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    20 Pinterest Statistics That Every Marketer Should Know

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    Pinterest is one of the most used social media platforms. This is a place where you can search for new ideas for your next project or even for your next purchase. This platform was created as a visual search engine where people can search any topic to get some fresh and different insights. Today, we have bundled together some of the best Pinterest statistics that can be impactful for your Pinterest marketing and promotion in 2022. These Pinterest stats have mainly been collected from last year’s data which can help you gain good insights into how well the platform is going to perform for your brand. So, let’s get started.

    How Does Pinterest Fare in The Social Media Industry?

    Pinterest is a very popular social media platform but how does it perform against other sites?

    • Pinterest was ranked as the 14th most used social media platform last year. It has an active user base of more than 431 million users. But what do these Pinterest stats mean and how should they influence your marketing strategy? 
    • Pinterest is very different from other social media sites. But like Instagram, Pinterest has a huge emphasis on high-quality images and videos. So, if you can whip up visually appealing content then this is definitely one of the best platforms to promote on. 
    • Even simple infographics tend to fare well on Instagram. Since it has a huge active user base even specific niches can have hundreds of thousands of interested users. 
    • According to stats of 2021, every month over 478 million active users use this platform. This means if you keep at it your posts will start gaining some traction. Pinterest is a great way to bring people to your blog posts and increase traffic to your website. Any kind of tips and tricks-related posts often do very well on Pinterest. So, it is definitely worth checking out Pinterest because of its popularity. 

    Pinterest Gained 30% More Users Last Year

    30% users gained by Pinterest last year

    Pinterest User Growth

    Social media platforms have kept accumulating a lot of users over the past few years and Pinterest has achieved significant growth as well. 

    • In the last year, Pinterest Gained over 30% more users. Now, these Pinterest statistics have been a bit skewed over the last couple of years due to the pandemic.
    • Since people started spending more time at home they started using social media platforms more often and Pinterest just happens to be one of the options that many haven’t tried. But in general, Pinterest still gains a good number of users every year. 
    • This means that if you are thinking of investing in Pinterest promotion then it is worth it. The user base is going to grow, so you will always have an inflow of traffic on this platform. 
    • Pinterest will keep gaining new users and you can quickly start gaining a lot of exposure if you have built yourself in a certain niche.

    Approximately 70% of Users are Female

    female use more pinterest than mail

    Out of the active users that use Pinterest regularly most of them are female. 

    • Some Pinterest statistics put that number to more than 70% female users. 
    • So, if you are looking to get into Pinterest for promotion or exposure you have to keep this stat in mind. 
    • Female social media users have a certain ideology and philosophy while scrolling through their feed or searching for stuff. 
    • If your product is something that can be useful to either males or females or is specifically targeted towards females then Pinterest is a good platform to use for showcasing your products. 
    • A lot of female users often buy products that they see online and this is something that you can capitalize on. But if you are selling products or services that are geared towards men then Pinterest is also a good platform to promote. 
    • A lot of male users are joining Pinterest. Male Pinterest users have been increasing by 50% for the past few years. So, you can use it for male-targeted promotion as well.

    Around 66% to 70% of users are aged between 18 to 49

    Pintrest users according to age

    Pinterest Users Age as of Early 2021

    Age demographic is very important to understand if you are planning to incorporate social media marketing and promotion into your business. Even if you want to become an influencer you have to collect info on the age demographic of your target audience.

    • Around 32% of the Pinterest users are aged between 18 and 29. If you want to expand a bit more on that statistic, 34% of Pinterest users are aged between 30 to 49
    • So, most of the users fall into the category of young adults to middle-aged adults. People who are in their late 20s or more often have more spending capacity than young adults who often have less income.
    • Since a huge chunk of Pinterest users is in the adult demographic you can easily promote your product or service on this platform. Other Pinterest stats that we have on the list will show you just this. 

    Organic Pinterest Shopping Pin Engagement is Pretty Good

    One of the reasons why so many brands and businesses have been trying to get their social media marketing and promotion to incorporate Pinterest is because of the organic exposure that the site provides. 

