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    Flippa Alternative: 10 Best Sites Like Flippa

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    In today’s world, E-commerce and social media websites are some of the biggest businesses out there. There is a way of running a business that the owner can decide on. Either make a fortune running the business for long, or make it successful before selling it to someone else for a massive price for them to run. Flippa Alternative site is a marketplace for people who choose the latter, a space where you can buy and sell online businesses to your liking.

    It was founded in 2009 as a spin-off of a different website and had already traded hundreds of millions of dollars worth of websites and other online places.

    How Does Flippa Work?

    Owners of websites can sell them to other people through Flippa. They can choose to give all the data that they have been updating and working on, so it will be easier for somebody else to start up their business if they do not feel like doing it themselves. All that they need is a good plan and a bit of luck.

    Unfortunately, there are many other people out there who would love to get their hands on what the owner has made, so they compete with each other to make it theirs. When choosing to sell your website, this is one of the most important things you should do as well as make sure you do not get cheated by someone else like this.

     It means your website is officially on the market. Also, you should make sure that the business is not too expensive for the time you are ready to spend on it. Buying a profitable business is not easy. You need to have a good idea of how exactly your business will make money, how much it costs and what kind of people use it.

    Once you’ve got all of that figured out, you can move on to selling or buying an online business. However, if you’re not entirely convinced that Flippa is the site for you plenty of other domains act as Flippa alternatives.

    Best Flippa Alternative Sites

    Website Broker

    Website Broker - Flippa alternative

    Website Broker is one of the most popular Flippa alternative sites out there. Who hasn’t heard of it? This site helps you buy, sell and manage over 10,000 domain names. It’s easy to view what each domain is worth and set up a price and a date for the sale.

    However, the site does not accept PayPal or credit card payments. Website Broker has over 300,000 sellers and more than 40,000 active buyers. There are also over 800 domains listed on the site at any given time.


    NameCheap - Flippa alternative

    One of the most popular Flippa alternatives is NameCheap. This site also lets you buy and sell domain names only via an escrow service or one-time payment service. It has mobile apps that allow you to browse its website on your smartphone.

    It also offers a premium service and is one of the best Flippa alternatives that you should check out. Moreover, it is one of the most affordable Flippa alternatives and it makes things a lot more simple with clever interface choices. 



    Just like the other two, Sedo is another piece of software where you can buy websites, domain names, and even search terms! One of the best features of this site is its “Make An Offer” option. This lets you set the price to meet your budget and lets others buy your website if they like it.

    However, it takes a while to get your website hosted on this site, so be sure to order their service in advance if you want to avoid problems later down the line. It’s one of the best websites like Flippa! 

    Go Daddy Auctions

    Go Daddy Auctions - Flippa alternative

    Although GoDaddy is not a Flippa alternative site, it’s worth mentioning in short. This site offers you the chance to buy and sell various domains and websites. The best thing about this site is that everything is instant, you can start the auction as soon as possible, set your price, and even join in on auctions yourself to make a business of your own!

    However, there are some limitations on what type of sites you can sell. For example; adult content sites will be deleted immediately when they become active on the site.



    Another name you might have heard in the business of buying and selling websites is Afternic. This site works with over 60 aftermarket companies and can offer you the best deal possible for your website.

    However, there are some limitations in what kind of websites you can sell here: adult content sites will not be accepted at all! Neither will any sites that are considered illegal or inappropriate as well as anything else that breaks local laws.

    Domain Auctions

    Domain Auctions - Flippa alternative

    DomainAuctions is a popular Flippa alternative that lets you bid on domains, too. It offers plenty of options to choose from when it comes to buying a domain name. This site is similar to many other auction sites where you can win an auction by outbidding other users or buying at the last minute.

    Be aware of this when bidding as you can get scammed. You also have less control over the value of the domain than with some other services, so you should consider this before spending your money with this site or any other Flippa alternative for that matter

    Domain Name Sales

    Domain Name Sales - Flippa alternative

    Domain Name Sales is one of the largest sites for buying and selling websites and domains. It offers a complete, expandable hosting service for your website which means you’ll have to spend more money.

    However, it does offer a refund if you’re not happy with their services, so this might be worth trying out first before spending money on other sites. You can even submit your request in different languages.

    The few downsides are that it’s slow and that it forces you to pay a fee. Moreover, you have to pay every year to hold onto your website. This can be a problem if you aren’t going to use it all that often.

    Network Solutions

    Network Solutions

    This site is one of the oldest domain name sales you can buy from. You can even find domain names for sale dating back to 1995! However, there are limits on what domains you can sell here which means you won’t have many options in what kind of sites can be sold here.

    While this site is not as easily accessible as some of the other sites discussed, it does have forums with users who could help with basic questions about this service and its limitations. It also helps that it’s cheap!

    Web Hosting Hub

    Web Hosting Hub - Flippa alternative

    This site is a common place to buy websites, domains, and hosting services. It accepts PayPal payments, making it one of the best Flippa alternatives you can use. It has close to 100,000 active buyers and also offers a wide variety of services but there are some limitations nonetheless.

    To start your business, you’ll have to register a free account, however, this allows you to only make one purchase per month which will then lock down your account so that other purchases cannot be made for three months. Besides those limitations, this is a good site to consider when starting your own business online.


    Swoopo is one of the biggest online auction sites out there, especially when it comes to buying websites and domains. It boasts a catalog of more than 80,000 domains and websites which are valued at more than $400 million.

    They make money from their 5% fee which is charged after each sale is completed on the site. It also offers various website templates that you can use to start your business. This is a great bonus as it saves a lot of time, however, the downside is that they are limited and require users to pay an additional fee.

    Who Should Seek To Use These Websites?

    Those who want to sell their website should consider using one of these sites. However, make sure you check the domain name first to see if it’s available! If it isn’t, then you can start a bidding war with other users.

    Many people have made good money doing this because they are making a profit on something they had no use for anymore.

    As mentioned above, sites like Sedo have a “Make an Offer” tab where you can set a price that suits your budget to increase your chances of being successful with one of these Flippa alternatives.

    Is It Worth Getting Into This Industry?

    Well, that depends on you. If you want to start a new business, then this could be the right option for you. However, if you’re looking for a way to make money online and have no interest in owning your own website/domain then there are other methods available as well.

    This industry is best suited to those who want to become a part of the online community and own their website or domain name.

    Some websites and platforms get sold for millions of dollars at once that many people don’t even hear about. The point is, that great deals are always around and great investments can only mean good things for your business and its future.


    The best Flippa alternatives – Sedo, Afternic, Domain Name Sales, and NameCheap are the ones you should consider most when looking for a way to sell your website. These sites have millions of users and business interested parties, offering the best chance at getting a good deal.

    If you’re not sure about this industry, read some reviews online and check what people are saying about these sites first before diving into the head. This can help you decide whether or not this is a worthwhile investment for your business.

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