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    How to Grow your Instagram: 10 Amazing Tips & Tricks

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    Growing on Instagram and getting more followers can be great for brands and businesses. Most people spend their free time on social media platforms. Instagram is one of the platforms where people are willing to follow businesses, look for products and even buy them.

    It is a great place for creators to get their content out on. If you want to get more Instagram followers and want to grow quickly on Instagram then you have to be focused and follow a set path. Today, we have a bunch of tips that can help you grow on Instagram. So, let’s get started.

    Tips to Grow your Instagram followers:

    Focus on a Niche

    One of the mistakes that a lot of social media beginners end up doing is they try to do a bunch of different things hoping to become popular. However, the reality is far from that. You cannot expect to grow fast on Instagram or any social media platform if you are not focused on a niche. Of course, it might take some initial hits and trials to zero in on a sub-niche but you have to focus once you find it. 

    For example, currently, one of the popular genres on Instagram is to create short funny videos in the form of reels. If you like that niche then focus on a sub-niche. You can, for instance, only focus on anime-related funny videos. Or, if you have a pet you can focus on creating content with your pet. Once You start focusing on a niche, things start becoming clearer and people who identify with content like that will regularly seek out your videos to watch. 

    After you have gained a nice following and your videos get consistent likes and views you can slowly start creating and occasionally uploading different kinds of content that may not directly be in the same sub-niche but is within the same niche.

    Research Target Audience

    To get more Instagram followers you need to attract people to your profile and make them enjoy your posts. This is why you have to understand what your niche is which will tell you who your target audience is. Once you have a general idea about who is likely to watch your stuff you can go ahead and start structuring your content in a way that appeals to the major percentage of your target audience. 

    This research is mostly continuous because over time your content might change and the major percentage of your target audience might change. Understanding the key demographics and psychographics of your followers as well as the followers of your peers and competitors is one of the very first steps that you need to take. 

    Knowing where they are from and what time they are usually online and what kind of content they enjoy can give you a lot of ideas on which route to take while creating any content. Later on, we have a tip that talks about creating a strategy. Having all this research handy can be quite helpful in creating the initial strategy to start grinding on Instagram. These things can be done initially, using Instagram insights. This nicely follows into the next point.

    Get Instagram Insights

    One of the easiest tips to follow in the entire list is to get Instagram insights. This is one of the first things you need to do if you want to grow on Instagram fast and get more Instagram followers. Analytics is very important for social media success. It gives you all the info that can provide you with answers to many questions. It also helps you gauge the performance of the strategy that you create. 

    The reason why a lot of people have slow growth or rather they don’t grow at all is that they fail to realize what they are doing wrong and what they are doing right. This leads to them focusing a lot of their efforts on things that are not working and their target audience is not enjoying. When you look at your analytics you sort of start to form a picture about what your audience is enjoying. 

    You can take a look at all your posts and try to figure out which ones are doing better and which ones have a lower number of views. Instagram insights will also help in providing key insights into your audience. So, you can easily do some research on your target audience using this tool. 

    Instagram insights is completely free. It is present in all Instagram business accounts. You can easily convert your personal account to an Instagram business account for free and keep all your followers and content.

    Create a Strategy

    Creating a strategy will not be easy. It is one of the technical parts of becoming a social media influencer or marketing a brand on social media. Firstly, you have to set some goals. Goals help you keep focused. When you write down your goals and look at them regularly you are likely to stay focused on what you are trying to achieve because it can be easy to get distracted. 

    In general, it is advisable to pick three types of goals. These are short-term goals, mid-term goals, and long-term goals. It is kind of obvious what they are from their name itself. The reason why you need to keep these three types of goals is that while you have a bigger goal that you want to achieve in the end you have multiple checkpoints that you can reach along the way. 

    Short-term goals are generally goals that you wish to achieve in a few weeks to a few months. Mid-term goals can be from a few months to a year. Long-term goals are meant to be achieved in a few years. Of course, you can adjust the timelines according to your need. 

    Your strategy will also include your content generation workflow, your promotion strategies, and a feedback loop to keep analyzing how your strategy is performing. The strategies are supposed to be flexible and will keep changing as you grow and new goals come into play.

    Maintain a Schedule

    You have to maintain an Instagram post schedule. Many creators, beginner influencers, brands, and businesses often fail to grow on Instagram or any other social media platform because they are not consistent with it for long enough. 

    Of course, being consistent alone is not going to be enough. You have to sort of use everything we have talked about in this post and then be consistent. People who post consistently often have more engagement than people who post less. 

    Today, social media algorithms are favoring profiles that post content more often because that would mean users have more things to browse through. The goal of any social media platform is to ensure that users never leave the platform and that users won’t leave if there are enough things to watch. 

