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    33 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers (Real & Active)

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    Many social media users are gravitating towards services to buy Instagram views, likes, and followers . So, we decided to create a list of the best sites that can be used to buy Instagram followers. Many of the sites that we have included in the list claim to offer the services to buy real Instagram followers.

    You can visit these sites and check out the services and test whether you can buy active Instagram followers from these sites. Instagram is a popular social media platform and if you have a good presence on it then you can leverage it to promote your brand. These services are meant to help you do that. So, let’s take a look at some of the sites that you can visit to buy Instagram followers.

    Buy Instagram Followers (Engaging Followers)



    The next website on our list of best sites to buy Instagram followers is Viralyft. It claims to be a trustworthy site that offers various services not only for Instagram but also for different social media platforms. Along with the promises for high-quality services, the site also ensures that your account faces no risk and you get the followers, likes, views, etc. that you ordered as fast as possible.

    The prices for Instagram followers on are very reasonable. For $2.89 you will be able to buy 100 Instagram followers. Viralyft claims that on its site you can buy real Instagram followers. So, if you have ever wanted to buy Instagram followers then visit this site and test it out.

    GetViral - Buy Instagram followers

  is a site that has a lot of experience and wants to provide the best that it can for its customers. The company focuses its attention and resources on ensuring that the customers are happy and satisfied when they purchase any of the services that the company offers. It ensures that you get quality Instagram followers that are real.

    So, if you want to buy real Instagram followers and are looking for a site that sells them you can test out the services of There are a lot of packages for the services to buy Instagram followers. For the starting price of $3.99, you will get 250 followers.


    ViewsExpert - Buy Instagram followers

    ViewsExpert wants to give its clients fair rates and wants to ensure that clients can buy the stats for multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, and much more. It has helped many influencers and businesses to kick-start their online campaign and get off the ground.

    You can easily buy followers on Instagram from The starting price is around $7 which gets you 500 followers. If you want more then you can even buy 20k followers for $200. The delivery does take a bit of time as they claim to deliver real followers to clients.


    SocialRush - Buy Instagram followers offers services and assures social media users that they are in good hands if they decide to buy social media marketing services from this site. It works with social media experts who are ready to put their experience and expertise to use when it comes to supporting clients and helping them build their social media presence.

    Thus, the company claims that if you are looking to use its services you won’t face much difficulty in growing on social media platforms as the excellent services will help you boost your presence. You can buy active Instagram followers from this site. The price of 250 followers is $3.99.


    SocialPros - Buy Instagram followers has had some experience in the social media marketing industry. It started in 2018 and is quite proud of what it has achieved so far based on the top-tier services that it provides to its clients. It says that if anyone would like to grow their social media with the support from the best of the best then they should visit and take a look at the offered services.

    There are many services for Instagram as well. You can buy followers for Instagram and give a boost to the number of Instagram followers you have on your profile. You can get a thousand followers for just $12 and 100 followers for $2.5. The site promises that you can buy active Instagram followers on this site.


    If you want to give a boost to the number of likes, views, followers etc. you have on various social media platforms then is one of the ways to go. It sells many services and knows about social media marketing. It promises that you will have genuine growth services when you buy Instagram followers.

    All the followers you will get are real as the site promises you can buy real Instagram followers. You won’t be getting fakes or bots. The cost of 100 Instagram followers is $2.5.




    FollowerPackages is the next site on our list of best sites to buy Instagram followers. It has a good understanding of social media marketing and promotion and says that gaining more likes, followers, and views will help you gain more credibility and establish social proof.

    This will help you attract more users and thus your engagement metrics and vanity metrics will increase leading to more credibility and will help you attract more people. This snowball effect is something that you can take advantage of by using the services that FollowerPackages offers for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and SoundCloud. It claims that you can buy real Instagram followers on this site.

    FastLikes wants to give you a really effective growth solution for Instagram. Without using any kind of fake followers or bot followers the company aims to deliver the best and real followers to clients. Thus, you can buy active Instagram followers from and boost the follower count on your Instagram profile.

    But if you are looking to grow on other platforms like Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, or Facebook. Then you can also find quality services for these platforms on this site. If you are looking for the best sites to buy Instagram followers check this site out. You can get 259 Instagram followers for $3.99.


