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    15 Best Instagram Follower Tracker Apps & Sites

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    Instagram is one of the top two biggest social media platforms today. Billions of people use Instagram and a majority of them want to have a lot of followers. If you are out on such a campaign to get a big following, analytics can be a great help. Having a track of the changes in statistics and the behavior of your followers can help you decide if you are going on the right track. If you need an Instagram follower tracker app for free, you can simply go for the built-in Instagram Insights. However, they do not get you into all the details like the following websites and applications, both paid and free.

    Best Instagram Follower Tracker Apps & Sites:


    Iconosquare - Instagram follower tracker

    Iconosquare is one of the most powerful analytics tools and among the best Instagram followers trackers online. The website came into existence in 2011 right after Instagram had become a thing. Iconosquare used to be known as Statigram initially and served the purpose of providing users with metrics in the simplest, the easiest way.

    When they rebranded to Iconosquare back in 2015, the website already had 10 million users from all over the world. The website has since kept growing and has been in an official partnership with Instagram and Facebook itself. Being approved by the platform itself makes Iconosquare one of the safest Instagram followers trackers online. Iconosquare is not free to use but you can try out a free 30-day trial to test things out firsthand. 

    They update their data every one hour and allow you to monitor every change in your followers 24 hours a day. Iconosquare is more than just an Instagram follower tracker, however. Only their analytical features themselves are expanded beyond, to clicks, impressions, and reach.

    Their other solutions are related to demographics, uploading times, brand monitoring, and much more. One subscription to Iconosquare can be the fix for a lot of your Instagram problems.


    FollowerStat - Instagram follower tracker

    If you are looking for an Instagram follower tracker for free, then your search ends at FollowerStat. It is one of the very few services to have continued being absolutely free over years. While they do have optional paid plans, they do not offer anything massive if your only concern is tracking Instagram followers.

    This is why the website is seen as one of the best Instagram followers trackers online. Using a proprietary API, they analyze profiles from all over Instagram. To get these details into any Instagram figure, all it takes is a link to the profile.

    The analytics keep updating their database and information every day and you can get deep details into everything about the followers of a profile. They also have a feature that estimates the future growth of an account based on its performance in present. There are two paid plans on the website which allow you to add more profiles to favorites and remove ads alongside other extra benefits.

    Social Bakers

    Social Bakers - Instagram follower tracker

    Social Bakers is a massive social media marketing platform that provides one of the best free Instagram followers trackers online. The website has been the hub for all kinds and all stages of social media marketing for years now. They have partnered with hundreds of well-known global brands and have a total of 2.5k total clients from over 100 countries.

    From research to content planning to influencer marketing, they can do it all. The Instagram follower tracker is essentially a free tool from the website for its users and is being used by over 30k marketers globally. They have monitored and tracked more than 8 million Instagram profiles already. Socialbakers is indeed a name synonymous with quality and trust when it comes to Instagram followers trackers online.

    Followers & Unfollowers 

    Followers & Unfollowers - Instagram follower tracker

    Followers & Unfollowers is one of the best Instagram follower tracks apps one could find on the Play Store. It is exclusive to Android users and there is no iOs or Windows version. The app is rich in analytical features and currently has an impressive rating of 4.5 stars on the stores from over 314K reviews.

    Simply put, Followers & Unfollowers do what they say and that is getting users easy access to the details of their following and even more. They have listed their main features to be “Don’t Follow Me Back” and  “Follow Back” among other features like getting to see the amount of, and accounts that have unfollowed you recently. It can be easily downloaded by any Android user and works well on any regular modern-day smartphone.


    SpamGuard - Instagram follower tracker

    SpamGuard in itself is not limited to just tracking followers but it definitely does stand out as one of the best Instagram follower trackers online. By definition, the service was built to protect Instagram accounts from spam and fake accounts but you can see detailed analysis reports on your followers and unfollowers through it as well.

    It allows users to manually unfollow profiles all at once as well. Alongside a free trial phase, there are two paid plans called Full Access and Premium Spamguard. One of the best qualities of SpamGuard is its availability and accessibility. Everything is done through a cloud service, and users can access it all through any platform and browser. 

    Snoop Report 

    Snoop Report - Instagram follower tracker

    Snoop Report is a website dedicated to tracking all Instagram activity and it has been around enough to gather a strong userbase for itself. More than 55k people from all over the globe use Snoop Report to go deep into their Instagram accounts.

    Their loaded list of features and reputation is enough to consider them among the best Instagram followers trackers online.  Snoop Report hands out an immensely detailed account report weekly or mentally to their users that include but is not limited to their follower statistics. 

