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    10 Pinterest Bots & Automation Tools Help to Boost Your Profile

    Perhaps, there is no other visual encyclopedia as wide and inclusive as Pinterest bots. According to stats, it gets as many as 431 million active users monthly from all across the globe. The variety of audiences that you will find on Pinterest really cannot be found on any other app. Barring, of course, Facebook.

    Even though Facebook works well for established brands and businesses- Pinterest bots is the only place that offers equal visibility to lesser-known people. Therefore, this app continues to remain a favorite for influencers, artists, and small manufacturers.

    Still, if you would like to up your game on Pinterest we recommend using Pinterest bots for maximum engagement. Pinterest automation tools are widely in use. Since Pinterest is more liberal in its policies- these tools are more flexible and easy to use. Let’s have a look at the best of them-

    Best Pinterest Bots and Automation Tools


    UseViral - pinterest bots

    UseViral is an overall social media growth service. Being the most comprehensive place amongst its peers- UseViral has great automation services, even for Pinterest. The site is often mentioned and recommended by top Pinterest marketers as a means to increase your presence on the app.

    Mostly, this app can be regarded as a promotion service that automates the process of getting more followers. They have different packages to pick from- all of which connect you with an active community with maximum interest in your content.

    At the same time, they provide managed growth through a drip feed- which makes your account organically drive.

    To start with, you can get 500 Pinterest followers at a small amount of $29. The next package jumps over to as many as 1000 followers to be bought at only $49.

    While 2500 followers will cost you $97, 5000 will go to about $197 in price. To be clear, these are the most affordable prices you will get from a Pinterest bot that offers authentic services.

    There are various features to be noted on this site. To begin with, you get high-quality followers in a short time period of about 1-2 days. Other than this, they also provide automatic refills in case the followers die down.

    Sides Media

    SidesMedia - pinterest bots

    Sides Media is one of our personal favorites mentioned on this list. One of the most efficacious services present today- they are relatively new but work with people with the greatest experience. They have a team of market experts from different fields.

    Thus, their automation services are much guarded and guided by expert thought. They personalize plans as per your needs on Pinterest. At the same time, they offer wide coverage to ensure that your posts are seen by a global audience.

    At the same time, if you would like to narrow down your demographics, then Sides Media can do that for you as well. Hence, all in all, this service is definitely worth a try if you are looking for an instant boost on Pinterest bots.

    You can begin on the site with 500 followers that can be bought at $29. Once you associate with them, you shall also receive 24/7 customer support and consistent guidance. 1000 Pinterest bots followers can be bought at $49 and 2500 followers will be available at $197.

    As promised by the site, you always get followers that remain active on your profile, pin down and save your posts. Again, the delivery time is short and takes up to a maximum of 2 days.


    jarvee - pinterest bots

    Jarvee is a social media growth service that has been functional for half a decade. They also provide automation services and Pinterest bots to help manage your account. This automation tool is more of a personal assistant.

    Jarvee shall help you schedule your different pins so that they are evenly spread throughout the day. Hence, increasing exposure and getting more interaction at the period of highest activity. Another feature offered by them is auto re-pin.

    The feature allows you to automatically re-pin the most viral posts on Pinterest within your board. You can pre-set your category based on keywords of specific users and boards.

    Another feature you might want to use is “add video pins”. Here you will be able to improve quality content on your profile through significant videos. At the same time, you shall be allowed to post YouTube as well as Vimeo videos, using the same marketing strategy as used for regular image posts.

    Further, you can automatically add a URL to all your pins. Hence, you shall be able to get more viewers on your website as well. In fact, Jarvee helps you create boards more efficiently as well. Other important features include- auto comment, auto follow, follow back, unfollow, and so on.

    Following Like

    Following Like - pinterest bots

    You might not have heard of this one before- since they work on a very low-key basis. However, Following Like is definitely one of the best social media managing services operational today. They cover a wide variety of platforms. Hence, their digital know-how is much better and more advanced than other social media tools.

