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    15 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Comments (Random & Custom)

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    Comments are one of the important performance metrics for measuring engagement on a user’s posts. The Instagram algorithm may improve the visibility of a post with more comments. Also, having a lot of comments can make your post seem more credible. But it may be hard to get a lot of comments initially which is why people are using services to buy Instagram comments from various sources.

    In this post, we are compiling a list of the best sites to buy Instagram comments. Most of these sites have services to buy random Instagram comments but many also provide the service to buy custom Instagram comments, buy Instagram likes, buy verified Instagram followers, etc. We suggest you take a look at these sites and check out the services. So, let’s get started.

    Best Sites to Buy Instagram Comments:


    viralyft - Buy Instagram Comments

    Viralyft ensures that when you purchase any service from it you do not have to break your bank or have to wait too long for the service to be delivered. So, it has tried to keep the rates reasonable and ensured that the delivery of the service is faster. It also promises that its services are meant to give you more exposure.

    The platforms supported on are TikTok, Instagram, Spotify, SoundCloud, Twitter, Clubhouse, and Facebook. You can buy Instagram comments from this website. The price starts at $3.99 for 10 comments. The costliest package has a rate of $59.99 for 500 comments.


    ViewsExpert - buy Instagram comments


    ViewsExpert is another brand that you can consider if you want to buy some stats quickly at affordable rates. The team of ViewsExpert wants to ensure that clients can get services for the most popular platforms so that they can boost their presence on them. So, when you visit you will see that the site has services for Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Spotify, LinkedIn, Twitch, and SoundCloud.

    ViewsExpert is ready to provide you with the stats by using its vast network of users. It claims that you will get a lot of exposure by using its services. You can buy Instagram comments for cheap on this site. The rate starts at $3.99 for 10 comments.



    SocialRush claims that if you want to give your social media accounts some boost via organic reach then you can use its services. In just a few minutes, you will be able to establish your market reputation. Along with timely delivery of the stats to your posts or profile the company also promises affordable prices, 24/7 customer support, and reliable service.

    Also, the company ensures that everything is safe and risk-free for the clients. On you can buy stats for Twitter, Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. You can buy Instagram comments from SocialRush. The base package is priced at $3.99 and it provides you with 10 comments.



    SocialPros is a company that has a lot of premium services for Instagram. It does have a free trial service for Instagram where you can get followers and likes for free. The company claims to provide top-quality services for multiple social media platforms. If you want to buy Instagram comments from then the base package costs $3 and gets you 10 comments. The company provides a refill guarantee as well in case of drops.



    Instagram is a really popular social media platform. This is why a lot of companies provide social media services for it. One such company is SocialPackages. The company promotes itself as the provider of real Instagram growth services. So, if you are looking for some credibility boost on Instagram then you can visit SocialPackages.

    You can buy Instagram followers, Instagram likes, buy Instagram comments, and Instagram views. If you are looking to get some comments for your post you can buy them here at the base price of $3.99 for 10 comments. You can visit the site for more info on other services and packages.


    FollowerPackagers - Buy Instagram Comments

    The next site on this list is This is another popular site for social media services and you get likes, views, comments, followers, etc. for SoundCloud, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. The company promises to provide premium-quality services to its clients.

    Using these services the coming claims that you will be able to boost your visibility on social media. FollowerPackagers provides you options to buy random Instagram comments, buy custom Instagram comments and buy verified Instagram comments. The random comments start at 10 comments for $9.95.


    GetViral is a name that you will find on many lists about social media service providers. It is a company that supports various social media platforms. So, you can visit if you want to purchase services that can help you get a quick boost on SoundCloud, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, Facebook, and Instagram. These are some of the most popular platforms used by a lot of people across the globe.

    The company claims that its honest customer care and its credibility make a huge percentage of its clients come back for more services. You will find a lot of services for Instagram on So, visit the website and take a look at them.

    The next site that we have included in the list is This is another brand that claims that its Instagram growth services are real and the best. It also claims that it will help you grow organically. If you choose to buy Instagram followers from this site you will get real followers and won’t have to deal with bots.

    You will find services for YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and SoundCloud on The company promises premium quality for its services and guarantees client satisfaction. There are multiple packages for Instagram comments and the price starts at $3.99 for 10 comments. 


    Famoid knows that the social media services industry has got a bad rep. But it is here to change your notions about this industry by providing reliable services with secured payment methods and quick deliveries. It wants to ensure that everything is reliable and in case of any problems you can directly reach out to the customer support team that will be available 24/7.

    Famoid has services for three platforms Viz. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. It has been around for a few years and has worked with thousands of clients and has delivered millions of stats. So, go to to get an idea about the services or to connect with the support team.


