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    21 Best Makeup Youtubers in the World to Follow in 2022

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    The makeup culture on YouTube is extensive and ever-growing, which is predictable considering the plethora of very creative beauty YouTubers. It should come as no surprise that you can readily locate these famous makeup YouTubers on Instagram as well. They not only teach about makeup hacks and trending products, but they also create popular trends, fresh products, and hold businesses liable on concerns of inclusiveness and diversity. To make things simpler for you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular makeup YouTubers who can guide you throughout your makeup experience. So, if you haven’t already started following the makeup YouTubers listed here, now is the moment to do so.

    Top Beauty YouTubers:

    When it comes to beauty tips, brand ratings, and creativity, YouTube has by far the most thorough inventory, yet Instagram is no longer just a trendy craze among these popular makeup YouTubers. These stunning beauty YouTubers aren’t hesitant to play with dramatic hairstyles and makeup, and they frequently spark trends that ultimately sweep over our screens.

    Keeping in mind the diversity, especially the LGBTQA+ community among other cultures that these fabulous makeup YouTubers identify with, here is a selection of our top 21 best beauty YouTubers to get you pumped for your breathtaking new looks.

    Jeffree Star@jeffreestar

    Jeffree Star - makeup youtubers

    Jeffree Star is a popular makeup YouTuber, beauty professional, vocalist, and lyricist. Initially, he used Myspace to promote his songs, but the release of his album in 2009 catapulted him to fame. After pursuing his passion for music for several years and moreover vocalizing it on his YouTube channel, he founded Jeffree Star Cosmetics in 2014. Jeffree has earned a net of $4.3 million in holdings only through his YouTube account, where he has a loyal audience of about 16 million endorsers.

    In fact, he is the owner of his successful, multi-million dollar company. Jeffree is among the wealthiest makeup YouTubers. Jeffree’s beauty brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, has been a huge hit. People are interested in his private affairs, including his relationships and rivalries with several other best beauty YouTubers.

    Jaclyn Hill@jaclynhill

    Jaclyn Hill - beauty youtuber

    Jaclyn Hill is among the most popular makeup YouTubers and expert makeup specialists from the United States. She is recognized for her makeup lessons, critiques, and partnerships with leading cosmetic brands. In the fall of 2010, she launched a YouTube page to share her beauty abilities with followers all around the world.

    Her cooperation with Kim K in 2017 was indeed the key to her success. Jaclyn Cosmetics, her own cosmetics line, was launched in May 2019, however it failed due to adverse reactions. Jaclyn was unable to defend herself and was forced to leave Twitter and Instagram. Her account has about 5.8 million followers and a net value exceeding $259,000.

    James Charles@jamescharles

    James Charles - makeup youtubers

    In the realm of celebrity advertising, James is a well-known artist. For someone his age, the 22-year-old YouTuber has enjoyed rather the career in his brief time in the world. In 2016, he was named the very first male spokesmodel for CoverGirl. He also models on the side and collaborates with various other cosmetics companies, including Morphe.

    Of course, he’s long been a member of YouTube’s 1+ billion aggregate views club, and he has 24M+ followers. As a well-known industry figure, he will host, direct, and co-produce the YouTube Exclusive contest show series Immediate Influencer in 2020.

    Huda Kattan@hudabeauty

    Huda Kattan - makeup youtubers

    The highest-paid makeup expert is an Iraqi-American. Kattan, a very well-known makeup artist, co-founded Huda Beauty with her siblings, Mona and Alya. The businesswoman now has a massive social media following, which has enabled her to establish herself as the most recognized beauty influencer. Huda Beauty does have 49.1 million Instagram followers, making it the greatest contributor to Kattan’s earnings among the 3 social networking sites. 

    She is already the highest-paid makeup content creator on Instagram, earning US$ 158,515 for each post. Kattan is said to have 5.5 million TikTok followers and 4.15 million YouTube subscribers. She earns US$ 3,000 each TikTok post, while her YouTube revenues are believed to be US$ 3,887 for every video. 

    Huda Kattan, one of most best beauty YouTubers and makeup influencers, discusses brands, gives makeup advice and videos, and collaborates with other beauty YouTubers on her social network pages. Forbes ranked her 65th on the catalog of the richest self-made female business owners in the United States in 2021.


    NikkieTutorials - makeup youtubers

    Nikki de Jager is a Dutch cosmetic and beauty influencer who is one of the most prominent beauty experts on YouTube. She presently has almost 13.9 million followers more than a billion views, which is astounding considering her age.  Aside from her talent for cosmetics, Nikki is recognized for her open and bright demeanor, which is usually a bonus for beauty YouTubers. She has received several honors and was named one of the 10 leading YouTubers by Orbes in 2017. Her account is mostly made up of great makeup lessons and makeovers, as the title suggests. 

