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    31 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Likes (Real & Safe) In 2022

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    Instagram is the place to be for brands, businesses, and influencers thanks to its huge market of over a billion users in 2021. It is a site where people seem to get recognized rather randomly while hard-working creators do not get their time in the sun. Instagram’s ever-elusive algorithm is always changing. Up and coming creators constantly find it hard to get a uniform level of engagement across their pages. This is why most companies and influencers have turned to use social media marketing companies to purchase the engagement they desire. So we bring you the list of best sites to buy Instagram likes, followers, and views to increase engagement of your Instagram account.

    Organic promotions have always been the best way to build your presence on Instagram, but it may take years of waiting with minimal results. With the services the sites down below offer, you can develop that sought-after Instagram clout in a speedy and easy way. This also paves the way to gaining more organic engagement on your account.

    Buy Instagram Likes (Real & Instant):



    Viralyft has been known to be one of the leaders in the industry of social media advertising. Also being a sort of ‘Jack of all trades’, they offer services such as likes, views, and Instagram followers. They have services and budgets suited for every requirement. Viralyft provides only genuine and active likes, with no use of bots or phoney accounts, and high-quality results in less time.

    They offer reasonable and competitive prices without sacrificing quality. You’ll obtain safe, secure, and reliable results, ensuring that your Instagram account is never jeopardized, as well as a secure SSL encrypted payment channel. Various packages assist users in gaining greater visibility and realizing their full potential on Instagram. They also offer round-the-clock customer service to help with any issue. They may spread likes over many posts and offer an Auto-Likes tool.

    One of Viralyft’s stand-out features is the auto-like option when you are buying real Instagram likes. This means that it automatically sends top-quality likes to your posts with a 30-day coverage. You can post up to 4 photos a day with this feature. They have a range of packages that begin from $2.89 for 100 Instagram likes. The highest plan is for 40,000 Instagram likes that can be bought at $270.00.


    getviral - instagram likes

    GetViral is a great online forum for social media management that provides real and trustworthy Instagram engagement to only boost your account. You can bid farewell to the fake profiles and bot accounts that most companies offer. They only spam your account and can even decrease your organic reach. Hence, Get Viral provides its clients with only real Instagram likes. Get Viral provides you with actual likes from high-quality accounts that are delivered quickly and easily.

    It also offers Live customer care, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist consumers. Customers gain from excellent support, a larger audience, and more visibility with their services as a result of this. There is no need for a password because this is a secure payment gateway. Get Viral is the platform of choice for celebrities, influencers, and businesses.

    All you have to do to get started is choose a package suitable for your Instagram account, enter the URL for your Instagram page and pay the required amount through a safe payment portal. After you are through with this speedy and simple process, just sit back and relax and watch the likes roll in. Starting from $2.89 for 100 Instagram likes and going up to $270.00 for 40,000 Instagram likes.



    ViewsExpert is a business that offers its users various tools and resources to fast track the growth of their Instagram pages. They recognize the ways in which Instagram works after their years in the industry and put their customer satisfaction above all. As part of its tailored advertising strategy, Views Expert gives you genuine and high-quality Instagram likes.

    They begin delivery within 72 hours after purchase and give industry professionals round-the-clock assistance. There is no need for a password for any of your accounts, and they guarantee refills in the event of a drop. You may rest assured that no bots or inactive accounts will be present. For optimum protection, the website is SSL protected and the checkout system is encrypted.

    A unique feature of Views Expert is that they claim to generate the likes you have purchased by actual individuals in their network. They are paid to engage with your content. This reduces the risk of having your account suspended and brings real people to your page. You can get 100 Instagram likes for $2.00 and 40,000 Instagram likes for about $266.00.


    SocialRush - buy Instagram likes

    SocialRush is recognized for quickly delivering high-quality likes from verified accounts. You will be guaranteed a refill in the case of a drop-off without the need for passwords. Customer assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. People from all around the world send in their submissions.

    They value client satisfaction and provide Instagram Auto-Likes in addition to other services. SocialRush has over 5000 monthly clients and is well-known. You can get as many as 100 Instagram likes for $2.95 and as many as 5000 Instagram likes for $39.95. There are also different packages for 100 and 1000 Automatic Instagram likes.