    Famups is a site that has been helping social media users by offering social media marketing services that can help them boost the vanity metrics for their social media. The company claims that by using these services you can get a lot of exposure and reach and thus, gain organic growth that can help you gain popularity on Instagram.

    Currently, Famups supports 6 platforms Viz. YouTube, Instagram, SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify, and Twitter. The company promises 24/7 customer support and there’s a live chat feature on the website as well. So, if you want to boost the traffic on social media you can check out the services that Famups provides.


    Woorke sails a lot of different services including social media marketing services. It also sells email addresses for official or marketing purposes. If you want a site that has all the popular services for all the major social media platforms then one of the choices is Woorke. This site has been around for quite a few years and claims to have provided highly satisfactory services to its clients.

    Each of the services that Woorke sells has three packages. One is the general package which is the cheapest one, one is a targeted package and the third package allows users to modify the delivery rate of the stats. You can visit the site if you want to buy Instagram followers. 


    Appsally is a site that has one of the most exhaustive lists of services for any social media platform. It offers not only packages for single services but you can buy combos in which you will get multiple services bundled together. These can help you get more out of your budget. Appsally is a marketplace where you can buy social media marketing services that can help with social media growth.

    This site has many top-class marketers working with it to provide the best services. If you are looking to buy followers on Instagram then this is one site to check out. The rates are higher on this site. For $20 you can buy 250 followers.

    Buy Social Media Marketing

    If you are looking for the best deals and rates then is a site that claims to offer packages at attractive rates but with premium results. The site has been selling services to clients worldwide and has received a lot of positive feedback from them.

    It wants you to become one of its clients as well and enjoy the premium services it offers to boost its credibility on social media platforms. You can buy services for different platforms on this site and it has multiple services for Instagram as well. So, if you want to buy cheap Instagram followers you can visit this site and check out the services that it offers. 

    Mr. Insta

    Mr. Insta is a site that sells services for multiple platforms but is quite popular for selling services for Instagram. You can guess it from the name of the site as well. If you have been looking for ways to get Instagram followers then this is one of the sites that let you test out its services.

    It provides the service to get free followers for Instagram and so you can test out how it works before you put your money in it. The site even promises unlimited activations for this service. But of course, if you want to buy a lot of followers then you can do that as well. The price for packages to buy Instagram followers starts at $10 for 250 followers.


    BuySocialBuzz claims to be a unique company that sells different combinations of services to buy followers, likes, views etc. for social networking channels. It claims that these are guaranteed services and with them, you will be able to boost your presence on any of the supported social media platforms and gain credibility to attract more users to your profile.

    If you want to buy Instagram followers or any services for Instagram then you get an extra 10% off using the code INSTA10. So, you can visit the site and take a look around to see if it is interesting and good enough for you. The price for Instagram followers begins at $4.5 and you will be able to get 200 followers. 


    Instafollowers is one of the sites that claim to have the best services for social media marketing. Any kind of boost needed to get your numbers on social media up can be found on this site. Instafollowers is also quite popular for its services for Instagram. You can buy multiple services for Instagram and thus, have enough flexibility to fix them to your strategy.

    The site wants clients to know that if you buy Instagram followers then it is a good investment as Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. Also, you should buy followers from the best sites to buy Instagram followers and it claims to be one of them. So, do check it out.


    GoldStarSocial is a site that only sells Instagram marketing services. If you have been looking to buy followers on Instagram or likes or views for your Instagram posts then this is one of the sites that you can take a look at. It says that if any business or individual wants to compete with others in its niche then they need to invest their money in social media marketing services and buy Instagram likes, followers, views etc. 

    The site claims to have services that can help you with that. For the starting price of 3 dollars, you can get yourself 100 Instagram followers in a day.


    Alright, let’s now move on to the next site. GetRealBoost is a company that is very eager to help clients get quality services. It knows that it can become different to grow on social media platforms but with the help of its services you will be able to gain a lot of credibility by boosting your numbers.