    One of the sites where you will get a variety of services for Instagram is The brand started in 2019 and it is a subsidiary of Rise Up Digital FZE which is a company situated in the UAE. You will find services for YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram on this site. Besides paid services, the company provides free trial services for TikTok and Instagram.

    So, you can check them out as well. You can buy random Instagram comments as well as buy custom Instagram comments from Trollishly. The price for random comments is super cheap. You can get random comments at the starting price of $8 for 100 comments. The price for custom comments starts at $10 for 100 comments. 


    The next company on this list is BuySocialBuzz. You can buy a lot of different social media services from it for SoundCloud, Pinterest, Instagram, Vimeo, Twitter, YouTube, etc. You can even buy website traffic and other digital marketing services. The company provides accelerated social media marketing to people looking to improve their presence online.

    You can buy real Instagram comments from The price ranges from $2.70 to $31.50 for 5 to 100 Instagram comments respectively. The company promises that these comments will be real. It has other services as well that you can check out by visiting the website.


    The next site in our list of the best sites to buy Instagram comments is It provides social media services, search engine optimization services, email services, and development services. It supports most of the social media platforms that are popular nowadays. So, you can find a bunch of high-quality social media services for popular platforms.

    There are a lot of services for Instagram as well. If you want to buy Instagram comments from Woorke there are three packages Viz. Generic, custom, and best fitting. The cheapest one is the generic package. It costs $4.99 for every 20 comments. The best-fitting package provides niche-related comments and costs $5.20 for every 20 comments and the custom comments package costs $5.40 for every 20 comments. Visit the site for more info on the packages. 


    Appsally us the next company. It has services for a bunch of popular social media platforms. If you like the services provided by this company then you can rely on them for all kinds of stat-boosting services for multiple platforms. The company also provides services related to website and search engine optimization.

    You can search for Instagram comments on the search bar present on the website You will find many packages and combos. The starting price to buy custom Instagram comments starts at $20 for 80 comments. 


    Instafollowers is another service provider that you can go to if you want to buy services for Instagram and other popular platforms like TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, LinkedIn etc. When you go to buy Instagram comments from you will find two types of comments; real and regular. The starting price for regular comments is $3.99 for 25 comments while for real comments it is $1.04 for 5 comments.


    The last company on this list is GetRealBoost. You can buy services for Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, and Facebook. You can buy Instagram comments from at the starting price of $3 for 10 comments. The highest package costs $110 for 1000 comments.

    Include FAQs Related to Topic

    How to get more engagement on Instagram?

    Getting more engagement on Instagram is quite useful. Instagram has one of the most engaging audiences and they regularly like and comment on posts. So, if you want to get more exposure, one of the platforms that you should choose to get more engagement on is Instagram. Instagram has hundreds of millions of people using it daily and each of them gets hundreds of posts on their feed.

    This means that your post is going to face a lot of competition. The real estate of a user’s Instagram feed is very important and Instagram’s algorithm is at work here trying to rank stuff in a way that makes it more appealing to the user. Similarly, in the explorer page of a user, the Instagram algorithm chooses to show posts that the user is more likely to interact with.

    So, if you want to get more engagement in this competitive platform you need to create a strategy that works for your brand or niche. The following are some tips that can help you formulate a plan for your Instagram promotion to get more engagement.

    • Know Who’s Your Audience

    Mowing your target audience is the most important part of social media promotion. It makes it easier for you to draft posts that are more in line with the kind of post the audience in your niche will engage with. So, when you start creating a strategy to boost your presence on Instagram one of the first steps is to start understanding your target audience.

    There are many third-party tools as well as tools provided by Instagram that can help you with research and analysis. You may already know what kind of posts you are looking to do and what kind of audiences you are expecting. So, start there. Once you have posted for some time start looking at the likes, comments, views, and followers you are generally getting.

    You will slowly start to specify the key demographics and psychographics of the majority of your audience. If you are a fashion brand looking to sell stuff, you should target an age group that is more likely to buy. Similarly, your products will determine the gender that you are looking to target. Using Instagram insights and other tools can help you narrow down your audience.

    • Get an Instagram Business Account

    Getting an Instagram business account is one of the most useful steps that you need to perform if you are trying to grow on Instagram. If you do not already have it then you should get it as soon as possible and do not worry, as it is completely free. You can either create a new account and convert it to a business account or if you want to keep your current followers you can simply convert your account to a business account.

    Once you have an Instagram business account you get access to the powerful analysis tool called Instagram insights. Since Facebook bought Instagram you can use the power of Facebook’s algorithms to better analyze your growth and performance. You can find out more about your audience and what kind of posts are gaining more likes and comments.

