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    35 Best Sites to Buy Twitter Followers (Real & Active)

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    Twitter has a massive user base. Millions of daily users visit Twitter. This provides you with an excellent audience base to build up your brand. Getting famous on Twitter is different from other forms of social media. Your tweets have to be apt and about a particular niche to get famous. But just like other platforms followers play an important role when trying to get famous on Twitter.  If you want success you should be looking to buy Twitter followers who will engage with your content.

    There are many sites to buy active Twitter followers. We have tried to list down some of the best sites to buy Twitter followers to make it convenient for when you try to buy real Twitter followers.

    Best Sites to Buy Twitter Followers:


    Viralyft - Buy Twitter Followers

    Viralyft is one of the oldest and best-rated social media suppliers in this industry. The company has packages that cover sites from Twitter to Spotify. If you want some help in a social media account, you can stay rest assured that Viralyft will have you covered. The packages will help you make a significant difference.

    They are a famous avenue to get popular on Twitter. The company promises quick results and seeing their services in action, their clients can vouch for the company. While their prices are a tad bit higher coming in at $3.99 for 100 followers it is worth it. You are assured of great followers which have a real impact on your account.


    getviral - Buy TikTok Followers

    Creating a list without giving GetViral one of the top spots just sounds wrong. GetViral has worked tirelessly to be in the position it is today. The company boasts of great services in the social media world. Many of their services claim the top spot based on their effectiveness.

    GetViral is has gone clear of the rest of the competition with many referring to it as one of the best sites to buy Twitter followers. You can buy retweets and followers for Twitter on their website. Their prices start at $2.99 for 100 followers.


    viewsexpert - Buy Twitter Followers

    ViewsExpert has one of the most prominent clientele. They have huge clients who trust the company to fulfill all of their Twitter needs. You will find some of the best-known Twitter accounts being the clients of ViewsExpert. Just like their name suggest they are experts in getting an audience fr your account.

    Having famous accounts buy Twitter followers from them has created pressure on them. The company manages to throve on this pressure and manages to deliver orders on time. Though they have huge clients they have kept the prices customer-friendly. For 100 followers you will have to pay $2.20.


    SocialRush - viewsexpert - Buy Twitter Followers

    There is always a competition to reach the top of the social media platform you are active on. There is almost a rush between creators to secure the top spot on their platform. This is the same case for Twitter. Creators want to be at the top of their respective niche on Twitter. Social Rush can help you achieve this target.

    Social Rush has packages for Twitter that add followers to your account. Using their website you can easily buy active Twitter followers. These followers engage with your content and help you reach higher positions on Twitter. The company charges you $2.99 for 100 followers on Twitter.



    All creators on Twitter and other forms of social media have their targets and dreams. The creators make their content hoping to be able to achieve these dreams. Social Pros allows you to get the upper hand when it comes to fulfilling your social media dreams.

    Social Pros sell some of the most effective packages for social media growth. Their website allows you to buy real Twitter followers at affordable prices. If your dream is to be popular on Twitter, their packages are worth your consideration. For $2.50 you get 100 followers.



    People who have used the services of Social Packages have amazing reviews for them. The customer reviews have been nothing but positive. The reason for their high rates of approval is their commitment to their clients. The company manages to deliver on its promises every time.

    The company has social media packages on its website. These packages also include packages to buy active Twitter followers. They source these followers from trustworthy places and manage to meet the expectations of their clients. The smallest package costs $2.50 and gets delivered within a maximum of 6 days.



    Social Media marketing becomes a piece of cake when you have a reliable supplier by your side. FollowerPackages has made their name being one of the reliable ones when it comes to supplying social media packages. Their team uses all available techniques to improve their reliability and provide a better experience to their clients. 

    Their high-quality packages are available for most social media sites. The company ensures these packages are delivered to your account as soon as possible with them taking a maximum of 72 hours to reflect in your account.

    Followers are undoubtedly an important part of Twitter. Without followers, your tweets will not gain any engagement. Followers are not easy to come by. Fastlikes can ensure a steady flow of followers into your Twitter account. Fastlikes is a capable option to consider when you want to buy Twitter followers.

    Twitter followers sold on Fastlikes are of great quality. The company and the thousands of customers bear testament to that fact. The company claims to be one of the most professional suppliers who driver only what they have promised to their clients. 100 followers will cost you $2.99.