    Nikki is dedicated to offering her audience honest product evaluations and she critiques beauty goods as soon as it is accessible. She constantly adds a humorous touch to her films, such as her Truth or Dare Cosmetic Challenges or her Olaf Makeover video, in which a fellow artist changes her into one of Frozen’s most iconic characters. We assure you that you would appreciate her films regardless of your cosmetic tastes.

    Manny Mua@mannymua733

    Manny Mua - makeup youtubers

    Manny is one of YouTube’s most famous beauty YouTubers. His channel is highly popular with approximately 4.8 million followers and 500 million visits.  Manny is well-known outside of YouTube, especially since becoming Maybelline’s first male spokesperson. He also has his own cosmetics line, Lunar Beauty. Manny’s channel has a wide range of films, from crazy contest video content and unboxings to private videos and beauty hacks.

    He is renowned for being prompt to evaluate new cosmetics launches, so if you’re somebody who loves a swift review (even before a given item technically rolling in), then you’ll surely adore his channel. Manny has partnered with numerous popular makeup YouTubers, including Jeffree Star and Lilly Singh, in addition to his lessons and critiques.

    Christen Dominique@christendominique

    Christen Dominique - makeup youtubers

    Christen Dominique is another beauty YouTuber that deserves to be on our list of best beauty vloggers. She is a 33-year-old Texas beauty blogger, who has been submitting videos to YouTube for over a decade. She is undoubtedly one of the biggest figures in the beauty business on this platform, including over 4 million followers on her account. Christen, in addition to being a popular YouTuber and a brilliant makeup artist, also runs Dominique Cosmetics, which can be seen in Sephora. Christen’s channel is dedicated to all things like beauty, cosmetics, and hair. 

    If you’re a newbie who hasn’t got much practice with their makeup application, her channel will be quite useful. She has a variety of videos, such as her Overnight Curls Tutorial, that is appropriate for anybody else who is only beginning with makeup. Those with more advanced skills will find plenty of useful videos, such as her New Face Surgical procedures and Methods with Beauty YouTube clip.

    Rhian HY@rhian_hy

    Rhian HY

    Rhian’s account will not disappoint if you’re seeking a well-rounded cosmetics YouTuber to follow. She is indeed an English makeup artist who presently resides in the United States, and her channel offers a nice combination of more private videos in which she reveals her vulnerabilities and cruelty-free cosmetics techniques. If you want to dwell as responsibly as practical, you should certainly check out this beauty guru’s YouTube.

    Rhian’s films cover a wide range of topics, from sustainable fashion and beauty to mental health. She posts makeup-related videos from the past, such as empty bottles and monthly faves, as well as videos discussing current hot ideas. This distinction in her curation is something her audiences recognize because it creates a lovely right blend of video. Her instructions might be extravagant, including the Greek Halo Eye makeup video, or they can be more natural, as her Natural Glowy Walkthrough.

    Tanya Burr@tanyaburr

    Tanya Burr

    Tanya Burr has been one of YouTube’s top personalities and is one of the best-known and highly recognized celebrities in the makeup vlogging business. Including over 3.6 million subscribers, she provides makeup tutorials for a variety of looks as well as insight into Britain’s biggest beauty events.

    Tanya, who is originally from Norwich, began her career as a cosmetic artist before following the advice of her sister-in-law, Samantha Chapman, and launching her own YouTube channel in 2009. Tanya is utilizing her YouTube popularity to develop an empire, with her own cosmetics business and a burgeoning acting career.

    Chloe Morello@chloemorello

    Chloe Morello

    Chloe Morello is a well-known Australian style and makeup YouTuber who has been submitting videos to YouTube for the past eight years. She has 2.7 million subscribers as of now. Her videos are quite instructive; she can show you a variety of cosmetics and makeup application secrets, however, one of the factors that set her apart from the other content creators in the market is her personality. Chloe has a wonderful sense of humor and doesn’t take herself too professionally, which her followers love. She has worked with well-known companies including ABH, YSL, and Dior throughout her time on YouTube. 

    This beauty expert’s channel is very versatile, so you can find anything which fits your preferred style no matter exactly what sort of cosmetic looks you favor. In addition to beauty and fashion films, there are room tours, spoof video content, and personalized vlogs. Her beauty tutorials and skincare regimens are especially popular since she goes into extensive detail regarding hacks and techniques that you may utilize based on your usual tastes. With all that in view, it’s correct to conclude that there’s a lesson for every event and aesthetic.

