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    15 Facebook Statistics You Need to Know in 2022

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    Since its humble origins in a Harvard dormitory room, Facebook has increased year over year in terms of both times spent on the network and daily active users. Currently, millions of businesses all around the globe use Facebook to communicate with their customers. Therefore, it’s critical for businesses, particularly marketers, to remain on top of Facebook trends to get the most out of being on the internet in general. The following are 15 key Facebook statistics that will provide you with a thorough understanding of the present situation of the world’s most popular social media site:

    Some Universal and Prominent Facebook Stats

    Facebook’s overall revenue in the 3rd quarter of 2021 was $29.01 billion. Facebook’s overall revenue in the 3rd quarter of 2020 was $21.47 billion. The rise is 35 percent year over year. Facebook reported 2.91 billion users worldwide since around September 30, 2021. In September 2021, Fb had an average of 1.93 billion every day active users. Facebook made $21.47 billion in sales in the 3rd quarter of 2020, while its overall sales in the 3rd quarter of 2021 were $29.01 billion.

    This is a 35 percent hike over the previous year. And since September 30, 2021, there were 2.91 billion monthly engaged consumers on Facebook worldwide, a 6% growth year over year. Since around September 30, 2021, there were 1.93 billion daily active Facebook users globally, a 6% growth year over year. Here are a few universal facebook stats concerning spheres other than monetary aspects:

    • Facebook’s family monthly active persons reached 3.58 billion since about September 30, 2021. 
    • The average number of daily active people on Facebook in September 2021 was 2.81 billion.
    • Facebook is hiring at an all-time high. Since around September 30, 2021, Facebook has had 68,177 employees, a 20% growth over the previous year. 
    • Facebook has acknowledged that it has deleted 1.3 billion phony accounts. 

    Despite having the fewest users, the United States is said to produce the most money from the platform. Cristiano Ronaldo and CGTN are some of the top five very famous Facebook profiles (117 million followers). The annual income per user on Facebook in 2020 was $10.14. This number was $10 in October 2021.

    The User Demographic on Facebook is Huge and Proactive.

    In 2019, Facebook consumers used the app for an aggregate of 769.16 minutes every month. At the time, TikTok was indeed the second-most famous app, with consumers spending an additional 498.09 minutes per month on it. Some more user-oriented Facebook stats:

    • Facebook is the world’s largest social media site, with approximately 2.80 billion monthly engaged users (2021). 
    • Facebook audiences visit the application more or less eight times each day on average, and the typical US user ends up spending 38 minutes per day on it. 
    • With over 69 percent of all adults as active Facebook users, it remains one of the most popular apps in the world, with an ever-increasingly engaged audience. 
    • Facebook accounts for a large portion of the five hours a day that US consumers spend on their apps. Facebook uses about 19% of the overall time or around 57 minutes.

    This is more money than people are spending on any alternative app, such as music, video, or shopping. According to Facebook analytics, Facebook is currently the most prominent social media network in the United States in terms of interaction.

    The Most Popular Social Media Platform.

    Facebook is unquestionably the most popular social media platform. With 59 percent of social media visitors on the Web, Facebook is presently the most popular social site. Of course, Facebook is up against some stiff competition, such as Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram, but it still comes out ahead. This is since Facebook has the most active users of any social media network, and many spend days reading through their feeds. One of the reasons we feel Facebook has become so successful is that it has been flexible to implement the newest social media innovations and trends over time. 

    Naturally, many other social media sites we highlighted above have done quite well throughout the years as well, but Facebook always seems to come out on top. They have a lot of money backing them, and regardless of the reality that they’ve been involved in a lot of scandals over the years, most of which have to do with security, they’re still growing.

    Facebook’s developers have figured out a technique to keep users scrolling and given that Mark Zuckerberg still controls more than 50% of the company, there aren’t many individuals who have a voice as to what occurs to the renowned social media platform.

    Small Businesses and Large Firms are all over Facebook.

    Facebook’s marketing services are used by over 200 million small businesses. The Facebook Account, where you may build a commercial page for your company, is among the most useful functions. You may submit information about your company, such as your contact information and location, also a summary of the services or items you provide.

    As a consequence, you will be able to expand your web visibility. Using Facebook Pages has several advantages. Of course, businesses may use the internet to interact with one of the world’s largest communities, as well as establish an audience for their service or product and connect with individuals who are probably fascinated by what they have to offer. Customers can also contact you and ask you questions about your business.