    Famups is a familiar name for people who have been purchasing services for a long time. The company has a group of professionals working behind the scenes to bring you top-quality packages. These packages strengthen your account by adding various elements such as followers and views to them.

    Getting followers on Twitter is an important part of having success on the platform. Famups enables you to buy Twitter followers to boost your account. They have multiple packages with the smallest one starting at $20 for 500 followers. Their starter packages are bigger but the quality is unmatched.

    Social Viral

    The Twitter algorithm is something all Twitter influencers have to be familiar with. The algorithm is your guide to what is needed to be the best on the platform. Followers are essential when it comes to getting a higher rank on Twitter. You can buy Twitter followers from Socials Viral. 

    Being able to buy 50 followers for $2.99 is a good deal considering the quality of their followers. They supply authentic followers who are beneficial to your growth process. Having these followers allows your tweets to get much better traction and get you a top rank on Twitter.  


    Being not able to get followers to your account is something that every beginner struggles with. You might be able to write the best Tweets but still fall short of the followers you want to get. While obtaining followers might seem like a mammoth task this becomes much simpler when you start to buy active Twitter followers.

    Krootez is a popular platform to get the best follower packages for different social sites. Their site has tons of services and all you have to do is choose the one best suited for you. These packages add followers to your account at a quick pace. These packages have helped tons of followers and can help you as well.

    Get Real boost

    Getting recognition on Twitter is important if you are looking to establish yourself on Twitter. Twitter is a great platform with multiple niches where you will find a niche that suits your content. Being such an inclusive platform leads to a lot of competition on the platform. To rise above your competition you need followers.

    Get Real Boost is a site that has been at the forefront of services for many years. They have packages for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It is needless to say that their packages boast of services that help you in reality. The company charges $12 for 200 followers which are delivered within 3 days.

    Viral Race

    Being viral on social media is a double-edged sword. You can either be famous for all the good reasons or due to all the wrong reasons. Viral Race helps you to get famous on Twitter and other social media platforms in a good way. They aim to help increase your popularity through their packages.

    Twitter followers are one of their best-rated packages. They provide instant delivery of followers. This allows you to view the followers being added to your account as soon as you make the payment for your order. They have good prices which allow you to stay within even the strictest of budgets.  

    Mr. Insta

    Many consider Mr. Insta to be a site that only provides Instagram services. While they are best known for their Instagram packages, their Twitter packages are not left behind. They have not neglected Twitter services. /while their Twitter services are still kind of unknown, they are a gem when it comes to improving your reach.

    The packages for Twitter allow you to buy real Twitter followers. These followers are important if you want a steady rate of engagement on your profile. Tier minimum order value of 250 followers which costs you $15. While the price may seem a bit high they manage to justify it with the fabulous quality they provide.

    Social Monk

    Not including Social Monk in our list makes it look incomplete. Be it Instagram or Twitter the company has packages that help you make a real difference to your account. While many companies spend money on promotions to get new clients they just keep working hard on making great packages. This attitude of heirs has helped them create great packages which attract tons of followers.

    All of their services are secured by guarantees. This helps to ease your mind when it comes to the question of losing your money invested in them. The company has been regularly delivering packages on time which has helped improve their reputation. All of these features make them a great source to buy real Twitter followers. 


    Trollishly has found great success among beginners in the industry. They make it extremely easy to buy followers and any other special metric that you require. The company is based on the idea of making their services extremely simple to use and enable. This is a big attracting factor for beginners in social media.

    Enabling their services requires you to just select the package you want. Following this step, you just have to select the order quantity and make your payment. After your payment is made the services reach your account within the stipulated time. 

    Audience Gain

    If you want to have a good rate of growth, audience gain is the supplier who should be on your radar. The company is known for delivering genuine followers. They claim all of their followers are real and you will never be supplied with followers that endanger your account or the credibility of your account.

    The best way to gain an audience is by buying followers and it can be done with ease when using Audience Gain. The followers delivered by them are real people. Having real followers along with speedy delivery makes them a great option. 


    SocLikes is the hub for targeted followers. It is common knowledge that targeted followers have a significant advantage over normal followers. Targeted followers help to bring people to your account who are statistically more interested in your content. SocLikes helps you to filter the followers they get to your Twitter account by region.

