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    10 Best Apps to Find Inactive Instagram Followers

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    If you are an Instagram user, you might be noticing a weird trend these days. Are your Instagram comments and likes decreasing? Well, maybe there is a problem with your content. But is it happening while your followers are increasing? If so, you most likely have inactive or ghost Instagram followers. These may be Instarobots, people who are no longer active on Instagram, or those who have been locked out!

    Moreover, if you want to maintain a high level of user engagement, you must find inactive Instagram followers and remove them without a second thought. Such followers will not add any value to your account. Furthermore, your engagement rate will start to drop steadily as your follower count grows and grows and grows.

    What is going on in your mind now? Searching for ways to get rid of ghost followers? You are not alone! If you are unsure where to start, it is time to look into the tools recommended by people just like you for tracing inactive social media accounts. Well, it is not very easy to get genuine reviews these days. Worry not! Simply scroll down, and you will see a list of the ten best apps to find inactive Instagram followers.

    Do not turn back! It is high time to employ these tools and kick out the social bots skulking in your account.



    Hiya Instagrammer! Whether you like it or not, the number of followers you have is no longer a touchstone to measure your success. Then what is it that matters? Today, what matters is the size and engagement of your audience. One of the best apps to find inactive Instagram followers, Spamguard will help you trace bots, commercial accounts, and inactive followers. Moreover, they will also help you to remove them from the platform.

    How will it help? If you are turning back thinking about the decrease in your followers’ count, it might be a humongous mistake. An ocean of inactive followers will only lead to pathetic engagement rates. Therefore, Spamguard will increase the number of people who see and interact with your profile, boosting engagement with your audience. 

    Moreover, it will help you increase the chances of your post being included in Instagram suggestions and recommendations, driving organic growth. Also, Spamguard will provide you with a comprehensive audience cum follower analysis. With such credible insights, you can invest these to naturally grow your following. No more bots and Instaghosts!

    What more? Spamguard will safeguard you against spam and phishing emails. No need to worry, everything is safe. If you are thinking you will have no role in the whole business, you are wrong! Spamguard will help you effectively customize your security settings. 

    Nothing can be generalized and they understand it. Your profile is unique, and so are your problems. And unique problems need unique solutions that you will get from Spamguard. Finally, even after the entire cleaning spree, they will make sure that your account is safe for a long time.

    Cleaner for IG

    Cleaner for IG

    Our next pick, Cleaner for IG is an excellent tool for unfollowing, removing inactive or ghost followers, mass deleting posts, and unlike previously liked photos or videos. If you are using Instagram for business, we recommend this app. Cleaner for IG will help you find inactive Instagram users and unfollow them in bulk.

    Moreover, you can block users in bulk. They will help you identify suspicious followers and ghosts in your Instagram profile and will allow you to block all of them in one go. No longer do you have to face that tedious clicking-and-blocking ordeal. Do you have an already blocked list of users? Now, are you reconsidering that decision of yours and want to unblock them?

    If so, Cleaner for IG provides you with an option for unblocking users in bulk. Again, you do not have to individually unblock users. You have got a lot of time saved! Now, do you find it tiresome to delete multiple posts? Do you wish to have a mechanism to delete Instagram posts altogether like you always had in your phone SMS? Cleaner for IG will help you delete posts in bulk with just a tap of your finger!

    Moreover, you will get other features like cloud automated execution, automatic execution of Night Mode, etc. In addition to that, they have a dedicated Help Center. Also, you can add genuine profiles into the whitelist to avoid blocking them accidentally.

    The question now is how will you figure out the bots? To make your work easier, Cleaner for IG will help you search users using multiple filters. This quick advanced selection will allow you to find inactive Instagram followers, ghost users and users with no profile photos. Finally, you will get a detailed statistics report on your blocking and removing followers’ activity. 



    Just check the Play Store, and you will find this App with over 5 million downloads. It makes Followers-Unfollowers one of the most popular Instagram unfollow apps for Android users. You do not have to be tech-savvy to use this app. It has a basic streamlined design that can be operated easily by anyone.

    Moreover, Followers-Unfollowers can provide an instant overview of all ghost, inactive, or undesired accounts lurking in your Instagram profile. Furthermore, you can use the app to block and unfollow undesirable Instagram profiles instantly. Just see the overview and if it raises red flags, simply remove them! 

    You cannot compromise with your engagement. To trace out the black sheep, Followers-Unfollowers will give you a detailed overview of those who follow your Instagram account but don’t like or react to your posts. All followers and no engagement will make your Instagram page a dull dumping ground. Anything you can do to prevent this is a big plus, and Followers-Unfollowers will help you do it!

