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    30 Best TikTok Analytics Tools to try in 2022

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    Are you stuck in a loop of zero TikTok progression? Then it is time to change your marketing strategy and incorporate some game-changing tools. TikTok analytic tools are impressive statistic trackers that monitor every metric of your profile and provide real-time reports. From the type of audience, and engagement level to hashtag analytics and post-performance, these tools can track the smallest of details that determine your success on TikTok. Therefore, to measure if your goals are being achieved on time, you need a TikTok analytics tool.

    In this article, you will find a list of the 30 best TikTok analytics tools that are currently available in the market. The best part is that some of these tools are free to use. So, you don’t need to worry about investing your hard-earned money. Many global brands and TikTok influencers are using these analytic tools to stay on top of their industry. So, don’t shy away and get hands-on experience by using the TikTok analytics tools listed below. Have a look!

    Top TikTok Analytics Tools:


    Iconosquare - The Best TikTok Analytics Tool

    Another amazing TikTok analytic tool is Iconosquare, which helps creators track their success rate. It helps them determine if they are moving in the right direction and suggests changes in their marketing strategies. Here, you’ll find an engagement tracker, detailed audience targeting, the best time to post, media lifespan, chat export, and more.

    Apart from the 14-day free trial, you can purchase the tool on a monthly subscription basis at $49 per month. There are unique plans depending on the size of your team, which makes it more affordable for every client.

    Social Insider 

    Social Insider - The Best TikTok Analytics Tool

    Social Insider is another game-changing analytical tool for TikTok. It mainly targets the digital agencies to monitor their marketing campaigns and measure the influencer network. It is an all-in-one tool that only provides real-time data but also helps you compare two profiles to gain clarity and better performance.

    Besides this, you can track engagement rate and profile statistics instantly. With regards to the pricing plans, Social Insider provides the most reasonable plans starting from $83 per month. They also offer customizations on request to make your analytical tool more focused and valuable. 


    HypeAuditor - The Best TikTok Analytics Tool

    HypeAuditor is the first and only platform that provides detailed insights into the quality and authenticity of followers on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. This tool is perfect for influencers, brands, and anyone who wants to know more about their audience. Get the latest TikTok statistics daily. Using insights into creators’ audience demographics, engagement, and performance of their video and hashtag challenges, you may improve your influencer marketing strategy. All critical information at your fingertips. Sign for free trial now.


    Popsters - Top TikTok Analytics Tool

    Popsters is best for evaluating post-performance on TikTok. Monitor the posts that are more popular among the target audience and re-evaluate the performance of posts that are not doing well. In addition to this, find the best time to post on TikTok and get amazing hashtag suggestions for your content.

    Furthermore, use this tool to export different files like XLSX, PPTX, and PDF. The pricing of the tool is unique and depends on the period of historical data that is available. Try the 30-day access for just $9.99 or pay and yearly cost of $89.99. 


    Brand24 is the Best TikTok Analytics Tool

    Brand24 is an incredible TikTok analytics tool that helps track the usage of TikTok hashtags. This Tool is versatile and supports many other social media platforms like Twitter, Twitch, and Instagram. One of the primary functions of this tool is to monitor the profile growth and performance on the platform. It also measures the overall popularity of your brand on the internet. 

    The hashtag analysis provides information on brand mentions, social media reach, audience interaction, and top competitors who have been using the same hashtags. Check how well each hashtag is trending and change the hashtags accordingly on your post. 


    Analisa - Most Popular TikTok Analytics Tool

    Launched in 2019, Analisa is one of the newest additions to TikTok analytics tools online. However, in such a brief span, it has empowered multiple brands across different countries. What makes this tool unique is its AI-powered features that provide raw data and detailed analytical reports about your metrics.

    From smart targeting to building new campaigns and analyzing content, this tool can do anything. While there is a free trial plan offered by Analisa, it is limited to a few days only. The paid plans start from $69 per month and go up to $239 per month. 



    Launched in 2010, Quintly has been helping thousands of TikTok influencers achieve tremendous success by helping them monitor their data. It is greatly popular among global brand managers and social media marketing agencies. Quintly offers incredible reporting features that simplify the analytical data for users.

    It also has an automated reporting system that keeps you updated with the slightest of changes in metrics. The best part is that it offers customized plans starting at $345 per month and $499 per year. If you want to increase your following on TikTok this tool will do wonders for you. 



    Pentos typically provides monitoring and data analysis to track the performance of your campaigns, view comprehensive data for the TikTok profile, and monitor the success of each post, hashtag, and trending song. Having such valuable information in hand at all times can help modify the content strategies that’ll grow your online presence.

    Moreover, it’ll help to improve the engagement rate and overall popularity of your videos. The pricing plans of Pentos start from $32 per month. So, give this tool a try to track, monitor, and implement effective changes in your marketing plan.



