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    27 Best Sites to Buy TikTok Followers (Real & Active)

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    In the last few years, TikTok has gained billions of users who actively engage on the platform daily. With such momentum, it often becomes challenging to promote your content across the platform. The bigger the platform, the tougher it gets to stand out among your competitors. Creators who already have a fanbase have the advantage to shine on TikTok. But if you are a beginner, there is one way to boost your credibility and visibility on TikTok – buy TikTok followers and engagement. Several social media marketing sites help you buy real TikTok followers to grow organically. However, you need to be careful while selecting the most trustworthy and safe TikTok growth provider.

    To help you out, we have curated a list of the best sites to buy TikTok followers. All the sites listed below are safe and provide effective services to increase your following on TikTok. There is also an FAQ section at the end of this blog that will help clear your doubts. So, let’s get started with the list!

    Best Sites to Buy TikTok Followers


    viralyft - buy TikTok Followers

    When it comes to listing the best sites to buy TikTok followers, Viralyft is the first name that pops out. Viralyft is the most popular social media marketing service that provides legitimate and premium followers, likes, shares, and comments for TikTok. Moreover, Viralyft is one place where you can buy real TikTok followers to boost your credibility and gain some social proof of TikTok. 

    The website is very well organized and has a user-friendly interface where you can find everything on the same page. The best part about this website is that they only provide followers to TikTok. Once you place an order, it gets delivered instantly within 3 hours. 

    Viralyft offers 5 pricing plans that provide 250 followers from the basic plan to around 5000 followers maximum in the premium plan. The price range of Viralyft services ranges from $6.99 – $79.99. All the payment gateways are secured with SSL encryption.


    getviral - Buy TikTok Followers

    GetViral. io is another established digital company that provides social media marketing services for all major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify, and more. 

    It is the one-stop-shop to buy real TikTok followers, likes, views, and comments that will help you grow your social profile. Moreover, it will help you build authority and social proof online. In 7 years, GetViral. io has completed hundreds of thousands of orders successfully. This company promises service satisfaction with a money-back guarantee as well. 

    What makes GetViral. io one of the best sites to buy TikTok followers is that it does not use bots, scams, or any fake accounts. This site uses advanced technology to deliver real TikTok followers that will help grow your fanbase. 

    GetViral. io comes with two simple pricing plans – The Regular plan starts from $15 per week that may provide up to 250 followers and the Pro plan starts at $25 per week.


    viewsexpert - Buy Tiktok Followers

    Next on the list is ViewsExpert, one of the best sites to buy TikTok followers. This site is also very popular for providing social media marketing services to other platforms such as Instagram, Spotify, SoundCloud, Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and more. 

    ViewsExpert is very easy to use – all you need to do is select the service you want, and choose the pricing plan based on your budget. Finally, enter the required information about your profile link or post link where you want the service to be delivered. Once you complete the payment, your order will be delivered within a short span. 

    From TikTok followers to views, likes, and comments, you can buy all the following services from ViewsExpert without any hassle. The pricing package for ViewsExpert usually starts from $6 for 250 followers and the pricing plan increases as per the service requirement. You can buy 1000 – 10,000 followers at $10-$99 as well.

    SocialPackages is another social media marketing site that offers services to increase the number of comments, likes, views, and followers on your social profile. Although promotes itself as one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers, you can also buy real TikTok followers from this website. 

    Other than Instagram and TikTok, also offers various social media marketing services to YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitch, Facebook, Clubhouse, and Spotify. Most Instagram influencers trust for the quality of service they provide. 

    Besides this, the company promises to provide quick delivery of your order. Additionally, it also guarantees a courtesy refill for any drop in the stats that you purchase. The replacement is usually completed for free within 30 days. 

    If you are looking to buy TikTok followers from, you can get 250 premium followers at just $6.50. You can also buy TikTok likes at $0.69 and upgrade your plan as per your needs. For further queries, you can contact their customer support and chat with them at any time.


    SocialPros - Buy TikTok Followers provides services that ensure maximum growth of the client on social media. This digital marketing company claims that by using its TikTok services, you will be able to boost your stats and get real engagement online without putting in a lot of effort. 

    Apart from TikTok, also provides promotional services for Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, YouTube, Pinterest, and SoundCloud. Usually, the price of the TikTok promotion package starts from $6.50 in which you get up to 250 followers. You can upgrade the plan if you need more TikTok followers for your profile.