    SocialPros - buy Instagram likes

    SocialPros is a company that is exceptionally good at what it does. The company offers services that help generate authentic Instagram engagement and brung traffic to your account with an organic look and feel to it. SocialPros can provide you with that much-needed boost to your online presence. They offer only genuine and active likes, no bots or fake accounts, and high-quality results in less time. SocialPros provides affordable and competitive rates without compromising on quality.

    You’ll get safe, secure, and consistent results, as well as a secure SSL encrypted payment channel, guaranteeing that your Instagram account is never jeopardized. Users may choose from a variety of packages to help them receive more exposure and reach their full potential on Instagram. SocialPros also provides customer care that is available 24*7 to assist with any problems that may arise.

    They may use an Auto-Likes feature to disperse likes over many posts. Clients are able to discuss their Instagram brand, targets audiences, and goals with the company beforehand to better help in tailoring the services to your needs. Starting from $6.99, you can get as many as 100 Instagram likes. While you have to pay $124.99 for 10,000 likes.


    SocialPackages - Buy Instagram Likes

    With SocialPackages, users can add credibility to their Instagram profiles by buying active Instagram likes. They can be delivered in an instant or if you have purchased a bigger amount of likes, the delivery rate can be adjusted. This feature makes sure that your growth comes off as natural and organic.

    Social Packages specializes in offering 100 percent genuine and cheap Instagram likes from all over the world, with a high retention guarantee and a guaranteed refill. They provide customizable delivery times based on your needs, and there is no need for a password. Customer service is also accessible at every stage of the process. They provide a safe and secure payment system, as well as a variety of risk-free payment options and high-quality services. Social Packages is also a ‘find everything under one roof’ site.

    They offer paid engagement on Instagram in the form of Instagram followers, views, and comments along with Instagram likes. This can help you round off your engagement and present it uniformly. Their prices start from $2.50 for 100 Instagram likes and go as high as $267.00 for 40,000 Instagram likes.


    FollowerPackages - instagram likes

    With a service like Follower Packages, you are simply not paying for Instagram likes but the engagement that the Instagram algorithm favors. They can help with the manual growth of your Instagram with their fully managed services. Their services can help eventually monetize your Instagram content. Follower Packages delivers real likes from high-quality accounts in a timely and convenient manner.

    It also provides Live customer service, which is available to customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a consequence, customers benefit from great customer service, a wider audience, and more visibility for their services. Because this is a secure payment channel, there is no need for a password.

    Celebrities, influencers, and companies choose Follower Packages as their preferred platform. The packages Start at $10.00 for 500 Instagram likes, while the highest you have to pay is $95.00 for 10,000 Instagram likes.

    FastLikes is one of the most well-known websites out there to buy cheap Instagram likes. They have quite a few years of experience under their belt and their services show it. The company has been known to transform drab Instagram pages into popular ones. FastLikes focuses on high-quality likes from targeted accounts with a one-to-three-day delivery timeframe.

    FastLikes is a trustworthy website that offers genuine services and secure payment options for financial transactions. The packages are very reasonably priced, and the effects are good and long-term. Any questions may be directed to the team of specialists, who are all-time available for you.

    There are no password requirements, and there is no obligation to follow others. It is one of the most trusted sites to buy IG likes from. FastLikes specializes in the arena of Instagram and prides itself on the ability to garner likes from high-quality Instagram accounts by targeting them in real-time. You can start with $2.89 for 100 Instagram likes and end with $270.00 for 40,000 Instagram likes.  On the other hand, you get 100 Instagram auto likes for about 18 dollars and go up to $112.99 for 1,500 Instagram auto likes.


    Famoid is an extremely versatile site offering world-class social media services across many social media platforms. They have over 5 years of experience in the industry and know the ins and outs of social media sites such as Instagram. Famoid stands out from the competition thanks to its high-quality likes from actual and active Instagram profiles.

    Impressions and profile visits are included in the packages. Automatic Instagram Likes are also available, with unrestricted sharing and a 30-day validity period. Passwords aren’t required because of rapid delivery and 100 percent safe and secure techniques. They provide customer assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and they also provide a free trial. Famoid accepts payments via PayPal and SafeCharge, both of which have a good retention rate.

