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    10 Best Marketing Automation Tools for Successful Business

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    The marketing automation tools of a brand has changed a lot compared to what it was a few years ago. Most of the marketing of brands has shifted to digital methods and they are reeling in great results. In this modern world of marketing, you should not have to bear all of the workload of marketing for your brand.

    Marketing automation tools help you to ease a bit by reducing your workload significantly. They help you to improve the marketing of your brand by using various methods such as email, SMS, and other forms of marketing. Apart from just automating your marketing.

    They provide you with additional tools which help you to make a great campaign. In this article, we have mentioned 10 of the best marketing automation tools which you can use for an instant impact.

    Here is the list of the 10 Best Marketing  Automation Tools.


    Marketo - Marketing Automation Tools

    Marketo is a company that probably ranks first in all of the lists made about marketing automation tools. This is currently developed by Adobe. Adobe is one of the most respected names in the software industry. While Adobe is more famously known for its photo editing software, they make one of the best marketing automation tools as well.

    Marketo allows you to take marketing to the next level. They help to vastly improve the customer experience of your clients. Using their behavior tracking function you can find the correct customers to engage with. The software has made it very easy to build your campaigns.

    After Marketo was acquired by Adobe they have managed to provide automation services for all types of marketing campaigns. This tool is ideal for someone who wants to formulate a detailed and elaborate marketing plan for their company.

    Marketo has its marketplace as well which is well integrated with their automated marketing services. The team at Marketo has managed to develop an automated marketing tool that gives you an all-around service. Using Marketo you can employ AI technology to find the best type of content to get the maximum engagement from your customers.

    The tool also manages to analyze your marketing campaigns. This helps you to have a clear understanding of the impact of your marketing campaign and the changes you might need to make in it. The prices for their services start at $1,195 per month.

    While their services are not the cheapest they provide you with good value considering the massive coverage they provide with their automation services. They have three different packages for you to choose from. When you begin your journey with their automation tools you can be assured of the best results.


    Omnisend - Marketing Automation Tools

    Omnisend is one of the top marketing automation tools. These tools help you automatically promote your company and reach new potential customers. The company aims to help you increase your revenue while helping you decrease your workload.

    The company understands the importance of marketing and its tools are aimed at helping you achieve the best marketing possible for your company. They try to minimize the workload on you by taking away the job of promoting your brand on themselves.

    They have a very simple user interface. You will be able to easily understand the interface and use it to help you reach more people through your automated marketing plan. Omnisend offers you email marketing, SMS services, and other automation.

    The company is working with well-known e-commerce companies to help them boost their sales. They use some of the best technology to ensure that you have the upper hand when it comes to marketing your products. When it comes to email marketing they allow you to choose the exact format of the email.

    You can take your email marketing to the next level using their templates. These drag and drop templates allow you to get some of the best emails with high conversion rates. They have easy integration with your website as well. If people abandon their carts the tool can be programmed to automatically send them a reminder.

    They have a free plan which allows you to do email marketing. For the more advanced options, you will have to subscribe to their paid plans which start at $16 per month. These plans are very affordably priced and are worth the money you spend on them. - Marketing Automation Tools is one of the best marketing automation tools which is trusted by more than 3,700 companies across the world. Many notable companies use their services due to the flexibility it has. You can customize the tools to provide you with marketing options that are specific to your brand.

    This feature is the reason that companies such as Reddit and Asics have chosen as their preferred marketing automation tool. The company aims to help all of its customers transform the ideas they have about their brand into a reality.

    The main challenge with using is that you need a bit of developer knowledge to make it truly customizable to your brand. They have basic features which can be used by everyone without prior knowledge. However, if you want to unleash the true potential of the tool you need to have some coding knowledge.

    If you can manage to adapt to the learning curve of the tools you get one of the most customizable marketing automation tools available in the industry. They have a free demo after which you need to pay for their services. They have a free plan as well with the paid plan starting at $75 per month.



    Pardot rank at the top of marketing automation tools when it comes to B2B services. They are the best company to partner up with if you are a business-to-business brand. Thye have connections in this industry which allow them to be very impactful for their clients.

    They understand the correct routes which must be opted for to ensure that your marketing reaches the correct people. Pardot tries to ensure that the time spent by you with them is fruitful. They understand the importance of time and ensure that the time spent with them is as productive and helpful to you as possible.

    Their analytics options use highly advanced mechanisms to ensure that you get the most out of their tool. You can analyze which businesses you should connect with to promote your brand better. Pardot has become a part of Salesforce.

