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    Instagram Statistics: All The Information You Need in 2022

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    Instagram is a name that is synonymous with social media. Instagram is one of those platforms which has stood the test of time. The platform has flourished throughout time and has maintained a sustainable userbase. The followers on Instagram keep increasing and there is no sign of any decline on the platform. To be successful on the platform as a creator or a brand you should be using Instagram statistics. 

    The Instagram stats give you a better understanding of the platform and help you to optimize your account to gain maximum success. Understanding the different Instagram analytics which is present sets you up for success. Searching for relevant Instagram stats is a very tedious process. We have listed down the top Instagram statistics which you can use for your account.  

    General Statistics

    Instagram has a consistent audience that tunes into their app regularly. A large number of users that they have just shows why they are one of the biggest social media platforms. Having such huge numbers shows the popularity of the application. America tops the chart in terms of the number of active users. The growth rate of Instagram has been superb and it doesn’t look like it is about to stop anytime soon.

    Instagram is considered to be the fourth most used social media platform when we talk about the number of daily active users. Whatsapp, Youtube, and Facebook are the only ones that have more daily users. Instagram easily beats most of its competition in this regard. Platforms like TikTok which are aiming to challenge the dominance of Instagram fail to beat it in terms of daily users. 

    When taking the combined downloads of the Google Play Store and the App Store, Instagram stands out as the 2nd most downloaded application. The Instagram application is the most used way in which people access the application and the number of downloads bears witness to the fact.

    The number of downloads shows the huge potential of creators on Instagram. YouTube is the only app to surpass Instagram in terms of downloads. There are no social media platforms that are direct competitors to Instagram who have the number of downloads that Instagram has. 

    While this Instagram stat may seem to be dismissive about the popularity of Instagram it is not true. Most of the users on Instagram, use the application to access Instagram. Being one of the top ten most visited websites shows that they have a good fraction of people accessing through their browser as well. For creators, this means that their content is being viewed on the web pages as well.

    Having a good resolution is needed for the content so that it looks great whether viewed through the application or the website. Having a good number of people viewing them through a browser is a good sign for the popularity of the social media site.

    Videos have shown to be much more effective than pictures when it comes to driving up engagement. In general, videos attract more comments from your audience. Having videos in your content plan can help you establish a better connection with your audience. Videos provide more impetus to your audiences to comment and help to get a better reach.

    If you are looking to establish your reach and have boosted growth, videos can be an effective medium to achieve just that. The integration of videos into the feed has been the main driving factor behind the increased engagement of videos. Since this update, videos have proven to be more effective at gaining engagement. 

    Photos comprise the majority of the posts and it shouldn’t be a surprise. Most people use Instagram to post pictures. Having pictures as the most dominant form of content provides you with a lot of maneuvering space in terms of content. Having other forms of content such as videos and reels will provide better engagement as they are not the majority when it comes to the type of content. When posting videos statistically you will have to deal with a lesser amount of competition as the majority of the content is in the form of pictures.

    More General stats

    Instagram User statistics

    More than 60% of Instagram’s users are within this young age bracket. This shows Instagram to be a very lucrative platform for companies that have this particular age bracket as their ideal customers. These Instagram analytics was pretty much expected given the popularity of this platform among the younger masses.

    People around the world who fall in this age bracket love the platform and are regular users of it. With time this percentage has kept increasing showing the effectiveness of Instagram as a platform that captivates the mind of the younger to middle-aged audiences. 

    Instagram has proven to be the most preferred social media site for people in the age range of 16-24 years. Gen Z has shown an inclination towards selecting Instagram as their favorite social media platform. Instagram ranks even above TikTok which is considered to be one of the Gen Z focused applications.

    This makes Instagram a great place to reach out to more of a younger population. If you have a business that targets this age range, Instagram turns out to be the platform that is most suited to help you get the response you want from your customers. This makes Instagram a great place to connect with Gen Z. 

    Ther is an almost even split when it comes to the gender of the users. This means that you can easily target both of the gendered groups. While there was an initial belief that the percentage of female users outweigh male users this has been proved to be incorrect by the latest Instagram stats.

    These stats show that 50.8% of the audience identifies as female while 49.2% of the audience identified as male. The difference between the genders is negligible. This makes Instagram a great platform to reach out to both of the binary gender identities in society. 

    • The highest number of Instagram users are Indians

    When sorted by country, India bags the most number of Instagram users. They have over 201 million Instagram users in India. This spot was earlier held by the USA for many years. The USA now comes at second with around 151 million users. The USA is followed by Brazil, Indonesia, and Russia as they make up the top 5 countries with the most Instagram users.

    This just goes on to show the truly global nature of Instagram. You will find people from all over the world logging into Instagram. This ensures that you can target users from almost all countries. If your target is the top 5 countries then it becomes much easier to gain engagement as according to Instagram statistics they have the largest volume of users. 