    Of course, their Pinterest automation services are equally commendable. You can use Following Like to automatically follow users through a pre-determined setting.

    For instance, you can choose to follow people showing maximum interaction in the past few hours. Similarly, you can also use the automated unfollow option to filter non-reactive accounts.

    You can also automation features to schedule and upload posts from local sources. Other features include like and unlike pins, comments, direct messaging, and pin search options. The app also allows you to look for specific pinners as well as boards.

    You can check followers and following, the unfollow back users, and a board’s pins and followers. There are a host of other functions that the site performs as well. The prices of the packages vary on the basis of how many accounts you link to the site. If you link as many as five Pinterest accounts, then you shall have to pay $76.


    TailWind - pinterest bots

    TailWind is markedly different than other Pinterest bots and automation tools mentioned on this list. This wonderful site can even help you discover the trendiest new content that you can pin within your own board.

    At the same time, it will provide functions through which you will be able to monitor any ongoing conversations about your brand or account.

    Moreover, it provides tools to analyze such conversations and come up with strategies to improve your reach. It has 20 times the user base of Pin Pinterest! Clearly, their networking is wider and greater than most apps available.

    Tailwind helps convert your photos and images into pins instantly! At the same time, they showcase your profile to the right people so that the right community can spread the word about you. Hence, more traffic will be drive to your website as well.

    They have pre-created designs that can be used in case you’re in a rush. Further, you can access TailWind simply through an extension on your browser and also schedule them to be posted on most important Pinterest Boards.

    Dominator House

    Dominator House - pinterest bots

    There is no other Pinterest automation bot mentioned on the list that is as specific as Dominator House. Dominator runs its Pinterest bot by the name of Pin Dominator and provides various features through the same.

    They go beyond simple automation and marketing to drive engagement. Their most important work is to target down niches as well as communities in which you can perform best.

    It has some of the most advanced marketing tools that can connect you with other users sharing a genuine interest in your content.

    Therefore, your Pinterest promotion will always give back definite results with increased conversions and leads. Their features include auto-pin and scheduling for boards.

    Other than this you get auto repin, auto follow, auto like, auto comment, etc. Also, they will help send mass invites to people who might join your board and also let you scrape followings or followers of an account.



    Ampfluence is a social media growth service that has been attracting a lot of attention lately. They have been growing at a massive rate and are giving tough competition to some of the best Pinterest automation tools out there.

    An extremely user-friendly and effective site, it can improve your level of engagement and reach on Pinterest. The first plan provided is the ‘Engagement’ plan that costs $199/month.

    Here you will be able to create boards and automate about 100 re-pins. They shall also help you reach your target audience and provide tools for keyword research.

    The next plan is the ‘Growth’ plan which costs $299/month. Along with the features mentioned in the plan above, there are additional benefits that come with this package.

    For instance, your repins increase to 200/month. Also, you get 15 custom pins, and as many as 100 Organic followers. Other features include standard reporting with the site and consistent support.



    Buffer is the go to tool for almost all social media platforms. They have recently also collaborated with Pinterest and provided various automation features to help manage the same. Through Buffer, you will be able to pin items from all across the web and even upload self-created posts.

    They have scheduling tools that assist in daily pinning in a customized fashion. Additionally, you shall be allowed to track and analyze your likes, comments, as well as repins. Again, you will be able to use the buffer extension straight from your browser to avail of these features.

    Connecting your Buffer account with Pinterest is fairly easy. All you have to do is make sure that you are logged in to both Pinterest and Buffer. Of course, you’ll have to make an account on Buffer first.

    On the dashboard of your buffer account, you’ll get an option on the left to connect more accounts- and Pinterest will already be on display. Just click here- and the rest will be managed by Buffer itself!

    Social Hackettees

    Social Hackettees

    Last but not the least, here is another automation tool that comes with various modules and features to increase your Pinterest and presence. They offer one single package termed ‘Pinterest Growth’ that costs $29,99/month.

