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    15 Best Facebook SEO Tips to Boost Your Page

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    Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms. Millions of users use it daily. For businesses, this is one of the platforms to focus on. Since people spend a lot of time here, you can promote your brand on Facebook. But there’s a process to it. You can randomly create a page and expect things to work out. There has to be a systematic approach for Facebook SEO to get closer to success.

    One thing to remember is that Facebook is a search engine as well. Facebook pages and posts are indexable by search engines too. So, understanding Facebook SEO can help in crafting a better Facebook page. It will help in ranking higher on Facebook searches as well as Google searches. Today, we have a bunch of Facebook SEO tips that can help you in ranking your pages higher.

    Understand The Difference Between Facebook Page and a Website

    Before we get into the Facebook SEO tips, let’s understand some of the key features that make a Facebook page different from a website. It will give you some idea as to why you need a Facebook page for your business and how a website serves your business as well. Knowing what Facebook page is used for will help you optimize it better.

    • Less Autonomy Over Customer Experience

    Websites give the owners more control over the customer experience. You have a lot of control and customization options when you use a website. The same may not be said about Facebook. You have all kinds of customizations available but in the end, Facebook has a lot of control. They are the ones who control the customer experience or rather how people find your business page and how they interact with it.

    Besides this, Facebook is more short and content-oriented. People are there for a quick hit. However, if you want to tell your brand story in more detail than websites are probably the best place to do so. On Facebook, you treat everything like a piece of interesting or entertaining content.

    • Website Still Feels More Credible If Done Right

    This by no way means that Facebook pages aren’t credible. Even if people find your Facebook page many will try and look for the website link. This is why you need a nicely done website. Having a nice website will help you to control the narrative of your brand. If the website looks great then it adds another layer of credibility to your business. People become much more trusting when they see a nice website. This is because of the notion that it is easier to create a Facebook page and anyone can do it.

    This means that you have to keep your Facebook page as a sort of promotion for your business. Your website, on the other hand, will be the identity of your business. Understanding this difference can help you create better content for your page and website.

    • Google is Still The Biggest Search Engine

    You can’t think of Facebook as a replacement for a website because of Google. Google is still the biggest search engine on the planet. People will always Google a business rather than search it on Facebook. The good news is that if you optimize them right both your website as well as your Facebook page will come in the search result. A huge percentage of traffic will come from search engines like Google and Bing. Facebook is somewhat of a second thought.

    But you need Facebook to reel in more audience. Audiences feel better about a business that has a sort of personal branding on Facebook. Websites feel too professional or commercial. You can make your Facebook page feel more personal. Using Facebook you can tap into the social media traffic for that platform. By using websites you tap into the traffic that comes from a search engine. Both are valuable but you need different marketing efforts to optimize each of them.

    • Facebook has Become More Competitive

    Building a website for your business and trying to make it appear on search results is not easy. But still, if you have SEO knowledge and a lot of patience you will see some results. A great thing about Google or other search engines is that once your website starts ranking, you are in. You will keep getting steady traffic as long as you keep focusing on creating quality blog posts and SEO.

    Now, you may think that Facebook will be a similar experience. You create a page. You work hard on it and then you start ranking. Traffic starts flowing in and your page is shown to everyone relevant. No, not really. Facebook is a social media platform. People are here to check out posts by their family and friends. They want to laugh at funny videos and memes. They are not looking to interact with business pages and posts. Facebook keeps on updating its algorithm and terms of service. Today your page may get attention but it might not get it tomorrow because the algo doesn’t favor your page anymore.

    Another thing is that Facebook does not favor organic reach. It has become more and more inclined toward the pay to get attention model. So, you need to consider that as well.

    Facebook SEO: What You Should be Doing?

    Now, let’s jump into all the important tips that you need to focus on to grow on Facebook. All of these are important tips. Take note of them one by one.

    Facebook SEO

    Do Quality SEO Research

    There is no shortcut to this. You have to do some research on your Facebook SEO. The next tip and many of the subsequent ones also depend on this heavily. The idea is to figure out how audiences are going to reach your business page or website. Think about the time you found a business or shop just by Googling. What phrases did you use? Did you use any particular keywords? Pick a niche and try getting some good shops or businesses in that niche. You will sort of understand how people are finding such shops. Now, try it for your niche. How will your target audience reach your business? What will they need to search?

