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    14 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Comments (Real & Safe)

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    YouTube is a great platform to create videos on. YouTube has a massive global audience which has allowed it to be a suitable platform for a variety of videos. You can get an audience for almost all topics and niches under the sun. When trying to grow on Youtube, comments play an important part. Comments help to improve the search ranking of your videos. The increase in interaction due to comments will help you to have good growth on the platform. Comments can be hard to come by. Quite a few of the viewers tend to keep forgetting to comment. One of the best ways to solve this is to buy YouTube comments. There are many sites to buy YouTube comments from. In this article, we have narrowed down the list to provide you with the best sites to buy Youtube comments. 

    Best Sites to Buy YouTube Comments:


    Viralyft - buy youtube comments

    Viralyft is probably one of the most renowned brands for getting social media packages. You can blindly trust them to provide you with the best packages available on the internet. They ensure that all of their services provide only authentic results. This helps them to avoid any violations of the guidelines. Using their services will allow you to grow at a faster rate without having to face any problems with social media sites.

    They care about the user experience that their customers have. They have set a 24/7 customer care service. You can contact them to get your issues resolved. They have become one of the best sites to buy youtube comments. They will provide the video you select with real comments. These comments are sourced from top accounts all over the world.

    Viralyft uses a filtering technique that helps them to filter out different accounts ensuring that only the best premium accounts get added for all the orders they receive. All of the comments are delivered within 3 hours of the purchase. Having a secured gateway helps their clients to have a safe purchasing experience when visiting their website. You can buy real Youtube comments starting at 10 comments for $8.99.


    ViewsExpert - buy youtube comments

    ViewsExpert provides its clients with a variety of paid social media services. They have established a reliable brand that has been trusted by many for all of their social media needs. Their site is filled with positive reviews left by satisfied customers. They have amazing Youtube packages to choose from. They have made a name for themselves as being one of the best sites to buy Youtube comments.

    ViewsExpert have justified this title given to them by ensuring that they have the highest quality standards in place. When an order is placed their team of social media experts runs digital campaigns to ensure that the order amount is fulfilled. They ensure that you receive these comments from authentic accounts. They do not use bots and purchasing any service from them will not negatively impact your Youtube account.

    All of their packages are nicely priced to provide their customers with some of the best deals. You can buy 10 comments for $5.50. They have many more packages with the largest one being $74.50 for 250 comments. All of the comments are delivered between 24 to 48 hours.

    You get access to live customer support when you buy active Youtube comments from their site. They provide good after-sale services as well. In case there is a drop in the number of comments, they will ensure that you get a refill for the order you had placed. 


    SocialRush -

    SocialRush has cemented its position as one of the best places to buy Youtube comments. They provide clients with premium packages at affordable rates. They are a reputable company with over 10 years of experience in this field. SocialRush have used their experience to optimize their services to provide the desired outcomes. All of the comments they add to your video adds value to the video by boosting its metrics.

    They have served over 500,000 satisfied customers throughout the years of providing top services. They are extremely confident of the services they provide. You get a lifetime guarantee with all of their products. They are committed to improving the consumer experience. 24/7 customer support is available for anyone wanting some assistance for anything related to their site or the services they provide.  



    SocialPros helps you to grow on Youtube by providing related packages. They claim to be one of the best sites to buy youtube comments. The company provides a variety of Youtube services. This includes likes, comments, views, and subscribers. Among all of these packages, Youtube comments are the most popular package. They provide efficient delivery of comments.

    You will see the comments get added to your account in just a few minutes after placing your order. They have made it very safe to purchase packages on their platform. They use an SSL encrypted payment gateway. This helps to prevent third-party sites from fishing for your financial credentials. With the help of this gateway, they can ensure that the payment details of their clients are never in danger of being stolen.

    You have multiple options available for completing your payment. Having multiple payment options helps their clients to choose the payment method that they are comfortable with. Their packages start at $5.99 for 10 comments and go up to $74.99 for 250 comments. They provide you with only premium services and you can be assured of the quality of the service they provide.


