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    10 Pinterest Bots & Automation Tools Help to Boost Your Profile

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    Perhaps, there is no other visual encyclopedia as wide and inclusive as Pinterest bots. According to stats, it gets as many as 431 million active users monthly from all across the globe. The variety of audiences that you will find on Pinterest really cannot be found on any other app. Barring, of course, Facebook.

    Even though Facebook works well for established brands and businesses- Pinterest bots is the only place that offers equal visibility to lesser-known people. Therefore, this app continues to remain a favorite for influencers, artists, and small manufacturers.

    Still, if you would like to up your game on Pinterest we recommend using Pinterest bots for maximum engagement. Pinterest automation tools are widely in use. Since Pinterest is more liberal in its policies- these tools are more flexible and easy to use. Let’s have a look at the best of them-

    Best Pinterest Bots and Automation Tools


    UseViral - pinterest bots

    UseViral is an overall social media growth service. Being the most comprehensive place amongst its peers- UseViral has great automation services, even for Pinterest. The site is often mentioned and recommended by top Pinterest marketers as a means to increase your presence on the app.

    Mostly, this app can be regarded as a promotion service that automates the process of getting more followers. They have different packages to pick from- all of which connect you with an active community with maximum interest in your content.

    At the same time, they provide managed growth through a drip feed- which makes your account organically drive.

    To start with, you can get 500 Pinterest followers at a small amount of $29. The next package jumps over to as many as 1000 followers to be bought at only $49.

    While 2500 followers will cost you $97, 5000 will go to about $197 in price. To be clear, these are the most affordable prices you will get from a Pinterest bot that offers authentic services.

    There are various features to be noted on this site. To begin with, you get high-quality followers in a short time period of about 1-2 days. Other than this, they also provide automatic refills in case the followers die down.

    Sides Media

    SidesMedia - pinterest bots

    Sides Media is one of our personal favorites mentioned on this list. One of the most efficacious services present today- they are relatively new but work with people with the greatest experience. They have a team of market experts from different fields.

    Thus, their automation services are much guarded and guided by expert thought. They personalize plans as per your needs on Pinterest. At the same time, they offer wide coverage to ensure that your posts are seen by a global audience.

    At the same time, if you would like to narrow down your demographics, then Sides Media can do that for you as well. Hence, all in all, this service is definitely worth a try if you are looking for an instant boost on Pinterest bots.

    You can begin on the site with 500 followers that can be bought at $29. Once you associate with them, you shall also receive 24/7 customer support and consistent guidance. 1000 Pinterest bots followers can be bought at $49 and 2500 followers will be available at $197.

    As promised by the site, you always get followers that remain active on your profile, pin down and save your posts. Again, the delivery time is short and takes up to a maximum of 2 days.


    jarvee - pinterest bots

    Jarvee is a social media growth service that has been functional for half a decade. They also provide automation services and Pinterest bots to help manage your account. This automation tool is more of a personal assistant.

    Jarvee shall help you schedule your different pins so that they are evenly spread throughout the day. Hence, increasing exposure and getting more interaction at the period of highest activity. Another feature offered by them is auto re-pin.

    The feature allows you to automatically re-pin the most viral posts on Pinterest within your board. You can pre-set your category based on keywords of specific users and boards.

    Another feature you might want to use is “add video pins”. Here you will be able to improve quality content on your profile through significant videos. At the same time, you shall be allowed to post YouTube as well as Vimeo videos, using the same marketing strategy as used for regular image posts.

    Further, you can automatically add a URL to all your pins. Hence, you shall be able to get more viewers on your website as well. In fact, Jarvee helps you create boards more efficiently as well. Other important features include- auto comment, auto follow, follow back, unfollow, and so on.

    Following Like

    Following Like - pinterest bots

    You might not have heard of this one before- since they work on a very low-key basis. However, Following Like is definitely one of the best social media managing services operational today. They cover a wide variety of platforms. Hence, their digital know-how is much better and more advanced than other social media tools.

    Of course, their Pinterest automation services are equally commendable. You can use Following Like to automatically follow users through a pre-determined setting.

    For instance, you can choose to follow people showing maximum interaction in the past few hours. Similarly, you can also use the automated unfollow option to filter non-reactive accounts.

    You can also automation features to schedule and upload posts from local sources. Other features include like and unlike pins, comments, direct messaging, and pin search options. The app also allows you to look for specific pinners as well as boards.

    You can check followers and following, the unfollow back users, and a board’s pins and followers. There are a host of other functions that the site performs as well. The prices of the packages vary on the basis of how many accounts you link to the site. If you link as many as five Pinterest accounts, then you shall have to pay $76.


    TailWind - pinterest bots

    TailWind is markedly different than other Pinterest bots and automation tools mentioned on this list. This wonderful site can even help you discover the trendiest new content that you can pin within your own board.

    At the same time, it will provide functions through which you will be able to monitor any ongoing conversations about your brand or account.