    SocialRush - buy tiktok followers

    To end the list of best sites to buy TikTok followers we have SocialRush. It is one of the best and well-known sites to buy high-quality services at the most reasonable prices. There are a variety of paid plans that SocialRush offers to buy TikTok followers, likes, views, and shares. 

    Although SocialRush supports many other social media platforms, it is best known for its TikTok growth services. SocialRush offers a hassle-free speedy delivery of all services to the clients. You can buy genuine and legitimate TikTok engagement starting at $6.99 for 250 followers, $2.39 for 100 TikTok likes, and $3.99 for 5000 views.

    Tired of receiving fake and bot followers from other SMM sites? Then switch to that claims to be one of the best sites to buy real TikTok followers. The services provided by are trustworthy and help you grow your profile organically in the long run. supports many popular social media profiles such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, and SoundCloud. You can purchase any number of views, likes, comments, and followers for all these sites from the dashboard. 

    Apart from premium quality service, other features of this site include a client satisfaction guarantee, quick delivery, and round-the-clock customer support with an option for Live Chat with an Executive. 

    The pricing plan at starts at $4.99 for 150 TikTok followers, $23 for 1000 TikTok followers, and $99 for 10,000 followers. You can also upgrade your plan or choose a different package if you wish to buy more TikTok followers.


    Famups provides the most authentic customer service and support throughout the day. Thus making it one of the most valuable social media marketing sites to buy TikTok followers. Famups uses advanced technologies to provide digital solutions that can manage and handle social media marketing more profitably. 

    Although Famups has many services for different social media networks like Facebook, SoundCloud, Instagram, Spotify, Twitter, and more, it claims to be the best service provider for TikTok. Most customers of Famups have seen an increase in the traffic on their TikTok profile within a short span. 

    Famups promises on-time delivery of every order with utmost safety and privacy. All the services provided by Famups are reliable and trustworthy. This helps you buy real TikTok followers and build your credibility online. Even the pricing plans of Famups are low as compared to other sites.


    Another excellent site from where you can buy TikTok followers is FollowerPackages. This site is well known for delivering quality service that can help you gain lots of likes, comments, views, and followers on TikTok. Thus making your video go viral on social media. 

    Apart from TikTok, this site also offers social media marketing services to other platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and more. The user-friendly interface allows you to easily navigate through the website and place your order. 

    FollowerPackages offer premium quality services from real human accounts to eliminate the possibility of bots and scams. This helps you to get legitimate followers that will build your credibility online. FollowerPackages is one site used by most of the TikTok and Instagram influencers. Through this site, you can buy around 250 followers for just $6.30 only.


    Another wonderful site to buy real TikTok followers is TokUpgrade. Although this site might be a little expensive as compared to others, it is still worth a shot to gain organic engagement on your social profile. TokUpgrade believes in providing real followers who might genuinely be interested in your work. This helps to provide long-lasting results. 

    To get the service from TokUpgrade, first, you need to submit a list of usernames that you want to target. Next, provide the usernames of some of your competitors and influencers in your industry. This will provide the TokUpgrade team an idea about your target audience. 

    Once you have submitted the details, TokUpgrade starts engaging with potential followers on social media by liking their posts and following their profiles. All of this is done by the professional team at TokUpgrade on your behalf. Meanwhile, you just have to focus on creating high-quality content to keep your audience engaged. This way the new traffic will organically follow your account and increase your credibility online. 

    The pricing package for TikTok followers at TokUpgrade starts from $15 per week which will give you a moderate growth rate. You will also get a dedicated account manager who will monitor your growth on TikTok and help you improve your social media presence.


    The next TikTok service on our list is TokSocial. TokSocial is one of those social media marketing services that provide real engagement on your profile and helps you grow exponentially. But you cannot buy TikTok followers, likes, and shares directly from TokSocial. To avail of the services, you will have to buy a social media promotion package. 

    This package provides a dedicated account manager who ensures that you get real TikTok followers and organic engagement on your profile. You don’t have to do anything. All you need to do is to focus on your content strategy. 

    This promotional plan helps to up down the chances of getting fake followers, bots, or spam. Moreover, it helps to target organic traffic and helps you gain a wider reach in your niche. In addition to this, TokSocial also provides advanced filters to narrow down your audience targeting and receive maximum potential followers who might be interested in your work. 

    There are two plans that TokSocial provides for TikTok promotion. The cheapest one starts from $25 per week and gives you moderate growth. The Pro Plan starts at $25 per week and offers maximum growth on TikTok. The best part about TokSocial is that you can cancel the service at any time.


    TikTok is one of the biggest social media platforms online and many digital companies are competing to provide the best social media promotional services for TikTok. One among them is TokCaptain. This company promises to help you get maximum exposure to your content on TikTok. 

