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    25 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Likes (Non-Drop & Instant)

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    If you are looking for the best sites to buy YouTube likes then you have landed on the right place. Here, we list all the best places to buy YouTube likes. We also have some FAQs and guides for you that can help with your promotion and growth on YouTube. Many of the sites that we mention claim to provide services to buy real YouTube likes. So, if you are looking to buy YouTube likes for your videos then read on.

    Best Sites to Buy YouTube Likes:


    viralyft - Buy YouTube Likes

    Viralyft knows that cheap services along with quality are what a lot of clients need. It has different services each of which has different packages to suit different budgetary needs. The site wants clients to know that they will get services delivered fast and any problems will be resolved by 24/7 customer support. You can buy YouTube likes from

    Thus, if you are looking for the best sites to buy YouTube likes then you can take a look at this. For the price of $6.99, you can buy 100 likes for your YouTube video.


    GetViral - Buy YouTube Likes

    GetViral is a site that also sells multiple services for YouTube along with the services for multiple major social media platforms which can be used to gain a lot of likes, views, followers, etc. This company is experienced in the field of social media marketing and has been doing this for over 7 years having delivered hundreds of thousands of orders.

    It claims that its clients have experienced satisfactory results from its services and you will too. You can buy 100 likes for $6.99.


    ViewsExpert - Buy YouTube Likes

    ViewsExpert wants you to buy the social media marketing services it offers and grow your authority and presence on the social media platform you want to promote yourself on. It offers many kinds of services for multiple platforms. So, if you are interested in it then you can visit this site and buy the services it provides.

    The site uses its network of users to provide clients with the services. The site claims that you can buy real YouTube likes here. For 100 likes you have to pay $5.50.


    SocialRush - Buy YouTube Likes

    SocialRush is one of the other sites you can test out if you are searching for the best sites to buy YouTube likes. It claims that when you buy the services that it offers on the website you will get nothing short of maximum growth. It is not that difficult to grow on social media and the services here are going to support you while you work towards boosting your online presence.

    The price of YouTube likes is $6.99 for 100 likes. There are other packages as well.



    SociaPros doesn’t want its client to experience any mediocre support or services. It has hired quality social media experts who have worked towards creating top-tier services that can help grow on social media platforms. The site claims to have a client base containing musicians, influencers, and brands.

    So, if you want to achieve the same quality stuff you can go with these services. The starting price of YouTube likes on this site is $6 for 100 likes.



    SocialPackages knows that when clients buy social media marketing services they are looking for real growth services with genuine accounts. It promises that you will get the best and real services for Instagram here. You can also purchase services for other sites and gain quality results.

    Along with fast delivery, the site guarantees refunds. You don’t have to share your social media password with the site. The price of YouTube likes on this site starts at $6 which will get you 100 likes.



    FollowerPackages knows that growing on popular social media platforms is not easy if you don’t have enough credibility or social proof. Popular accounts will keep getting popular over time but if you want to get noticed then you have to boost your presence and credibility by using the services it offers.

    These services will help attract people to your content. FollowerPackages only provide services for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and SoundCloud. For $20 you can get 150 YouTube likes.

    Up next, we have This is a site that can be visited by anyone looking to buy social media services for popular platforms. For example, if you want to boost your presence on Instagram or want more followers on TikTok or get YouTube likes then you can take a look at this site.

    It claims that you will get real services here and will enjoy the quality results that they bring you. The rate for 100 YouTube likes on is $6.99.


    Venium wants to go the extra mile for its clients and give them quality results when they purchase a service. It uses social marketing, sponsored placements, premium networks and premium partnership to deliver you the required likes, views or followers. For every 100 likes, the rate is $3.49.


    Qqtube claims to be one of the best sites to buy YouTube likes and other services for that platform. It is the source for these services which is why it can provide the services at a very cheap rate. You can find almost all kinds of services for YouTube on


    Woorke is a site that wants clients to grow their online presence using the various digital marketing and social media marketing services it offers. You can buy services for almost all the major platforms. It claims to provide nothing but genuine services and claims that you can buy real YouTube likes, views, comments, shares, and subscribers. 