    Likewise, Facebook is a fantastic platform to advertise your small company or brand, as well as a terrific approach to put your content before appropriate people and urge them to explore your website. You may also just utilize your Facebook profile to market your goods. With its business features, Facebook has read the writings on the wall, and they recognize that a majority of businesses, large and small, have discovered methods to get the most out of their advertising strategies. It’s no surprise that these elements are so appealing with such a large audience to sell to.

    Countless Facebook Profiles are Fake.

    Facebook predicts approximately 135 million (5 percent) out of 2.7 billion monthly regular users are false identities in 2020, and the social media platform promises to remove billions of phony profiles. Facebook detects spammers’ IP addresses and indicators and immediately removes accounts before they are created.

    Facebook searches for evidence of harmful conduct and disables them as shortly as they join up, employing complex detection tools to hunt for trends. According to their estimates, there are 135 million phony Facebook profiles on the network. The advertising component of this data is what draws people’s attention.

    Many of us are sold on Facebook’s 2.8 billion monthly users, which is more than half of the world’s overall amount of daily internet users today. Facebook statistics relating to these fake accounts on the platform itself.

    • These ‘fake accounts’ are usually categorized as rule-breakers, such as bots, duplicate accounts, fraudsters, spammers, and less serious cases like sites placed up as profiles. 
    • Facebook concedes that their 5% number is doubtful, owing to the difficulty of measuring bogus accounts on such a large scale. 
    • As an advertiser, it’s vital to understand that the bulk of fake Facebook profiles are rejected at sign-up or terminated as soon as they’ve signed up, thanks to powerful detection technologies that are constantly improving.

    Facebook Statistics of Uneven Gender Ratio 

    The global proportion of Facebook users by age and gender as of January 2021:

    • Males account for 56% of the entire Facebook audience, while females account for 44%. Facebook only allows male or female users to report their gender. 
    • Global gender ratio of Facebook users so far since January 2021. 
    • Between the ages of 25 and 35, Facebook users make up the largest demographic group. 
    • Males account for 18.8% of the population, while females account for 12.8%. 
    • The only demographic category with much more women Facebook users than men Facebook users is those aged 65 and up. 
    • Males make up 2.3 percent of the entire population, while females make up 2.6 percent. 

    Surprisingly, according to a 2020 inclusion study from Facebook, there are many more male employees than female employees. According to the research, men make up 63 percent of Facebook’s workforce. However, the corporation is putting in extra effort to diversify its staff, since the proportion of male workers continues to decline as the female workforce grows. These figures are even more amazing when you realize that men made up 69 percent of the workforce in 2014.

    Facebook is Immensely Widespread amongst Marketers.

    In addition, since Facebook is quite known, it attracts the attention of marketers. 86 percent of marketers are using Facebook to promote their products. Regardless of the size of your company, Facebook is an excellent location to focus part of your marketing initiatives.

    The nicest aspect about utilizing Facebook is that practically any type of material works well, making it very simple to get started. You may use Facebook not only to communicate with your intended audience but also to communicate with clients and build a longer-term connection with them. 

    You may find Facebook advertising to be a bit pricey at first, but if you stay with them and figure out how to use them to link you immediately to your intended audience, they will end up assisting you rather than harming you. Just make sure you try a few things to discover what works for your desired demographic, so you don’t waste money, specifically in the early stages.

    Facebook’s Marketing Revenue and Profitability

    With all of Facebook’s success, it’s no surprise that marketing accounts for most of the company’s income. In the second half of 2020, the firm generated over 27 billion overall in ad revenue. Its ad income accounts for more than 96 percent of its total revenue for the quarter, which is a 31 percent raise over the previous year. This is particularly significant given, because to COVID, Facebook saw a decrease in ad demand at the end of the first quarter of 2020. However, it has picked up the pace since then, and more companies than ever before are using Facebook to sell their product or service.

    Facebook has expanded into other business-related areas, which means you can build a Facebook corporate page for your company and use marketing ideas, ad commercials, and analytics to figure out how to effectively communicate with your target population.

    Facebook costs you are depending on how much you want your ad campaigns to run and who you want to target. It may be marginally more pricey than other standard ad possibilities, as well as what other social networking sites have to offer, but it is a possibility, and there are large organizations that have taken advantage of this promotional tool.

