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    Top 20 Instagram Growth Services & Platforms (2022)

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    Instagram growth service provides you with organic growth. It helps you gain real followers on Instagram. There are many companies that have created organic Instagram growth services with some awesome features that can help with Instagram growth and promotion. The main ideology behind these services and tools is to engage with targeted profiles in bulk in the hopes of getting back engagement and follows. We have collected a bunch of such services for you to check out.

    Best Instagram Growth Services:


    Kicksta - Best Instagram Growth Tool

    Kicksta is a popular name in the world of Instagram promotion and growth services. It is used by thousands of users to get a stable footing on Instagram. You can easily understand the popularity of Kicksta by understanding the customer base of the company. Influencers, brands, and businesses all over the world use this platform. 

    Currently, Kicksta provides services to over 100k Instagram profiles. The AI-powered technology used has been developed in-house. It has been perfected for over 5 years. Today, the technology is a beast in providing organic growth to the customers of the company.

    There are multiple plans and packages for organic growth on Instagram. You won’t get fake boosts with bot followers and computer-generated accounts. The growth you achieve will be stable. Currently, Kicksta provides three plans. The standard plan is for beginners. You don’t have to invest a lot of money to try it out. It costs $49 per month. It has some beneficial services that can show you the efficacy of this service.

    The premium plan adds a bunch of features including VIP email support, more targets, advanced targeting, blacklist, etc. It costs $99 per month. The best plan is the “boost” plan. This plan guarantees a minimum growth of 850 followers per month. You get text support, no need to login via your Instagram. This plan costs $218 per month.



    Ampfluence helps you turn up your Instagram promotion up a notch. It helps you amplify your Instagram influence, hence the name. The company does not believe in gimmicks. What you gain is completely real. No bots or computer-generated profiles are spammed to your account.

    The service provided by Ampfluence is completely human-powered. You get all the growth and boost because of the work that the team at Ampfluence does. Ampfluence has a solid understanding of Instagram. It treats each client individually. Every client is different and might have a different aim and audience.

    The company consults with clients about their niche and tries to understand the audience base. This phase is quite important as the entire outcome depends on this. Once all the info is gathered, the company starts working on your case by engaging with users that need to be targeted. All this is done to increase the visibility of the client on Instagram.

    By connecting with the right users the company can start gaining followers organically. All the strategies used by the team are safe and have been battle-tested thoroughly. This too is more on the costly side because they provide a personal touch. The starting package costs $249 per month helping gain 250+ followers organically.



    SocialSensei claims that when it comes to Instagram growth services it is the leader in the industry. It provides all the relevant services needed to boost one’s Instagram presence. This is one of the options for Instagram growth service. You get social media management using this tool, influencer marketing on Instagram, direct message campaigns, and loop giveaways. The aim is to provide all the benefits to the clients to help them stay ahead in the game.

    The company works with some of the top businesses, brands, celebrities, and influencers on Instagram. If you want to gain solid results then this tool can be beneficial. SocialSensei provides the services needed to gain thousands of followers. It says that once a profile achieves thousands of followers it becomes a trusted source of info. So, there are a lot of perks to boosting your followers on Instagram.

    The way this company provides followers to its clients is by running loop giveaways. This is done by using popular profiles on Instagram. These profiles will run giveaways and the entry criteria will be to follow a bunch of accounts. The company allows its clients to provide various information related to their niche and target audience which can help them gain relevant followers because the company ensures that the bulk of the followers comes from that niche.

    Investing around $299 per month can give you growth of 2.5k to 3k followers. There are various other services besides loop giveaways. Check them out on the site.



    You can easily guess from the name of the next entry that it is going to contain something about artificial intelligence. AiGrow is an Instagram growth service that uses technologies powered by artificial intelligence to provide its clients with Instagram growth. The idea is to create a buzz around your account and generate real Instagram followers. Besides helping clients gain followers using the AI-powered tool the company also provides services that can help with content curation. 

