In addition to that, if you want to follow your competitors’ followers, you can create a ‘copy followers’ campaign. Also, it will help you create a new promotion to engage with people who use keywords and hashtags related to your niche in their tweets.

    Do you have a lot of people on social media that you shouldn’t be following? You can unfollow those who are unworthy of your attention by using the mass unfollow feature of this tool. Finally, to enhance engagement, this tool will help you automatically like and retweet the tweets of your favorite influencer accounts.



    Our final pick, Jarvee, is the most well-known platform to avail of Twitter auto Liker. They have been aiding their clients with not only Twitter automation, but also other aspects of their overall Twitter growth for years.

    May it be for growing your Twitter profile or boosting engagement, Jarvee is the best platform out there. As a result, they provide a broad variety of features to pick from, and the best thing is that their pricing is quite affordable.

    Final Words:

    With the potential to reach 200 million individuals all around the world, Twitter is not something you can ignore. As a Twitter marketer, have you ever wished you had a few more hours in the day? The answer will be yes.

    You might be one of the numerous Twitter users that struggle to complete all of their Twitter tasks daily and are tired of performing the same things over and over. With the tools you have just read, just automate them! Twitter auto Liker will make your job a lot easier.

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