    Buffer is a web-based analytical tool that allows users to track the performance of their posts on various social media platforms, including TikTok. The tool provides users with information like post engagement, reach, and more. Businesses can use it to measure the performance of their social media campaigns, while individual users can use it to track the performance of their accounts.



    Exolyt is an exclusive TikTok analytical tool that aims to help creators, marketers, and agencies to get a better understanding of their profile metrics. One of its unique features is that it lets you compare two TikTok profiles. This way you can get insights on your weak metrics and work on them to grow exponentially on TikTok.

    Currently, Exolyt offers a free plan to explore basic statistics and a four-day history. Purchase the paid plans to access advanced analytical tools starting at $12 per month. The paid plans are more suitable for small or large business and marketing agencies. 

    Story Clash

    Story Clash

    Story Clash offers multiple analytical features like tracking the performance of any marketing campaign or keeping an eye on your competitors. This tool also alerts you on the trending videos and challenges on TikTok. This helps you to stay on top of the group and improve your following.

    It also helps to get multiple content ideas that are aligned with the popular trends. Story Clash offers a fully customized plan at the user’s convenience. Request a demo to get a feel of the analytical tool and purchase the features at a reasonable price. 

    Melody Socials

    Melody Socials

    Melody Socials is a unique analytical tool that helps you search through recommended TikTok profiles or find the top influencers in your niche. This tool relies on data to automate the search process and help you find the top creators in the industry. It is best for large firms and digital agencies that work with influencers online.

    Though the analytical features are limited, the price of the tool is slightly on the expensive end. The monthly subscription of Melody Socials is $299 per month. The higher plans are suitable for large business and corporate companies ranging from $499 – $999.



    One of the newest additions to the TikTok analytics tools is TikLog which offers five impressive tabs – Analytics, Accounts, Hashtags, Trends, and Comparison. As the tabs suggest you can instantly receive analytical data of your profile, compare your profile metrics with your competitor’s profile, get hashtag suggestions, find the latest trends and optimize your account to achieve greater success.

    TikLog is a fully-featured analytics tool that offers a free trial for all users to understand how valuable it can be for your growth on TikTok. So, go ahead and make the most out of this tool. 

    TikTok Pro Account


    If you don’t want to use a third-party tool to analyze your TikTok metrics, go for the TikTok Pro account. With TikTok Pro, you can access profile data with just one click. This feature provides information on the best time to post, and peak audience activity. You can track the engagement rate and tweak your activity on TikTok to gain a wider reach. The TikTok Pro account is free and inbuilt with the TikTok app. Simply go to your profile settings and click on Manage my Account to switch to TikTok Pro.

    Mave Kite

    Mave Kite

    Mave Kit is another wonderful TikTok analytical tool that offers a curated influencer database suitable for your marketing campaigns. If you are a digital marketer or an established brand looking for collaborations then this tool will do wonders for you. Apart from that, you can analyze profile performance, songs, hashtags, and more with real-time reporting.

    The file export feature provides complete insights in CSV format for all clients. The best part is that this tool is completely free to use so you can access the data analytics at any time without investing a single penny! 



    TikBuddy is a versatile analytics tool that offers features for marketing and profile management besides data analytics. This tool comes as a chrome extension and slows creators, brands, and influencers to conveniently monitor their profile performance. With TikBuddy, you can get real-time stats on video engagement, track hashtag performance, and compare your profile with the competitors.

    Besides this, you can get updates on trending music and content ideas that’ll help you grow exponentially. The best part is that this chrome extension is free of charge. So, give it a try and get the best results for your profile. 



    This is a web-based analytical toolkit that provides users with the ability to perform various types of data analysis for TikTok. The toolkit includes a variety of features, like data visualization, data mining, statistical analysis, machine learning, and more.

    TokAssist is designed to be used by both business and individual users. Business users can use the toolkit to perform marketing research, while individual users can use it for personal data analysis.

    Social Blade

    Social Blade

    Social Blade offers the most simplifying TikTok analytics tools for influencers, individual creators, brands, and large businesses. These features help to monitor your growth over several months, improve engagement rate, form a target audience, and keep a track of your competitors. Although Social Blade is a paid tool, it offers a free trial pack to allow users to get a feel of all the features before purchasing the tool.

    The pricing plan starts from $3.99 per month and goes up to $99 per month which is pretty reasonable as compared to many other TikTok analytic tools on the list.