    Moreover, it claims to provide real and relevant TikTok followers who will boost your profile and give recognition to your work. However, to achieve the best results, you must focus on creating high-quality content on your profile. 

    TokCaptain understands that time is very crucial when it comes to growing on social media. Therefore, it believes in completing all orders as fast as possible at a low cost. Here, you can buy 100 TikTok followers at $2.99. If you are looking for premium TikTok followers, you can buy 100 followers at $5.99. 


    Famoid is considered as the topmost TikTok growth service provider that offers premium quality plans to buy TikTok followers. Like many other marketing sites, Famoid also claims to provide genuine TikTok followers that help in increasing organic traffic and engagement. 

    The best feature of Famoid is its fast delivery that gets completed within few minutes of purchase. Moreover, its focus on providing the highest quality and long-lasting service to all the clients is what makes this company stand out. All the services come with a lifetime guarantee. Additionally, Famoid also offers a 100% money-back guarantee policy. 

    This site is completely safe and secure and all the user information is protected by SSL encryption. Thus helping you protect your account from any risks. Famoid usually offers four TikTok paid plans starting from 43.95 for 100 followers, $5.95 for 250 followers, $15.95 for 1000 followers, and $129.95 for 10,000 followers. 


    If you are looking for social media services that claim to provide real and legitimate services for all major social media platforms, then SidesMedia is the right choice. This company is well known for providing bot-free services to its customers that help to expose their social profile among the target audience. Moreover, it helps to grow your brand value and build your audience on social media.

    Some of the popular social media channels supported by SidesMedia include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Linked In, Spotify, SoundCloud, and more. The proprietary growth engine of the company ensures that you get quality service that’ll make you stand out from your competition. 

    Besides providing likes, shares, views, and followers from real accounts, SidesMedia also ensures that you receive your order on time. Within 72 hours you will receive quality engagement to boost your profile online. The price for TikTok services starts as low as $5 for gaining 100 followers. 


    BuzzVoice offers a plenitude of social media marketing services to promote your work or brand online. It is also one of the best sites to build social proof, increase your fanbase and become an influencer in your niche. 

    BuzzVoice claims that once you purchase engagement and followers in bulk from the site, within few hours your social media account will start buzzing. Some of the popular social media services offered by BuzzVoice include TikTok followers, Twitter followers, YouTube views, Instagram followers, Facebook fans and SoundCloud plays. 

    BuzzVoice offers many exclusive packages for growing your TikTok profile. The cheapest package starts from $5 and gives 100 followers. The successive packages offer 5000 followers at $110. The purchase process is very safe. You only have to share your TikTok username and the order will be delivered without any violation of the terms of service. 


    SocialFansGeek helps with both marketing and promotion of your social media platform. This site offers services for more than one social media platform to ensure that you grow on multiple platforms simultaneously. 

    Through SocialFansGeek you can get services for TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, SoundCloud, Spotify, Twitter, Clubhouse, and LinkedIn. Apart from this, you can also avail yourself of services for app promotion, blog management, and buy guest posts or get reputation management services. 

    To receive the service, you have to sign up or register to the site and add funds to your account. SocialFansGeek offers three TikTok promotion services where you can buy TikTok followers, likes, and views to boost your profile. The price of these services starts from $0.7 for 100 TikTok followers and moves up as per the need. 


    Socklikes can be used to fulfill all of your social media needs such as buying likes, views, shares, followers, comments, and subscribers. This service provider supports a large number of social media platforms that help to build online credibility and authenticity. 

    With 7 years of experience in the field of social media marketing, Socklikes claims to provide high-quality TikTok followers and real engagement on your profile within few minutes of the purchase. You also get 24/7 customer support with a live chat option to solve any problems. 

    The pricing plans at Socklikes usually start from $3.99 for 100 TikTok followers and go up to $530 for 50,000 followers. However, to get this service you need to share your email and TikTok URL. 


    AudienceGain is a social media marketing agency that understands the value of social media in the life of a creator. It understands that social media can be the only source of income for some of the creators. This is why it provides monetization services for popular platforms like TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. 

    If you are a creator of TikTok, AudienceGain has some wonderful services to offer. One of them offers a completely monetized Tiktok account. Another service that you can avail of from AudienceGain includes 100,000 views along with 100,000 TikTok followers for the TikTok creator fund application. The third service allows you to buy TikTok followers starting from $60 for 1000 followers. 