    This helps you to ensure better communication and collaboration between the marketing and sales teams. The improved communication allows you to achieve a better result and boosts the profile of your company. They are one of the few marketing automation tools which allow you to have such great levels of collaboration between different teams in your company and generate a better result. The prices start at $1000 per month and can go up to $4000 per month.



    Hubspot allows you to monitor all aspects of your marketing plan. This makes them one of the most in-depth tools out there. Their platform is seen as an all-in-one tool. From planning your marketing plans to executing them all can be done within a matter of minutes in their marketing hub. They allow you to make great marketing campaigns and even automate the entire process to remove the stress on you.

    They have their sales and service hubs as well. This allows for better coordination between the different departments of your team. The HubSpot group of tools can become one of the ultimate marketing automation tools if used properly. They believe that the quality of your marketing matters a lot and thus provide unmatched tools which help you enhance the content of your marketing. Their prices start as low as $50 and all of their tools are very helpful for modern marketing.

    Constant Contact

    Constant Contact

    Constant Contact provides you with automated email marketing options. This is the ideal tool for small businesses. They have an air of simplicity around them which has helped them gain their fame. They ensure that all of the basic functions they offer are very effective. This is a great tool for beginners and those business owners who require only the basics of marketing automation tools.

    Since they do not offer any advanced tools they are not used by some of the bigger companies. The company has kept a low monthly price of $15 which stands to be an amazing entry point for all people into the world of automated marketing.

    Active Campaign

    Active Campaign

    Active Campaign does not call itself an automation marketing tool because they do not automate all of the processes. The company understands that not every process can be done perfectly by the tools. Thus instead of automating the entire process, they assist you in your marketing campaigns.

    They do all of the heavy lifting while ensuring that you have adequate control over the entire marketing process. They have a variety of tools that are segment based on their use case. Active Campaign have tools for e-commerce companies, B2C companies, and B2B companies. They allow for automation in email, SMS, and text marketing.

    You have an automation map that charts out all of the different automation services you are currently undertaking. The attention to detail they put in allows them to be one of the best in this segment.


    Automizy - Marketing Automation Tools

    With a starting price of just $9 per month, Automizy has managed to become one of the best budget marketing automation tools. They have most of the general features you will require. The company primarily helps you to automate your email marketing along with increasing the open rates of your emails.

    The higher they can boost your open rate the better the effectiveness of your campaign. They might just be one of the best budget options in the world of marketing automation tools.


    UserFox master in the tech industry. They are the first choice as one of the marketing automation tools of some of the biggest tech companies. The reason for its success in the tech field is due to its years of experience in this segment. The company has partnered up with AdRoll. They have joined hands to serve over 22,000 brands with their marketing needs.

    The company says that after using their services, clients get better results with their marketing while having to spend less time. This company helps you establish a profitable relationship with your prospective customers through their marketing strategies.


    Eloqua has been in the automated marketing industry for a long time. They have now become a part of the Oracle suite of tools. The partnership between Eloqua and Oracle has helped the tool improve and be much more effective. Oracle claims that its tools are one of the most advanced ones available in the market.

    These tools can provide a huge boost to the marketing plans set up for your company. The main advantage of using Eloqua is the number of integrations they provide. Eloqua’s appeal is that it is capable of integrating with over 700 marketing tools. This helps you to have a smooth workflow when planning your marketing strategy. Using their software, you find a unified control center for all of your marketing tools. This helps you to streamline the entire campaign and monitor the different elements much better.

    The campaigns you create through these marketing automation tools adapt to the needs of your target audience. This helps you to move onto a winning marketing formula rather than stick to something which is not working for your set of clients. You can even find out the optimal times to send emails which improves the chances of these emails being open. They just have to set up your campaign and then the software manages to automate the whole process.

    You just have to keep monitoring the campaign from time to time and keep making the suggested changes to have a successful campaign. You have to contact their team at Oracle to get the exact quote for the tool.

    Final Words:

    These marketing automation tools make your life much easier. You do not have to spend hours behind your marketing as the tools take care of that for you. Using these marketing automation tools is the smart way to go about marketing in the current age. The plethora of tools that these companies provide help you to make impactful marketing plans. They help you to analyze your shortcomings and strengthen your marketing plan.

    Using these tools is the best way to have an impact on your prospective clients and increase the engagement which you get from them. There are a variety of tools available and you should choose the ones that fit your budget and needs.

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