    Being top suppliers of targeted followers makes them one of the best places to buy Twitter followers. You can select the followers depending on your region or choose different regions including America, Canada, Sapin, Japan, and more. You could just buy normal international followers as well starting at $3.99.


    Jarvee enables you to access unrestricted growth with the tools they offer to their clients. It is an all-in-one platform. The company provides you with a bunch of tools that can be used to help you grow. The tools they provide aim to help your account naturally attract followers rather than adding followers directly.

    Features like post scheduling, tracking mentions, auto-follow, and others help to reduce your workload. Heaving these tools by your side helps you make your account more attractive to followers. This is a completely organic way of growth with their starter pack costing $29.95 per month.

    Social World

    Fake followers are probably one of the most detrimental things for your account. They harm your credibility on the platform as well as put you at risk of getting banned. Some sites deliver bots and fake followers. Social World ensures that their packages do not have any of these elements. 

    Social World has taken additional steps to ensure all of its services are genuine. Regular checks by their team ensure that no fake followers have crept into their offerings. This is one of the best sites to buy Twitter followers as they offer a safe experience to all of their clients. 


    If someone understands every inch of Twitter is has to be TweSocial. The company is referred to as a master in Twitter services. They have thousands of active clients who have been making amazing gains by using their services. When looking to buy Twitter followers, this company ranks among the elites.

    The company offers two monthly packages. Instead of allowing you to select the exact number of followers, they ensure you have a regular rise in the number of followers. The monthly plans cost $49 and $99 respectively. When using these packages consistently you experience a solid growth of followers and its prices become justified.


    CrowdFire is not a social media service provider but a management tool. They provide an elite management solution for your social media accounts. Their management features essentially take away all of the difficult tasks from your hand. This contributes to your growth as you get better engagement and have more time to create better content. 

    From a single dashboard, you will be able to manage all of your social media accounts. This not only helps to improve your productivity but bodes well for your Twitter account. As their team comprises experts you will always have x+expeienced individuals guiding you through your journey.


    Sometimes buying followers become very difficult. For many creators, there is an endless loop of buying followers. They keep buying followers but still manage to not get the desired results. This is caused due to other factors associated with followers. Creators do not know the best times to purchase followers and how to use them to their full effect. Tweetev helps you with all of these issues.

    Tweetev takes the onus to help you grow your account on themselves. Having a regular inflow of followers is a much sustainable way to grow. The algorithm tends to be favorable when there is a regular addition of followers. The packages offered by Tweetev help you achieve this. Their weekly plans which start at $15 per week help you establish your presence and grow it.


    Having a successful Twitter account takes up a lot of time for individuals. You have to be dedicated to the platform and even the tiniest if mistakes may cost you dearly. Loss of followers is a big issue that creators deal with. To prevent the loss of followers from affecting you, you should look to buy active Twitter followers.

    TwitFollowers has Twitter packages for their clients. These packages mostly supply followers to their clients in a bid to help them conquer the platform. These followers are real accounts that will interact with your Tweets and give you a significantly better reach. Using TwitFollowers as a source to buy Twitter followers is a good decision. 

    Get Plus Followers

    Get Plus Followers is a company that has extreme confidence in the services they provide. The company claims that they will give a 500% refund to any client who can show that their packages have delivered fake services. They can make such a big claim because the company has spent a lot of time perfecting their packages. 

    The company says that all of its followers are delivered almost instantly. These followers once purchased stay with your account for a lifetime. There is no chance of you losing followers. This ensures that the money you have invested into the followers is fully utilized.


    If you take being a Twitter creator seriously it is best to only rely on the experts when it comes to Twitter services. While the help of experts may be more expensive, you are assured to get the best services. Twenvy is a company that provides organic growth packages exclusively for Twitter. 

    The company claims to be the best organic growth service for Twitter and their clients back that claim. The company says that when you use their services to buy active Twitter followers, you can get up to 5000 followers per month. Twenvy also offers a free trial for 3 days to see the effect their services create on your account.


    Appsally is a company that provides you with marketing solutions. The company believes that they can help their clients much better if they understand their needs. They have created services where they ask what your main goals are and then provide you packages based on that. Once you select an option out of Boost traffic, Boost engagement, Boost conversion, and others. All services have been individually vetted by their team leaving making them a suitable option when you buy Twitter followers.