    All the services are safe and private. The delivery of each service starts as soon as you complete the payment. If you are looking for a larger exclusive package for TikTok, AudieneGain has got you covered. You can buy a 10,000 followers package for $300. This includes real TikTok accounts that are interested in your niche, organic engagement, and profile credibility. This package also offers a drip-feed feature that mimics organic growth and works well with the TikTok algorithm. 


    Bouxtie is an exclusive TikTok service provider that lets you buy real TikTok followers, TikTok fans, likes, shares, and views. If you are looking to achieve instant growth on TikTok, then Bouxtie is the best place to visit. This website works on enhancing your profile and boosting your content among the target audience.

    You can also set up promotional campaigns with the team of professionals at Bouxtie to maximize your growth on TikTok. For this, first set up objectives for your campaign, decide the number of views, likes, shares, and followers you may need to achieve the desired results. Next, place the order and let Bouxtie do the work for you in the shortest span. 

    The services at Bouxtie are reliable and quick. You will always get premium quality real TikTok followers who might be interested in your work. If you are unhappy with any service, you can contact the customer support team to resolve the issue quickly. The pricing plan at Bouxtie usually costs around $1.95 for 50 followers and increases as per your requirements. 


    Celebian is one of the most popular TikTok services that let you buy TikTok followers, likes, shares, and views to boost your presence among the target audience. Like Bouxtie, this site exclusively provides services for TikTok creators to help them build their audience and gain credibility for their work. 

    Celebian is also one of the top-rated TikTok providers in the industry of social media promotions. It is well-known for the quality of service and attractive offers it provides to its customers. Adding more to its features, Celebian also provides a free trial service for new users who may still be unsure if this is the right choice for them. 

    But whoever has used Celebian for TikTok has stuck to this company for long-term social media promotional services. Besides the free trial service, Celebian offers amazing pricing plans starting from $4.99 for 100 followers to a maximum of $59.99 for 5000 followers. The delivery of the service starts as soon as you purchase the service. Thus making it more reliable for the clients. 


    TikTokFame as the name clearly states is a social media service provider that specifically works to boost your TikTok profile. You can buy TikTok followers, likes, views, and shares from TikTokFame at affordable prices of $4.99 for 100 TikTok followers and $15.99 for 500 followers. 

    Like many other social media marketing companies, TikTokFame also believes in providing real followers to its clients. The main aim of the company is to help the creator reach their true potential on TikTok and gain maximum organic traffic. 

    Its user-friendly interface makes the process of buying TikTok followers seamless. All you need to do is to select the service, choose the quantity and enter your profile information to receive the order. It takes only a few minutes to receive the order and the results are long-lasting. 


    If you happen to visit the Topstick website, you might have noticed that it does not appear to be a social media service provider. The website looks more like an e-commerce website. However, Topstick is one of the best social media promotion services for TikTok.

    You can buy TikTok likes, views, shares, and followers instantly from a price range of $11 for 500 followers to $200 for 20,000 TikTok followers. Since Topstick supports only TikTok for social media promotion, it focuses on providing premium and valuable followers to all its customers. 

    So if you are a creator, musician, or even a brand looking for a social media marketing service that works exclusively for TikTok, Topstick is one of the best choices. 


    Trollishly is yet another best site to buy TikTok followers that focuses on providing a good user experience to all its customers. It is a digital marketing and web design company that works under the parent company – Rise Up Digital FZE (established in UAE, 2019). 

    Trollishly offers services for only four popular social media platforms that include TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. These services help to improve your online presence on social media and gain a wider reach. 

    The pricing plans of Trollishly are cheaper than other social media marketing sites starting from $2.59 only. Apart from the paid services, Trollishly offers a free trial service for TikTok and Instagram to test the quality and reliability of the company. 


    As the name suggests, helps you buy stats from the site to boost your presence on TikTok or any other social media profile such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, Linked In, SoundCloud, and more. 

    BuySocialBuzz has a team of experienced professionals in the field of social media promotion that come up with innovative solutions to help you grow in your respective niche online. All the information and ideas shared with the professionals are safe and secure. Moreover, the company takes every measure to ensure that your account is protected from any risk. 

    At BuySocialBuzz you will not only find quality social media marketing services but also get maximum customer support at every step of your growth. Additionally, the company promises long-lasting results at competitive prices starting at $6.30 for 200 TikTok followers to $225 for 10,000 TikTok followers. 


    Looking for an all-in-one TikTok growth provider? InstBlast is the right place for you. From buying TikTok followers, likes, shares to TikTok views, InstBlast provides all the promotional services to boost your online presence. 