    • According to Pinterest analytics, the organic interaction with shopping pins on Pinterest has increased by more than 35%. This means if your strategy is good and you have been creating good and uploading targeted pins you will get a good amount of exposure without having to pay for ads. 
    • Ads do help a lot and you can often get more visibility with ads but the Pinterest recommendation algorithm which works on the basis of searches and saves often recommends similar content organically. 
    • The interaction with these Pins has increased by 44% over the last few years. This is positive news for brands that are looking for organic exposure as well so that they can supplement these with ads to increase their visibility.

    77% Users Discover New Products and Brands

    Since Pinterest was geared towards finding ideas through visual content it worked pretty well for brands that use the platform for visibility. 

    • 77% of the active users of the platform have discovered new brands and products on Pinterest. This number is very motivating to brands that are looking to get their products some traction. 
    • If your product is different and you don’t know which platform to use for visibility you can try creating targeted content on Pinterest. 
    • A lot of Pinterest users are browsing this platform in the hopes of finding something new and interesting. This gives Pinterest a huge potential for brands to capitalize on and generate leads. 
    • People like to follow boards that they identify with. Lifestyle, health, nature, fashion are some of the most followed board niches. 
    • If you can fit your product idea to these niches then a lot of users will be able to discover your board because they surf similar content on Pinterest.

    Highly Used as a Search Engine

    2 billion searches are performed monthly on Pinterest

    Like most social media platforms, Pinterest doubles as a search engine too. It is nothing like search engine giants like Google, YouTube, or Facebook but it is still used very heavily by its users. 

    • Around 2 billion searches are performed monthly on Pinterest. This means people are searching constantly for new ideas, products, or content on Pinterest. 
    • Pinterest was meant to help you gain new insights and ideas about certain niches or genres. This stat helps cement the fact that if you have created boards that are specific to a certain niche and are targeting a certain demographic then you will gain visibility. 
    • A lot of keywords being searched on Pinterest have something to do with Health and fitness content. 
    • Food is another big niche that receives a lot of searches. Another umbrella category for popular keywords is fashion. So, you can gain good visibility if you have created Pins that are appealing to your target audience on Pinterest.

    Video Views are Increasing Year-Over-Year

    As social media platforms get more powerful in optimally displaying media content video posts are going to gain a lot of interaction from social sites users. 

    • Video views on Pinterest have been increasing by 200% every year. So, if you weren’t focusing on video content that much it is advisable to explore that avenue. 
    • People are increasingly engaging with videos, especially shorter ones that can deliver the gist of the content in 10 to 20 seconds. 
    • A lot of posts on Pinterest have popped up of people giving quick health and fitness tips. A lot of quick hairstyling videos Pins, make-up tutorials, easy recipes, etc. are garnering a lot of interaction from the users. 
    • So, you can make your board interesting by creating Pins that are quite engaging. Hacks and tips are two of the most viewed Pin niches on Pinterest. 
    • Your board can contain a lot of engaging video Pins that can be relatable in some way or the other to your brand.

    Around Half of Active Pinterest, Users are From Outside the United States

    If you thought that Pinterest is mainly used by people in the US you are not entirely right. 

    • Over 50% of the active users come from outside the US. This gives you a wider reach. If your product is sold through online platforms and supports international shipping then you can easily increase your customer base across multiple countries. But yes, a huge part of the user base still belongs to the US. 
    • So, if your brand is more geared towards the American audience then using Pinterest can be a good way to gain a lot of exposure for your brand. Just research the demographic of your target customers. 
    • This can help you understand whom to target. It is expected that in a few years there will be more active users outside the US using Pinterest regularly. So, you are safe to assume that you can promote your product to an international audience on Pinterest.

    85% of Pinterest Users are Smartphone Users

    85% people use Pinterest on their mobile app

    A huge amount of web traffic comes through smartphones and mobile devices like tablets.