    Also, you can get a 3-day trial at no cost to authenticate their services for yourself. Within this plan, you will get as many as 300-1000 followers along with unlimited engagement. Moreover, they provide 24/7 support through an extensive team of representatives.

    Other features to use include fan interaction as well as keyword research tools. After you work with them- you shall see an immediate increase in brand awareness and improved web traffic.

    Further, they shall employ a Pinterest specialist just for your specific needs. Hence, things like liking, following, and commenting will be managed by someone else on your behalf.

    Auto Social Bots

    Auto Social Bots

    Auto Social Bot happens to be the creator of ASB Pinterest Bot. This is a cross-media automotive tool with certain services turning out to be rather expensive. However, the Pinterest bot in itself should be easier to afford. To start with, the ASB Pinterest Bot helps you manage multiple accounts in one single place. The ASB software shall also let you access the multi-thread HTTP requests. The processing speed that they offer is the highest among other competitors and quick results are guaranteed.  There are more than 20 Pinterest features that the bot lets you manage.

    The first plan that you can make use of is the ASB Pinterest bot. This starts at about $199/year. The bot comes fully featured, helps you manage unlimited accounts. Moreover, the package also promised 24×7 support along with multiple device usage. There is also the ASB Pinterest bot for $399 that comes with an unlimited time guarantee. It has all the features mentioned previously, along with highlights including auto-follow, unfollow, posts scheduling, auto pin, auto repin, and a lot more.

    Final Words:

    In the future, the popular usage of Pinterest is only going to increase. With people from all ethnicities, age groups, and varied interests joining the app- you will have access to an audience that is not available anywhere else.

    However, with every popular social media site, you also get massive competition in the market. Therefore, if you would like to increase your presence and actually be seen by people who matter on Pinterest, then you should consider using one of the Pinterest bots mentioned above! All of them have different features, packages, and prices to offer- so be sure to check the article and choose one that fits all your requirements.

    30 Famous Photographers to Follow on Instagram


    Instagram is the most prominent social media platform that runs on basis of visual captivation and graphics. There used to be a time when there was zero incorporation of audios within the app- and all content was judged based on its visual appeal. Therefore, it is no wonder that the app became the hub and nest of many photographers who were looking for a global outlet to display their works.

    There are many famous photographers on Instagram today who are also considered professional aces within their niche. In this list, we have put together a list of the best photography accounts on Instagram. If you are looking for photographers to follow on Instagram for daily inspiration or to appease your visual desires, then you should have a look below.

    Top Photographers on Instagram:

    Lindsay Adler

    Lindsay Adler - Famous photographers

    Lindsay Adler is a photographer based in New York City, America. She dabbles in fashion, beauty, as well as portrait photography and can easily be considered one of the best photographers on Instagram. You will find breathtaking masterpieces spread all over her Instagram page, and once you are on her profile, it’ll be hard to get off the app.

    Also, she runs a highly successful YouTube channel where she posts clips from her most popular photoshoots. Other than this, she also posts tutorial videos on both apps for photographers trying to improve their skills. She is highly skilled in portrait photography and often gives lessons for the same. She is perfect if you are looking for famous photographers to learn from.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Chris Burkard

    Chris Burkard

    Chris Burkard is a highly famous landscape photographer from America, with a staggering fan following of 3.6 million on Instagram. His Instagram is filled with stunning photos from all across the country and the world that’ll instantly leave you mesmerized. Burkard shoots all his photos in the style of a photo journal, giving them a unique appeal that is difficult to find anywhere else.

    Perhaps this is the reason that he has the most diverse communities following his content on Instagram. Other than this, Chis Burkard is a big fan of action sports and water sports. Hence, a lot of his content is based around these two subjects as well. He is one of our most exciting famous photographers to follow.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Jimmy Chin

    Jimmy Chin

    Jimmy Chin is a photographer who works for National Geographic. Before his employment with National Geographic, Jimmy was already carrying out his hobby proficiently. His earlier posts are just as good as his recent ones- and once you view his work, it will become obvious why National Geographic hired Chin as one of their prime photographers.