    The likes you get when purchasing with Famoid are real and from authentic profiles. No automated bot accounts or fake profiles are ever used. The promotions are brought in through advertisements that bring in real engagements. To start with, you can get 100 Instagram likes for about $3, and reach 25,000 Instagram likes for about $169. You can also buy Auto likes for Instagram at $79.95 for 50 likes and as much as 25,000 Instagram auto likes for $79.95.


    One of the best sites to find quality services and resources to strengthen your Instagram profile. Social Viral relies on only Instagram to promote your posts for the best connections. This makes sure that only real and active Instagram accounts make up your likes. Thus, your purchase brings potential customers to your brand and products.

    Social Viral provides you with real and high-quality Instagram likes as part of its personalized advertising plan. They start delivering within 72 hours after purchase and offer round-the-clock support to industry specialists. For any of your accounts, there is no need for a password, and they guarantee refills in the event of a shortage. You may feel confident that there will be no bots or dormant accounts present.

    Social Viral is SSL-protected and the checkout mechanism is secured for maximum security. You can get 50 Instagram likes for about $1.5, while you have to only spend $69.99 for 10,000 Instagram likes.  You can also get 50 Instagram autolikes for about $10, and 10,000 Insta auto likes for about $999.


    Stormlikes is a well-respected veteran in the game of social media marketing. It is a unique website that can aid its users in improving their Instagram presence by targeting where and whom the likes come from. Stormlikes distinguishes itself from the crowd owing to the high-quality likes it receives from real, active Instagram accounts.

    The bundles include impressions and profile visits. Automatic Instagram Likes with unrestricted sharing and a 30-day validity period are also available. Because of the quick delivery and 100% safe and secure procedures, passwords are not necessary. They provide customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as well as a free trial.

    Stormlikes offers PayPal, Apple Pay, SafeCharge, and even cryptocurrencies as payment methods. You can start by buying 50 Instagram likes for $1.47, while $50.00 can get you 7,500 Instagram likes. The bigger package you purchase, the more discounts you will avail!


    Buzzoid is a social media marketing service provider to enhance your Instagram posts with authentic likes. It is a specialist provider for Instagram services thus they know their way around the social media site. Buzzoid specializes in providing 100% authentic Instagram likes from across the world, with a high retention guarantee and assured refill. There is no need for a password, and they give adjustable delivery times based on your preferences.

    Customer assistance is also available at all times during the procedure using Buzzoid. They provide a secure payment system as well as a number of risk-free payment choices and high-quality services. You can get 50 Instagram likes for $2, and get 10,000 Instagram likes for about $88.99. Users can also buy premium Instagram likes for $12.00 and $3.49. Users can also get 50 Instagram likes per post if you subscribe to the regular package of $9.99 a month. Other than this, you can get 1500 likes per post for $114.99.

    Get Real Boost

    Get Real Boost is a great platform to add some spark to your Instagram posts. The company offers social media marketing services for not only Instagram but apps such as Twitter, SoundCloud, and Youtube. They offer a variety of services for both newbies in the game and pros. Get Real Boost is a trustworthy, authentic, and cheap Instagram likes service that may help you boost your popularity and engagement.

    Tailor-made solutions are available to meet any budget or demand. It’s a unique service since it’s delivered quickly and with likes from all around the world. They’ve built a name for themselves and are dependable. Safe payment gateways and various methods, such as PayPal and credit cards, are effective, and customer service is available 24/7. 

    They’ll start you off at $2.50 for the Starter package of 100 Instagram likes and take you up to $125.00 for the Premium package of 20,000 Instagram likes. 


    Instafollowers is a company that helps drive enterprises to a higher level on social media sites like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and more. They offer many different options of Instagram likes to choose from as well. Instafollowers offer a variety of services, including authentic Instagram likes and high-quality Instagram likes.

    They provide monthly Instagram likes for all of your posts, as well as cheap Instagram likes to check out the service before paying for it. They have one of the best retention rates in the industry, with delivery timeframes ranging from 2 to 24 hours depending on the product. There is no need to give personal information or a password, and encrypted payment options such as credit cards are available.

    You can get as much as 20 Real Instagram likes for $0.89,  while the plans go as high as $159.75 for 25,000 Real Instagram likes and you can also get $2.61 for 20 Real Automatic Instagram likes and move up to $1,440.00 for 50,000 Real Automatic Instagram likes. You can also get packages for $27 and $3978 respectively.