    The site says that once you give it a call you have already gone half of the way. All you need to do is let the company take care of the rest by providing you with quality services. You can buy Instagram followers on this site. The site claims that you will be able to buy real Instagram followers. Prices start at $4 for 100 followers.


    SocialFansGeek is a social media service provider that claims to have worked with all kinds of clients. It says that many brands, musicians, and influencers have used its services to boost their social media presence on different platforms and if you want to do the same then there’s no better place than choosing the number one brand for social media services which is SocialFansGeek.

    The company promises that with the help of its guaranteed services you will be able to boost your content on social media. For $10 you can buy 1000 followers on this site.


    Venium is the next site on our list of best sites to buy Instagram followers. It is a site that wants to provide the clients with the best results that can help them improve their social media presence and ranking on Google searches. It claims to use all its resources to ensure that the clients are satisfied with the results.

    Using a combination of sponsored placements, social marketing, premium partnership, and premium networks the site delivers the vanity metrics that you buy from it. The rates for the services on this site are fixed. If you want to buy Instagram followers the price is $9.99 for 1k followers. 


    SocialMonk wants to provide you with the services that can gain you a social manager for your Instagram profile. You will be able to get an Instagram manager to manage your Instagram accounts and help you gain views, likes, and followers that are from real accounts. You will be able to provide target groups and the manager will use your profile to interact with the accounts that come under your target group.

    This way they will help you gain more exposure on Instagram and thus, your follower count will grow. But this service is quite costly. It will cost $23.90 per week to hire a manager for your Instagram profile.


    Let’s follow suit and look at the last option on this list that doesn’t directly sell stats. You can’t directly buy followers from Thunderclap as well. What you pay for is a sort of account manager that helps with your growth. This manager will comment, like and follow accounts in your ni he or you want to target.

    These users will curiously check out your profile and if they like the content you put out then they will want to follow you as well. Again, the price for this service is not cheap. You have to pay $99 per month if you want the best growth. So, check out the site and take a look at what it offers.


    If you directly want to buy IG followers and don’t want to spend a lot of money then SidesMedia is one of the many options on this list. It sells a variety of services for different social networking channels and claims to provide the best deals and high-quality services in the market.

    If you want to buy followers for Instagram then you have to at least invest $2 which will grant you 100 followers. 


    InstaMama knows that there are many companies and service providers in the social media marketing industry that want to sell fake followers and bot accounts to clients. These are ghost accounts that the company itself creates or pays to create. 

    Then it dumps these fake accounts on you. But it is not so with InstaMama as it wants to help social media users get real IG followers, views, and likes. 100 Instagram followers on InstaMama costs $5.5.


    Growthsilo is a professional company that has growth packages for multiple social media sites. They do not add followers to your account. They help you to improve your account using their tools which in turn attracts more people to your account. 

    The variety of tools that they offer for cheap prices has made them popular among the masses. When you subscribe to their monthly plans you get access to top-of-the-line tools. Tools like the planner help you to plan your content and stick to your posting schedule. The wide range of analytics that they provide helps you to understand your account better and generate better results on the platform.


    Instagram profiles get a real boost and promotions with twicsy. Twicsy’s Instagram followers are among the finest in the industry, and the firm has a wealth of expertise. Automatic Instagram followers are also available, as well as the option to distribute likes over up to 25 posts, depending on the size of the likes package.

    They provide a 100% money-back guarantee if their services fall short due to rapid delivery and likes from high-quality profiles. Their packages start at $2.97 for as much as 100 Instagram followers.


    With a one-to-three-day delivery period, BuyIGLikesFast focuses on high-quality likes from selected accounts. BuyIGLikesFast is a reputable website that provides real services and safe payment methods for online transactions.

    The packets are inexpensive, and the benefits are positive and long-lasting. Any queries should be sent to the team of experts, who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is no necessity for a password, and there is no compulsion to follow others. You can get 50 Instagram followers for less than $2, and as many as 10,000 Instagram followers for $54.99.


    Leoboost offers fully real and genuine Instagram followers, likes and views packages. The likes gained from the company guarantee genuine engagement, not just numbers. To like the posts, only real Instagram users used.

    Leoboost is an easy-to-navigate website with safe and secure payment methods. To begin with, the site can give you 100 likes for less than five dollars. Similarly, you can get $1,00,00 Instagram followers for $1,100.


