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    35 Best Sites to Buy Facebook Likes & Followers (2022)

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    Facebook brought about a revolution in the social media space. It was one of the original social media sites. There have been many alternatives buy Facebook likes but the site has stood the test of time. It is one of the only original social media websites which is still relevant to date. Having a booming Facebook profile puts you in an advantageous position concerning your brand. To gain widespread success on the platform you should look to buy Facebook followers.

    Buying followers will help you to establish an account that generates good engagement. Having good engagement will help you to boost your reach. If you buy Facebook likes you contribute towards gaining a better reach and finding larger audiences. We have compiled a list of the best sites to buy Facebook followers. Using this list will help you to narrow your search field.

    Best Sites to Buy Facebook Likes and followers:



    If you are looking to make your journey on Facebook easier, Viralyft’s services should be on the top of your list. As the name suggests they are experts at making their clients viral on their respective social media platforms. They have many success stories which have led to them having a big consumer base. They have gained a lot of respect in this industry and aim to continue with this trend. 

    The company makes packages depending on the specific needs of the platform. They figure out the elements needed by each platform for the best engagement. They have Facebook follower packages for sale on their website. These Packages will help you gain more followers and increase the average traffic on your profile. To buy Facebook followers on their website you will have to spend a minimum of $6.99 for 150 followers.



    If you are looking to strengthen your authority to buy Facebook Likes, GetViral is the perfect partner for you. GetViral has a massive list of services for different social media sites. You get only a selection of the top services available on the internet. They find the best packages for each segment and put them up on their website for you.

    Buying Facebook services is made easy with their website. You can buy Facebook likes and followers on their website. The package for Facebook likes starts at $17 for 500 likes. After you place your order the delivery is completed within a day. They are a punctual company who have great packages for sale.


    ViewsExpert - buy facebook likes

    You must have wondered how many of these top creators manage to get so many likes and followers on their profiles. They can draw a large rate of engagement of their accounts due to trustworthy service providers such as ViewsExpert. This company has been serving many creators just like you. They have built a brand value for themselves by providing good packages at cheap rates.

    You will find services for all social media platforms on their website. When to comes to Facebook packages they keep themselves updated. They have the latest packages which provide you with the best chances of success. You can buy Facebook followers starting at 500 followers for $13.


    SocialRush - Buy facebook likes

    If you are looking to create a big impact with the services you buy, SocialRush might be the provider you want to look at. The company has provided its customers with services that aim to build your account by making a big impact on your audience. You will see massive increases in your statistics when you begin to trust their services.

    The packages they provide to their customers have ranked them among the best sites to buy Facebook followers. They provide you with instant delivery of followers to your account. You generate an instant impact through their services. Buying their services will allow you to have more control over your audience. You can buy 500 followers from them for $18.99.


    SocialPros - Buy facebook likes

    SocialPros have been helping some of the biggest accounts when it comes to social media services. They have been able to help these accounts climb to the top of the rankings and gain followers at an unimaginable rate. For SocialPros all customers are equal. They help all customers to develop their accounts irrespective of their fame or stature.

    They want you to trust their team to help you unlock your true potential. The company has been making packages which have been showing great results. Many call SocialPros one of the best sites to buy Facebook likes due to the results they have been able to show on a large scale. For just $10 you can buy 250 Facebook page likes.


    SocialPackages - buy facebook likes

    When looking for good Facebook packages you would want a service provider who is an insider in the Facebook industry. Social Packages have deep-rooted contacts on Facebook. This helps them get the insider scoop on the latest developments. Having this updated news allows them to change the packages from time to time to allow you to get a good engagement.

    Social Packages have services that can allow you to discover the potential of your facebook package. Many claim social Packages to be one of the best sites to buy Facebook likes due to the traffic which they generate on your profile. For $10 you can get 250 likes. Social Packages is a great option when you are looking for the best packages every time.



    Follower Packages is one of the most established companies in this industry. They have packages that have been applauded by their customers for the fine results they provide. The company has created many plans so that its clients can choose the one most appropriate for their account. 

    When it comes to helping their customers with their Facebook accounts, they provide Facebook page likes and post likes. These services help to improve the engagement which their clients have. Adding these services to your list will help you improve your account. To obtain better results you should try their packages which start at $25.