    AiGrow guarantees results. It wants to provide you with the best services that can give you real results organically without delivering bots. This is a platform to grow your Instagram account. Once you decide to enlist the company’s help the team here starts working on your case. Your profile is analyzed and then optimal hashtags and target accounts are researched and analyzed to find relevant users for your brand or Instagram profile.

    The company then starts engaging with these profiles. If you can engage with posts or use the follow-unfollow method to follow targeted profiles and unfollow certain accounts every month. The price starts at $169 per week for monthly support and growth. Visit the site for more plans. You can check out the content curation tools and influencer marketing services as well.


    Combin - Best Instagram Growth Tool

    If you are looking for an organic Instagram growth service then Combin is a good option. It is a tool that every marketer and influencer will benefit from. The tools are filled with features that will not only help with growth on promotion on Instagram but also help provide solutions for content planning.

    With Combin’s services, you will gain a lot of new followers. You can find, analyze and Engage with different users and grow your audience base on Instagram. If you are a marketer looking for a growth service to handle multiple clients then Combin definitely ticks that box. You can handle around 15 Instagram accounts using this tool.

    It is easy to communicate with your audience using this tool. The tool has an engagement activity automation feature that helps with engagement and interaction. You will need to analyze your growth if you want to keep tabs on how your strategy is performing. With Combin, you can keep a track of your growth by monitoring incoming and outgoing activities.

    The tool can be used to plan and schedule content as well. You can plan stories and post and schedule them on Combin and it will automatically publish the post at the scheduled time. The packages start at $15 per month for handling 1 account. However, there is a free package as well for testing the services.



    One of the sites that have helped a lot of social media users gain followers on Instagram is Nitreo. The company believes in organic growth and provides top-tier services that can help you grow on Instagram. You can get more Instagram followers using Nitireo. The company helps you expand your reach on Instagram giving you more exposure and visibility. This can be a great way to build your brand.

    It doesn’t take long to set up on this site. In a couple of minutes, you can start using the service. All the results are real and you can grow on Instagram organically. Nitreo claims that by using its services you will grow on Instagram and it will save you time and money. 

    After you have registered on the site you have to add your Instagram account. Next, provide info on the type of Instagram account it is. The next part is very important. It dictates the efficacy of the tool. You have to provide hashtags and accounts that are related to your niche and you want to target users that are relevant to these.

    Once you have finished providing targeting info Nitreo begins its work to give you the boost by engaging with your target audience on Instagram. The price starts at $49 per month.



    We have looked at a bunch of tools that directly help with Instagram growth by providing an organic Instagram growth service. But there can be other tools that can help with growth as well like analytics and research tools. Hashtags for likes is a tool that falls under this second category.

    This is a hashtag research tool that gives you various details regarding hashtags on Instagram. Using quality and targeted hashtags can help with Instagram growth because it provides more reach and exposure. Instagram has even added an extra section on the user’s feed where it shows posts not related to the accounts the users follow. 

    These posts along with a bunch of posts shown on the explore page are recommended based on the user’s activity and hashtags play an important role in that recommendation. So, using a tool like HashtagsForLikes to research hashtags so that you can find the best hashtag for your post can help it reach your target audience.

    There are two packages that you can purchase. The starting package costs $59 per month. You will be able to reach more users on Instagram by gaining more info on hashtags and you also get a dedicated growth manager. On the pro version, you get 3000 hashtag searches per month and priority support. Visit the site to know more about how this Instagram growth service works.



    SimplyGram mentions on its site that it has been rated as the number one Instagram growth service provider. Using this tool you can gain over 5k followers on Instagram per month. The company ensures organic growth. It follows the methodology of setting it and forgetting it so that you can gain quality results without having to experience any issues or go through any hassle of sorts.

    If it sounds gimmicky and unsafe then don’t worry the services that SimplyGram has created are completely safe. These services follow the terms of services of Instagram. All the services are meant for Instagram growth and have been optimized using artificial intelligence. With this tool, you will be able to target followers from your specific niche. 

    It is completely risk-free. You have to start by setting up your account on the site. Next, you have to provide various info related to your niche and target audience. This will help the company research and find the right users on Instagram for your profile. All the followers you gain will come from your niche. The company will use powerful technologies to target specific users that will be relevant to your profile.