    Jimmy is one of the top Instagram photographers who deal in landscape photography– so if you are looking for posts under this topic, then he might be your best bet. Chin officially started photography in 1999. However, it was only after people noticed him as part of the National Geographic Family that he began to increase his fan following massively.


    Eva Kosmas Flores

    Eva Kosmas Flores - Famous photographers

    Eva Kosmas Flores is not only one of the most famous photographers today, but also a blogger, and recipe maker. With the description given here, you can guess the kind of content you will find most frequently on her page. However, when you visit her profile, you will be surprised by the wide variety of material you shall find. From knitting, beekeeping, and home design to gardening, food photography, and animal photography- her page contains an array of items for your eyes to feast on.

    On her youtube page, you shall also find various tutorials- mostly related to cooking. She also runs her website where she frequently posts a lot of informative content on tasteful living.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Dylan Furst

    Dylan Furst - Famous photographers

    Dylan Furst is a unique landscape photographer whose clicks are known for their surreal quality and unearthly aesthetic. Once you visit his page, you will find yourself transported into another dimension- where the Earth has been captured at its most exquisite and rare moments. This is one of the prime reasons he is among the top Instagram photographers today.

    It is a word somewhere between a ‘dream and a nightmare- as he describes in his bio. He has a total of 1.1 million followers on Instagram and although he doesn’t run an official YouTube channel, there are many YouTube videos created by other photographers, teaching people how they can click pictures similar to Dylan Furst. The man is something of a role model today!


    David Guttenfelder

    David Guttenfelder - Famous photographers

    David Guttenfelder is one of the most well-known documentary photographers from National Geographic. Among the most respected photographers in this genre, Guttenfelder has been an inspiration for many documentary creators around the world. He also worked as the chief Asia photographer for the Associated Press. Clearly, he is more than just a simple name among our famous photographers list.

    At that time, he stayed in North Korea from 2011- to 2014. Therefore, his photography is a glimpse into his rare, adventurous life- the kind of life very few people get to live. He believes that Instagram is a platform where photographers can communicate with the world, and he makes sure his pictures always hold high meaning.


    David LaChapelle

    David LaChapelle is a commercial photographer who can always be spotted working with some of the top names in America. From singers, artists, and actors to humanitarian organizations and radical individuals- he has the in on everyone who is making a buzz in the country.

    He is a fine art photographer and his Instagram account is filled with staggering, colorful, and impactful clicks that leave an indelible impression on your mind. LaChapelle is one of the top instagram photographers in demand today. Highly insightful, his work is filled with many historical and Biblical references.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Steve McCurry

    Steve McCurry is not just one of the most famous photographers on Instagram. McCurry is one of the most legendary figures in his field and perhaps the most experienced and learned name we have mentioned so far. Considered one of the best photographers we have today- his Instagram account reaches with cultural, political, social, and immensely moving pictures.

    Every place, every face, and every scene he captures contains a deep story that resonates with you merely through colors, contrasts, and innocent expressions. McCurry states in his bio that he deals with ancient traditions, conflicts, and culture with a kind human touch. Of course, he is one of the top Instagram photographers we have, but he’s also a highly thoughtful and learned personality.


    Paul Nicklen

    Paul Nicklen is among the most popular and the most esteemed wildlife photographers that Earth holds today. There are numerous YouTube videos that people have created on him, his journey, and his views on life and photography. He has a whopping 7.2 million followers on Instagram and is often looked upon by young, aspiring photographers as a guide and role model.

    He brings out the wildest and the most tender moments from the animal world in the most touching manner. His pictures are raw, realistic, and saturating with technical expertise that very few people have.


    Joann Pai

    Joann Pai is a food and travel photographer who is currently based in Paris. An adventurous, wandering soul- she documents intricate moments of her life as she journeys all across the world. Her Instagram profile will serve the world to you on a beautiful platter with sights from India, Lisbon, Ireland, and countless other places.