    Fastlikes do justice to their name by providing their clients with quick and efficient delivery of services. The company has the sole aim of providing customers with a smooth and quick delivery of top-class services. They understand the value of time for their customers.

    They have packages for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other sites. The company has been able to meet the deadlines they set for their clients. After placing an order you should expect to receive the order in just a few hours. By providing many packages they allow you to choose the one which fits your budget. Their prices start at $17.


    We could not complete the top ten of our list without mentioning FBSkip. FBSkip is a company that exclusively provides services for Facebook. One of the biggest reasons for their success is the variety of options they provide to their clients. Having these extra options has helped them to become recognized as a top Facebook service provider.

    The company provides you the option to get targeted followers from specific countries. You have the option to choose accounts from Asia, the USA, or Europe as your followers. This helps you have a more specific set of audiences that complements your account. Their prices start from $5 for 100 likes. 


    SocialViral has the spotlight on them by being one of the top-performing suppliers in recent years. The company has outperformed many of the top suppliers in this segment. They enforce high standards which allow them to retain a huge chunk of followers. By being one of the top-performing companies in this segment they have got the attention of many new customers.

    The company believes in providing you with immediate results. The services you buy will be delivered in an instant which prevents you from having to wait for them. These services will show an immediate effect on your account. You will see your account growing from the moment you buy these services. You can buy Facebook followers from them for $4.97 for 100 followers. 


    We would be doing a poor job of making this list if we did not mention BoostLikes. BoostLikes has been helping its clients boost their accounts through their services. The services they have on offer are aimed at providing you with a better status in the social media world.

    They have packages for all of the popular sites. These packages have been made after a lot of research to ensure they only provide their clients with top-quality services. They are different from the other sites as you can choose the exact number of followers you want. This helps you to get the precise number of followers you need which helps you achieve your targets.  


    GetRealBoost is the company you should visit for targeted services. Targeted services help you get followers and likes from accounts that are related to the content you produce. This helps your account look more attractive to genuine users which ultimately increases the chances of you 

    The company has been providing real services to its clients they have to buy Facebook likes packages to help you improve your account. These services start at $7 for 200 followers. The followers can be sourced from around the world. Using their services provides you access to genuine services at cheap prices.


    SocioBlend has one of the most intuitive websites. Their website is a relief from all of the boring websites you might have to visit when looking for good services. They have hexagonal tabs which have the logo of the services you want. Choosing the platform takes you to another page where you can view the services in depth.

    The company claims to be one of the best sites to buy Facebook likes and followers. They say this is mainly due to their risk-free approach. The company vouches that their services will never get you or your account into any trouble. With the order completion time of 1 day, they are a company you should try.


    Venium is an iconic name in this industry. The company has completed many years in this field. The company has a good reputation for the top quality services they provide. They have been able to maintain the positive outlook of people toward their brand through the many quality checks they conduct.

    They are a professional company that knows what they are doing. Apart from providing followers, likes they also do sponsor placements on the internet. The company will be able to improve your Facebook account through the social media networking channels they have. Likes for Facebook start at $23.99 for 1000 likes.


    Famoid markets itself as the company for all social media services. The company has given equal focus to developing packages for different social sites. This has allowed them to have a varied audience base which comprises creators from different social media platforms. The company claims to have made it more simple to gain a following on social media by using their services.

    You can visit their website to purchase services for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. The company has ensured its clients can stay connected to them through its customer service team. You can get all of your concerns addressed by them. The services are delivered rapidly. If you want to buy Facebook likes for your posts you will have to spend a minimum of $12.95 for 100 likes.


    SocLikes is a company that understands Facebook inside and out. The company has a deep knowledge of the functioning of the platform due to focusing its resources on finding good packages for Facebook. This has led them to have some of the most effective packages. 

    The company has trial packages that help you to ascertain if they are a good fit for your account. They provide you the option of buying Facebook targeted and normal likes for cheap. On purchases above $20, they provide additional discounts which can be availed by chatting with the customer representative.


    If you are looking for a company that has been a crowd favorite, Storm likes might be one for you. This company has established a huge client base which has been backed by the excellent services they provide this has helped them get more clients through referrals from existing clients. 

    People flock to StormLikes for its services due to its simplicity. You can complete the process of selection of a package within seconds and get them delivered instantly. They provide only authentic services. Preventing any fake services from being delivered has helped them to retain a large number of followers. 