    So, it isn’t a huge surprise to see this statistic that around 

    • 85% of Pinterest users access the platform using the smartphone app. So, how does this affect the marketing and promotion strategy for brands and businesses using Pinterest for social media marketing and promotion? 
    • If you weren’t already doing it, you need to start focusing on optimizing your media content to be more mobile-friendly. The graphics should be more engaging to a smartphone user. 
    • Often using bright colors and bold texts can stop people from scrolling and make them look at your Pin. Now, of course, you should not make it obnoxious. 
    • Just use catchy visuals. Vertically formatted videos will receive more engagement since they are more likely to use the entire screen space of the smartphone. 
    • Ensure that your images and videos don’t look out of place on the mobile app.

    US Moms are Using Pinterest

    Looking to sell to Moms? This next stat is for you. Remember the statistics about how there are more female Pinterest users. Well, it turns out a lot of these female users are Moms especially when it comes to the US. Some Pinterest analytics put this number to be around 80%. 

    • So, 80% of US moms are using Pinterest. A lot of these women are actively using Pinterest. They are engaging with pins searching for products and ideas. This is great news for brands that cater to Moms.
    • If you are planning to target women in that age group or Moms specifically then you should start looking at Pinterest as one platform on which to market your brand. 
    • People have been increasingly using Pinterest to shop for products. Brands and businesses are seeing a much better result when it comes to Pinterest Shopping. We have Pinterest Statistics for that as well. So, read on.

    More Boards Are Being Created on Pinterest

    Pinterest is one of the social media platforms that have been steadily growing. We saw how the Pinterest stats for searches and saves have increased over the years. Similarly, the creation of new boards is also seeing good growth. 

    • The creation of new boards on Pinterest has been increasing by 35% yearly. So, even if it seems that the platform is saturating, it is not so.
    • Pinterest is for people who are always looking for something new and fresh. If you take time to analyze your target niche you can gain more visibility. 
    • Some of the categories which saw a lot of increase in board creation include beauty, women’s fashion, and home decor. 
    • Of course, there are various niches within these general categories and as a brand, you want to target those niches to get optimal results. As a result of all this growth, Pinterest is making its platform much more optimal for users while saving Pins.

    Half of US users Use the Platform for Shopping

    Great news for brands targeting Pinterest users from the US! 

    • Around 50% of Pinterest Users from the US shop on the platform. This means that in the Pinterest statistics you saw regarding huge numbers of active Pinterest users in the US, half of them are shopping on Pinterest.
    • So, there’s a good chance that brands can not only generate leads for their products and services but also get decent conversions.
    • People are not only searching and looking for ideas and new products, a lot of them are interested in buying them directly from the app. 
    • Pinterest has integrated buy options for Pinterest users. Pinners will see a buy option below your Pin making it easier to complete a purchase without having to leave the app. 
    • This is a much better experience for the user as opposed to clicking on a link and going to a different platform. So, you can set up shop directly on Pinterest and start making some sales.

    Most Searches on Pinterest are Non-Branded

    The next Pinterest analytics is for new brands or brands that aren’t popular like the big players. 

    • Around 97% of searches on Pinterest are not related to brands. How is this awesome news for your brand? Well, this means that users are not searching for a brand in particular.
    • If someone is looking to buy a new cocktail dress they will not search for any specific brand but rather look at Pins that show them ideas related to it. 
    • As a new brand, you can easily insert yourself into their searches if you can target the niche. 
    • Since the search data isn’t too skewed by big-name brands you can still end up in the explore page or the feed of the user. 
    • Most users will be looking for new ideas or products, their thoughts have not yet been influenced by any brands. 
    • Focus on creating Pins that target the niche that your audience most likely belongs to and you can introduce your products before your competition.

    Gen-Z Pinterest is Steadily Growing in Numbers

    Gen-Z Pinterest users have been increasing by 40%

    Any brand that targets Millennials and Gen-Zs should definitely start using Pinterest for promotion. 