    Snoop Report has 3 paid plans to offer on the basis of the needs of Instagrammers. The plans are called Personal, Small Business, and Profession with which you can analyze 2, 10, and 100 accounts respectively. It can cost you anywhere from $4.99 to $49.99 per month. 


    Minter - Instagram follower tracker

    Minter is an all-around statistics and analytics website for multiple social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and LinkedIn. It has gradually grown into a popular choice for social media marketers and is one of the best Instagram followers trackers online.

    The website allows you to get on with the follower growth on your channel in every way you would want. Users can choose to observe the changes in their accounts within any set date range they want. Minter can be accessed across both mobiles and computers if you have a subscription.

    There are three available plans; Silver, Gold, and Platinum, ranging from $9 to $39 per month. The more expensive plans have bigger features but if you only want to track your followers, it is better the go for the cheaper option. 

    Follower Analyzer 

    Follower Analyzer - Instagram follower tracker

    When you look up the best Instagram follower tracker apps, Follower Analyzer is a name you’d notice at the top every time. Follower Analyzer lets you do more than just look at the numbers. With this app, users can see exactly what followers on their account interact with their posts and which ones do not.

    The app has been rated by over 156K users and has a rating of 4 stars at present on the Play Store. It has all the features you would look for in the best Instagram followers tracker apps and the recognition of one as well. 

    Followers – Tracker Insight 

    Followers - Tracker Insight - Instagram follower tracker

    When it comes to iOs, Followers is the current undisputed Instagram follower tracker. With over 12.9k ratings on the app store, Followers has maintained an impressive rating of 4.6 stars. The users love the app and they have all the reasons in the world to do so.

    Followers is not only accurate but also fast, and doesn’t make you wait to see the results of its analysis. A subscription to their service can be bought with iTunes after picking one from the three available options. The packages last 1 month, 6 months, and 12 months respectively at charges of $5.99, $17.99, and $23.99. 


    Squarelovin - Instagram follower tracker

    Squarelovin has been all-Instagram-everything ever since the website has been active. With time, it has become the favorite destination for Instagram marketers and users who want to get detailed analytical reports on their accounts’ performances.

    Their client list includes names like Spryker, Shopify, and Dropbox among many others. Squarelovin assists you with a dive beyond basic Instagram analytics and allows you to keep up with every little change in your following easily.

    There are three plans available to subscribe to and can be paid for monthly or yearly. The plans are called Basic, Monthly, and Influencer. The Basic plan is completely free and can be used as an Instagram follower tracker. 

    Followers Track: Insta Reports

    Followers Track: Insta Reports 

    Follower Track is an app available for Apple devices to be downloaded for absolutely free. It has been rated by 4.4k iOs users and has a nearly perfect rating of 4.5 stars. It is one of the best Instagram followers tracker apps available on the platform with tonnes of helpful features. From follower updates to blocks and unfollows, everything can be done through the app.

    Follow Meter

    Follow Meter

    With over 11.6K ratings on the app store, Follow Meter is a trusted and proven Instagram follower tracker for iOs. The app provides you with an easy interface that shows you your followers, people who unfollow, inactive followers, and much more. The app has a base of more than 5 million users and the subscriptions can be bought for a month, 6 months, or a full year at once. 



    Followers+ is an Instagram follower tracker developed by Maple Labs for iPad devices. Also, Followers+ is fast, accurate, and affordable. Just what you need in an app like this with customer satisfaction levels that have helped the app maintain a solid 4.1-star rating on the app store. Tracking followers is as easy as it gets and the paid plans are pretty affordable, 

    Reports For Followers 

    Reports For Followers

    Reports for Followers was developed by Xi’an Yomai Technology and is rated among some of the best-rated social networking applications on iPhones. With over 35.8K ratings, Reports for Followers continues to be a fan-favorite Instagram follower tracker and is still rated at 4.4 stars today. Downloading the app itself is free but to get into the actual stuff, you’ll have to choose to pay between three different types of premium subscriptions.


    iMetric is another one of the best Instagram followers trackers apps to be featured on the list, exclusive to Play Store and Android devices. Its Instagram follower tracker tool is easy to use and accurately fast. The app is highly rated at 4 stars on the Play Store as per rated by 112K people. 


    Instagram analytics can prove to be a big help in managing a strong campaign on the platform. Going behind the scenes of all the photos, the stories, and the reels can get you a unique insight into what can and what can not work for you.

    Tracking followers is one of the many analytics tools that are slowly becoming essential for those serious about Instagram. Instagram provides an analytical tool on the platform but it is usually not enough if you want to get deeper. With the websites and apps mentioned here, you can get access to your own deep and detailed Instagram follower tracker for free or for a charge. 

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