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    37 Eye-Opening Internet Statistics & Marketing Facts (2022)

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    The Internet has become essential to our lives. The majority of people today cannot live without the internet. The Internet has seen massive growth in its feature and its usage through the years. Internet from the day it was born to the day it is currently in is almost unrecognizable. Internet usage has increased and the functionality of the internet has increased along with it. There are thousands of internet stats that provide us with a better understanding of the platform. The magnitude of the internet along with its effectiveness cannot be understood completely unless we analyze all of the different internet statistics that are there. 

    The internet is a huge entity and understanding it through stats is the best way to get the most in-depth information about it. The world of Internet statistics is huge and filled with thousands of facts. When trying to analyze and understand all of the facts one may find themselves to be lost and confused. We have divided the internet into many aspects and listed down the important stats covering each aspect. These Internet stats have been scanned from reputable sources across the internet to help you understand the internet and its functionings better. 

    Top Internet Statistics:

    General Internet Stats

    The number of Internet users has seen a staggering growth through the years. Over the last 5 years, the growth has been massive with the number of users increasing year on year. The total global population is more than 7.9 billion which shows more adoption of the internet on the part of users.

    There are only 2.8 billion people without internet access in the world. When converted to a percentage this means that 64.5% of the global population has access to the internet. This number keeps on increasing every year.

    The Internet is essential to the way in which people lead their lives. Most of the people in the world have access to the internet and use it.  We can expect the percentage of people with access to the internet to only go up from here under normal circumstances

    • The average growth rate of Internet users stands at 8.2% per year

    The growth rate of the internet is very high in the world. This growth rate shows the importance of the Internet in the current times. The majority of the things we do are going online and the world is adapting to it. This leads to an increased growth rate for the internet. This figure currently stands at 8.2% per year.

    To draw a comparison the world population has a growth rate of 1.03% per year. There is a substantial increase in the adoption of the internet among people across the world and the increase is not just because of an increase in population. The growth rate also shows the speed at which the internet is getting mass adopted by people across the world.

    • Asian users comprise the majority of internet users globally

    The internet has a global nature with people from all over the world accessing it. When looking at the world in terms of different continents, Asia leads the world in terms of the number of internet users. The userbase of the internet surpassed 2 billion in Asia. India and China contribute massively to the large number of internet users that we see in Asia.

    Asia is miles ahead of any other continent in the number of Internet users it has. The second place is taken by Europe with 705 million internet users. They have less than half of the number of Internet users that Asia has. The USA comes in third place with 292 million internet users.

    • The highest internet penetration for a country stands between 98-99%

    By internet penetration, we mean how many people in a country have access to the internet. The greater the penetration percentage the more people in the country have access to the internet. Denmark, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, and Iceland have the maximum penetration among countries. They all have around 98-99% of their population with access to the internet.

    They all are separated only by minor decimal percentages. While it must be kept in mind that the smaller the country is the easier it is to have a high internet penetration rate. Unsurprisingly, North Korea comes in at the last place with 0% access to the internet as their population does not have free internet.

    • Google Chrome was the preferred browser for the majority of the users (65.9%)

    Google Chrome has been the most popular among all web browsers. The majority of the users found Chrome to be the most effective. This made Chrome the most used browser for accessing the internet. Chrome by itself manages to occupy more than 65.9% of the web browser market.

    They are the most dominant browser and occupy more than half of the total internet users. The Safari browser comes in second in terms of the number of users. Safari is used by 16.82% of the total internet users. Safari being the native browser for Apple products boosts its popularity. Firefox is the preferred browser for 4.09% of the users which makes it take up the third spot.

    • The majority (63.2%) of the world’s population is on the internet

    By October 2021, more than half of the world used the internet. 61.8% of the entire world population used the internet. This is a huge number seeing that there are more than 7.5 billion people in the world. Internet coverage over the world has increased significantly and most people are on the internet globally.

    Just at the start of the 2000s, there were less than 1% of the world on the internet. This shows that in just over 2 decades the majority of the world has found a utility on the internet and they have accessed the internet in one form or another.

    The impressive growth of the internet can also be seen through the massive number of emails that are sent daily. 306 billion emails are being sent every day on the internet. According to the latest Internet stats, this figure is set to increase in 2022.

    The new daily number of emails sent is expected to be 333.2 billion emails. Emails have become one of the most convenient ways for formal communication over the internet. There are 4 billion emails accounts registered in the world and this figure is expected to rise by 4.3 billion by the end of 2023.

    More General Stats

    • According to Forbes: 47% of individuals use ad blockers on their browsers
    • Japan has the world record for the world’s fastest internet speed 319 Tbps
    • There are 370.7 million registered domain names on the internet

    Social media stats

    At the end of 2021, there were a total of 4.62 billion active social media users. These internet stats also point out the fact that 99% of these users use their smartphones to access these social media applications. The popularity of social media applications has increased a lot and this has led to the increase in the number of searches for them and the number of active users there are.