    We are sure that once you go through her posts and the stories she tells with them, you will want to get on the next plane to wherever so you may see and feel the wonders of the world yourself. With her editorial style of photography, Joann Pai can teach anyone how to see through their hearts.


    Kael Rebick

    Kael Rebick is another famous landscape photographer on Instagram that you should consider following. Mostly her click consists of pictures of various cities and towns- particularly architectural landscapes. She often captures places during the most defining times and moments of different seasons to mix in natural elements with urban ones.

    Her Instagram highlights are also divided according to various seasons as well as the different cities that she captured. She also runs an online ‘print shop’ that you can find mentioned on her Instagram bio. Her main purpose has always been to capture the essence of a time and place, and there is so much we can learn from her in terms of photography.


    Brooke Shaden

    Brooke Shaden describes herself as an artist and a speaker. When you go through her Instagram page, you might be led to believe that every picture you see is actually a vintage painting brushed down by an unknown legend during the French Renaissance. However, these are actually clicked snaps that Brooke tweaks digitally to give them a different air.

    Easily one of the most unique fine arts photographers on Instagram- her page is definitely worth following. Her photos always combine elements of dark moods and ethereal beauty, the likes of which can’t be found anywhere else. If you are into creative photography and would like to curate some amazing Instagram art, then this is the perfect account for you.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Mario Testino

    If you are even slightly interested in top-class fashion and everything that revolves around it- then you must have heard of Mario Testino. He is among the most renowned and sought-after portrait and fashion photographers in the world today. He has worked with some of the most important figures in Hollywood including Robert Downey Jr., Brad Pitt, Emma Stone, and Penelope Cruz.

    You might think this is all but the man has also collaborated with legendary sportsmen, musicians, and many other figures who have defined the present pop culture. His pictures are very humane and far from sensational- so if you want a rare glimpse into the starry world, then do follow him.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Michael Yamashita

    Another one of our most important mentions in this list- Michael Yamashita is definitely one of the most defining photographers, thinkers, and authors of our age. Among other titles, Michael is also known as an extraordinary keynote speaker and workshop leader. He often shoots for National Geographic and maintains his personal photography account on Instagram.

    The photos he clicks are marked with vivid colors and naturalistic qualities that present an unfiltered world to you. His photography is very intellectual in nature and always has a message to send out to the world. Of course, it always retains its beautiful and attractive quality.


    Laura Zalenga

    Laura Zalenga is another important creative photographer that you will find on this list. She is a very unique and rare individual, and her thoughts always have an ethereal and dreamlike quality. Her photography is similar in nature- always very mild, serene, and tranquil, but quietly implying underlying violence that the eyes can’t see but the heart can feel.

    You can find her speaking on varied subjects on her YouTube channel, maintaining her seemingly unreachable aura throughout. If you are looking for something extraordinary, out of the world, and quaintly beautiful- then be sure to check her out.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Peter McKinnon

    Back in 2019, Peter McKinnon won the shorty award for the breakout YouTuber of the year. He primarily posted content related to photography and his own journey as a photographer- a trend he has continued to date. Peter hails from Canada and dabbles in various sports, arts, and activities, always making sure that people are able to see the world through his lens.

    McKinnon is also an acclaimed videographer and you can view his content on YouTube. He often offers various editing tutorials and offers various tips and tricks to help aspiring photographers. If you are looking to learn photography via Instagram- then make sure you follow him.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Murad Osmann

    Murad Ossman has over 3 million followers on Instagram and is definitely one of the cleanest photographers on the app today. His snaps might appear ordinary at face value, but wait until you hear the story behind them. He is most widely known for his ‘follow me’ photography, where he takes people to different countries and cities that he visits and presents different snaps from the same.

    If you are looking for some of the most scenic pictures from across the globe- then Osmann should definitely be on your list. Moreover, the man has a gift for turning the most ordinary scenes into visually memorable art pieces that make him a class apart.