    You can also find out which posts are gaining you more exposure and bring you, new followers. There’s a wide array of things that Instagram insights can help you with. So, we suggest looking at a tutorial for it.

    • High-quality Posts

    Now, you may wonder what high-quality posts have to do with gaining more comments. Well, it does. If your post is not captivating enough then people will just ignore it. And If your post does not get much attention then you cannot expect it to have a lot of comments. Plus, Instagram is a media-sharing social media channel.

    So, if you can upload high-quality pictures and videos then it will be visually appealing on Instagram and people will want to take a look at it. As we mentioned before, people have hundreds of posts on their feeds. Most of the posts are ignored by the users as they keep scrolling to their feed. They mostly stop to look at stuff posted by friends and relatives or if they regularly follow any profile’s posts.

    To grab their attention you need to make your post visually attractive. It needs to grab their attention while scrolling. Play with attractive color palettes. Play with poses, settings, outfits, environment, lighting, themes etc. See what combination stands out most and is getting you more engagement. 

    • Captions are important to get comments

    If you want to get a lot of comments on your Instagram posts then you have to focus on the captions of your posts. These cannot be ignored. You have to write relevant and engaging captions. In general, if you post an opinionated caption then there will be people discussing in the comment section and sharing their opinions.

    Try to write something like ‘Summertime is for shorts and crop-tops. What do you think?’. Also, remember the caption is not displayed in its entirety. The caption limit is 2200 characters but only the first 120 characters or so are displayed and if the user is interested in reading more then they have to click on the read more option.

    So, you have to ensure that the most important part of the caption is at the top and if you are looking to engage people in the comments then the first 120 characters should be enough to make them want to comment. You can even blatantly ask people to comment on your posts. You can say something like ‘comment your favorite dog names’ or ‘tag your lover in the comments’. This way you will get a lot of comments which will incentivize the Instagram algorithm to rank your post higher. 

    • Run contests and giveaways

    So, the next tip on this list is geared towards gaining comments on social media platforms. A lot of Instagram influencers and popular profiles use this method to get people to comment on their posts. Giveaways are contests where you just choose the lucky winner. You do not ask your audience to show their skill or judge them in any way.

    You just ask them to like your post and comment something on it and follow your profile. Once they have done all these steps they can be eligible for the giveaway. Now, you just use a bot or tool to randomly pick one or a few people depending on the giveaway rules and declare them as the winners. You then send them the gifts planned.

    Do not forget to create a post declaring the winners and tagging them. People need to trust your giveaways to comment. Contests are held in such a way that people get to showcase their skill or something that either you can judge or let your followers judge. You can then declare the winners. Just choose attractive prizes. You can give money but decent gifts can also be quite engaging.

    • Use The Right Hashtags 

    If you want to get more comments on Instagram then you have to grow your following. The more followers you get the higher is the chance of getting more engagement on your posts. Hashtags can help you increase your reach and gain more exposure on Instagram. This will help your posts reach new audiences who may end up liking and commenting on your post and even following you if they like your other posts.

    You may be thinking of using the best and most popular hashtags to gain more exposure. But the popular hashtags are used by hundreds of thousands of people so your post may not be visible enough for people to find it. So, what you need to do is do some research. There are many hashtag research tools out there that you can use to find hashtags that have decent popularity but at the same time aren’t super competitive.

    You will find paid as well as free tools. Start with the free ones and once you have some idea about how effective it is for your strategy, you can move on to paid versions if you want. You can also make use of the Instagram Insights tool to find out which posts are giving you more exposure and helping you gain new followers. You can take a look at the hashtags you used in these posts and use trial and error methods to find the best hashtags for you to increase your reach. 

    • Be interactive

    Alright, let’s take a look at the last tip on this list. Social media was initially meant to be a personal experience. You are connecting with your friends and relatives and sharing your thoughts in the form of texts and media. Today, these platforms have grown much bigger and have become marketplaces because of the number of people using them.

    But still, people want to keep the personal feel that these platforms provide, intact. So, even if you are promoting your brand on Instagram you cannot be completely commercial. You need to be able to connect with your audience at a personal level. Share & Like their posts and occasionally comment on them as well.

    A good way to increase comments on your posts is to reply to the comments of the people or share your opinion and people will reply to your comments. If you want more people to regularly comment on your posts you have to interact with them so that they should always feel a connection with you and would want to comment on the post expecting you to react to it or give a reply.

    So, these were some of the tips that we feel are important to help people get more comments on Instagram. We have tried to keep it as general as possible. You can also buy custom Instagram comments and buy random Instagram comments to make it seem that your posts have a lot of comments. But the random comments can seem fishy if used frequently and in large quantities.

