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    Top 8 Instagram Post Scheduler Tools & Apps (2022)

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    If you’re a casual social media user, creating content directly within your social networking accounts is simple. If you use the best Instagram scheduler to take a quick shot and then submit it, you can certainly do so right in the app. However, if you have more robust requirements, social media management software will probably be much easier to use. This is especially the case if you want to schedule your postings for particular times each week.

    The first apps that handled social media management were primarily Facebook and Twitter, with a few including LinkedIn. However, over the last year or two, many of these applications have added Instagram to their roster. Because Instagram’s API is available, it isn’t always as simple to plan Instagram posts via an app as it is on other platforms such as Twitter. Some of these Instagram post scheduler apps, on the other hand, appear to have made the process considerably easier than others.

    Instagram Scheduling Tools & Apps:


    Later - Best Instagram Scheduler

    You may also use the Later Instagram scheduler which allows you to schedule individual photo and video posts as well as user tags with location data, right to Instagram using a computer or mobile device. Because Story and Carousel post kinds aren’t supported by the API, you can plan and schedule them to be published using mobile notifications.

    Later Instagram scheduler is relatively straightforward. Its Quick Schedule feature makes it simple to bulk schedule Instagram postings. Make weekly time slots and then drag-and-drop postings to schedule them for minutes. Later also has a graphical planner where you can design photos before putting them in your feed. It’s an excellent method to get a sense of how your 9-grid will appear with your planned material.

    There’s also the choice to change between a weekly or monthly calendar view to have a bird’s eye view of your Instagram strategy and planned content. You can also choose to look at your various accounts separately or together, depending on your needs. Quick Schedule enables you to post in bulk. In the first comment, use Instagram hashtags to expand your reach.

    With the visual planner, you can create a stunning Instagram aesthetic. By week or month, you may preview planned material. Later Instagram scheduler offers a variety of subscription options for individuals and organizations, with premium packages beginning at $7.50 per month (paid yearly) for one profile and 100 posts on each social network.


    Sendible - Best Instagram Scheduler

    Sendible has two distinct types of Instagram scheduling. You may directly publish single photos and videos to your company’s Instagram profile. Sendible comes with several features to help you reach more people and get more impressions for your posts, regardless of what sort of article you’re writing. For example, you may include a location and then choose the most popular hashtags for the hashtag selector and put them in the first comment.

    Last but not least, you may preview how your content will look on Instagram before scheduling it. You can also get a bird’s eye view of all of your created, scheduled, and queued content by going to the calendar page. Single photo and video postings may be posted right away. Preview how your posts will appear before you schedule them. In the calendar view, look over all of your planned, scheduled, and queued postings.

    Sendible allows users to access several services and receive quick reports for a monthly subscription fee. Sendible sells for $29 a month for one user, 12 services, and 8 quick reports. All-in-all it is the best Instagram story scheduler and Instagram post scheduler app.


    Agorapulse - Best Instagram Scheduler

    Agorapulse, one of the most efficient Instagram scheduling tools enables you to schedule single image and video posts to your Instagram company profile right away. Alternatively, on their mobile app, you may schedule Carousel and Stories push notifications. You can also choose who gets the reminder if you’re working in a group.

    Tagging individuals in single-image photos, adding your location to single-image and video postings, and utilizing hashtags in your communications are all methods to increase the number of people who see your material. You may also use queues to schedule postings at a specific time and date or load your evergreen content into queue categories that are consistent with your Instagram content strategy.

    Agorapulse can also help you manage your other social media activities. Tagging your postings allows you to improve your reach and interaction rates. Push notifications can be used to schedule Carousel stories and Stories. Color-coded calendars allow you to quickly identify when a post will be published.

    You can also schedule future posts in the calendar, view scheduled postings in color-coded mode, and use drag-and-drop editing tools. Agorapulse has a variety of subscriptions, starting at $99 per month (or $79 per month billed every year) for two users and 10 social profiles. Their free plan provides three social media accounts with limited scheduling capabilities.


    ContentCal - Best Instagram Scheduler

    The platform has a built-in process, which is what makes it unusual. Everything about your content calendar, from connecting your social networks to starting to fill the calendar with updates, is done for you.

    ContentCal places a strong emphasis on collaboration and planning. You may keep an eye on your content and analyze what’s working and what isn’t using easy-to-understand graphs and charts to help you optimize your social media content strategy. Web Clipper is a browser plugin that allows you to submit URLs, articles, and concepts to the Content Hub Library. Reuse published material with new captions in the Content Hub Library.