    Appsally also doesn’t just restrict itself to social media marketing services but has services for websites, review sites, and app downloads as well. It claims to be one of the best places to buy YouTube likes and other services since it only works with the best marketers. There are different combos you can buy but if you just want to get YouTube likes the price starts at $17 for 222 likes. 


    Instafollowers may sound like it is only focused on delivering quality services for Instagram but it is not so. It is one of the few sites on this list that has a big list of platforms whose services are supported. So, you can use this site for all kinds of social media marketing services. You can also find free tools on this site. If you want to buy real YouTube likes it will cost $0.95 for 10 likes.


    MediaMister is a site that knows that proactive businesses need quality services to gain more exposure on social media platforms. The site says that if you want to become a popular YouTuber you will need a nice following. The services it offers can help you with this. If you want to just buy YouTube likes then the price of 50 likes is $5.


    Famups is one of the OGs when it comes to the social media marketing industry. It sells different social media marketing services to users who need to boost their online credibility. You can buy YouTube services from this site as well. The rates on this site are a bit higher. For $18 you can buy 200 likes. 


    The next site on our list of best sites to buy YouTube likes is BuySocialMediaMarketing. It wants to ensure that its clients are only getting premium services that give them top-quality results. It has a huge clientele based all over the world. You can buy different YouTube services from For a one-time purchase of 100 YouTube likes you have to pay $5.99.


    BuySocialBuzz offers services that social media users can buy to increase their online presence. You can buy Instagram services, YouTube services, TikTok services and many more services from this site. If you want YouTube services the site promises that you will get good results that will help increase your brand value and the credibility of your channel. For just $4.5 you can get 100 YouTube likes on this site.


    Stromviews is a site that only sells YouTube services. You can get YouTube likes, views and subscribers from this site. The minimum budget that you need to have to buy YouTube likes from this site is $4.99. It will give you 50 YouTube likes. 


    SocialFansGeek claims to be the best place to buy social media services to boost your presence. With these guaranteed services you will be able to market and promote your content. The packages for YouTube likes start at a very low price. For just 50 cents you can get 20 likes. 


    GetRealBoost claims that the followers, likes and views that it offers on the website are genuine. Just give them a call and you are already half the way to social media growth. It has services for many platforms including YouTube. The starter package for YouTube likes costs $5 for 50 likes.


    You can buy YouTube likes from Buzzvoice as well. The cost of 50 likes is $2.97. The orders will start within 12 hours from the time of purchase.


    Subpals says that you can buy YouTube services to fast-track the growth of your YouTube channel. The price of 100 YouTube likes on is $13.50.


    Trollishly sells services for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok. If you are interested you can get free services for Instagram and TikTok from this site. The rates for services are quite cheap on this site. For $4 you can buy 100 YouTube likes.


    The next site on our list is dedicated to YouTube services as well. You can gain YouTube followers and engagement for free on this site. So, visit the site to know more about how it works. 


    You can buy real YouTube likes from as well. For $1.99 you will get 50 likes for your YouTube video. 


    TinkApp says that if your videos are good and entertaining then you can promote them with the top-tier services it offers. You can get different YouTube services on this site. For $5.5 you can buy 20 likes for TinkApp.


    How to Get More YouTube Likes and Views?

    If you want to get more likes and views then you have to be more consistent and to be more consistent you have to build a strategy and a workflow and try to optimize everything so that you can keep creating quality videos. In this section, we have decided to list some tips that can help you get better at growing on YouTube.

    Most of the steps can be followed for free. These tips will help you gain organic views and gain more subscribers, likes, views, and comments. Most of these are general tips and you can customize them as you see fit.

    • You Need a Niche

    If you want more likes and views on your YouTube videos then you will need to find an audience. Most people feel that if they try to pick something general or popular then they will get a lot of views. However, it is not like that. Most people’s feeds are already filled up with videos similar to the ones they watch.

    If you put something general then it will be harder to find an audience because the competition is large and your video is not niche enough to be shown to a particular audience. So, first, pick a niche and a sub-niche that you are interested in. If you want to become a YouTuber with a commentary channel then pick something specific that you will review or talk about.