    Facebook does make a lot of revenue, but it also is exceptionally profitable, let’s check out how:

    • In 2021, the global profit was $31 billion. This is a significant increase above the $23.9 billion in 2019. 
    • Meta’s success has continued into 2021, with a net income of $9.2 billion in Q3 2021. For almost more than a decade, the corporation has turned again every year as Facebook. 
    • Gains in 2015 and prior years were all under $10 billion. However, they barely took a year after declaring a $12.4 billion gain in 2016 to surpass $20 billion turnovers and break the $30 billion barriers for the very first time in 2020.

    Favored Smartphone Usage by Facebook Consumers

    One of the principal factors why Facebook has become so prevalent these days is that it is mobile-friendly. Facebook has an advantage over its competitors since it can be accessed through different mobile applications:

    98.3 percent of Facebook users use their smartphones to browse social media networks.

    This indicates that just 1.7 percent of individuals use their computers to log onto Facebook. This is among the justifications why Facebook remains one of the world’s most popular social media sharing programs. This is also an excellent reminder of the need for mobile-optimized content for your business. These Facebook statistics demonstrate the importance of having a proven marketing approach that will appeal to smartphone users if you are seeking to sell your business on Facebook.

    Someone will frequently choose your Facebook business account and wish to visit your website to learn more about the items or services you provide. If you haven’t optimized your webpage for mobile, people will become annoyed and won’t spend much time there. Because Facebook is primarily a smartphone version, you should consider how you can enhance the remainder of your brand’s web presence for it as well.

    Consumption of Facebook by US Citizens

    Usage of Facebook by US citizens:

    • Facebook is used by 63 percent of adults in the United States. This equates to about 178 million people in the United States. 
    • Consequently, Facebook remains the most widely used social networking site in the United States. 
    • Facebook is highly used as compared to Pinterest, Twitter, and Snapchat in the United States, with 95% of the population knowing what it is. 
    • In the United States, 74% of Facebook users were between age groups between 35 and 54. 
    • These Facebook stats indicate that most Facebook users are from the millennial generation, even though Facebook has attracted users of all ages.

    This is a somewhat different demographic view than some other social media sites with younger members, but it’s still a nice achievement, and it means that companies worldwide may promote their services to a younger audience, which is what the majority are aiming to do anyway.

    If you decide to split a portion of your internet marketing effort with your Facebook company page, it also provides you a clear notion of who you can advertise to. If your main demographic isn’t in this age range, you may also want to try a different social media platform. Otherwise, Facebook is an excellent choice.

    Average Time Consumed by Facebook

    As a marketer, you need to know how many hours your potential clients spend on social networking applications so you can decide where to focus your efforts. The better you research about where your clients go online as well as how many hours, they spend there, the simpler it will be to get your product, or even simply your content, in front of them. Because this statistic shows that Facebook receives the most screen time, you should prioritize your activities on Facebook before moving on to the remainder of your social networking sites:

    • The newest data on how much time individuals spend on Facebook reveal that they spend a minimum of 19.5 hours each month just on social media networking apps. 
    • This implies that it is the most renowned social media networking mobile app in addition to becoming the most famous social networking sharing app in general. 
    • In comparison, WhatsApp is used for 19.4 hours per month, and Instagram is used for 10.3 hours per month.  

    Predominantly Used by the Younger Generation

    Facebook remains a hugely popular social media site among teenagers and young adults. Sixty-five percent of Facebook users are all below the range of 35 years. This categorizes them as members of Generation Z, sometimes known as millennials. This Facebook data demonstrates that, for the most part, young adults choose to utilize social media sites that their peers use. Understanding Facebook demographics like this might help you plan your Facebook marketing strategy.

    You won’t be able to compete with your peers if you don’t have a strong marketing strategy for your Facebook page. Therefore, the more you learn about your customer base, the easier it will be to figure out what sort of content you should develop and when you should publish it.

    Facebook has become a Medium for Commodity Exploration.

    Facebook excels at connecting consumers with products and companies. In the United States, 78 percent of consumers have acquired a retail product using Facebook. This indicates that more than 50% of those who use Facebook are proactively seeking new items and products. As a result, Facebook is becoming increasingly significant as a platform for discovery and research.

    Users aren’t only using the site to interact with others or share more information about themselves. They use it to do things like study, browse, find and get ideas. Consequently, this information is useful for marketers who want to assist customers to have a better experience on the platform. Understanding what customers are seeking may assist marketers in making it simpler for customers to find things that they would enjoy.