    Now, all these apps you have seen till now will only give insights into your followers. However, Followers-Unfollowers is a bit different. It allows you to observe who unfollows your Instagram account. It will notify you when someone unfollows your account. In addition to that, you can unfollow unwanted profiles in bulk.

    Also, you may sort the list of followers by engagement, number of followers, and date of following for convenience. It will help you identify who is a real admirer and who is a passive ghost. Finally, to add IG accounts to the white list, you just have to tap on the star icon on the left side. As a result, you can be sure that you do not remove them accidentally. 

    Mass Unfollow for Instagram

    Mass Unfollow for Instagram

    Hey Appie, this one’s for you. Mass Unfollow for Instagram is a cutting-edge iOS app with game-changing features. With sophisticated features, you can use this tool to find inactive Instagram followers and remove them all. Moreover, if you are tired of clicking every follower one by one and removing or blocking them, you can use the bulk remove/block feature of Mass Unfollow.

    Not only that, but you can also mass unlike, delete, and unfollow or follow or block users. Everything is easy- you just have to tap your pointer. Now that you have read the review of a bunch of apps to find inactive Instagram followers, you might have noticed that all these will help you filter out only inactive followers. 

    Though that is important, what about backstabbers? How will you identify your followers who unlike your posts? For this, Mass Unfollow has an Unlike Photos option, which allows you to see a full list of all your followers who left a negative impression on your post. If necessary, you can remove them all at once. 

    Well, not all posts will receive the same engagement levels. It will depend on the content. So, how can you find your posts with the least engagement? Mass Unfollow will help you figure out the posts that have attracted the least engagement and will let you delete them. 

    Furthermore, the app will provide you with detailed information on all of your Instagram followers and posts. Does a profile raise flags? You may consider blocking it! Because of the straightforward design, you can easily filter out your inactive Instagram followers and erase undesired profiles. You don’t have to be tech-savvy at all!



    All your ghost followers are phantoms. What to bust them off? PhantomBuster is your ultimate gear. This tool will help you automatically unfollow all ghost followers and those that do not follow you on Instagram. Find inactive Instagram followers and remove them with a simple click using PhantomBuster.

    Manually doing it is simple, but what if you have a huge account? Why not automate this process? If you are a brand or an influencer with a colossal followers base, you can use PhantomBuster because Instagram does not have a native solution for this. 

    You no longer have to spend hours figuring out phantoms and busting them. PhnatomBuster will do that for you. You will be able to see a detailed summary of your followers. You can see if the follower is genuinely interested in your account or is just a simple, inactive follower who might damage your follower-to-engagement ratio. 

    And the most intriguing part? It is completely free, and you’ll be done in ten minutes! They have a fourteen-day free trial and you do not have to enter your credit card details. That is, just enter your email and begin your phantom hunting spree. Moreover, they also have tutorial videos on their website that you may watch to learn how to use their services.

    You do not have to be a techie. Their videos are all detailed, easy-to-grasp and interactive. If you face any difficulty in cleaning your followers’ pool, just see their videos and begin your hunt.

    Analyzer Plus

    Analyzer Plus

    One of the best apps to find inactive Instagram users, Analyzer Plus keeps track of your unfollowers and mass unfollows them. It will also help you assess the overall performance and followers-by-engagement ratio of your profile. One of the best things about this app is that you can keep track of who is unfollowing you. It includes those who unfollowed you from mutual following. By getting insights on such data, you can mass unfollow or unfollow profiles one by one.

    Moreover, it will help you figure out which of your followers liked and left comments on your posts. Also, you can determine who is inactive or who is not following you back. You can unfollow them or block them one by one. In addition to that, it will help you recognize your best and ghost followers. After figuring out the ghosts, you can eliminate them instantly.

    Also, you can get a list of your followers ranked based on their engagement. You can see who liked/commented the most and who liked/commented the least. Want to keep an eye on your competitors? Analyzer Plus will help you identify your competitors based on their follower count and followers-by-engagement ratio.

    Moreover, their data will reveal how many followers you gained and lost in real-time. Finally, the statistics show the performance of likes and comments in real-time, as well as which posts received the most likes/comments in the preceding seven days. It will help you trace your engagement levels and plan future content accordingly.

    Followers Insights

    Followers Insights

    Followers Insights is a professional Instagram application that allows you to track your followers, check who unfollowed you, who has not followed you back, and who is your most popular follower. With this app, you can view all of your profile’s interactions in real-time. You can identify the users who have not followed you back, users who have blocked you, and even visitors to your profile.

