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    21 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views (Non-Drop Views)

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    YouTube has a rapidly expanding user base that has already crossed the three billion mark. Studies suggest an annual increase of 5 percent in the video-sharing platform’s user base. Since connectivity is getting faster and more affordable worldwide, YouTube is now a global sensation that is still going strong despite hundreds of other platforms springing up over the past few years. A large reason behind YouTube’s popularity is that it is as much a part of social media as it is a video-sharing website. This means social media marketers can use it to drive growth and generate revenue. 

    However, a vast user base also means that gaining traction and organic growth is getting increasingly difficult. Hence, creativity, regularity and talent have become just as important as paid promotion. If you are looking to get a head-start, we recommend visiting the following best sites at which to buy YouTube views.

    Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views


    Viralyft - Buy YouTube Views

    Viralyft is easily the most popular paid promotion platform today. Every single reviewer and market research agency has ranked it at the top ranking. However, the former is a little more versatile with a cheaper basic package that costs just $6.99 for a thousand views.

    The savings with viralyft are definitely clear, thus we prefer them as compared to the competition. Hence, the top-tier plan is infinitesimally more expensive. You will need to shell out $374.99 for a hundred thousand views here. 


    GetViral - Buy YouTube Views has received tremendous critical acclaim as a social-media-engagement platform from almost all the reviewers out there. Its robust feature set, complemented by its rapid delivery times has earned it a 4.9-stars rating that you can check out.

    It takes as little as a day to complete your orders, which start within an hour of purchase. If you run into any troubles, you can contact the customer support team 24/7, and any drop in views or subscribers can be taken care of by the refills guarantee. 

    On, you can buy cheap YouTube views for $9.99, and it will increase your viewers’ count by 1,500. Then there are seven more packages to choose from, which go all the way up to $370.99 for a whopping hundred thousand views.


    ViewsExpert - Buy YouTube Views

    Views Expert is true to its name and sells premium paid promotion services for several social media platforms. Major options include Instagram and Pinterest, while other websites are also supported.

    Views Expert has received much praise for its simple and no-fuss check-out process. There are no unnecessary processes involved. Once you select a package, provide all necessary details and confirm your payment, you’re through. On the contrary, cheap contenders take you through four or five steps before your order is processed.

    On Views Expert, the pricing also is simple and easy. You can score 500 views for $3.00, and 100,000 views for $370.00. The lack of an extra 99 cents makes it feel simple and reasonable, which we particularly liked.

    SocialRush is a one-stop solution just for your YouTube needs. Since the experts dedicate all their focus to YouTube only, they send out only targeted fans to the channel. Just log in here and get started with the perfect plans. Creators can choose the best-value views plan as they buy legit YouTube views here for 1,500 views at only $9.99. 

    At the cheapest discounted prices, nothing can beat the options people get. It is easier for people to choose and buy packages with multiple payment options. With the guarantee of instant delivery, buyers can get their dream YouTube traffic within a day. For businesses on YouTube, the plans are perfect for successful branding.

    Boost your growth with top-quality views and customer support working 24/7. Get all the help you need and get ahead of your competitors with these plans, which make SocialRush one of the best sites at which to buy YouTube views. Getting instant 250,000 views is really difficult and such traffic will bring you the instant fame you need.


    SocialPros is an engagement platform for buying YouTube only. It does not support any other platform, but several archaic options from YouTube are available. You can even buy watch time and live stream views from SocialPros. 

    SocialPros is an excellent website that offers several engagement packages. Orders start within a day, and if you have purchased less than 50,000 views, SocialPros guarantees they will arrive within a day. Large orders may take some time. 

    The prices are also reasonable. You can buy a thousand views for $4.99. There are eight packages to choose from and the top-most plan gets you 100,000 views for $469.99.


    Just like the first two options on this list, is a famous engagement platform with remarkably high consumer ratings. On ReviewsXP, it has a complete five-star rating. 

    Further, it is constantly improving its user experience. When last we checked, an entire row of buttons on its website was inactive. That has changed now, and you cannot go wrong with Social Packages’ services. The experience now feels modern and smooth. 

    Pricing is comparable to the first two options on this list. And if you are looking for a smaller plan, then you’re in luck. Social Packages offers a 500 YouTube views plan for $3.50. The top-tier plan remains the same at 100,000 for $373.50.


    When there is an expansion in the number of visits, the channel’s Google and YouTube search positioning additionally increments. The site guarantees a conveyance speed of 1,000 to 50,000 visits each day relying upon the bundle picked by you and you will see the outcomes on your channel within 12 to 24 hours after your request is affirmed. Aside from YouTube views, you can likewise purchase YouTube subscribers, offers, and remarks on this site at reasonable costs. truly deserves its name. The process of buying engagement from this website is even simpler than from Views Expert. After selecting the package and providing all necessary details, the checkout process takes you to the PayPal website. Thus, security and speed are at the core of FastLikes’ philosophy.

    The delivery times are rapid, and the views come from all over the world. The prices are also reasonable. Recent changes in the company’s packages have removed the basic 1,000-views plan. Now, you will need to shell out $9.99 to score 1,500 views. Luckily, the pricing also has decreased slightly. Now, the top-tier plan with 100,000 views is priced three bucks lower at $370.99.


    Famoid is different from other social-media-marketing websites. You can order here safely as they only promote your YouTube. All the followers you get are real people. But the bulk plans are truly unique and beyond imagination. Starter plans work best for new creators who want to buy legit YouTube views. But old creators need bulk views which are safe for monetizing YouTube channels. 

    500,000 views will be a dream come true even for the old YouTube creators. Instant view count like this in a few days will definitely bring new watchers. Famoid truly leads the videos to the trending page as they advertise the content. But the most effective part is that with the video views creators get ad views too. So, by spending $1899.95 you can bring forth the chance of making more money from your content. 