    Once you grow your audience base you can move on to other things but initially, you have to pick something specific and try to build an audience. This way you will know who your target audience is and what they would like to watch because you are one of the fans of that niche as well.

    • Formulate an Action Plan

    Don’t do anything without a plan, you will be only setting yourself up for failure if you don’t have a plan of action. Becoming an overnight sensation or becoming viral may not need a plan of action but how many people can achieve that. You can’t factor in luck as a huge part of your growth. If you want to have a better shot at success in any field including becoming a popular YouTuber, you have to work towards it and follow certain steps religiously.

    Having a plan also allows you to be more focused and your energy and efforts will be spent more optimally and you will get better results. So, set up some goals that you want to achieve in a couple of years, in one year, and a few months. Once you have these goals you can start formulating a plan to achieve them.

    Of course, it won’t be a perfect plan. The more you grow, the more experience you gain the better you will get at fixing your strategy for success. So, research and find some methods you can use and create a workflow to come up with video ideas, create them and then promote them.

    • More Uploads

    To get YouTube likes and views you have to get noticed. Your videos need a lot of exposure and your channel needs a wider reach. One of the needs that you have to follow if you want to succeed on YouTube is that you have to upload more frequently. Of course, if you just want to do YouTube for fun or as a hobby then you don’t have to stick to this.

    But if you want to become a serious YouTuber and want to make a career out of it, you have to start posting multiple times a week. It is grueling to go through that and the struggle is real but that is something you have to do because people need more content. If you can provide them with good content regularly then they might choose to view your videos regularly.

    Also, this would mean that YouTube will have more of your videos to recommend to people who watch similar stuff or have watched a couple of your videos. So, try to come up with an efficient workflow that lets you create more content in a week.

    • High-quality and Entertaining

    Your videos need to be of high quality and they should provide entertainment to your audience. This point follows the previous one because you can’t make bad videos and expect to get a lot of exposure just by uploading more frequently. Quantity along with quality is required for growth on YouTube or any other social media platforms. If you can provide that then you will gain credibility and will be able to attract people to your videos.

    This is why it is very important to pick a niche and have a workflow in place to come up with video ideas and create them. Try to make the stuff you would want to watch. Initially, it may feel like you are copying your favorite YouTubers but slowly start to put your spin on stuff and develop your own style.

    Maybe the way you shoot your videos or the environment you do it in is unique or the way you present it is different. Also, always make sure that the video looks pleasing to the eye. You should shoot in a well-lit place and should use a good microphone. So, investing a bit in good equipment can go a long way. Be entertaining. People are coming on YouTube to enjoy. They are not here to help people become famous YouTubers for nothing. You need to give them a reason to watch your videos. 

    • Interact With Audience

    Building a solid fan base is a goal you should always have in mind. If you have a loyal audience then it doesn’t matter how small it is you will get consistent engagement on your YouTube videos. This is because your audience will want to keep watching your videos. After all, they enjoy your content and are loyal to you.

    So, from the very beginning try to achieve that. One of many ways that you can do it from the start is to appreciate your audience. They should feel that you appreciate their support and you want to keep making stuff to entertain them. Ask for feedback. Reply to comments and often give shoutouts.

    You can even have a segment in your video where you just interact with your audience by replying to their comments, tweets etc. This will build a positive vibe and you will be able to build your own community which can become stronger as you grow. 

    • Ask Audiences to Like and Comments

    Engagement metrics like comments and likes play an important role in the exposure of a video. The more likes and comments a video has the more likely it is going to be promoted by the algorithm. So, if you can get your audience and viewers to like and comment on your videos then you can increase your reach. Just let them know that their support means a lot to you and if they can drop a like or comment to show their appreciation then it would be great.

    Tell them that if they drop a like on your video then it motivates you to create more content. Appeal to the human nature of your audience and they will support you because dropping a like doesn’t cost anything for your audience. You can also give them a reason to comment on your videos. You can ask them to share their opinion about the things you talked about in your video.

    A good way to not only build a loyal audience base but also gain a lot of comments and likes is to like and reply to the comments you get on your videos. This will encourage your audience to do this more often as they can get a chance to interact with you. 