    Next on the list, we have Plenty Gram, another big name in the social media marketing tools industry. Plenty gram is one of the best if not the best places to buy Instagram followers from, if not the best in the market. Plenty gram has a lot to offer when it comes to high-quality social media services. The likes that they pour in are 100% genuine and come with a refill guarantee, which makes it even better. On top of that, they are also one of the cheapest social media marketing services out there.

    Economic, effective and efficient are the three E’s that we associate with plentygrams. If you are looking for a decent Instagram growth service, that is cheap and still provides high-quality services, then plenty, gram is the place to visit. Their expertise in the industry clubbed with their skill and experience, makes them one of the best service providers of all time.

    Speaking of which, they also have really good customer care, which makes them ace the whole category.  Coming to the package prices, plentygram charges $3 for 100 Instagram Followers and $80 for 10,000 Instagram followers. The prices are affordable and hence you should check Plentygram out at least once.


    Instagram followers that are genuine and organic are the goal of FollowersPromotion. It has the capacity to provide 30 days of automatic Instagram followers for each post. Likes are generated through the company’s automated targeting of high-quality profiles. It’s designed to launch organic marketing that will help you develop your account without the use of false accounts or automated bots.

    You receive risk-free and immediate Instagram followers with our hassle-free checkout method and 100 percent authentic services. Starting at $1.99, you can begin by buying 100 IG likes. Also, you can go up to $299.00 for 10,000 IG likes. It will cost you $12.99 for 50 Instagram followers per post, with packages going up to $899.00 for 10,000 Instagram followers per post.

    Include FAQs Related to Topic

    How to choose the best sites to buy Instagram followers?

    Since there are so many sites selling services to buy Instagram followers it can be confusing to choose a good site. Reviews can be bought and faked. So, how can you test the site? Below, we list a few points which can help guide you to a good service provider.

    • Good Customer Support

    This is very important. The site must provide quality customer support. You should test it yourself. Ask questions and see how responsive they are. Are they listening to you? Do they care about you? Are they transparent? Etc.

    • Quality Services

    For this, you probably have to invest a few dollars to see how good the results are. The sites can often promise a bunch of things but they under-deliver. So, buy a few followers and see how good the service is and can you get any benefit from it.

    • Security

    The payment method should be secured and should have refund options. These methods should be secured and the site should have HTTPS in its URL.

    • Refills and Refunds

    Does the site provide refills in case you lose the followers you bought? What’s the time period for that? Are the refund policies sound? When will you not get a refund? These are some of the questions you should look for the answers to. 

    Can I buy real Instagram followers?

    Many of the sites that we recommend on our list promise to buy real followers. What many companies do is that they have a deal with many social media users who get some sort of reward for following a profile or engaging with a post. Other companies create accounts that look real.

    But if you want to buy active Instagram followers who engage with your future posts as well then you have to choose the services that manage your Instagram profile and engage with different target profiles to gain you exposure and reach to boost your presence on Instagram. These services are not cheap but they usually help you gain followers who are interested in your content. So, if you have the budget you can try them out as well.

    Will I need to give my password to buy Instagram followers?

    You probably won’t need to share any sensitive information like passwords with your service provider. Most of the information that can be asked by the company will be public information like your post link or your profile I’d or your email id. These details are only collected so that when you buy Instagram followers you are able to get them delivered to your profile.

    Some social media marketing companies would manage your profile and help you gain organic followers rather than sending you direct followers. These companies may need you to give some sort of control of your account to them so that they can engage with target profiles. Other than that you probably won’t have to share your password with any service provider. So, it won’t be a security risk.


    So, these were our recommendations for the best sites to buy Instagram followers. As you can see there are a lot of options because this industry is quite popular. Many people like to use this to gain a quick boost. You can do it as well. Many of these sites even claim that you can buy Instagram followers.

    So, we suggest you test all these sites out and see which one suits your strategy the best. Also, focus a lot on your posts and content quality. Ultimately, that’s what matters the most. Focus on other tools for promotion and marketing along with this tool since you need to analyze and research different methods to find out the one that works.

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