    The growth rate of social media stands at 10.5% this internet stats show that social media manages to outpace the growth of many of the internet features as well as the growth rate of the world population. It has even outgrown the growth rate of the internet which stands at 8.2%.

    • Facebook has the most users among all social media platforms

    2.7 billion active users make up the user base of Facebook. This makes them the most popular social media platform on the internet. Facebook could be credited with developing the social media world as we see it right now. Being one of the original social media sites it has retained its popularity and has even added more users to its list at a steady and constant pace.

    YouTube has been gaining serious ground on Facebook and comes in as the second most popular social media application with 2 billion active users. The third spot is taken by Instagram which is also owned by Facebook. Instagram has 1.158 billion active users.  

    • YouTube is the most downloaded application

    According to the latest Instagram statistics, Youtube is the most downloaded application globally. After combing the downloads through the different ways in which the apps can be downloaded, YouTube has been found to have the most global downloads.

    While it is the topmost downloaded application among social media apps but it is also the most downloaded application when considering the total downloads of all the different apps. YouTube is the first name that comes to mind when wanting to watch user-created videos. The features of Youtube have remained unmatched and it is still the most preferred video content platform.

    • An average user spends more than 53 minutes on Instagram

    Instagram has been climbing up the ranks of social media sites. An average user can be seen spending around an hour on the application. With the latest internet statistics, they have improved the user engagement on their platform. They have more than 4.2 billion pictures being liked on the platform every day.

    This is an impressive figure which shows us the level of engagement that Instagram can bring to the table. These Internet stats also show that more than 500 million users interact with the stories they see on Instagram every day.

    • The average time spent on social media every day is more than 2 hours

    The daily dependence of individuals on social media has increased manifolds from just a few years ago. Internet stats show that people spend around 2 hours and 25 minutes on social media platforms on the internet every day. Social media sites manage to take up a lot of time in our day.

    The time spent on social media has increased in the last few years. The current trajectory forecasts that more time will be spent on social media platforms in the future.

    Messenger and WhatsApp are the most popular messaging services over the internet. Internet statistics show that 50% of the users prefer to use one of these services for sending messages. WhatsApp and Messenger have established their control over this region. WhatsApp holds the lion’s share of the users.

    The ease of use and efficiency of these platforms have made them the most used in this particular department. No one does a better job than them when it comes to messaging services. Their popularity is represented through internet stats which puts them at the top of messaging services.

    Many people believe that Snapchat has lost its relevance after Instagram started with its stories feature. While the usage of Snapchat has gone down they still manage to post great numbers. They have 319 million active users every day. The internet stats show that 75% of millennials and Genz like to use the platform which still makes it relevant among the younger population.

    There are more than 4 billion snaps sent on Snapchat every day. This shows the huge volume of usage on the platform. The users might have reduced when compared to other special media sites but the active users post tons of snaps every day. Snapchat is still managing to hold onto its popularity, especially among younger audiences. 

    More Social Media Stats

    • 500 hours of videos and content is uploaded per minute on Youtube
    • 22% of Instagram accounts have a daily login 
    • Globally, more than 25% of individuals have Instagram installed on their smartphones
    • Facebook is used by 755 of its users to find new services

    Internet stats for eCommerce

    Projections drawn from the latest Internet stats show that eCommerce is on the rise. The projections show that there will be over 5.55 trillion dollars worth of transactions on the internet in 2022. This is due to the large increase in the number of shops that have gone online. The changed perspective of people can also be factored into the rise of the internet as the top marketplace.

    If you are a brand you should be looking to go online as the eCommerce industry keeps expanding each day with new users looking to buy something online for the first time. The expected sales for 2021 were 4.9 trillion dollars.

    A 0.5 trillion rise or more per year is a great stat that shows the importance of eCommerce in today’s day and age. The pandemic has also helped to increase global eCommerce sales. The eCommerce industry has become huge and it has not even reached its full potential yet.

    • Global online sales are expected to reach 21.8% of all retail goods sold worldwide in 2024

    More than 205 of all the shopping in the world is done online. There is a huge rate of adoption for online shopping and the trend continues in many parts of the world. US, UK, Japan, China, and South Korea have the largest number of online sales. There is a shift in the mode of shopping by people.

    In just a few years, online shopping will contribute to more than 20% of all retail sales made in the world. This Internet stats also points out that the eCommerce industry still has a lot of road to progress on. At just 20% they are making huge sales.

    This can only be expected to increase. eCommerce is a great place to go as a business owner as there is still a lot of room left for growth and development. Most of the top companies have gone online and are having huge sales numbers due to their online sales.

    • A 1-second delay can lose you 7% of your conversions

    The attention span of people on the internet is very less. This attention span keeps decreasing. Company owners have to ensure that they have quick loading times to prevent the loss of any sales they might make. Internet statistics show that even a minor delay can turn people away from your website.