    If you are starting out then the starting package of SimplyGram can be worth looking costs $69 per week. This package is for personal Instagram accounts who want to grow on Instagram. 



    If you have wanted an Instagram manager to help manage your profile and help you grow then this is a good choice. Instato is the Instagram manager you have wanted all this time. Using this growth service you can gain real followers on Instagram. It helps manage and schedule content on Instagram. If you are looking for a nice tool that can integrate with your content creation workflow then check this out.

    Instato starts automatic engagement on behalf of your profile so your profile can engage with targeted users so that you can gain more followers on Instagram. Using hashtags, geolocations, and targeted profiles the tool automatically engages with targeted user-profiles and posts.

    You can plan your content on this tool. If you are feeling creative on a day and want to create a bunch of content for Instagram then just do that and schedule them using Instato. The posts you schedule will get published automatically at the prescribed time. The services aren’t too complicated. They are very easy to understand and use. You will be able to engage followers and gain quality results using Instato.

    Analytics and statistics are very important for optimal results. It provides an idea about how well your promotion is going on. Instato provides statistics related to your Instagram profile. The pricing starts at $29.95 per month but there is a 3-day free trial as well.



    When you are looking for an Instagram growth service you want it to be authentic and safe. You want an organic Instagram growth service that you can use without any risk to grow your Instagram profile. IGClerk claims to be one such service. This is a completely manual growth service. If you prefer humans looking over your Instagram growth rather than bots then you can take a look at what this company has to say.

    The company is confident about its manual approach to Instagram growth and claims to know how to scale its service to suit the clients. It has kept the rate competitive to give brands, businesses, and influencers a chance to use a good service for Instagram growth.

    The service follows Instagram’s terms of service and is very safe to use. The price for packages starts at $19 per month but you are free to test it out using the free 7-day trial. You don’t have to provide any credit card to use the free trial.

    The company has helped many clients gain a bunch of followers organically on Instagram. Out of all the customers that have subscribed to their pro plan around 92.3% gained 1k followers in the first two months of using the service.

    Around 68% of these users end up gaining 10k followers in the first year itself.



    Want to grow your tribe on Instagram by adding thousands of followers that are loyal to your profile and engage with your posts then visit and check out the Instagram growth service it has in stores. The site claims that using its services you can grow on Instagram without having to keep posting hundreds of posts per month. You basically post less than 96.7% of influencers while gaining thousands of loyal and engaging followers.

    The site promises that the followers you gain will be real and engaging followers who like your content. You won’t be spammed with bots and fake followers. You don’t need to provide any access to your account for the site to do its trick and help you gain many followers. When you subscribe to a package you gain a dedicated account manager. The manager will guide you throughout the lifetime of your plan. 

    If you are ready to grow on Instagram and become an influencer then you can opt for one of their packages. The basic package costs $87 per month. It provides medium growth and a bunch of other features that can help with Instagram promotion and growth.

    There are other packages that provide highland maximum growth costing $177 per month and $312 per month respectively.



    Instamber is a growth service that provides top-tier solutions for social media growth. It claims that its solutions are unparalleled in the industry. The site provides various services that target different social media platforms. You can use Instamber to grow on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

    The services have been made such that it covers all your needs while providing comprehensive growth on social media platforms. The rates of the tools and services provided by the company have been kept low so that more people can afford quality services to gain popularity on social media platforms.

    There are four services for Instagram tools targeting specific use cases. The growth service helps you gain real followers on Instagram without having to get involved in the growth side of things. Let Instamber take care of it. The company says that one of the best ways to gain followers on Instagram is to interact with them. The company assists in engaging with target audiences on behalf of your account.

    This will help you gain real followers and boost your follower count on Instagram. The cost of the Instagram bot that automatically engages with target users costs $30 every 2 months. The direct message service costs $15 per month and the comment manager costs $10 per month. Check out the detailed descriptions of these tools on the site.