    The Pro plan costs $17 per month for a single user, one calendar, and four social media profiles. The higher versions have additional features, users, social media networks, and unrestricted scheduled postings – from $47 per month (paid annually).


    Tailwind - Best Instagram Scheduler

    Tailwind makes it easier than ever to plan your Instagram posts. It’s like SocialBee and Agorapulse, which allows you to schedule single picture and video uploads directly or create Stories and Carousel feeds through push notifications. Smart Schedule automatically selects the best times for your audience to be engaged, too. It also has a feature called Smart Schedule that analyzes how engaged your audience is overtime to better optimize scheduling.

    Tailwind’s calendar creation is simple. You may add blog postings to your optimized queue, pick specific deadlines for posting, or distribute articles over time using intervals once you’ve created your schedule. You may also check out all of your planned pieces in the 9-grid visual plan before publishing them.

    Single photos and videos may now be published immediately. Story and Carousel posts may be scheduled via push notifications. Create a calendar with drag-and-drop actions. In the 9-grid visual plan, preview all of your planned postings. Use perfect-fit hashtags in the first comment to significantly expand your reach.

    Tailwind is a paid membership that costs $14.99 per month for one Instagram and one Pinterest account, as well as 100 posts each month. Higher-tier subscriptions include additional accounts and scheduling capabilities. Tailwind is a free Instagram scheduler that you may use to schedule your pictures in advance. Tailwind offers advanced features for a fee. Everyone can use the free version, but it has fewer capabilities.



    Buffer is one of the most popular Instagram post schedulers. With this Buffer alternative, you may schedule single photos and videos to your business profile straight away. However, you can only set a reminder for stories or carousels, as well as any posts on an Instagram personal account.

    When you create a post reminder on Buffer, you have the option of including hashtags in your caption before posting it. The Hashtag Manager allows you to manage, save, reuse, and organize hashtags. The “Planned and Scheduled Content” area in the site menu lets you plan and schedule your material on a desktop or mobile. The calendar also displays all of your published and scheduled pieces.

    Set up a schedule for single images or videos to publish straight away. Stories and Carousel postings may be scheduled via push notifications. When you schedule posts, include the first comment. All the stuff you’ve scheduled in the calendar may be seen. A range of premium subscription choices is available, starting at $15 per month (or $12 per month billed yearly) for one user, eight social accounts, and 100 scheduled posts.



    You may schedule single image and video posts to your Instagram business account using Hootsuite. However, you can only set post notifications for Stories or other Instagram personal account content through the Hootsuite mobile app. You can only use the iOS application to schedule Carousels.

    Hootsuite allows you to keep your Instagram account active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by automatically scheduling uploads to fill in the gaps on your content calendar. Auto Schedule takes into account your preferences (posts per day, period, and days applicable), as well as any relevant periods of high engagement.

    Single photos and videos may now be published immediately. Story and Carousel postings can be produced via push notifications. With the Bulk Composer, you may upload and schedule hundreds of articles at once. Auto Schedule keeps your content calendar full.

    The built-in Planner allows you to get an overview of planned material right away. Hootsuite offers a variety of premium subscription packages, starting at $29 per month for one user, ten social profiles, and limitless scheduling.



    The best Instagram scheduler is SocialBee, which was created to make your hectic Instagram lifestyle easier. You may use Social Bee to schedule photos, videos, Carousels, and Stories on your Instagram profile, all of which can be done through their mobile app. SocialBee has the option of scheduling posts to run once or repeatedly rescheduling them for future publication.

    You can also set a post to live indefinitely or automatically execute it after a certain number of times published. What’s the best part? Even if you’re a solo entrepreneur, a modest company, or an agency, SocialBee gives you access to all of the features. Schedule the initial comment on your Instagram posts, Carousels, and Stories.

    Create a hashtag group and add them right to your articles with one click. To analyze and track performance, we’ll need more data. We’ll want to do more detailed metrics like views, reach, impressions, growth, and history checks. SocialBee has three subscription levels: Bootstrap, Accelerate, and Pro, each starting at $19 per month. The number of workspaces, profiles, categories, and scheduled posts is different between each plan. Offered on request with reduced yearly subscriptions.


    Instagram scheduling is a time-saver. And, as you can see, each one of these services lets you do precisely that. There are several different characteristics associated with every tool, so it’s just a matter of signing up for a free trial and trying out a few of them to find which one works best for you.

    Remember that to schedule a post using Instagram’s native functionality, you’ll need to convert your account into a business one. This may be completed in seconds by using your Instagram app, which also unlocks other features such as insights that show how well your posts are doing.

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