    Most of the top websites have a loading time of less than a few milliseconds. Having a fast and responsive website is the key to having more conversions on your website which leads to more revenue generated.

    • 28% of users abandon their cart due to high shipping costs

    No one likes shipping costs and the internet statistics back this claim. Over 28% of users will not buy products if they feel the shipping charges are too high. It is also noticed that users like to spend 30% more on their orders when free shipping is included with their orders.

    Thus adding the shipping to the cost of your product rather than displaying it separately is the best way to go about listing your products. 47% of the total orders placed online have free shipping attached to them. Thus free shipping is the best way to get more people to order from you.

    The conversions get boosted up the moment you decide to include free shipping.

    • Mobile commerce contributes to 72.9% of all retail eCommerce

    Mobile browsers are preferred by most users when shopping online. This shows the importance of having a website that is compatible with mobile browsers. Websites that are not compatible with mobile browsers or those which do not function properly lose out on sales. Having a well-functioning mobile website with quick checkouts helps to improve online sales.

    Videos provide a visual aspect to users. When shopping online the users cannot inspect the quality of the products. Having a video helps users to understand the product better which leads to more orders.

    Videos are a game-changer in the eCommerce industry. You can boost your sales by more than 144% by using videos of the products. Internet stats show videos to be the best tool to get more users to buy your products.

    • 71% of shoppers believe they get better deals online

    Internet statistics show that the perception of online shopping is positive in the minds of people. A large percentage of the majority of the people think they get better deals online. This causes them to look online to find the best deals.

    The thought that online prices are better than offline ones, makes people move towards eCommerce to save more money. This shows that there is a lot of room for the eCommerce industry to grow and that more people are adopting a positive mindset about shopping online.

    More eCommerce stats

    • Online shopping is done by 96% of Americans per year
    • 25% of spending on eCommerce platforms is done through smartphones
    • Online grocery shopping is prh=jected to reach $100 billion by 2025
    • Amazon has captured 49% of all global eCommerce sales

    Internet Website Stats

    • Google is the most preferred search engine

    Google takes the top spot when compared to other search engines in the world. It has an astonishingly high market share. This company has managed to conquer the search engine space. The company has a market share of 92.7%. This means that more than 9 out of 10 people use Google to search for information on the internet.

    Bing and Yahoo come in at second and third respectively. They have a market share of 2.8% and 1.6% respectively. These internet stats point out the fact that Google has remained the top choice as a search engine and no other engine has come even close to competing with Google.  

    According to Alexa Rankings, Google comes in at the top as the most visited website in the world. The Alexa rankings are internet statistics that do not provide us with percentages but rather give us a rank.

    This rank is determined based on the traffic of the particular website along with the average visitor engagement that these sites have. Youtube comes in second and takes the third spot. Facebook which is the most popular social media site on the internet has taken the 6th spot in the Alexa rankings.

    • .com and .net make up 43.8% of all domain names

    .com and .net are the favorite choices for people when setting up their webpage. Both of these extensions manage to make up almost half of the total number of extensions there are on the internet. .com is the most popular with more than 148 million websites being made using that extension.

    .net is the extension used by more than 13 million websites in the world. These extensions have a monopoly in terms of the extensions used across the world on different websites. The internet statistics also point out that .org is the third most used extension across websites on the internet.

    The total number of websites is a massive 1.92 billion. This is the total number of websites in the world. These Internet Statistics show the number of websites that have been created. This must not be mistaken for the number of active websites that are there. The number of active websites is around 198.4 million. These are those websites that have active engagement and traffic. 

    • GoDaddy is the most popular website hosting service

    Many of the websites on the internet are created using website hosting providers. These services are used by websites to publish themselves on the internet. The latest internet statistics show us that GoDaddy is the most used website hosting service. It has helped host more than 10.38% of the websites across the world.

    GoDaddy has cemented its spot as the top website hosting service. Google Could Platform comes in at the second spot with 6.12% of the websites and IONOS has 4.38% of the websites. The majority of the business in this space is done by GoDaddy which has established itself as one of the top website hosting services.

    • Wix is the most used website building tool

    Many of the users who build websites want to avoid all of the pain and trouble of coding their websites from scratch. Several website-building tools have made it easier to build websites. You can even build an entire website without having any coding knowledge.

    Among these website-building tools, Wix is the most popular. They have made more than 3.8 million websites created. Squarespace is the second most popular coming in at 2.27 million and Shopify gets the third spot with 1.48 million websites created.


    These internet stats help you find out more about the internet than meets the eye. The internet statistics help you to unlock a deep understanding of the internet. With the internet taking a significant role in our lives, understanding the internet is very important. If you have a business the eCommerce stats helps you to find the best way to increase your sales online.

    Most of the companies have gone online to make it more convenient for their customers while increasing their revenue. Whatever your purpose on the internet must be, you will manage to find Internet statistics in this article which will help you.

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