    Carli Bybel@carlibel

    Carli Bybel

    Carli Bybel is one of YouTube’s top makeup YouTubers for a multitude of reasons. She is a great professional makeup expert turned beauty YouTuber with over 6 million YouTube followers. She has now been uploading videos on YouTube for over 8 years and is regarded as being one of the network’s first makeup YouTubers. One of her first videos on her channel was a Megan Fox Makeup Tutorial, which received a lot of attention due to the facial resemblances between these two stunning women. Carli has worked with several well-known companies, including ABH. Her partnership with ABH on her beauty palette was also one of the milestones of her YouTube adventure.

    In addition to that, she has two apparel lines that sell out swiftly. Carli’s channel, like those of other beauty vloggers, is diverse and covers a wide range of themes. She also posts get-ready-with-me videos, mukbangs, blog posts, room tours, and brand critiques in addition to cosmetic instructions.

    Carli is enthusiastic about cruelty-free cosmetics, so check out her channel if you want to learn about fantastic cruelty-free product suggestions. Carli also has a segment on her account where she applies her close relatives and community makeup, which adds a personal touch to her videos. You can stand to achieve a plethora of useful ideas and methods, as well as excellent fashion advice.

    Nyma Tang@nymatang

    Nyma Tang

    Nyma is quite a famous name in the cosmetics vlogging industry since she is regarded as one of YouTube’s greatest beauty vloggers. Her channel has over one million subscribers, and she has worked with numerous well-known companies, including Estee Lauder. Despite the fact that she has been posting videos to her account for a few years, she just began wearing cosmetics when she hit 21. She is enthusiastic about cosmetics for darker skin tones and inclusiveness in the cosmetics world, so she decided to produce cosmetics for dark skin tutorials. 

    Her channel will feature a variety of videos, ranging from bridal cosmetic instructions to trip vlogs. Her account is a must-visit for everyone keen on creating their beauty abilities and finding the top items in the cosmetic industry! This makeup artist isn’t afraid to share more intimate films, such as her “Five Toxic Traits You Didn’t Know I Had” video. Ultimately, her channel is highly instructive and interesting, and fortunately, there seems to be a multitude of videos to watch.

    Denitslava Makeup@denitslava


    Denitslava is a makeup YouTuber from Bulgaria. She had been doing cosmetics for several years before deciding to start her YouTube channel in 2015. She has been regularly uploading videos to YouTube since then. Denitslava isn’t afraid to make both insightful and private videos, which audiences applaud.

    This might be the cause for her growing subscriber base — she now has over 2.5 million subscribers. Her more intimate videos on her channel include get-to-know-me films, personal Q&As, and behind-the-scenes footage. There are several videos of her beauty instructions to pick from.

    There are options for everybody, whether you favor a bit of a lighter look or bolder, more colorful styles. Her Halloween makeup lessons, such as her Glam Skull tutorial and her Porcelain Doll tutorial, are among her top viewed videos on her account.

    Kaushal Beauty@Kaushal

    Kaushal Beauty

    Kaushal is a cosmetic YouTuber with over 2 million YouTube followers, ranking her one of the top beauty vloggers on the line-up. She covers a broad range of topics and is well-known for being constant with her uploading and throwing in a lot of effort on her channel.

    Her YouTube popularity is due to this, as well as her apparent ability for cosmetics. Kaushal has her beauty product line with Cult Beauty, which can be found on their official site. Her channel has a wide range of videos, including instructions for special events such as her Super Glam Navratri beauty tutorial, full-face makeup tutorials using only one brand, and reviews.

    She occasionally deviates from the typical beauty video and posts videos with a more personalized approach, such as travel vlogs and perhaps even her marriage video.



    Nayamka Roberts-Smith, a licensed cosmetologist, specializes in tailored skincare, specifically for people of color, combining the finest of research and beauty. Her Los Angeles-based cosmetic facility, The Golden RX, and the infamous beauty YouTube account are centered on the notion of combining professional skincare research with the delicate purity of natural chemicals and using that expertise to boost confidence through beauty.

    Her videos advise her huge following on low-cost beauty items and popular cosmetic procedures. She also shares beauty tips for Black women’s skincare problems, including hyperpigmentation and avoiding sun exposure.

    Michelle Phan@michellephan

    Michelle Phan

    Michelle Phan was one of the first beauty influencers to garner international attention. She began with a blog site about beauty lessons. She rose to prominence after launching her namesake YouTube channel, ‘MichellePhan,’ in 2006, where she became known for her transforming beauty tips and reviews. Michelle collaborated with prominent cosmetic manufacturers to launch Ipsy, a monthly membership provider that sends users five full-size or luxury specimen beauty goods each month. And the Ipsy makeup box frequently receives positive feedback and ranks first among cosmetic subscription services. 