    Once you start getting some idea about how search engines might route users to your business you will know which terms are key to insert into your Facebook page. So, just head on to Google. Think of the first few words that come to your head when considering your niche. Now, put them one by one on the search bar. Google will suggest further phrases as soon as you put a word. Take a note of the top results. Do this for all the words you thought of. With this exercise, you will end up with potential search terms that will lead your target audience to your business.

    The Name of Your Page

    When someone Googles your brand or business then they will get a bunch of results. Depending on the rankings they will either get your website in the results or your Facebook page or both. If you haven’t yet made it to the top ranks they might not find either on the first page. But assuming you did your job right they should see both your Facebook page and your website in the results.

    To optimize your Facebook page to rank higher in Google search results you have to optimize your page name. Google puts most of the weight on the first word of your page name. So, you have to ensure that you are naming your page right. Do some quality research before naming your page. We shouldn’t frequently change the page name. So, try your best to get it right the first time. Don’t be too generic. You lose the opportunity to be unique and sometimes Facebook’s algorithm negatively reacts to stuff like that.

    Also, don’t add too many keywords that your page sounds like a product on Amazon. Don’t worry if you feel that your company’s name is not good for Facebook SEO. For example, let your business name be Happy Paws. You groom pets. Instead of naming your page Happy Paws you can go for Pet Groomers: Happy Paws. Or Dog Groomers: Happy Paws. Groomers for Pet: Happy Paws.

    Do Not Use the Default Facebook URL

    Once you create your Facebook page you get a unique URL for your page. Now, this does not look pretty. It is just the Facebook URL with a bunch of numbers. Nothing memorable. You have to treat your Facebook page URL similar to your Facebook page name. Why is that? URLs are very important for good rankings. Search engines do give a lot of weight to URLs while ranking. So, if you want to rank your page better don’t leave it up to Facebook to decide your URL. Facebook just creates a unique ID as a URL. Thus, your page is linked to a random assortment of numbers and letters.

    This means nothing to you and does not add any value to your page. Your page name and URL should generally match. Let’s take the previous example. Your business name is Happy Paws. You named the page Pet Groomers, Happy Paws. You can create an URL – Doesn’t this look better and more memorable than There’s one catch though? You have to get an initial number of 25 likes to unlock this feature. Once you get 25 likes you can customize your URL. Go to the page settings for this.

    Create Your Facebook Page Right

    To get better results you have to do your due diligence while creating your page. A Facebook page will represent your company or business in some way. Incorrect or incomplete information might not bode well for your brand. When customers land on your page they should want to stay. Incomplete or shoddily done pages can make them want to leave. This is because they will feel that the page is not updated regularly or it is a spam page of sorts.

    When you go to extra lengths to document your business on Facebook people see that effort. So, if they are interested in the business they will browse your page more to learn about your business. Specify what type of page you are creating. Is it a company, a brand or product, a local business or place, Entertainment, etc? This helps Facebook understand what type of page it is. Not only that it sort of sets the narrative for your page.

    People will know what to expect. For example, if your business is a local one, choose that option. This way people who land up on your page know that it is a local business. A lot of people would want to interact more with your brand because local businesses feel more personal.

    Learn to Insert Keywords Strategically

    This is something you have to learn by doing or checking out your competitors. Websites are different from Facebook pages. So, the SEO is kind of different too when you consider the specifics. If you want to add keywords to your page you have to think about where to add them. There are several sections when you create a page. Which sections are more important? What will be shown to users when they search for phrases you are hoping to rank for?

    In general, it is a good idea to focus on three sections viz. About, Mission, and your Company description. These are the specific sections that often contribute to search engine optimization. Oftentimes the stuff you add in these sections can affect your rankings. This means that the search terms you found during the research phase go in these sections. Add the keywords to the meta description.

    Also, add your location. City, zip code, address etc. It helps rank your page for local searches. If a person is searching for your niche near your location your business will rank higher. In the about section, add a 140-character description. Google only pulls in that many characters to display in the search rankings. Thus, all the important info and keywords should be there. Populate your products and services in the company description and products fields. People searching for products might hit those search terms.

    Keyword Optimized Facebook Content

    We keep mentioning that Facebook is different from a website. The difference is more obvious when it comes to posts. When you create a Facebook page you cannot just keep churning out branded content. People enjoy interesting content on Facebook. So, do create quality posts that are relevant to your niche. Ensure they are interesting to your audience. Once you know what you are going to post you have to optimize it.