    Moreover, it provides tools to analyze such conversations and come up with strategies to improve your reach. It has 20 times the user base of Pin Pinterest! Clearly, their networking is wider and greater than most apps available.

    Tailwind helps convert your photos and images into pins instantly! At the same time, they showcase your profile to the right people so that the right community can spread the word about you. Hence, more traffic will be drive to your website as well.

    They have pre-created designs that can be used in case you’re in a rush. Further, you can access TailWind simply through an extension on your browser and also schedule them to be posted on most important Pinterest Boards.

    Dominator House

    Dominator House - pinterest bots

    There is no other Pinterest automation bot mentioned on the list that is as specific as Dominator House. Dominator runs its Pinterest bot by the name of Pin Dominator and provides various features through the same.

    They go beyond simple automation and marketing to drive engagement. Their most important work is to target down niches as well as communities in which you can perform best.

    It has some of the most advanced marketing tools that can connect you with other users sharing a genuine interest in your content.

    Therefore, your Pinterest promotion will always give back definite results with increased conversions and leads. Their features include auto-pin and scheduling for boards.

    Other than this you get auto repin, auto follow, auto like, auto comment, etc. Also, they will help send mass invites to people who might join your board and also let you scrape followings or followers of an account.



    Ampfluence is a social media growth service that has been attracting a lot of attention lately. They have been growing at a massive rate and are giving tough competition to some of the best Pinterest automation tools out there.

    An extremely user-friendly and effective site, it can improve your level of engagement and reach on Pinterest. The first plan provided is the ‘Engagement’ plan that costs $199/month.

    Here you will be able to create boards and automate about 100 re-pins. They shall also help you reach your target audience and provide tools for keyword research.

    The next plan is the ‘Growth’ plan which costs $299/month. Along with the features mentioned in the plan above, there are additional benefits that come with this package.

    For instance, your repins increase to 200/month. Also, you get 15 custom pins, and as many as 100 Organic followers. Other features include standard reporting with the site and consistent support.



    Buffer is the go to tool for almost all social media platforms. They have recently also collaborated with Pinterest and provided various automation features to help manage the same. Through Buffer, you will be able to pin items from all across the web and even upload self-created posts.

    They have scheduling tools that assist in daily pinning in a customized fashion. Additionally, you shall be allowed to track and analyze your likes, comments, as well as repins. Again, you will be able to use the buffer extension straight from your browser to avail of these features.

    Connecting your Buffer account with Pinterest is fairly easy. All you have to do is make sure that you are logged in to both Pinterest and Buffer. Of course, you’ll have to make an account on Buffer first.

    On the dashboard of your buffer account, you’ll get an option on the left to connect more accounts- and Pinterest will already be on display. Just click here- and the rest will be managed by Buffer itself!

    Social Hackettees

    Social Hackettees

    Last but not the least, here is another automation tool that comes with various modules and features to increase your Pinterest and presence. They offer one single package termed ‘Pinterest Growth’ that costs $29,99/month.

    Also, you can get a 3-day trial at no cost to authenticate their services for yourself. Within this plan, you will get as many as 300-1000 followers along with unlimited engagement. Moreover, they provide 24/7 support through an extensive team of representatives.

    Other features to use include fan interaction as well as keyword research tools. After you work with them- you shall see an immediate increase in brand awareness and improved web traffic.

    Further, they shall employ a Pinterest specialist just for your specific needs. Hence, things like liking, following, and commenting will be managed by someone else on your behalf.

    Auto Social Bots

    Auto Social Bots

    Auto Social Bot happens to be the creator of ASB Pinterest Bot. This is a cross-media automotive tool with certain services turning out to be rather expensive. However, the Pinterest bot in itself should be easier to afford. To start with, the ASB Pinterest Bot helps you manage multiple accounts in one single place. The ASB software shall also let you access the multi-thread HTTP requests. The processing speed that they offer is the highest among other competitors and quick results are guaranteed.  There are more than 20 Pinterest features that the bot lets you manage.

    The first plan that you can make use of is the ASB Pinterest bot. This starts at about $199/year. The bot comes fully featured, helps you manage unlimited accounts. Moreover, the package also promised 24×7 support along with multiple device usage. There is also the ASB Pinterest bot for $399 that comes with an unlimited time guarantee. It has all the features mentioned previously, along with highlights including auto-follow, unfollow, posts scheduling, auto pin, auto repin, and a lot more.

    Final Words:

    In the future, the popular usage of Pinterest is only going to increase. With people from all ethnicities, age groups, and varied interests joining the app- you will have access to an audience that is not available anywhere else.

    However, with every popular social media site, you also get massive competition in the market. Therefore, if you would like to increase your presence and actually be seen by people who matter on Pinterest, then you should consider using one of the Pinterest bots mentioned above! All of them have different features, packages, and prices to offer- so be sure to check the article and choose one that fits all your requirements.

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