    Also, in this section, we wanted to keep things organic and free so that even without a budget you can try out the tips. These tips are more generalized so you may need to customize them to make them more optimal to your brand.

    Should I buy Instagram comments?

    Let’s start by making a general statement – buying comments, likes, followers, or any stats for any social media platform depends on you. If you feel that your strategy can work better with this method then you can try it out. But we also want to say that your ultimate goal should be to move towards organic growth and engagement.

    You shouldn’t forever rely on buying stats and you should reach a point where you are getting likes and comments organically without directly paying for them. To understand whether or not you should buy Instagram comments you need to know what is the advantage and disadvantages of this method. What does this method do? Let’s first understand what this method does before moving into the pros and cons part.

    If you have a lot of likes and comments on your post then people may think that it may be a good post. They may be more willing to look at it because the likes and comments make your post seem more credible. But initially, you may only be getting very little engagement. So, you can buy Instagram comments and likes to boost engagement on your post. The idea is to make your post seem more credible and attract more people.

    Now, let us look at the pros and cons of this method.


    • It takes less time

    Buying stats takes quite less time. You just pay for the comments and within a few minutes to a few hours the delivery will start and you will see the stat reflected on your post or your profile as the case may be. So, it takes less time compared to gaining that amount of stat organically.

    • It is generally cheaper

    So, as you have seen from the prices mentioned above, buying comments is not that expensive. You can probably buy a lot of them (though it is not suggested) for quite less. Custom comments may cost more and comments from verified accounts may cost the most.

    • It gives you credibility

    Having more comments on your post can give your post some credibility and since having a lot of comments can influence the Instagram algorithm, it can help with boosting the visibility of your posts. 


    • Easily identifiable

    If you buy random Instagram comments then they can be identified a lot of times by people. This can be detrimental to your online reputation. We suggest discussing this with the service provider before purchasing the comments.

    • Lots of scams

    There are a lot of scam sites that scam people and may not provide the appropriate service. So, you need to steer clear of these sites.

    • Instagram removes fake accounts

    Instagram regularly overhauls its platform and removes fake and bot accounts. Most of the time when you buy stats a lot of these are from fake accounts. So, when Instagram removes these accounts a lot of your bought stats will be gone as well. Some companies provide refill services in these cases so discuss with them beforehand.

    How to buy Instagram comments?

    If you think buying stats can help you then it is not that difficult to do it once you understand a few things. You may be confused if this method is new to you but it is very simple to buy Instagram comments and other stats.

    Selecting a Site

    Many companies provide social media services these days. This is because buying likes, comments, views, followers, etc. has become quite popular. But even though you have a lot of choices, not all of them are good. So, you need to ensure that the site you choose provides you with good-quality services that do not cause harm to your profile and you get your order delivered on time.

    Also, a good site should provide easy access to customer support so people can reach out in case of doubts and queries. So, keep these things in mind while selecting a site to buy Instagram comments. This is probably going to take the most time as the other steps are quite straightforward.

    Choosing the platform and service

    Now, most sites want to cater to a wide array of customers. So, they have services for a lot of social media platforms. You need to select the one that you want to buy stats for. Once you have selected the platform you will be given multiple services to choose from. For Instagram, the site may provide Instagram likes, Instagram comments, Instagram followers, and Instagram views as the services. You can select Instagram comments if you want to buy Instagram comments.

    Selecting the package and payment

    Once you select the service the site may have multiple packages that differ in quantity and price. The higher the quantity the more is the savings. To select the best package you need to understand what is needed for your strategy and how much is your budget. Next, you have to pay for the package by choosing a payment method you are comfortable with. 

    That’s it. You have ordered the comments and the company will do its process to send them to your post. 

    Is it safe to buy Instagram comments?

    Yes and no. It generally does not cause any serious problems if you buy Instagram comments. Instagram will not ban your account. Banning generally takes place when an account posts questionable stuff and violates terms of service. But Instagram can change the rules and terms of service at any time. So, maybe it is safe today but we don’t know what the future holds.

    Another problem that you may face after purchasing comments is that people may recognize the bought comment and it may not be a good outlook for you as even though a lot of people buy stats it is not looked at positively. So, it may harm your reputation. Our suggestion is to try with smaller amounts.

    If you see some usefulness in it then you can move on to bigger amounts. But do not buy a huge quantity that will make everyone suspicious. Try buying custom comments rather than random comments.

    Final words:

    That marks the end of our post on the best sites to buy Instagram comments. You need to take your time to understand what this method is all about and how it can help you. The different sections that we have provided can help you get some idea about it. If you are confused about it you can start with a small quantity.

    See if it is effective for you and is helping you gain more comments organically. You can buy custom Instagram comments which are more preferred than random comments. We hope this article was of some help to you and wish you all the best.

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