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    10 Best TikTok Promotion Services That Helps You to Get Viral

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    Want to reach our target audience, gain popularity and monetize on TikTok? Here are the 10 best TikTok promotion services to help you gain a wider reach. With over a billion active users, the TikTok fever is sweeping through the world and becoming one of the most popular social media platforms. The app began as an entertainment platform for a younger audience, mainly Gen Z.

    But lately, brands have started to recognize the potential benefits that a strong TikTok presence can bring about. From influencer campaigns to content marketing, the platform can be utilized in several ways to increase brand awareness and ROI.

    However, it can be tough to navigate the platform if you’re not up to date with technology and the Gen-Z trends. To help you make the most out of the platform, we’ve curated a list of the 10 best TikTok promotion services. Let’s take a look at each one of them to unfold the right marketing platform for you.



    Neoreach serves as an Influencer Marketing platform and a TikTok Marketing Agency. Their years of experience have led them to have strong relationships with bloggers, brands, creators, and brands. They have a robust team that integrates with brands to ensure real-time and proactive communication.

    They also help brands in creating authentic and data-driven campaigns connected to the respective brand’s heart and soul. Using different sources, it devises effective strategies for multiple clients. Neoreach’s system takes care of managing the entire influencer campaign process from scratch until the very end.

    Their step consists of campaign direction, creative brief, influencer sourcing, negotiations, and contracts, licensing, payments, analyzing, and reporting. Their team even takes care of all the legal and financial aspects of every campaign, they’ve got everything covered.

    The Neoreach service software is undoubtedly the best in class and has more than 400 integrations, technologies, and in-house tools. To date, they’ve executed influencer marketing campaigns worth $250 million worth. Their pricing and plans are personalized as per the customizable deliverables.

    Viral Nation

    Viral Nation

    Just as suggested by the name, Viral Nation is one of the globe’s fastest-growing marketing firms. They have worked with several high-profile brands like Twitch and Victoria’s Secret to know social media tactics in-depth. Their specialty ranges from performance marketing to influencer marketing for several social media platforms including TikTok.

    Their strong and creative team is responsible for countless viral and successful campaigns on TikTok. They continually work towards exceeding expectations, making impactful memories, and amplifying the brand reaches to its highest potential.

    However, Their marketing mix is backed with detailed analytics and a proven ROI. Their core services consist of creative and content, strategy, performance marketing and media, and B2B campaigns.

    Viral Nation’s team takes care of negotiating contracts, seeking out opportunities, producing merch, events, casting calls, and more. From creative to technical to financial, you can find all solutions under one roof. Featured in Vanity Fair and Huffpost, you can count on them for commendable TikTok promotion services.



    If you are a forward-thinking brand, Fanbytes provides outstanding TikTok promotion services to reach the Gen-Z audience. Their large TikTok influencer network has helped several brands in their TikTok reach, such as Universal, Warner, and Atlantic. The Fanbytes consists of industry experts and techies, the best of both worlds.

    They have worked closely with other global brands to come up with campaigns and have run hundreds of TikTok campaigns. Their team comes up with the most creative ideas that refine marketing as per the latest and best practices. Since they have experience reaching out to the younger audience, it’s perfect for those looking for exposure on TikTok.

    Their core services include influencer marketing, trend spotting, social listening, creator identification, performance marketing with scalable conversions.

    TikTok is known for its houses, and Fanbytes is also behind a famous house known as Bytehouse. They’ve not only assisted the influencer in self-isolating together but also help score brand partnerships, daily vlogs, and much more. Their knowledge of the type of content that works on TikTok is incomparable, making them a suitable option for like-minded creators and brands.

    The Influencer Marketing Factory

    The Influencer Marketing Factory

    The Influencer Marketing Factory is one of the largest one-stop destinations for social media marketing. They provide an array of services for different networks, including TikTok promotion services. Their tea, of experts, consists of media planners, campaign managers, and digital marketing specialists.

    They have an eye for identifying businesses’ current and potential audiences, so they can connect them with relevant influencers. Once they identify your vision and objectives, they immediately start working on curating a strategy that helps you get ROI.

    Their services consist of setting KPIs, target audience, influencer identification, contacting and contracting influencers, and content creation. Besides this, they provide clients with extensive metrics, analytics, and reports for all activities.

    Their tools help in identifying the customer funnel steps, from how users engage to generating leads. Other than influencer marketing, they also provide talent management services for influencers. Besides this, they also have a number of free resources on their website that can help small brands get familiar with the platform.

    Engage Hub

    Engage Hub- TikTok Promotion Services

    If you are a product-focused brand looking for top-notch TikTok promotion services, Engage Hub is the place you’ve been looking for. Powered by artificial intelligence, their bespoke solutions help different brands in powering their customer journey.

    Their TikTok solutions and campaigns are designed to help generate a buzz and get people talking about set brands and influencers. They have collaborated with several high-profile brands like H&M and accelerated growth through TikTok.