    Moreover, you can identify users who have read a large number of your stories but do not follow you. Also, you will get an in-depth analysis, finding followers who are least interactive or dormant. So, what if Instagram blocks your account citing unusual activities? Do not worry! To avoid having your account blocked, Followers Insights adheres to the official policies and procedures of Instagram. You will not regret using it!

    Finally, you can find new and lost followers, analyze your posts, and get a list of your ghost followers.

    Followers Track: Insta Reports

    Having considerable experience assisting millions of people in detecting and identifying inactive and ghost Instagram followers, you can trust their experience and use Followers Track to find inactive Instagram followers and eliminate them instantly. They have sophisticated tools and capabilities to detect ghost followers.

    Based on the activity of your followers on your post, they will present you with amazing reports on who never likes or comments on your stuff, and refrains from engaging with you. Moreover, with their bulk unfollow option, you can easily eliminate these Instagram stalkers from your account all at once. Just a tap of your finger will pave the way for enhanced Instagram engagement.

    In a word, this Instagram analytics tool will give you the most up-to-date information on your fake Instagram followers. Also, like other apps, they will also show you who you follow but do not follow you back. Furthermore, if you go Pro, you can get similar analytics and unfollow features on multiple accounts. You can manage multiple Instagram accounts from just one dashboard.

    Not only can you track bots and phony followers, but they have a dedicated followers section from where you can get the list of all your followers, based on their contribution towards overall engagement. 

    FollowMeter for Instagram

    One of the best apps to find inactive Instagram followers, you can get invaluable insights on your non-followers, fans, recent unfollowers, and recent followers. The most user-friendly solution for tracking and unfollowing inactive Instagram users is to use FollowMeter. You do not have to be tech-savvy! It is easy to use.

    Moreover, their in-depth statistics provide you with a wealth of information about your Instagram followers. May it be phantoms, bots, or dead accounts, you can see everything on your dashboard. All of your favorite features are available here, however, some are only available with the Plus Subscription.

    With FollowMeter, you can keep an eye on your followers who are not paying attention to your posts and stories. Also, it will help you figure out who isn’t following you back. Not only can you find inactive Instagram followers, but you can identify real ones too. With this app, you can determine the followers who are interested in your posts and stories.

    The most important part, you can easily figure out who your phantom followers are. It will track down instabots, ghosts, and dead accounts. After figuring out phony followers and ghosts, you can use their bulk unfollow feature to unfollow them in bulk. You do not have to search for individual accounts and unfollow them. Just a tap of your finger will do the job.

    This service is wonderful if you want to find inactive Instagram followers that aren’t doing anything and replace them.

    Unfollow Users

    One of the best apps out there to help you find inactive Instagram followers, Unfollow Users will let your Instagram profile feel the freedom. No place for bots or phony followers in your account, only the genuine ones! They will also help you trace inactive accounts and Instabots and clean up your feeds.

    Unfollow users for Instagram is a simple Instagram unfollowing tool for detecting users who do not reciprocate to your Instagram posts. Not only can you track non-followers, but you can also unfollow a single person or a group of people all at once. Unfollow Users, furthermore, makes it simple to receive a list of all people whom you follow but do not follow you back. Why keep that weight? Release it into the air with Unfollow Users!

    You no longer have to manually search to find inactive Instagram followers and bots that add no value to your account. All you have to do now is start the engine, and the rest will be taken care of. With a simple UI to track inactive Instagram followers, it will help you unfollow your fake and inactive Instagram followers. 

    So what about users who are not active on Instagram at all? Unfollow Users will help you unfollow them in bulk based on their overall inactivity. Furthermore, you can maintain a high follower-to-engagement ratio to lend credibility to your account.

    One of the best things about Unfollow Users is that it is entirely risk-free to use. Why? Depending on the age of your account, Instagram permits between 60 and 200 unfollow requests every hour. Every time you cross this limit, this app will caution you. 

    You no longer have to worry about your account being blocked or spammed- it is two-way protection.

    Final Words:

    It’s all too tempting to believe that the more Instagram followers you have, the better your profile is. However, it is not always the case. Ghost followers, inactive or fictitious Instagram profiles may follow you and add to your total follower count. However, they never interact with your content, jeopardizing your overall engagement rate. 

    The first thing you have to do is to find inactive Instagram followers and remove them. The most significant advantage of removing inactive followers is an increase in interaction. Your material has a better chance of being seen as your engagement increases. With the above list of the ten best apps to find inactive Instagram users, you can trace the ghosts and eliminate them.

    No bots to leak your data, no ghosts to pull back the engagement levels, and in strict compliance with Instagram terms of use, your account will be safe!

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