    Looking to gain real followers for Instagram then try out FollowAdder. It is a powerful organic Instagram growth service that can be downloaded to your Mac or Windows PC. You will not gain fake followers or bots, rather the SMART automation tool provides organic growth by helping clients gain real Instagram followers.

    With this service, it will become easier to grow on Instagram at a good pace. Your brand awareness will increase on Instagram. The company does all the work while you focus on your content. FollowAdder claims that you can boost your sales, web traffic, self-promotion, and brand awareness by using this tool. Brands, businesses, models, musicians, influencers, and artists have used this tool to boost their presence on Instagram.

    The targeting features of this tool are quite powerful. You can not only target various Instagram profiles but also target the followers and users that have engaged with their posts. If you want profiles with no profile pic or are private can be filtered out from the target list. The company provides features to chart, analyze and monitor your growth and progress.

    The packages start at $24 per month. You get all the relevant features and can handle 1 Instagram account. 24/7 customer support is provided to help clients in need.


    Firingtable provides services that can help grow your Instagram account organically. It suggests not buying followers directly but rather investing in its services so that you gain organic growth on Instagram. As usual, the site first works with the client in gathering all the relevant info on target users. You need to tell the company how to target the users.

    That’s basically all you need to do because the rest of the process is up to them. While you let your creativity flow through and create engaging content, Firingtable works behind the scenes to up your follower count. The company claims that when it comes to your growth on Instagram using its service there are no limits. 

    Depending on how good your content is and the growth service efficacy of the tool you can get a lot of Instagram followers. So, if you want quality organic growth visit this site. The company doesn’t want to waste your time. When you subscribe to their plans you get a complete dedication. The company promises to work 24/7 to provide the boost that your account needs.

    There are three packages to choose from. The basic package costs $29.95 per week. This package is for personal use. You can handle one account and the interaction rate is 60%. The professional package costs $49.95 and the business package costs $79.95. 

    Instagram Marketing Services

    Let’s look at a few Instagram Marketing Services as well.


    Thrive Agency is a company that provides quality social media marketing for small businesses to grow on social media. Doesn’t matter what your market capitalization is, the company will ensure you get the best services for social media growth. In the social media marketing sphere, ThriveAgency provides Social Media Management, Social Media Advertising, and Social Media Brand Management. The company has already worked with many clients and have received largely positive reviews.

    Disruptive Advertising

    Disruptive Advertising is based in Utah. It is an Inc 500 company that began in its founder’s garage. The services it provides can be categorized into PPC Management, Analytics Reporting, and Site Testing. The company has a solid understanding of the importance of social media platforms especially Facebook and Instagram. Under their Facebook Advertising services, you will find Instagram services as well. Disruptive Advertising cares about its clients. It works towards becoming their growth partner.


    If you are looking for a powerful Instagram marketing agency then one of the options you have is Assistagram. Subscribing to its services can help brands and businesses grow on Instagram. The company has a network of over 220 million Instagram users which can be used to drive sales, brand awareness, and leads. If you want to test it out then we suggest scheduling a free strategy call with the team. You will gain info on how the company can help your Instagram growth.

    Kairos Media

    Kairos Media is a creative agency that helps brands establish a solid presence on social media platforms. The founding members are young and the team has over 100 creatives who are passionate and ready to dive in and provide the best services to the clients. They use tested methods, research, analytics and combine them with creativity and art to redefine brands on social media platforms like Instagram.

    True North Social

    True North Social is a social media marketing agency that is based in Los Angeles. The aim of the company is to help clients find their True North. The company believes that the client’s success is their success so they are truly invested in helping them achieve top-quality results. It gets in touch with the clients, discusses the business and brand, and gathers all the relevant info. Then the team starts working on an approach to packaging the info indigestible and engaging pieces of content suitable for social media platforms.

    Final Words:

    So, these were some of the companies that provide services to grow your Instagram account organically. All these have starting packages. So, you can select a few and try them out to test their efficacy for your profile. We suggest you always reach out to the company directly and discuss everything before subscribing to any plans or packages. We hope you find some useful tools that can supplement your strategy in growing on Instagram.

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