    Red Social

    If you are looking for packages from a well-established and reliable supplier, Red Social might fit your criteria. The company has been serving clients in this industry for quite a while. They have been able to attract customers towards their services by offering them some of the cheapest prices.

    Many consider Red Social to be one of the best sites to buy Facebook followers. Facebook-related services were one of the first types of services they provided their customers and have excelled in those services. You can buy real Facebook followers for as low as $7.


    Famups is one of the most recognizable names in the social media service industry. The company is an expert in managing social media accounts. They use the services they have for sale to get their clients the engagement and reach they need. They use a variety of digital networking solutions to get long-term customers to follow your account.

    Famups are known to put a lot of effort into making sure they provide appro[riate packages. They ensure all of their packages can help you to the fullest. These packages can help you hit your targets in the short term and build a strong account in the long term. They sell likes at a rate of $18 for 500 likes.


    When creators get stuck on a particular milestone they do not understand how to move forward. They might have tried all of the tricks in the book but are unable to see any further progress. In these situations, you must take external help to move past this hurdle. Suppliers such as Instafollowers come in handy during these times.

    Instafollowers have filled their website with great services for different social media applications. If you look through their website you are sure to find the service you need. They are pretty stocked up in terms of Facebook services as well. They have services such as 5-star ratings, followers, likes, comments, and more. These services start at $0.64.

    Fans Instant

    To get the desired reach on Facebook you need to have likes and followers for your account. Having a decent amount of followers and likes for your posts is essential when looking to expand the reach of your account. Fans Instant helps you to increase these metrics by using the multiple packages they have on sale.

    To obtain followers from Fans Instant you will have to create an account with them. They allow you to choose the package you need from their collection. When you complete they [aymeent they add these packages to the account you mention. For just a few dollars you can boost your account by a lot. 


    To establish a strong presence on social sites you need the help of social media services. Social Kings have been one of the dominant rulers of this industry. The company provides their clients with any package which they might require to be at the top of their game.

    The company aims to get its clients to improve their presence on the platform and secure better results. The 8 years they have spent in this industry helped them to understand the exact demands of different platforms and deliver quality services. The company serves as one of the perfect guides to lead you towards success and dominance on Facebook.


    Woorke is a company that prides itself in being able to provide clients with many choices in different categories of services. The company feels that the social media services industry is very repetitive with the same services being sold by many. With their innovative services, they aim to change this dynamic.

    When talking about Facebook followers, they have 3 types. They can provide you targeted followers, Worldwide followers, or drip-feed followers. The drip-feed followers are especially good at providing a natural look to your account. These packages start at $4.99 and provide you with a variety of options for determining the type of followers you want.

    Social Boss

    Many creators feel a profuse amount of pressure when having to manage their accounts. Having to get followers for your accounts and raise the engagement levels leads to a lot of pressure. Many creators are not able to create good quality content when having to deal with all of this pressure. If you buy services from companies such as Social boss you can concentrate on your content. 

    When you buy Facebook likes from external sources you can give more time to making good content. This helps you to have a better feed and grab more followers naturally while having a steady flow of followers to your account. The services start from 43.99 and are great value for money.


    Safety is one of the primary concerns of a customer when they buy services. IBuyFans have been able to implement good security standards. They protect the safety and the interests of their customers by using enhanced security measures.

    All purchases made on their website are done through secured SLL gateways. This is a measure to ensure your payment details are not exposed to hackers or any other third-party organization. When you buy Facebook likes and other services from them you are never exposed to any security breaches.


    SidesMedia is a company that has put years of research to make modern packages. The company keeps updated packages on its website. With time the criteria for success for platforms keep changing. The company has been able to keep up with these changes and provide updated packages.

    Buying updated packages for your account gives you a better chance of success. Apart from providing padres packages, the company promises quick delivery as well. They commit to delivering the engagement to your account within 72 hours.  

    The Social Saviour

    Punctuality is a trait that is hard to find among many social media suppliers. Many of these suppliers fail to meet their deadlines. This causes unexpected delays for clients. The Social Savoir comes to your aid at moments like these. They are one of the most punctual suppliers. 