    When it comes to finding the best AI-powered TikTok analytic tool, no one can beat Bandmates. This TikTok analytic tool helps creators, influencers, and brands to compare multiple profiles, track competition, and get real-time analytical reports of the TikTok account. Besides this, it helps find new trends, music, and relevant hashtags for any type of content. The pricing of Brandmates starts from $84 per month and goes up to $120 per month. Request for demo and customizations as well to get the best deals for your profile.

    linktree is popularly known for its profile customization features. Many creators use this tool to build landing pages, marketing campaigns and optimize their profile pages. However, also offers an effective analytical tool that helps track views, link clicks, engagement, and more.

    With you can also direct quality traffic to your website, blog, e-commerce shop, and more. The free version is the best way to try the analytical features of but you can always purchase the paid plan if you like their analytics services. Typically, the pricing plan for this tool starts from $13.25 which is extremely affordable.


    Minter provides in-depth insights into content performance with daily data updates to help you monitor the metrics. It also provides a breakdown of the engagement level on each video within 24 hours of publishing. Minter precisely optimizes your profile for better visibility. It gives insights on the best time to post, relevant hashtags to use on each post, and more.

    The best part is that you can export all the analytical data into any file format which saves a lot of time and effort. The pricing plan for Minter starts from $8.3 which fits right in with every budget!

    Viral Stat


    Want an analytical tool that makes Influencer marketing easy? Then check out Viral Stat one of the premium TikTok analytic tools that provide in-depth statistical reports of your account within a few minutes. Use this tool to learn more about your target audience, their demographics, and interests.

    Besides this, get information on your engagement level, hashtags, latest trends, and strategize your content to create viral videos. Viral Stat is also an incredible cross-platform social video analytics tool that helps track multiple social channels and videos to discover new trends. Sign up for the free trial to get hands-on experience. 


    Urlebird is one of the greatest TikTok analytics tools, which allows you to examine every profile metric with ease. Freelancers can use this tool to get a bird’s eye view of their profiles, create and share videos, track relevant hashtags, and much more for free. You can also use this tool to stay updated on the newest trends in your field.

    In addition, gain access to public material, look for top influencers, and compare two TikTok profiles with a single click. You may keep track of your competition without spending a single penny with Urlebird!


    Later is one of the best social media marketing and analytics tools in the industry. It helps in improving the campaign ROI, measuring tools to track profile performance, and generating scores to quantify the engagement level. Later also allows you to customize the target audience and gain a wider reach on the platform.

    The export report feature allows you to convert the data into any file format within a few minutes. Receive valuable insights in real-time and improve your social media influence with this incredible tool.


    TrendTok is a game-changing tool that helps TikTok creators track and identify the latest trends on the platform. Use the tool to filter new trends by category and location to create viral videos in advance. The tool uses AI technology which personalizes the trend suggestions based on your niche and content.

    Save the trends you love and create compelling content to get organic followers. The best part is that it comes as an app on your phone so you can manage your TikTok analytics with just one touch of a button.


    VidNice was launched in 2019 as a TikTok video collector. However, it has transformed to become a popular analytics website where users view and download TikTok content publicly. Here, you can search for trending videos, hashtags, and music for your content. Moreover, you can access the data for your profile metrics including follower count, type of audience, the best time to post, hashtag analysis, post-performance and more.

    While the website is free to use, you need to create an account to access all the features. So, don’t miss out on this free tool and make the most out of it. 


    Dyzio is a unique influencer data and insights platform that provides real-time solutions for improving marketing campaigns. Its campaign automation tools are one of the best in the market that instantly analyze influencer profiles and provide a quick report. Besides this, Dyzio works with global brands and businesses to automatically track and analyze their campaign data.

    The pricing starts from $299 per month and goes to $499 per month. Get your plan customized on request to achieve better results. But before this, get your hands on the free trial pack to witness the quality of this tool. 


    Last on the list is Adverity, one of the best TikTok ad analytic tools that record the real-time performance of your campaigns. It provides deep insights into your marketing ads and helps improve the campaign results. Make smarter decisions and quality content using Adberity to entice the target audience.

    It is suitable for growing marketing sales, training e-commerce teams, and growing influencer accounts. Get graphical representations of the statistics for better understanding and improve marketing ROI to grow your business. Book a demo today to get a feel of the features provided by Adverity.


    TikTok is growing every day and it is here to stay for a long time. So, to establish a brand on this platform, it is important to monitor the metrics and consistently improve profile performance. Whether you are a creator, small brand, digital agency, or a large business, TikTok analytics is crucial for everyone. By using the TikTok analytic tools, you’ll not only stay updated with the popular trends in your niche but also get real-time insights on your performance. 

    The above list of 30 best TikTok analytics tools will help you never miss out on any information related to your profile. It’ll ensure that you always stay at the top of your niche. So, what are you waiting for? Go through the list of TikTok analytics tools and choose the most suitable option for your profile. Make sure to personally check each website before making the final decision. We can assure you that getting a TikTok analytics tool is the best thing you can do to grow your social presence on the most popular social media platform in the world.

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