    This site uses the most advanced tools and practices that help gain high-quality genuine traffic to your profile. Moreover, it also offers the best solutions to grow your account organically. If you want to become a TikTok influencer and get stardom quickly, then InstBlast is the best site for you. 

    With a 100% guarantee of organic and genuine TikTok followers, InstBlast protects your account from getting banned or blocked. All transactions are safe and secure. InstBlast never asks for any password or personal information of the user account. You only have to submit your TikTok username to receive the order. 

    The paid plans of InstBlast to buy TikTok followers start from $2.99 for 50 followers and 50 likes individually. You can also buy 500 TikTok views at $0.99. besides, this, InstBlast also offers a free trial service pack that provides limited TikTok followers, likes, and views to boost your profile. 


    Let’s take a look at the penultimate TikTok service provider on the list, Tikfuel. It is the leading and most trusted TikTok service provider in the marketing industry. One of the best qualities of this site is that it does not require any passwords or personal information to complete the order. All you need to do is submit your TikTok username. Even the transaction information is kept fully safe and secure without any risk of disclosure. 

    TikFuel offers a lifetime guarantee for its services along with an instant delivery system that helps you receive the order within five minutes of purchase. You also have a 24/7 customer support system to solve any problems along the way. 

    The pricing plans of TikFuel to buy real TikTok followers start from $2.47. You can also buy TikTok likes at $1.97 and TikTok views at $1.97 as well.


    How to get more TikTok followers?

    Although buying TikTok followers is an excellent way to boost your credibility, your main aim should always be to increase the possibility of gaining organic followers in the long run. For this, there are few things that you need to focus on. 

    First, create engaging content that can make your audience stay longer on your profile. Create funny, informative, and entertaining content. The more value you provide to your audience, the more views, and likes you will get. In addition to this, post regularly. Focus on both the quality and quantity of your content. 

    Second, use trending and relevant hashtags for every post. You can also create a branded hashtag for your profile to boost your visibility. Use industry-specific hashtags that will help you get more exposure.

    Lastly, collaborating with other TikTok creators. This is an amazing way to get good credibility and wider reach. Find top influencers in your niche and ask them to collaborate with you. You can also create trending Duet videos with other creators that will help you reach your target audience. 

    What is the benefit of buying TikTok followers?

    There are several benefits of buying TikTok followers and engagement. Firstly, it saves a lot of time and effort to gain organic traffic from traditional promotional methods. This helps you to stay focused on improving your content strategy. 

    Secondly, buying TikTok followers instantly boosts your credibility and online visibility. Moreover, it helps you stay ahead of your competitors and stand out in your niche. 

    Do I have to share my account details to buy TikTok followers?

    Most of the trusted marketing and promotional services do not as for any personal information or account details and passwords. Usually, you only have to share your TikTok username or URL to receive the order. 

    If there is any service provider that asks for personal details, it would be advisable to stay clear of them. 

    How to buy real TikTok followers?

    All the sites mentioned in the list above provide genuine followers and real engagement. These sites ensure that your account stays clear from any bot, spam, or fake account to save you from getting blocked or banned from TikTok.

    You can go through the list and avail the services of any site that you may find suitable for you. 

    How long does it take for the order to get completed?

    Usually, it takes few minutes to deliver the service to your account. However, most service providers give a time of 24 hours within which the order is delivered. You can also contact their customer support if you do not receive your order on time. 

    Is it safe to buy TikTok followers?

    It is completely safe to buy TikTok followers. However, ensure that you buy them from trusted companies. Some companies may provide fake accounts, bots, or spams which can lead to violation of the terms of services. 

    Will my account be banned if I buy TikTok followers?

    No, if you buy real TikTok followers from legitimate and trusted companies, your account not get banned. Real followers provide organic engagement which works well with the TikTok algorithm. Even if you notice a drop in your followers, you can get a refill or refund of services from the company. 

    Can my password be hacked by marketing companies?

    No, digital marketing companies listed above in the list cannot hack your account unless you share the password with them. However, if you are still concerned, you can always change your password. 


    In today’s world where social media has become one of the most important aspects of everyone’s life, there is a lot of pressure to stand out and succeed in your field. The above list of TikTok service providers will help you boost your TikTok profile and grow organic followers and engagement instantly. All the above-mentioned sites are reliable, trustworthy, and affordable. 

    You don’t need to do anything except going through the list, pick a suitable site and place an order according to your need. The service providers will take care of your order and deliver legitimate followers, likes, views, and shares to help you grow on TikTok. 

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