    Create a schedule that allows you to post multiple times a day. Even the top Instagram influencers and brands do this. You have to stay relevant. Your followers need to keep seeing your posts each day. It will help keep you fresh in their mind. Also, you have to figure out when to post and then create a schedule around it so that you get maximum engagement and exposure on your posts. This brings us to the next point.

    Figure out When to Post

    This one is a bit tricky and will need some time to get the right info. There are many good sites like Sprout Social, Hootsuite etc. that have researched the best time to post on Instagram. You can take a look at their findings. They also talk about the best time to post for some of the top niches. This can be a good starting point. 

    Of course, things vary from niche to niche and even for each geographical location. But in general, you will get better results posting during the middle of the day. To get a better idea you have to do the research yourself or hire some third party to help you with it. Instagram insights is one of the best starter tools for this. 

    If you want to know at what time you need to post to get maximum exposure and engagement then you can use this tool. Take a look at what time your audience is active. Initially, it might be a good idea to check out the posting schedule of your peers and competitors. See how good of an engagement their posts are getting. 

    You can try out different time slots based on your findings. After a month or so you can easily use Instagram insights to figure out what you did right and what you did wrong. This way you can narrow down the perfect time slots for your posts. Again, these things are continuously changing so keep an eye on the analytics regularly to notice if you need to fix anything.

    Interact With Followers

    You need to engage with people to like and comment on your post. Not only that, you have to take some time to get to interact with your audience. This is one of the ways to not only get more followers but to keep your Instagram followers loyal so that they care about what you are trying to do and engage with your posts consistently. 

    Regular and consistent engagement is good for business. It helps you get more exposure and the algorithm understands that there’s an audience out there for your post. This way you can often end up higher in your followers’ feeds. One of the best ways to engage with your followers is to react and reply to their comments. You can try to start a discussion under your post. 

    This can help you get more comments which are sort of a brownie point for the algorithm. If you get DMs from your followers you can reply once in a while. If you are using Instagram for your brand then it might be a good idea to set up a bot for automated messages. Instagram live can be a good way to connect with your followers and answer their questions. You can also use Instagram stories for Q&As. 


    Using Hashtags is one of the important things to do to get exposure on Instagram. More exposure means more reach which can help you get new Instagram followers. Posts with hashtags have better reach than posts that don’t. A lot of people often think it is a good idea to span a bunch of hashtags to get noticed. But that’s not the case. 

    You have to think of quality before quantity. It matters which Hashtags you use. So, pick hashtags that are going to give you good results. Many hashtag research tools can help you understand the strength and reach of a hashtag. Using only popular hashtags can be detrimental because all the top profiles will use that as well and your posts won’t be able to compete with them.

    Scope out your niche. Look at the posts of your competitors. See which hashtags they use. Collect those and start using a combination of them on different posts. Then use Instagram insights to understand which ones are working better. Use them frequently.

    Do remember to keep changing them since Instagram doesn’t like posts using the same hashtags all the time. For brands, it is advisable to use custom hashtags. Once you start growing you can let your followers use these hashtags to tag you on their posts relevant to your brand.

    Contests and Giveaways

    This is one of the ways to show your Instagram followers that you appreciate their support. Contests and Giveaways have been organized by many brands to give something back to the community. Not only that, if done right, it can be a great marketing campaign that can result in some quality exposure. 

    You don’t have to go expensive with the rewards and prizes. Just ensure that they mean something to your brand and the connection you share with your audience. For example, if you are a fashion influencer, clothing and accessories might be a good idea. If you are a photographer then any photography equipment might be a good reward. 

    Make the contests interesting. Create a branded hashtag that your followers will use on their posts to enter the contest. Also, ask them to like your posts and drop a comment on the contest post on your profile. This will give that post a lot of visibility.

    The same approach goes for Giveaways as well but of course, you don’t have to plan any contest. People do enjoy these sorts of things. So, if possible you can host it regularly to keep your followers more invested in your affairs.

    Use Different Platforms to Promote

    Think of all the social media platforms as sort of nodes in a huge network. Use this network to your advantage. You don’t have to promote your Instagram profile on Instagram only.

    Put it at the end of your website. Link to it on your Facebook profile or your YouTube channel or your TikTok profile. Let people know that you are on Instagram. But just putting a link won’t do much.

    You have made people want to follow you on Instagram. Take a bunch of your best-performing Instagram content and share them on other platforms. This way people interested in them will want to check them out on Instagram.


    The key to all this is patience and perseverance. You will hear people say that it is a marathon. That’s kind of true because it is very easy to give up early when you are not seeing results. To be successful you have to keep trying and keep doing your research and checking the analytics.

    Understand what your audience wants and what you need to do to achieve your goals. All the tips we mentioned can be done completely for free. It just demands your time and effort. We hope you found some useful information on this list. Wish you all the best!

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