    Facebook SEO is also about optimizing your Facebook content. The posts need to have keywords relevant to the business. You can add keywords to the captions of photos or videos. This will help the post rank for relevant search terms. Facebook posts are indexable by search engines. Here too, a huge weight is put on the first word. Another good practice is to share search engine optimized posts only.

    You will most likely be sharing content from your website. Ensure that the blog post follows all the Facebook SEO guidelines and is decently optimized. This helps your visibility on Facebook for those search terms. This is a sort of double benefit since the posts will help you rank better on Facebook while at the same time helping you direct traffic to your website. However, it is important to remember that “spammy” behavior is not acceptable. People will see through it and Facebook algo will work against you.

    Local SEO can Help With Ranking

    We briefly touched on this in one of the previous tips. If you rely on your local customers then they must know your business exists near them. If a user wants to go to a cafe or a bakery they will use “location” search terms. For example, they might search for ‘cafe near me’ or ‘cafe Florida Keys’ etc. When Facebook or any search engine gets these search terms they will most likely give preference to ones that have the location mentioned in the search term.

    This is why it becomes very important that you add your address and location to the Facebook page. It gets more important when you rely on customers visiting your business. Add all the relevant info. The city, state, and zip code. Add your contact information as well as the link to your website. A Google maps link might be a good idea as well.

    Even Google categorizes results based on your location. So, why not add it in. It will only be there to serve you. No harm done. you shouldn’t just want to rank higher but also focus on providing all necessary info to people so that they can reach out to you easily.

    Backlinks Can Help with Facebook SEO

    Backlinks are basically links that link to your website, page, or content. When multiple quality sources link to your website it suggests that your website or page is important. This is a big factor in ranking your Facebook page or website. If you are looking for important Facebook SEO tips then this is one of them. You have to get people to link to your Facebook page or posts.

    Remember, if low-quality or random sources link to your page then it hurts your authority. So, don’t try to be cheeky and start posting your links on random websites. It takes time to build a good network of backlinks but it is not impossible. One of the ways to go about it is via influencer marketing. Online influencers often have lots of followers. This implies more traffic. You can consider them as authoritative sources. Via influencer marketing platforms you can find relevant influencers.

    You can connect with them and see if they will be willing to let you do a guest post. Influencers often do sponsored content and they might do one for your page as well. Another long but organic way to go about it is to create and share good content. Do your own research. Give your unique take. When you create quality posts then others will refer to them. If you go the extra mile other people will refer to your posts when creating their content.

    Call To Action is Important

    A call to action is something that marketers use quite often. Brands use it to urge people to take action. The more simple and easy you make it for your customers to take an action the more leads and conversions it will generate. That’s why you must add a call-to-action button on your Facebook page. It is very simple and easy to do but the effect is quite good. The button appears below your cover photo. You can do specific actions with this button.

    It can be a button that takes people to your e-commerce site. It can take people to your website. You can also keep this button as a direct option to call or mail you. Many companies and brands use the button to provide users with a direct link to book an appointment. This is useful for service providers. The button is already present. You just have to customize it. Facebook provides you with a bunch of options. “Book with You”, “Contact You”, “Learn More About Your Business”, “Download Your App” etc.

    Be Interactive With Customer Comments and Reviews

    Being interactive may not seem related to Facebook SEO. But that’s not true. Customer goodwill is very important. When a customer writes a comment about your business, it is a review. Interacting with it can show that you care about your customers. Whenever someone brings a problem you should take prompt action. Reviews matter a lot when search engines display businesses. If a lot of people are saying positive stuff about your business then you will get better visibility.

    Ask your customers to rate you on Facebook and other social media platforms. You can have a link available for commenting or a QR code or something that users can easily use to comment about your business. Interact with the comments and reviews. Thank them for commenting. Even if the review is negative, try to solve the issue in the thread. Other users need to know that you care about their opinion. This will improve your customer relations and net you better reviews.


    So, this was our guide for Facebook SEO. One of the things to remember is that it takes time to get good at it. Experience builds up over time and needs a lot of trial and effort. Go through each of the tips. We tried our best to give a decent summary of each tip. Research more on each of them. This is just a sort of starting point. You should keep it as a signpost and follow the tips one by one. Many of them seem very basic but they are quite important. Use an analytics tool to measure your growth and to keep a tab on metrics and KPIs. It will help you perfect your strategy.

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