    GetViral is one of the best places to buy Youtube comments. Adding youtube comments to your account can help you gain an advantage in the Youtube sphere. This will help you to have a better growth strategy. GetViral is one of the most trusted names out there for getting cheap Youtube comments. They have been serving clients for well over 7 years. In this timeframe, they have completed more than 150,000 orders.

    All of these orders were done with absolute precision. The clients got exactly what they had ordered. The trust they have gained is seen in the large rate of customer returns that they have. They have recorded that over 85% of their customers return to them for more services. GetViral promises customer satisfaction. They say that their customers will be satisfied with the services they receive.

    They have even placed a money-back guarantee for all of their orders. If their clients are not satisfied with their products they can ask for a return of their money invested into the particular service. You can purchase active Youtube comments starting from $5.99 for 10 comments to $74.99 for 250 comments. They have a simple process for ordering Youtube comments. You just have to select the package and proceed to the checkout.

    You will be asked for the URL link of the video where the comments will be added. Choose the mode of payment that is the most convenient for you and complete the payment. After successful payment for your service, you are provided a tracking number. Using this number you can keep yourself updated on the status of your order. GetViral has become one of the best sites to buy Youtube comments with hundreds of positive testimonies from their clients.


    Social Packages is one of the best sites to buy Youtube comments easily. They provide their clients with a host of services to meet all the special media requirements that they might have. They guarantee that all of their services are risk-free. Their clients will never face any punitive action from Youtube for using their services. They have ensured that they follow all of the Youtube guidelines to help you achieve the best results.

    All of their services are delivered quite fast. They take up to 48 hours but most of the services start reflecting in your account in just a few hours. The comments are made from accounts all over the world. Having comments from such a huge demographic will help you have a better rate of growth. The company provides you the bought comments based on the URL that you enter.

    They never ask for any password. This ensures that your account is always safe. They never want their client to have to compromise on their safety for getting the services fulfilled. Their packages start at 10 comments for $5.90. There are other packages as well depending on the number of comments you want to purchase. When looking for a trustworthy site to buy Youtube followers, you should try out Social Packages.


    FollowerPackages are known for their amazing service across different platforms. They have a variety of packages available for Youtube. Fake services will ruin your Youtube account. They may lead to your getting a temporary ban or a  permanent ban on the platform. The company has a strict authenticity promise. They never use any bots or fake services due to the harm that may cause to your account.

    All of their packages are well proceeded considering the quantity they provide. The delivery time depends on the quantity of the service that you have purchased. Ideally, the services are delivered to your account within 2-3 days. All of their services are premium in quality. They haven’t compromised in quality for all these years and do not plan to start now.

    With their services, you can be assured that you are getting some of the best services for cheap. They accept several payment options. This makes it convenient for their clients to complete their payments and receive the packages they have ordered. You can remain in touch with them to know the status of your order through the live chat feature on their website.

    Fastlikes is a well-known provider of social media packages. They have some of the best-priced packages in this segment. You can buy real Youtube comments from them. They deliver the comments to the video that you have chosen without any hassle. The comments start getting added to your account in just a few seconds after placing the order. You can expect the whole order to be delivered within 30 to 60 minutes.

    Some unexpected delays may lead to the comments being delivered later. In this case, you can contact their customer care team to get updates about your order and they will help provide you with the resolution that you need. They cannot target a particular niche or location when it comes to adding comments. All of their comments come from accounts all over the world.

    Though these are not targeted comments you will see a large growth on your account with these comments. Their packages start at $5.99 for 10 comments. You can get 20 comments for $10.99. For their medium plan, you get 100 comments for $44.99 and with their largest packages, you get 250 comments for $74.99.


    You can buy youtube subscribers from YTPals for excellent service. The comments added to your videos help improve the search rankings of your videos. They provide a special feature. Their team reviews your videos to write the perfect comments. You even have the option of adding the comments that you want to be added to the videos.

    The comments to your videos are spread across multiple days to make them look authentic. They guarantee to have 100% delivery of your order. If they fail to provide you with your order, they offer a full refund. Having such great policies has made them one of the best sites to buy Youtube comments.