    • A daily average of 30 minutes is spent by an Instagram user

    While 30 minutes may not look like a long time when you take into account the number of Instagram accounts that are here it makes sense. While some of the special media platforms are reporting a s=decre in average viewing time, Instagram has reported an increase. This showcases the dominance of the application as one of the top social media sites.

    Instagram statistics report an increased average usage time per day. This translates into more people watching whatever you post on the platform which is great for engagement. 

    • Brunei has the best Instagram reach

    Brunei is a small country with a small population but according to Instagram stats, they have the largest percentage of Instagram users visa vi the population. 92% of their population is on Instagram which makes them take the top spot. Other countries which come in the top 5 are Guam with 79%, the Cayman Islands with 78%, Kazakhstan with 76%, and Iceland with 75%.

    If these countries fall within the radius of your targeting Instagram is one of the best ways to reach out to them. The majority of their population is on Instagram. Using Instagram advertisements might be the most effective in these countries. 

    The Instagram analytics show that videos can get more viewers. 9 out of 10 people watch Instagram videos every week. Instagram used to be a platform that only had photos. The inclusion of videos helps to provide the audience a bit more and thus has higher rates of engagement. Video formats such as Instagram reels and IGTV videos have become one of the popular methods of creators to stray away from the boring old photos and provide something more to their audience. 

    With a 16% quarter-on-quarter growth, India bags the tajes the top spot for the fastest growing market as well. The development of technology in the country with increased accessibility of the internet has led to this massive boom in growth. This growth seems to be sustainable and great news for people who have India as their target population.

    If you are interested in targeting the Indian population, Instagram has to become your go-to social media platform. The Instagram analytics back the use of Instagram as a place to interact and engage with an Indian audience. 

     More User stats

    • Each month more than 1.22 billion users log into the application
    • An average user spends more than 30 minutes on the platform
    • 88% of Instagram’s users are from outside the UK

    Instagram Influencer statistics

    Instagram analytics show a massive 8 billion dollars being paid to influencers on Instagram per year. This figure has been on the rise for the past decade and keeps hitting new heights every year. Top brands understand the importance of Instagram in their marketing strategy and thus decide to promote their products through influencers.

    Influencers are seen as one of the best ways to promote a brand on Instagram. Companies are prepared to spend significant capital to get the brand deals that they want with different influencers. If you are an influencer you can make serious money if you have an active account with a good number of followers. The spending on Instagram influencers does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. 

    Around $50 seems to be the average money spent per post by marketers. This can go as high as a million dollars per post. When you start moving towards the top of the Instagram hierarchy of influencers you have better-paying deals. The minimum amount spent per sponsored post of quite lucrative. The sky is the limit in terms of how much money is spent on these sponsored posts. With a popular Instagram account, you can use sponsored posts to get some serious money for promoting brands. 

    • Instagram is the preferred destination for influencer marketing

    Over 55% of marketers decide to spend the money for influencer marketing on Instagram influencers. Instagram is the royalty when it comes to influencer marketing. Instagram has influencers who have a grasp on their audience and this gets marketers attracted to them. The response and engagement of these influencers keep making the marketers invest in Instagram influencer marketing.

    The huge number of daily users and the variety of niches and content that is viable allows marketers to choose the ideal influencers for their brands which is not possible in other social media platforms. Being an influencer on Instagram holds the most weight and is the most lucrative among other social media platforms. 

    A decent chunk of users interacts with influencers. This number shows that the rate of engagement that influencers have is a great way to reach out to more customers for brands. Influencers create good content which makes them more popular among the users. The chances of getting better engagement get boosted if companies start getting influencers involved in their campaigns.

     More Influencer stats

    • From the inception of Instagram, there have been 15 million sponsored posts by Influencers
    • There are 7.2 billion followers among the top 50 influencers on Instagram`

    Instagram Ads Stats

    The sizable majority of Instagram users interact with the advertisements they see on Instagram. This makes using Instagram advertisement services a great choice for rands looking to promote themselves. Since the majority of the platform interacts with advertisements, the conversion rates for Instagram ads will be better than that of other social media sites.

    Brands get their money’s worth of engagement when they use Instagram advertisements just because the majority of the population is receptive to advertisements. 

    • 1 out of 2 people are interested in a brand after seeing their Instagram advertisement

    50% of Instagram users have positive feelings for a brand after seeing their Instagram advertisements. Advertisements help to boost the image of a brand. The effectiveness of Instagram advertisements has made them one of the most favorable methods among marketers. While ads are seen on many social media platforms as disruptive and irritating, this is not the case on Instagram.

    Instagram analytics points out that companies who advertise on Instagram have a massive pool of users they can reach. Advertisements reach more than 1.39 billion users. No traditional form of advertisement can provide companies with such a high global reach which makes Instagram the preferred platform for advertising brands.

    • Video ads get more engagement than photos 

    Instagram statistics show that video advertisements get more engagement from users compared to photos. Video advertisements manage to secure nearly 3x the engagements that photo advertisements get. If you are looking to advertise your brand on Instagram, the Instagram stats suggest that you use videos rather than photos for your Instagram adverts.