    Creators can buy non-drop YouTube views that remain with YouTube videos. At Famoid, even the subscribers come with a lifetime guarantee. It is 100% safe from real people mainly across the USA. Famoid takes safety seriously, so all the plans are 100% safe for the account. All you need is the expert help that is open for access through customer support. Order immediately as so many viewers and subscribers set the stage for becoming popular.


    Famups is a famous contender for the social media marketing industry and provides engagement services for seven major platforms. Despite all its plus points, Famups lags in terms of delivery time. Often, websites complete orders in about a week at the maximum. However, the top-tier plan at Famups can take fifty-five days. Secondly, Famups is a bit more expensive. This is especially true when you buy USA-exclusive views. Note that USA views are currently unavailable, perhaps due to the Covid pandemic. That might change soon.

    The difference between normal and USA views is natural. The reason someone might want to buy the latter, more expensive option is that views from the US are said to have higher quality. But it all depends on your needs and requirements.

    If you are buying simple views, you get a basic 3000 views plan at $15.50. The top-tier plan will get you two hundred thousand views, but you will need to shell out a massive eight hundred bucks for that. Thus, Famups is perfect for those with a flexible budget rather than for start-ups.


    While you may require assistance with your YouTube views, there are a couple of different perspectives to your YouTube engagement that you need to ponder also. This is the place where Fastlykke comes in. This organization knows a ton about growing a YouTube channel and is among the best sites to buy YouTube views. They realize that you need to have the option to get everything in one spot so you don’t need to go elsewhere for it.  

    They will attempt to build your prominence via organic means (such as organic searches) with the goal that brings potential audience to your channel. They guarantee incredible rates with exceptional quality, too. This site connects you with various other service providers with starting plans of $4.2 or $4.7. Below $5 buying plans is easier for any creator. 


    Buy Social Pack says that they are the main online media accomplice you will at any point need. With regards to your YouTube views, all you need to do to begin with them is to choose any package and move to the checkout page. You fill in your important details, post that they get started with the delivery process. 

    One thing that we truly like with regards to this organization is that they have separated their services on the basis of each social media platform, and they depict exhaustively what their elements comprise of. This implies that with regards to your YouTube, they can assist you with your YouTube views clearly, yet they can likewise assist you with your likes, subscribers and comments. Its pricing begins from just $4.99. 

    Something that stands apart to us about this organization is that they can even assist you with your site traffic, which states that you can enhance all your online platforms simultaneously. So, don’t you think this is one of the best sites to buy YouTube views? Their prices for YouTube likes start at $2 and for YouTube views start at $6. 


    SMM-World probably won’t trigger you the way other company’s names do. These folks are reliable with their components and offer straightforward help that will truly deal with your YouTube Video needs. In order to buy YouTube views you can visit their site and browse through their services. 

    They say that they can assist you with buying dynamic and real engagement for your YouTube channel, and they additionally say that they can assist you with sustaining and dealing with those subscribers, regardless of whether you have chosen them or about to choose them.

    We don’t imagine that you will discover better valuing either, making this team an amazing all-rounder. Get all those 1000 views starting at $8 and 3000 views starting at $22.00. From a single plan get the 20,000 YouTube views for $140. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Now that we have covered the best sites to buy YouTube views, let us go through a few frequently asked questions that you might have about YouTube paid promotion.

    Why buy YouTube views?

    Buying YouTube views allows you to create organic growth and engagement on your videos. The boost you receive this way strikes down the competition and gives you the edge that you need to succeed. You must remember that popularity and engagement are inter-connected in a cycle.

    Once a video starts getting famous, it starts climbing the search engine rankings. This, in turn, helps it get discovered further. And that makes it more popular, and the cycle continues.

    Thus, buying YouTube views is an important part of the social media marketing journey.

    When to buy YouTube views?

    A more appropriate question is: who should get YouTube views? Not everyone will benefit from it and sometimes, it can do more harm than good. Thus, you shouldn’t waste your financial resources unless you are certain that the benefits offered are worth the cost.

    The following categories of creators and artists require YouTube views most commonly. Note that this is, by no means, extensive or exhaustive:

    • Twitch Streamers:

    Gaming is a rapidly rising industry. To stand out from the crowd, you will require maximum engagement. Websites like Twitch and SoundCloud work best when connected through YouTube and social media and thus, paid promotion is essential.

    • SEO Specialists:

    Often, SEO agencies partner with social media engagement platforms to drive traffic and growth for their clients.

    • Musicians and content creators:

    Gaining necessary traction on your blog, vlog, SoundCloud profiles, etc. often requires paid promotion.

    • Influencers:

    Influencers have the largest need for popularity and engagement on their social channels. 

    As we said, this list is not exhaustive. Several other people need paid promotion apart from those mentioned above. Just be sure that your needs justify the cost.

    Is it legal? And what about moral implications?

    Buying paid promotion is not illegal. But some people consider it immoral. Regardless, it all depends on your choice. Engagement through such means is the norm today and thus, getting ahead of the curve is difficult without spending a portion of your financial resources on promotion.


    YouTube marketing should not be taken lightly. The sheer popularity of the website combined with its global reach has turned it into an important social media platformAs previously mentioned, social media thrives on popularity and connection. If you want to gain engagement and popularity, you must be regular, engage with other content creators, engage your audience through quizzes and puzzles, etc.

    Even with all those steps, you will not be able to become famous overnight. At some point or the other, you will find it necessary to buy YouTube views and subscribers. For that purpose, we have combined a list of best that serve this purpose. If you know of better alternatives, we would love to hear them. Leave us a comment below.

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