    • Understand Video Optimization

    Besides providing quality content to your audience you have to ensure that you are optimizing your videos in such a way that you are getting the most out of them. One of the first optimizations that you can do is to rename the video file that you upload on YouTube to be a target keyword. Once you have done that you can focus on including a keyword naturally into the title of your video.

    This will help you rank for that keyword and people searching for it can find your video in the search results. You can also optimize your video description and try to keep the important stuff in the first 100 characters. Another optimization method that you need to be aware of is using tags.

    You can add tags to your video that relate to the topic you are discussing in the video. Optimize metadata in such a way that your videos get recommended to viewers who have watched one of your videos. You can also categorize your video and add subtitles to help your audience easily find you. 

    • Promote Your Channel on Multiple Platforms

    YouTube shouldn’t be the only platform you use for promotion. You have to use the social media ecosystem to grow online and gain popularity. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Reddit and TikTok are some of the platforms that can be used to promote your YouTube videos. Now, of course, you cannot post the full content on these platforms.

    What you can do is pick really entertaining snippets from your videos or post outtakes, bloopers, behind-the-scenes footage, and other entertaining stuff on these platforms. It will pull in viewers from other social media platforms and thus you will get YouTube likes and comments.

    So, this way rather than just putting a link to your YouTube channel and asking people to check out your videos you are giving them a reason to do so. This way you can not only grow on YouTube but also attract followers on other social media platforms as well.

    • Contests and Giveaways

    Contests and Giveaways are also a good way to get more likes and comments. Your audience will like to receive gifts and prizes from you and they will be willing to take part in the contests you host or the giveaways that you do. If you keep the criteria to enter a contest or a giveaway as liking the video and commenting something on it then you can easily gain a lot of likes and comments given the prizes or the gifts are worth it.

    Also, this will bring your community closer as they will feel that you are giving back to them. So, do this on certain occasions. For example, you can host a contest and giveaway during Halloween or Christmas Eve, etc. 

    • Paid Promotion if You Have the Budget

    Paid promotion can be a very good way to promote your brand or business on social media platforms. If you have the budget for it then you can use it creatively to gain more exposure and bring in new viewers to your channel. Many YouTubers use paid promotion to promote their channels or videos. You can often see an ad play before a YouTube video that is by another YouTuber promoting their video. So, you can do it too. Curious individuals might be willing to click on the video if they like that kind of content and who knows they may become a regular watchers if they enjoy your video. You can use your most entertaining video as an ad to bring in new viewers. 

    How to Buy YouTube Likes?

    Since a lot of sites mention this step we decided to abstract it out and make it into its own section. Here, we will go over the few basic steps that one may generally need to follow to buy YouTube likes. The steps are very simple and easy to follow. You can get started very quickly and make your first purchase. 

    • Choose the Platform

    If you want to get YouTube likes then your platform of choice is YouTube. So, if you want to buy YouTube likes, you have to first select the platform on the site which in your case will be YouTube. Many sites want to appeal to a larger client base and thus, they support services for many platforms. So, you have to choose YouTube and go ahead with it.

    • Choose a Package

    Once you have selected the platform you will be able to choose the relevant service from a list of services. In your case, you will be choosing the service to buy YouTube likes and then you will be given a list of packages to choose from. Depending on how many likes you want to buy according to your strategy and what your budget is you can select an appropriate package. 

    • Provide Info

    Now, you have to enter the details for that package. If you want to buy real YouTube likes then you have to give the link to the YouTube video you want the likes to be delivered to. Many sites also ask for your email id so that they can communicate various details to you.

    • Pay

    Now, just choose one of the payment methods that the sites provide and buy the service. 

    That’s all there is to it. In just 4 steps you can start using this service and experiencing the number of likes increasing on your YouTube videos.

    Pros and Cons of services to buy YouTube likes

    Buying social media services has been a method that has been used for quite some time now. A lot of people have invested in these services with hopes of gaining some credibility which can then help with the promotion of their content. But the method is far from perfect and like many other strategies, this method has its advantages along with its fair share of flaws. You must be aware of this before you decide to invest heavily into this method.