    However, with the collapse of her beauty company ‘Em,’ everything began to fall apart, and she left YouTube in 2016. Michelle surprised her admirers all across the world by posting a clip in mid-September 2019. She now posts on YouTube on a daily basis, sharing beauty advice and the narrative of her Em business. Michelle’s cosmetic instructions immediately became famous, hence why her YouTube page has 8.8 million members and a net worth of over $117,000.

    Tati Westbrook@glamlifeguru

    Tati Westbrook

    Tati Westbrook, a formerly appearance advisor, is now renowned as a makeup artist who rose to prominence because of her YouTube channel ‘Tati.’ Her channel was launched in November 2010 under the moniker ‘GlamLifeGuru,’ but was quickly renamed ‘Tati.’ Tati’s films on hauls, tutorials, and impartial ratings of beauty goods are popular with her fans.

    She launched her beauty brand “Halo Beauty” in 2018 after finding popularity on YouTube. The company sells hair, nail, and skin supplements. Tati’s product evaluations have led to her prominent YouTube channel gaining over 9.7 million members and a net value of $2.6 million.


    Promise Tamang Phan

    Promise Tamang Phan is a cosmetic artist and beauty expert from the United States who is well-known for her YouTube channel, dope2111. In June 2009, she launched her business by launching a channel on YouTube in which she turned herself into celebrities and personalities using cosmetics. Her YouTube channel began to flourish in 2010 as well. Her initial YouTube clip on the account featured her morphing into Avatar, and she has since morphed into various celebrities and achieved fame on YouTube. 

    She is presently the sister-in-law of Michelle Phan, another prominent beauty YouTuber. She is well-known for her cosmetic transformation films of popular Disney animated princesses like Elsa and Cinderella. If you like Tim Burton, you’ll enjoy her makeover transition videos for the figures in Corpse Bride and Queen of Hearts. Through the creation of its original material, the dope2111 YouTube page has earned over 5.9 million followers and a net value of $1.4 million.



    SaraBeautyCorner is a channel on YouTube run by Sara Lawler, a Slovenian. Sara is well-known on YouTube for her DIY cosmetics tutorials, nail art, and fashion. Sara’s DIY cosmetics distinguishes her channel and attracts a large number of adolescent fans. She left her job to pursue her love, and she started a YouTube page in 2012 to express her ideas and skill to the world.

    Sara’s first video about herself became viral, garnering over 2 million views. Following this, praise and recognition followed. Her obsession with cosmetics has allowed her YouTube channel, SaraBeautyCorner, to amass over 10.4 million followers and amass a total of $3.2 million in assets.

    Lisa Eldridge@lisaeldridgemakeup

    Lisa Eldridge

    Many people believe Lisa Eldridge is a comprehensive makeup artist because her YouTube channel has over 1.8 million followers. That’s it. And, although it’s evident she’s worked hard to create high-quality video material for her audience, Eldridge seems more than simply another beauty YouTuber who shares cosmetics application advice with her followers.

    Eldridge is indeed a famous professional who has worked with Keira Knightley and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, among others. She has a record of collaborating with high-end cosmetic companies and has been the source of inspiration behind several make-up trends seen on the runway during fashion shows all around the world. 

    Eldridge’s makeup artistry skills have been there since the 1990s, so you bet she did what she’s referring to whenever it regards creating winged eyeliner. She got her first major break while working on an ELLE magazine picture session with supermodel Cindy Crawford. Her YouTube channel demonstrates her competence and extensive cosmetics expertise. She takes the initiative to describe her thinking behind each of her actions.

    Kandee Johnson@kandeejohnson

    Kandee Johnson

    Kandee made our list of the 21 top makeup YouTubers because her enthusiasm is captivating and her passion for anything she does radiates brightly like a jewel. Her focus is not only on everyday cosmetics, but she also takes her viewers on vintage thrift store shopping trips and has produced a few Monday Inspiration videos that you’ll like. Kandee Johnson is a parent of four who is well-known for her incredible transformation abilities. 

    If you’re having a terrible morning, watch one of Kandee’s videos; her positive attitude pours through and improves any day. She is good with makeup and can change herself into anything, from Celebrities to Disney Characters. She has films on a variety of cosmetic issues, such as how to color your hair, fake larger lips, and brighter teeth. ‘How to Do Pin-Up Lady Make-Up,’ ‘Cartoon Half-Man, Half-Woman,’ and ‘Red Velvet Lips’ are among the top popular content on her YouTube account.


    The art of combining colors, forming features, and experimenting with various makeup products is delightful and even strain-relieving. Makeup and Beauty are only some of the many expressive forms of art.

    Thus, to gain new insight, check out these best beauty YouTubers we covered in this article to uncover essential makeup techniques or beauty advice that will let you feel self-assured about the manner you appear all the time. While we encourage following the above fan-favorite channels, we also advise you to conduct some independent research to discover new makeup YouTubers, ideas, and procedures.

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