    • If you compare a year by year increase Gen-Z Pinterest users have been increasing by 40% for quite some time now.
    • Don’t worry if you don’t specifically cater to Gen-Z users. There are a lot of older people who use Pinterest but if your brand caters to a younger crowd you can still use this platform to promote your products and services.
    • If your target demographic are users from the US then an important statistic is that over 80% of Millennial women in the US Pinterest.
    • This number comes to somewhere in the neighborhood of 40% when it comes to Millennial men in the US. But this still tells that middle-aged to young adults form the meat of the Pinterest users.
    • If your brand is targeting them then you have a good chance of boosting the visibility of your brand on Pinterest.

    Pinterest Trends Grow Faster than many Other Platforms

    If you can cash in on a trend then you can gain a lot of visibility on Pinterest. 

    • According to Pinterest analytics, when a trend is found on Pinterest it has the potential to grow by 56% in half a year as compared to other platforms where trends grow by around 38%.
    • This goes to show that people on Pinterest are more likely to start searching for more ideas related to a trend than users of other platforms. 
    • For example, if a new winter fashion trend has emerged on Pinterest then people will be actively searching for more Pins related to this trend. 
    • Using quality Pinterest analytics, you can identify trends and then create Pins related to your brand targeting the trend. This will help your Pin show up in searches related to that trend. 
    • Pinterest has often been more successful than other platforms when it comes to predicting trends.

    Many Pinterest Users Don’t Mind Clicking on Brand Websites

    People are often icky to click on promoted content or sponsored posts on a lot of social media platforms. That’s generally not the case when it comes to Pinterest. 

    • Here, users are 3x more likely to visit a brand website by clicking on a Pin. This is why Pinterest is such a great platform for brands. 
    • Even if your Pin takes the Pinners to your brand’s website where you market them, they are more likely to visit the website via Pinterest than other social media platforms. 
    • This just goes to cement the fact that Pinterest is one of the best platforms for boosting the traffic and visibility of websites and blogs. 
    • People will click on the Pin and visit the website if they want to understand more about the product they saw. This can be a great opportunity for brands to generate leads and make some conversions. 
    • So, create Pins that book the users and pull them to your website.

    Lots of Marketers Use Pinterest for Promotion

    Lots of Marketers Use Pinterest for Promotion

    Marketer Usage for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest

    After scrolling through all the various Pinterest statistics, it is no surprise to know that a lot of marketers are using Pinterest for promotion. 

    • Pinterest analytics puts that number to 28% of all marketers use the platform for marketing and promotion. In an industry, where giants like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn dominate on the basis of the user base, Pinterest relatively drives higher referral traffic to websites.
    • Since so many marketers are still using this platform to market any product or brand to users, that should be a testament to the brand-friendly nature of the Pinterest crowd. 
    • The way Pinterest has been structured has brought brands and customers to a single space where the latter not only doesn’t mind the presence of the other but rather welcomes it. 
    • If you want to get your brand more visibility and drive higher traffic to your website or generate more leads, Pinterest is one of your best bets.

    A Decent Percentage of Pinterest Users Have the Ability to Spend

    This statistic goes hand in hand with many of the other Pinterest stats we have seen so far. Most of the Pinterest users fall in the adult category and a good percentage of them often end up finding new products on the platform. 

    A Quarter of Users Time is Spent Looking for Products and Shopping

    most of theTime is Spent Looking for Products

    Let’s end this list with another brand-friendly statistic. 

    • A significant amount of a Pinterest user’s time, around 25%, is spent shopping or looking for new purchase inspiration. 
    • This is higher than any other social media platform out there. So, the more you focus on targeting the right niche and the right customers the better chances you have of selling your products and services to them.
    • Focus on Pinterest keyword optimization and search engine optimization. These methods will help you gain more visibility and exposure on Pinterest. 
    • People are in the mindset of buying stuff from Pinterest. You just have to insert your Pin at the right place for them to make a purchase from your brand.


    So, these were some of the top Pinterest statistics that can be useful for brands, businesses and influencers to gain visibility online. We hope you were able to find some quality statistics to improve your strategy for social media marketing and promotion. You can research more regarding a certain statistic if you want to incorporate it into your strategy. Social media marketing and promotion require patience, research and consistency. So, if you keep at it you will achieve good results. We wish you all the best.

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