    Their roadmap focuses on several key developments like customer journey tracker, journey orchestration, automation, and more.

    One of its best case studies includes is a collaboration with HD Brows. Engage Hub helped the brand skyrocket its sales by helping them gain more exposure through collaborations with UK’s biggest influencers. However, This TikTok promotion service is also suitable for those new to the market.

    have a dedicated blog section on their website which offers endless free resources to help viewers kick start their TikTok journey. Interested users may also get in touch with their team for personalized solutions as per individual needs.

    Hype Factory

    Hype Factory - TikTok Promotion Services

    With more than 100 happy customers, Hype Factory has completed more than 400 successful and viral campaigns. This promotion service takes pride in being a one-stop destination for influencer marketing and beyond.

    Instead of simply looking for influencers with a high follower count, they use AI-powered technology to scout for the right influencers. Their team of experts doesn’t believe in vanity metrics, but actual metrics that result in a high ROI.

      Their selection process is detailed and multi-layered, consisting of over 40 filters to select only quality influencers. In addition to this, their service also includes a target audience search to generate targeted results. Moreover, they also use advanced technology to choose a combination of influencers that doesn’t lead to audience overlap.

    This helps in gaining the lowest audience overlap which further helps in gaining a wider reach. Their TikTok promotion services also come with campaign execution services. Other than this, they provide special promo codes for TikTok campaigns and help measure results to optimize accordingly.

    Grow Mojo

    Grow Mojo - TikTok Promotion Services

    Grow Mojo is probably one of the most popular and reliable marketing agencies. They help businesses win online, drive more customers, increase revenue, and future-proof their businesses.  Their team has extensive experience curating and managing TikTok campaigns that can drive sales.

    However, They have quite a unique process with innovative TikTok marketing techniques and strategies. Their strategies are designed to help clients stay ahead of the curve, and monetize on TikTok through powerful branding.

    Their team helps brands target audiences by age, location, gender, interest, and other variables. Whether your marketing funnel aims to generate leads to get app installs, they take care of it all. Moreover, they also have extensive experience with the optimization of customer acquisitions in different markets.

    Their average TikTok results have helped clients get ROI as high as 400% on monthly 20k ad spend. This is one of those rare TikTok promotion services that provides users with a free consultant and marketing plan for beginners.



    Stargazer is a pioneering marketing agency that uses storytelling and technology to create viral content at a large scale. They are an expert in building influencer marketing campaigns and activating long-tail influencers. From identification to logistics to tracking to reporting, they handle seamless campaign execution and reporting.

    In addition to this, their team also creates branded content that companies leverage for use on their own advertising channels. One of their biggest case studies is a dating app called SweetPea, which they helped gain massive exposure through platforms like TikTok.

    They managed to generate more than a billion views on TikTok alone, using their marketing tactics. Their team holds strong relationships with high-profile influencers that they connect with relevant brands.

    Those who sign up for their services get a team of experts, from an advisor to content managers to influencer managers. Their site has a different platform for brands and creators, depending on one’s agenda and requirements.


    Upfluence Inc. - TikTok Promotion Services

    Trusted by over 1600 global brands, Influence is another go-to platform for TikTok promotion services. Their services are of premium level, and they also offer unique features. Their team assists in influencer campaign management, influencer event management, product placement reach, and more.

    Upfluence services are here to help brands launch new products, optimize exposure, increase brand awareness and recall, and educate the audience. Since TikTok is a visual and video-focused application, they also help brands design compelling branded content.

    For the promotional aspect, they help in scouting for relevant influencers that have an engaging audience. Their dedicated team of influencer managers also helps in executing successful collaborative campaigns.

    They help streamline campaigns by providing features like custom workflows, issue custom coupon codes, simplify creator payouts, manage product seeding, etc. their platform offers several integrations that simplify all these processes, all under one dashboard.

    Sugar Free

    Sugar Free - TikTok Promotion Services

    Sugar Free is yet another leading and trusted influencer marketing agency for brands all across the globe. Their team consists of a diverse group of data analysts, social media gurus, talented creators, and marketing professionals. Their operations are in sync amongst different departments to create a truly seamless experience for clients. Sugar Free team integrates well to ensure real-time communication and create data-driven and impactful campaigns.

    Their core services include strategy direction, creative connect, influencer casting and recruitment, contracting, and implementation. They also take care of different campaign executions, reporting, analyzing, and optimizing. They’ve worked with a pool of high-profile influencers including David Dobrick and Emma Chamberlain. They work with brands and influencers of different budgets, offering customized solutions.

    Final Words:

    There, you have it, a list consisting of the best TikTok promotion services across the globe. TikTok has hooked the interest of a vast audience belonging to different demographics. The overwhelming TikTok population provides users and brands with an indispensable opportunity to gain a wider reach and monetize. So try and test these services to find your perfect fit, and seize the iron while it’s hot!

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