    So, what are some of the pros of this method that attracts so many people to search for the best places to buy YouTube likes? Let’s take a look.

    • Speed

    This is one of the biggest advantages that this method has over other methods. The method sort of promises that users will be able to gain a lot in very little time. For example, if you buy YouTube likes from some of the best places to buy YouTube likes then they will mention that the delivery will be very quick and will provide you with the estimated dates. Due to its quick nature, many social media users want to try this strategy.

    • Simplicity

    This is one of the easiest methods to understand and get into. This is why we see so many people visiting these sites to buy YouTube likes and other services. It is very simple to understand the entire procedure and anyone who has used the internet or has used online e-commerce websites can get started very quickly. This is what makes it an easy method to try out. 

    • Credibility

    Numbers sometimes matter in social media marketing and promotion. If you want to gain more exposure and widen your reach on social media platforms then you have to get people to see your content. Having a good number of views and likes can help you sway the audiences in your favour and make them more willing to check out the video as opposed to not having any engagement metrics. This is something that this industry promises to deliver.

    • Doesn’t Cost a Lot

    These services do not cost a lot. If you have gone through our list then you will see that we have provided the starting rates for many of the sites. This can give you the idea that for a few dollars you can buy hundreds of YouTube likes. So, if you are interested in the service but not sure about it, it will only cost you a few bucks to test it out. The rates for most sites are highly competitive.


    As we mentioned before, this method has its fair share of flaws. Now, it’s time to look at them. 

    • Scammers

    Yes! This industry is filled with scammers. These sites will try to attract you with cheap services and a lot of different promises but you won’t get any good results because the site will just take your money and not even complete the order. You might get a few stats delivered. When you try to mail them or connect with customer support you will get vague replies or none at all.

    • Bot Accounts

    This is another problem that plagues this industry. Most of the sites are somewhat affected by it but many sites only provide bot accounts to clients. These accounts don’t look real at all. They have usernames generated randomly and make no sense. There are no posts in the profile etc. These accounts are routinely deleted by YouTube and thus, you will lose the number of likes or views that you paid for.

    • Bad Reputation

    The social media services industry has got a bad rep. People don’t like the idea of influencers buying likes, views etc. Even though a lot of people are doing it, if it ever got out that you have bought likes for YouTube then it can hurt your reputation. So, that is always a risk. Generally, if you do not make it obvious and use your brain to use the service optimally then you can reduce this risk.

    So, these were some of the info related to the various advantages and limitations of using social media marketing services. Being aware of it can help you decide on whether to use this service or not. It will also help you decide to what extent you should be using this service. We suggest you understand the pros and cons and try to see how it affects your strategy before going ahead with using it. 

    Can I buy real YouTube likes?

    Yes, you can buy real YouTube likes but you have to be careful about selecting the correct social media service provider otherwise you may get scammed. It is very easy to generate thousands of accounts using a computer and then deliver them to clients. A lot of companies do exactly this.

    They just scam people by promising and claiming a lot of things but end up falling short when it comes to delivering on the promises. But there are good sites that have some sort of arrangement with users who get some payment or reward if they engage with your content. Also, there are exchange platforms where you can get real YouTube likes using credits that can be gained by engaging with other YouTubers’ content.

    Then there’s another kind of service provider who will promote your account on your behalf and will help you gain likes organically from real users. The rates of these services are usually high.

    Do I need to share my password?

    No, you will not have to share your password because the sites do not ask for such information. Most sites mention it upright that they do not ask for passwords or other such sensitive information. But you will have to provide a couple of other details that can help the service provider deliver the stats you ordered.

    For example, let’s say you want to get YouTube likes and you find a site and you buy YouTube likes from it. You will be asked to provide some info which will generally include the link to your YouTube video and your email id. If you do use a service where the company provides you with a manager who takes care of promotional strategy then you may have to share your password.

    Final Words:

    That’s the end of our post on the best sites to buy YouTube likes. We hope you find the right sites that have the relevant services to boost the number of likes on your videos. Just focus more on creating quality content and research other promotional strategies as well. Using just a single strategy may not help so have an arsenal of tools and methods for promotion.

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