    Sonuker provides you with a safe platform to buy real youtube comments. They begin adding comments to your account within just a day of placing your order. All of the comments are genuine and they do not use any bots. They just require the URL of your video.

    You will never be asked for access to your account or the password to it. They accept all major debit and credit cards including VISA and Mastercard. They have provided flexibility to their clients when placing orders with them. You can pay for your services in Bitcoin as well. Their packages start at $20 for 10 comments.


    Famups have completed thousands of orders and have completed several custom projects with various clients. They help you grow your account in a fast but safe method. They have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years which has made them one of the best places to buy Youtube comments. Through the different services that they provide, they aim to help their customers drive more traffic to their page or account.

    Famups believe that using their services will provide you an added advantage over the rest of your competition. They use social media marketing to fulfill your orders ensuring that you get the best end product. They are a client-friendly company that aims to satisfy their customers so that they keep coming to them in the future. All of their services are carried out by a team of expert professionals who are some of the best in this field.

    You can purchase comments starting at $22 for 50 comments. Their largest package allows you to get 1000 comments for $260. They have kept their prices low while providing the best quality in the business. You can reach them through Email or a live chat. They have a fast response time and your Emails get replied to within 8 hours. They accept all major credit cards as a mode of payment. You should try their services to see how they manage to differ from the competition.


    Subpals is a great site to buy active Youtube comments. It has been serving customers for ages. They guarantee their customers that the comments will reach their videos without any fail. They have a refill guarantee for 1 year that should protect you from any deleted comments. The services they provide act as a great boost to help you achieve your Youtube dreams. 


    Buzzvoice is a good site to buy real Youtube comments. They have a 4.9/5 rating based on more than 1000 reviews. They have become one of the most underrated sites where you can buy Youtube services. When purchasing products from them you get the assurance that all their services are authentic and do not result in any negative effect on your channel. 

    Social Plus

    SocialPlus has made a name for itself by providing lightning-quick delivery of orders. They have one of the cheapest packages available which increases their appeal to people. Their cheapest package gives you 10 comments for $2.95. With $23.95 you can purchase 100 comments. All of the comments are made by high-quality accounts. You can even order custom comments where you get to decide the comment that will be posted. They even have provided support for emojis.


    Is using paid packages safe for my account

    All of the comments added by the websites mentioned above are from authentic accounts. Using bots or fake profiles to add comments to your videos can lead to you having to receive a punishment or a ban from Youtube. To avoid this issue use services only from reputed companies.

    All of these companies mentioned above do not use any fake profiles. All of the comments are added from real accounts all over the world. These accounts abide by the terms and conditions of Youtube and you should not be facing any issues when using them.

    To keep your account safe remember to use the services of only those companies that provide you with authentic services. Using reputed service providers will allow you to use the paid packages for growth but keep your account safe from any punitive actions. 

    How are the comments added to my account?

    When placing the order you have to enter the Url link of your video. You have to ensure that you have published the video. If your video is private on Youtube, you will not be able to get the order fulfilled. As the order is delivered to the URL link remember to not make any mistakes while entering it. After you have submitted the URL and made the order the company passes this order to their social media experts.

    They use the latest technologies to run the best online campaigns. With the help of these online campaigns, they drive comments to your website until the order value is completed. All of these comments are added from authentic global accounts with the help of the campaign they run. They have an extensive social media network that they utilize to ensure that the order quantity is met. This helps you to receive authentic comments on Youtube videos which will help boost your growth. 

    How long does it take to add the comments?

    The time taken to deliver the comments to your account depends on the service provider you have chosen. Different service providers differ in the methods they use which leads to different times of delivery. You can expect the comments to start pouring in within a few minutes of completing the purchase. On average, the comments are delivered to your account within 24-48 hours. The time increases if you have placed an order for a large number of comments.

    Is it safe to make payments on these websites?

    The companies use high-grade encryptions to ensure that you have a good payment experience with them. Most of these websites use an SSL encrypted payment gateway. This is a very secure gateway. You can rest assured about paying through this gateway. The gateway blocks any third-party website or user from accessing this information.