    A Detailed and Deep Study on Messenger Facebook Analytics

    Facebook owns the Messenger instant messaging program. It’s part of the Fb network and was first introduced in 2011. It’s presently one of the most widely used instant messaging platforms. Below are some detailed facebook analytics that you need to know:

    • Facebook Messenger is used by over 1.3 billion people. That means it’s not nearly as popular as WhatsApp, the competing messaging app with 2 billion monthly regular users. However, because WhatsApp is acquired by Facebook Inc, the parent firm continues to rule the instant messaging market.
    • Every day, around 100 billion communications are exchanged. According to Facebook’s About Page, this is the case, although it’s unclear if they’re referring to communications received just through Messenger. This appears to be the total number of messages delivered over Facebook’s Messenger, WhatsApp (operated by Facebook), and maybe other Facebook divisions like Instagram. 
    • In any case, 100 billion communications are a staggering quantity. Every day, that’s around 13 texts for everyone on the planet. 
    • It’s also more than 5 times the quantity of SMS messages delivered globally every day, demonstrating how instant messaging services are quickly eroding traditional SMS service providers’ market share.
    • Every day, Messenger supports 150 million video calls. This demonstrates why Facebook Messenger is more than simply a text messaging service. It’s also a very popular video calling platform, as this statistic indicates.
    • On Messenger, there are approximately 300,000 active chatbots. Chatbots are artificial intelligence-powered conversational messaging programs that mimic natural language discussion with actual people. In other words, they’re robots who provide customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 
    • Businesses have embraced chatbot technology quickly, particularly via Messenger with over 300,000 bots are being used.

    Chatbots have the advantage of allowing you to connect with more consumers and reply to more inquiries at scale without having to hire more customer service representatives. Chatbots may offer answers to basic questions using automated scripts, leaving the more complex ones to your customer care personnel. 

    Facebook Stats of its Available Features

    From Groups to Videos, Facebook has a lot to offer. There is a lot to keep track of, and just a handful of them are very important to companies. Every month, almost 1.4 billion individuals use Facebook Groups. People sought more methods to keep in touch than ever before, thanks to restrictions that discouraged in-person meetings. Facebook analytics disclosed at its Yearly Communities Summit that 1.4 billion people use Facebook Groups on a monthly frequency. As a result of the increased usage of Groups, the social network unveiled a slew of new features designed to make Group publishing and admin supervision easier than ever:

    • The primary group of 26% among Facebook Group consumers revolves on a hobby or pastime. It’s no surprise that the number of people using Groups surged during the outbreak.
    • According to a new Facebook poll, 26 percent of users’ primary Group is centered on a hobby. 
    • According to the same poll, 86 percent of Facebook Group members whose groups are largely online plan to keep participating in their clan at the current level of 48 percent or increase their participation by 39 percent. 

    By hobby or local location, a pie chart depicting the value for Facebook Groups to consumers. Given the rise in Group usage, it’s critical to understand not only why individuals use Groups, but also how they use them if you want to adopt a Facebook Group business plan.

    Video feature Facebook Statistics:

    • Video accounts for about 15% of overall Facebook content. 
    • Most of this video material (71 percent) will be generated by Pages with more than 100k fans by 2020.
    • Video programming accounted for 15% of all material on the network, including Live and native videos.

    Vertical, Landscape and Square Video interaction Facebook statistics:

    • Vertical videos have the best rate of interaction. This form had the greatest average interaction rate of 0.35 percent when compared to landscape, square, and vertical formats. 
    • The most attractive and clutching type on Facebook is vertical videos; vertical clips are by far the most entertaining on the platform. 
    • Despite this, landscape videos continue to be the most widely used style on the network, accounting for 52 percent of all videos. 
    • Square videos account for 35%, while vertical videos account for 15%. 


    As a marketer, you might frequently hear from customers and prospects about their perspectives on various social media platforms, requiring us to generate well-informed, digitally-driven judgments about how to interact with our target audience. The above-mentioned highlight important Facebook statistics that can help you better navigate the platform itself, boosting your return on expenditure and resulting in increased marketing effectiveness.

    This means you’ll need to keep the Facebook content and advertising approach up to date in order to stay ahead of the curve and attract more customers to your business. If you utilize Facebook correctly, it may be a game-changer for both you and your business.

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