    Videos are more interesting to watch and due to the disproportionately higher number of photos on the platform, the videos stand out more.

    More Advertisement Stats

    • About 70% of the marketers want to use video content for ads
    • 50% of the users respond after seeing advertisements on the platform

    Instagram Brand statistics

    • An average Instagram brand has a growth rate of 1.69% of followers per month

    This Instagram analytics means that on average a brand should see a growth in its follower count by 1.69% per month. These Instagram statistics serve as a great benchmark to check the growth of your Instagram brand. If your growth rate is greater than 1.69% then it means that you are making better progress than an average brand out there.

    If you are not posting numbers more than this, then you should look to focus on stepping up your promotions. The more your growth rate the better your brand performs. This stat just serves as a reference point that can show how well your brand and its Instagram campaign are performing.  

    1 in 2 people use Instagram to find brands they are searching for. The audio-visual experience which Instagram provides has led users to use them to find different brands. Most of the brands have started to adopt social media and opened up their accounts on Instagram. They understand the significance of Instagram in promoting business which can be seen through these Instagram statistics.

    Having 50% of the userbase find new brands on the platform bodes well for all of the different brands who have started to expand their presence on Instagram. If you are a new business that is looking to find customers, Instagram could prove to be the best bet for your brand. 

    Many brands who have set up Instagram accounts like to be formal in their approach. They try to not do things that are out of the box as they feel it will hamper the image of the brand. These Instagram statistics prove this notion to be untrue. The majority of Instagram users enjoy seeing brands use the different tools that are there on Instagram. The usage of polls and quizzes by these brands has not hampered their reputation but instead promoted them.

    Instagram is a casual platform. The more you can integrate your brand’s content with the features Instagram provides the better you perform. Polls and quizzes make your audience feel like they are seen and their opinion matters. This is useful to build up a bond between the users and the brands.

    This is a good reference point to have. Judging your posts by these Instagram stats can help you understand how well you are performing about the other global brands on the platform. If you can secure more than 0.83% engagement on your posts, you are making better progress in general.

    Brands on Instagram are successfully managing to convince their users to buy from them using the shopping feature. This is a relatively new feature but has seen massive adoption by the brands and the users as well. The latest Instagram statistics show that around 44% of the users use the Instagram shopping feature every week to purchase a product.

    This shows the massive opportunity Instagram provides to small businesses to set up their shop on Instagram itself. With time the rates of adoption will increase for the shopping feature and brands that manage to effectively utilize the feature will have great sales on Instagram itself. 

    • 90% of users follow at least one business on the platform

    According to these Instagram stats businesses on Instagram are performing well. The reach that businesses have on Instagram is unparalleled when compared to other social media sites. There are only a tiny fraction of users who do not follow any brand on Instagram. If you are a new brand looking to find a consumer base Instagram will be the ideal platform for you.

    The penetration of brands on Instagram is very high. With the large user base of Instagram, you could have a company in any industry and still manage to find new users on the platform.

    • The majority of millennials buy products they see on Instagram

    A whopping 54% of millennials said that they buy products they see on Instagram. These stats help you to understand consumer behavior on Instagram. If you have millennial buyers, using promotions on Instagram and getting your products on their feed can help you to increase sales. If your products reach the feed of potential millennials it boosts your chances of getting more sales. This is one of the useful Instagram analytics which can be incorporated into your marketing plans.

    More Business stats

    • An average business account posts 1.6 times a day on Instagram
    • Instagram’s a more favorable pace for brands as Instagram’s reach grew by 20.5% while Facebook’s grew by 6.5%

    Instagram story statistics

    • The majority of the users indicate a higher interest in a brand after seeing their story

    The users of Instagram like to see stories from bands. The Instagram stats show that 58% of the users like stories posted by a brand. As a brand, this information shows the need for an increased focus on stories. Make stores that promote your brand and use them on the platform. Instagram analytics shows that most of the popular brands post more than 17 stories a month.

    The stories are a great way for brands to be fun and innovative. They alone you to be creative with your content while helping build a positive impression in the minds of the users.

    • Stories generate ¼ of the platform’s revenue

    Stories generate a lot of revenue for Instagram as well. Brands have started to see stories as a great way to promote their brands. 500 million accounts use Instagram stories every day. This gives you a huge number of users that you can target with your stories.

    Brands understand that stories are bringing in great revenue and thus try to capitalize on it by posting advertisements in the form of stories. The increased spending on stories has made it contribute a quarter of Instagram’s revenue split.


    Instagram provides you with a world of opportunities but you need to know how to utilize them. The platform is vast with tons of content and users. Mastering the platform is made easier with the use of Instagram statistics. These stats are of great use to all new creators and existing ones.

    They even help businesses understand the best ways to promote themselves on the platforms. The advertisements can also be tuned to generate the best results when stats are followed for reference during advertisement campaigns.

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