    Socio Blend

    Socio Blend believes that all the factors of the Instagram social proof process should work together in harmony. This is why the company offers all forms of Instagram engagement including likes, followers, video views, and more. Other than Instagram, they also have services for every social media site under the sun. With Social Blend, the dynamic user wants to establish a reputation.

    The firm will examine its clients’ followings and devise a strategy for increasing likes. To assist your posts to reach your target audience, the likes offered are niche-specific depending on your Instagram. The likes are completely risk-free and come at a reasonable price. With Social Blend, your posts have a better chance of making it to the explore page. To start off, you can buy 100 Instagram likes for $1, and get 2,00,000 Instagram likes for $498.


    GrowthSilo is one of the best Instagram growth services out there that ensure real and organic growth for your Instagram. This is through making sure that there are only real people working on your account. No fakes, no bots, no spams involved. GrowthSilo is known for providing high-quality likes from verified accounts with quick delivery. In the event of a drop-off, you will be assured of a refill without the need for passwords.

    Professional customer service is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The likes are sent in from all around the world. They believe in customer happiness and guarantee the quality, as well as providing Instagram Auto-Likes. Their services are simple and safe to use. Choose the package best suited to your requirements, they have it all from small boosts to large amounts of engagement. Provide them with your basic Instagram information such as username or page URL.

    They never ask for your password. Lastly, checkout safely and pay for your purchase using their SSL encoded payment gateway.

    Viral Race

    Viral Race offers packages for buying Instagram followers, likes, and views that are completely authentic and genuine. Genuine involvement, not just statistics, is promised by the likes acquired from the firm. 

    Only genuine Instagram users are utilized to like the posts; no false identities or bots are employed. They feature a user-friendly website with safe and secure payment options. You’ll start by getting 50 Instagram likes for about $1.5 and 10,000 Instagram likes for $88.99.

    Mr. Insta

    Mr. Insta is a reliable and genuine Instagram likes service that may help you increase your following and engagement. Any budget or need may be met with tailor-made solutions. It’s a one-of-a-kind service since it’s provided promptly and includes likes from all around the world. Mr. Insta has a solid reputation and is trustworthy.

    Customer support is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and secure payment gateways and numerous options, such as PayPal and credit cards, are available. For $6, you can get as much as 100 Instagram likes and go up to $179 for 50,000 Instagram likes. You can also buy automatic IG likes for $700 and $1000 respectively. 


    iDigic specializes in Instagram marketing, thus well-versed in the platform. They also provide you the option of dividing your likes among multiple postings on your account. Video views with 100 percent drop protection and reasonable price are also included in the likes packages. It is an excellent service because of the quick and efficient services as well as the simple and clear procedure.

    They provide safe payment options with the highest level of privacy, and there is no need for a password. The live chat customer support is accessible. You can get 50 Instagram likes for less than 1.5 dollars and as much as 10,000 Instagram likes for $69.95.


    Authentic Instagram likes, IGTV likes, reels likes, and high-quality Instagram likes are among the services offered by Instagrowing. They provide free Instagram likes to try out the service before paying for it, as well as monthly Instagram likes for all of your posts. With delivery times ranging from 1 to 3 days depending on the goods, they have one of the greatest retention rates in the business.

    Personal information or a password are not required, and encrypted payment alternatives such as credit cards are accessible. You can get 100 Instagram likes for less than 3 dollars. On the other hand, 1,00,000 Instagram likes can be bought for $300. There are also packages for $19.99 and $299.99.


    The first site that we have mentioned here is known as InstaPromote which has all the properties which make it one of the best sites to buy Instagram likes. Not only can you buy likes from the site, but you can also buy followers, comments, and other forms of engagement for your Instagram. Therefore, address the short you will be able to get around it growth for your account within this service. They understand that in order to attain maximum growth within a platform, you have to have active engagement, as well as great retention. Therefore, at any time they ensure that you and your audience are always able to engage in active interaction.

    Another great thing about the site is that they have a range of packages that you can pick from. Therefore, you do not have to stick to one expensive plan which cannot be altered as per your needs. There are plans which start at very low cost and cost not more than a dollar, two plans which are a little expensive but still affordable. However, the number of likes that you will get is going to be tremendous, and it is going to come from authentic sites that will give you engagement in the long run as well.