    Tw Lab

    Tw-Lab is another company that provides packages exclusively for Twitter. The company knows that they have some of the best offerings when it comes to Twitter and continues to focus on the development of those packages. The company is seen as one of the best sites to buy Twitter followers, likes, and retweets. 

    The range of packages they have allows their customers to place an order for the number of followers they want. They have packages that go from 100 followers to 100k followers. In case you do not receive the package or there are quality issues with it the company will offer you 100% money back on your order. Their prices begin at $7.90 for 100 followers and just require your Twitter username for them to be delivered. 


    SocialsUp has been maintaining a fine track record in the industry. The company has tried to get their customers adequate support when shopping on their site. They have good Twitter services but want their customers to not have any difficulties with their website. To ensure this they have a customer care team that is active 24/7.

    Red Socials

    With prices starting at $1 you can understand why Red Social is popular in this space. They manage to supply good follower packages with genuine followers while maintaining low prices. Red Socials have been trusted by their clients for years and they have repaid that trust by consistently delivering good packages. 


    People buy Twitter followers to improve their reach on Twitter. Twitter has numerous opportunities and buying followers helps you to avail those opportunities. Boostlikes helps you gain an advantage over your rivals by their follower packages. These packages are created to help you have better interactions on the platform which leads to Twitter fame.


    Tweetangels offer Twitter followers, engagement, and growth. They’re known to be among the best with regards to their Twitter services. The base package they have supplies you with 1000 followers for $29.99. These followers are real Twitter accounts from the USA. the followers are delivered within 4 weeks. They take a long time but it is due to the fact they only supply the best followers that are genuine.  


    We come to the end of our list with BlastUp. The company has tried its best to ensure that they look after the convenience of their customers at every step. From responsive customer care facilities to multiple payment options the company has got them all. They even use encrypted gateways to provide a secure payment experience fr their customers. 


    Why should I aim to grow my Twitter account?

    Twitter is undoubtedly one of the top social media platforms. Twitter helps you to reach a massive audience. There are millions of people on Twitter. Having this huge exposure allows you to create any type of content. If your content is good you will find people who want to subscribe to it. Twitter gives you a diverse audience which acts as an advantage and makes it easier to establish yourself when compared to other social media sites.

    What are the delivery times offered by these sites?

    The delivery times depend on the supplier. Delivery times vary also depending on the services you buy. Most of the followers are delivered within 72 hours. This is the maximum time taken by these suppliers. If you are opting for organic followers then you might be seeing higher delivery times. As it is organic there is no fixed timeline that can be offered by the company to their clients.

    Are these packages safe?

    Your Twitter account remains safe as long as you do not use fake followers or bots. Many users try to get away with using fake followers but it is not that easy. All the sites mentioned on this list are considered to be some of the best sites to buy Twitter followers. Safety is never an issue with them. They provide genuine followers who aid your growth process and help you secure the position you desire on Twitter.

    Why should I buy Twitter followers?

    Twitter followers are one of the most fundamental elements when it comes to having good growth on Twitter. Your followers are the people who interact with your Tweets. Without a stable and significant base of followers, you will get left behind in the community. Getting followers is not very easy especially when you are just starting. When you buy Twitter followers you cut out the majority of the initial issues which a creator faces. This provides you with a clear path towards success. 

    Is Buying Twitter Followers Illegal?

    You shouldn’t panic, purchasing Twitter followers from a third-party firm is completely legal. But, Twitter frowns on those who buy low-quality Twitter followers, since they will merely add to your follower count and not help your profile in any way.

    Which is why you should look for firms like the ones on the list above that ensure high-quality engagement for their clients and have a high retention rate.

    Consequently, Twitter will rapidly get suspicious about your profile, and they may even investigate what tactics you are doing. If they discover that you are engaging in low-quality interaction, they may restrict your Twitter moves, making it impossible for you to develop your profile in the future.


    The list we have made has some of the best places to buy Twitter followers. These sites are well-reputed and will be a great partner for your Twitter journey. These experienced sites have what it takes to help you achieve the pinnacle of success on Twitter. The variety of sites listed here provide you with different ways of getting followers to your account. After analyzing your account you should decide the type of followers that best suit your ambitions on the platform.

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