    The company ensures all of the orders are treated with priority. They only commit to time frames which they are sure about fulfilling. While speeding up the process for the delivery of services they ensure the quality remains unaffected. They have a refill guarantee and their prices start at $19 for 500 likes.

    Social Wick

    If you have not heard about Social Wick, it is high time that you do. Social Wick is one of the upcoming leaders in this space. They have set their sights towards ensuring complete customer satisfaction along with maintaining high-quality standards.

    The company has completed over 8 million orders and keeps increasing that number every day. They allow you to choose the exact number of followers you want. By just spending $0.30 you can start your journey with them. 

    Slick Socials

    Slick Socials is one of the underdogs of this business. This company has been on the outskirts of this business but is making significant strides in recent times. These recent developments have allowed them to gain more clients and become more established in this space. 

    All of their technologies for the services have been developed by their in-house team. This makes these services much safer for your Facebook account. Having them as your partner can help you on your path towards glory on this social platform. 


    Hootsuite is an option to consider if you are looking to go down the organic route. The company was established to make social media easy for its clients. They use a variety of tools and technology to help you manage your account while simultaneously getting natural engagement.

    When using their website you will have access to analytical data, planners, social calendars, publishers, and much more. All of this can help you establish a more professional account. To get natural engagement with their help you will have to spend more but you get access to many professional features.


    Buffer is another social media management site that offers much more than traditional suppliers. They strictly limit their services to only organic modes of promotion. They believe taking the natural route is more beneficial for accounts in the long run.

    For customers who are not on a strict budget, Buffer is a standout option. It helps you to make your account more attractive for real users and helps you generate your audience with ease. The company specializes in helping small businesses. They have free as well as paid plans with the paid plans starting at $5 per month.


    SmmSumo is considered as one of the heavyweights of providing social media services. The company keeps monitoring its packages frequently to ensure the clients receive safe and top-quality packages. These efforts towards securing customer satisfaction have led to them being referred to as one of the best sites to buy Facebook followers. 

    When you buy Facebook followers from them, they provide you with a 2-year guarantee. Having these guarantees helps clients in trusting them with their social media needs. The company sells 100 likes for $5.

    Buzz Voice

    Buzz Voice does what their name suggests. The company is based on the idea of giving you a voice and helping you gain a better audience. The company focuses on providing you with a larger number of followers as well as improving the quality of your followers. Having this dual effect helps them to get more interactions on your account and give you better stats.

    The company claims that they can get thousands of likes added to your account in just an hour. All you have to do is provide them with your URL and select the package. They do the needful to provide you the packages. With packages starting just at $1.97 they can become a good option for Facebook services.

    Media mister

    Coming towards the end of our list we have media mister. Media mister can easily be a replacement for any of the top websites. They have services that compare well when placed against some of the top sites in this segment.

    The company has many guarantees it provides to gain your trust and support. The company fulfills these promises as well. They assure you that your account will receive only legitimate services that have been vetted by them. 


    Upleap has packages that start at just $5. The company has a proud history of serving clients and being able to handle large demands. They have proven their worth in this segment and are one of the trustworthy options out there. 

    You can trust them as they are one of the best sites to buy Facebook likes. They might have taken the last spot on our list but their potential is huge. Using their services helps you generate better responses from your audiences.


    • How long does it take for services to be delivered?

    Most of these services have a quick delivery time. They are delivered within a day or so. Many of these suppliers are known for providing instant delivery. Delivery times are kept low by these suppliers to give better customer satisfaction. If you are looking for organic services you will need more time to see the effects of these services.

    • How safe is the use of these services?

    All of these services go through many tests before they are deemed eligible to be sold to the customers. The frequent checks allow you to rely on their quality. All these services do not violate the guidelines laid down by Facebook and thus are ultimately safe for your account. 


    Using these services is a great help when looking to make it big on Facebook. We all nee hello from time to time and these suppliers are the best rated when it comes to Facebook services. The sites on this list have their distinct selling points. Visiting their website should help you understand the services they focus on and help you to choose the services which you feel would be ideal for your account.

    The sites on this list have been chosen after a lot of deliberation. We have tried to only provide you with those sites which are capable of providing a positive experience to their customers. Using additional services has become a necessity for becoming the best in the social world. We encourage you to use these services to understand the massive difference they can create to boost your account on Facebook. 

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