    EasyGetInsta works on the basis of an exchange mechanism in which genuine Instagram users like your photos in return for you liking theirs. The likes on the exchange are entirely free and genuine. Automatic Instagram likes are also available, which are risk-free and secure but need payment.

    Both the free and premium services need you to create an account. The starter package is for 100 Instagram likes that can be bought at $2.59. On the other hand, you can get 1000 Instagram likes for less than $16.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will Instagram ban my account if I buy Instagram likes?

    No, Instagram does not ban your account if you have purchased Instagram likes. However, make sure that the likes you are buying are from real Instagram users.

    If the likes are generated from fake profiles or automated bots, you might notice consistent drops in your engagement numbers. This is because Instagram regularly removes these accounts.

    Will other people know I am buying Instagram likes?

    It depends on the service provider you purchase the likes from. Most high-quality providers adjust their delivery times based on the size of the package you are purchasing. When the delivery time is gradual, the engagement looks authentic and organic. So no, people won’t be able to tell that you buy Instagram likes.

    Also, it is easier to spot someone using a social media service provider if the likes come from fake profiles. Be sure to invest in real engagement.

    Does buying Instagram likes work?

    Buying Instagram likes is one of the easiest and speedy ways to kickstart your Instagram account. It can be hard to build a good and sturdy platform on Instagram and purchasing engagement is a great way to give it the extra boost it needs.

    This method is used by many businesses, brands, influencers, and bug accounts on Instagram because it works well. It can have a good influence over your account and bring organic engagement as well.

    Is it legal to buy Instagram likes?

    Yes, it is completely fine to do so. While buying Instagram likes is something that is frowned upon by the majority of people, you should know that it will take you a long time to get ahead without it. 

    Many people do purchase these but they don’t show any sign of it or talk about it in public because they are aware that the reaction might not be in their favor. We would advise you to select a good site and go for a cheap package first before committing to a bigger one. Don’t worry, you are not gonna get into any trouble with the authorities for buying some online engagement. 

    It is good though to get some external help for your brand instead of waiting around for the engagement to arrive at your door. You do need to take some action if you want to rise through the ranks. Just make sure that the site you are planning on investing in is a trustworthy option because there are a lot of fake websites out there just trying to scam people.

    Once you find a site you like that has packages that fall within your budget, you can start buying them and see how the engagement goes up on your profile. It is a wise investment that is sure to pay off in the long run and you will thank yourself that you didn’t wait to make it. 

    What are the benefits of buying Instagram likes?

    When you buy Instagram likes, you get an immediate increase in your statistics, and your growth in social media will be faster than ever. Your content will not get lost in the ocean of competition and instead start standing out waving from a beach. Lots of brands have big followings – don’t you want to compete with them on an even ground?

    You need to buy engagement from the best sites to buy Instagram likes that we have mentioned above to start getting on the same level as these big brands. You can try the conventional methods, but we all know how much time they take and how much time you will lose running behind a few followers.

    With these services, engagement will come to your doorstep and you will have to do nothing except creating content. It frees up a lot of your time that you would have put into chasing likes and followers, which you can invest wisely into other pursuits such as learning new skills that can put your business on the map. It is a lot better for your budget in the long-term scenario as well as you will be gaining profits early on, instead of making wasted efforts and spending money to create content for no audience. 

    How does the buying of Instagram likes work?

    Every company has its own methods but most are relatively similar. You start by browsing through the packages available and choose the one that suits the size of your account and your requirements. Then you enter your Instagram username or URL, no passwords are needed in most trusted sites.

    You can checkout and pay for your purchase through a secure payment portal. Then all that is left is to sit back and watch the likes trickle into the Instagram account.

    How can I trust the company to buy Instagram likes?

    Start by checking the services offered by the company and its features. Most companies explain their processes and services in detail. They also offer money-back guarantees, around-the-clock customer support, and refills in case of drop-offs.

    Another great way is also to check the customer reviews about the company before you make your purchase. All the companies mentioned on this list have been vetted and are trustworthy.


    Every company in the list above has an established strategy for increasing an Instagram account’s social proof. They provide tried and tested services for those who need them. Make sure to read up on the industry before you make a purchase.

    The industry is not well regulated and many sites are available that could scam you out of your hard-earned money. It is not widely advised to purchase engagement but it has its benefits. If you balance out your purchased engagement with good content to grow your organic following, you can have a successful Instagram account.

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