    The financial information that you use is not saved on the website of these companies. This makes it even more secure. Most of these websites accept all the major debit and credit cards. They aim to make it convenient for their users to make payments while making the process as safe as possible. You will not have your financial data stolen while making purchases on these websites. 

    How long do these comments stay on my account?

    All of the comments added to your videos are from real people who have real accounts. All of the comments made on your videos stay with you for a lifetime. You continue to reap benefits from these comments as long as you do not delete the comments or the video.

    If the comments start getting deleted by the user, the companies provide a refill guarantee. They fill in the missing number of comments on your videos for free. This helps you to ensure that a purchase made from these companies sticks to your videos for a lifetime.

    How do I contact them for queries?

    The easiest way to resolve your queries would be to visit the FAQ segment on the website of these companies. They have detailed answers to the majority of the questions their clients have. If you are not satisfied with the answer, you can contact customer care. All of these sites have dedicated customer care for their clients. Most of these customer care facilities are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    You can contact them through multiple methods. Using live chat is the quickest method to connect with the company. The customer care executives are courteous and well trained. They will be able to solve all of your queries and give you guidance as to the method to solve your problem. They have quick response times and can easily assist you with your queries and issue that you have faced. 

    Best techniques for getting more comments on your videos:

    Ask Questions

    Asking questions is a great way to promote more comments on your account. When you ask questions in your videos you could ask your audience to give their opinions in the comments. This would lead to more comments as people love giving opinions on subjects that they are passionate about or interested in.

    When you open a possibility of people having discussions in your comments it will lead to more comments. People will comment on their opinions and others will agree or present contradicting points. This will help you to get more comments by letting your viewers engage in healthy discussions in the comments.

    This technique works especially well when you can link the topic of discussion to the video that you are making. The YouTubers who make informative content or news tend to do very well using this technique. If you frame the discussions properly this technique can be used on any account.

    Use CTA

    Your audience is likely to forget to comment on your videos even if they want to support you. People generally tend to forget to like and comment while watching a video. The best way to get them to do that is by asking them to. Use call to action to remind your viewers of the importance of commenting on your videos.

    Generally, 2 CTA per video is a good number to follow. Try using 1 at the beginning and 1 at the end of each video. Making your audience aware of the importance of commenting makes them comet more. This is because due to the CTA they consciously remember to comment on your videos.

    Interact with audience

    Interacting with your audience is key. When your audience comment on your videos you should respond to them. You should like and reply to the comments. Likes made by the creator of the video are displayed separately on their comments and it motivates them to comment more.

    You should also reply to the comments frequently. When your audience sees you replying to them they feel a value attached to commenting on your videos. As a creator, you have to keep interacting with your audience. It not only helps you to get more comments but provides you with a better rate of engagement as well.

    Host occasional Q/A sessions

    Appropriately using question-answer sessions can help you get more comments. Viewers like to communicate with their favorite creators. The majority of your audience is invested in the content you provide and they want to get to know more about you. They may even have questions about popular videos that you may have done.

    You could ask your audience to write their questions in the comments and you will select a few of them to answer in your next video. This helps you engage better with your audience and helps to boost the number of comments you get per post. A better way to keep the high number of comments would be to ask your audience to ask questions in the comments of every video and you answer a few a the end of each new video you come up with.

    Host contests

    Contests are a great way to increase the comments you receive on your videos. Ask your audience to comment and subscribe to you to get a chance to be a part of a giveaway. You can choose and disclose the prize that the lucky winner would get.

    This motivates your audience to comment on your posts. The increase in comments will help you have better growth on the platform. Overusing this method will project you as desperate for comments to your fans which is not a good image for your channel.


    Many Youtube creators buy comments as it helps them to grow at a great rate. Buying comments is a great investment into your channel when it comes to generating engagement. Having more comments helps to give a boost to the total interaction of your video while promoting more comments from other users.

    Buying likes help you advance up the youtube ladder at a fast pace. When buying youtube comments be sure to check out the websites mentioned above and they provide the best services at the cheapest prices.

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