    Jared Polin

    Now Jared Polin, unlike many others we have mentioned on this list- is not a solo show. He works with an extensive team of technicians, photographers, editors, and directors of photography to bring to you the real world of professional photographers. When you check out his Instagram page, you will find that it is markedly different than everything we have mentioned so far.

    However, just go through his posts and captions and you will find that there is not a single snap in his profile that doesn’t explain something about photography and its world. He is among the most sought-after photographers in the world today- and he tells you what you can do to reach a similar position.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Kai W

    Kai W has one of the most followed YouTube channels and Instagram profiles. His followers mainly consist of young photographers and beginners in the field of photography. His posts are filled with informative content on camera gears, technical equipment, as well as information on settings, editing, etc.

    Other than this insightful material, you will also find many amazing snaps that the experienced man has clicked himself. All of them have a unique quality and a story of their own. Very passionate about his vocation, Kai can really teach you a lot not only about photography but about passion and devotion.

    Instagram / YouTube

    James Popsys

    Just quickly open up James’s Instagram page and you will know why this amazing artist is on our list here. A personal favorite of mine, this photographer captures the world in a very subtle and mild manner- bringing profound tranquility and stillness to every scene he captures. He keeps a very calculated contrast in all his photos and brings out playful, cheerful colors to what otherwise might seem gloomy.

    There is no hint of extremity in his photos and yet they leave a deep impression on your mind. If you want to learn how to capture soulful moments with such effortlessness, then you can also view his amazing YouTube tutorials.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Adam Gibbs

    Another mastermind in the field of photography- you simply cannot miss out on the learnings and showcasing of Adam Gibbs. His pictures have an eerie and haunted quality that is quite unique in itself. However, every snap you come across is irresistible and you will find yourself clicking the like button way too often.

    The best part about him is that he is very particular about handing down his legacy and learnings to anyone interested. His YouTube tutorials are very detailed and can help any photographer- beginner or expert. Perhaps, if you have liked the aesthetic quality of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, then this is the man to look upon.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Micael Widell

    Micael Widell will be of particular interest to anyone who simply cannot view the world without thinking of how it would look like a printed photograph. He is the man who carries his camera wherever he goes and clicks everything that catches his fancy. He is not a landscape or portrait photographer.

    Micael Widell has his unique style of photography, called ‘macro photography’ that might remind you of old postcards or pictorial stamp cards. Usually, he captures single items- a bird, a flower, a honeybee, a flowing tap, or a moth. Sounds interesting? Well, you might want to check his YouTube channel, if you wish to follow up on his style.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Eric Rossi

    Eric Rossi, often recognized as “the guy with an eye” is a five-time Emmy award winner. He specializes particularly in street photography and is a highly creative wedding photographer. He has worked for many big productions including Shark Tank, The Apprentice, and so on. You can find his personality all over his photos and videos.

    Very individualistic about his work- he brings an unseen X-factor into everything he does. On his YouTube channel, he will often give you a glimpse of behind the scenes of big events and photoshoots. You can also view his work on his official website- which has perhaps the biggest masterpieces he has ever clicked.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Thomas Heaton

    When you look at the world through the eyes of Thomas Heaton, you will never want to take off that lens again. Traditionally, he is a landscape photographer- but he dabbles in various other genres as well. He has over 500 thousand followers on Instagram, but honestly, he deserves so many more.

    His pictures combine many emotions together- loud colors, dark moods, chaos, and stillness- all come together in one tiny frame. I personally love his vlogs where he shares his journey and the shooting of many of his pictures. He can help you grow as an artist, a person, and a thinker-so do-follow.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Joe Allam

    Born in London and based in Tokyo- Joe Allan is another man who has a rare, unfound way of seeing settings within this world. He is a street photographer and runs a very successful YouTube channel. Looking at his Instagram account, one begins to think that they are perhaps in a Neo-Noir movie.

    He captures neon lights and signs, candid photos of people sharing moments, crowded streets, and tall inhumane buildings. In his YouTube channel, he consistently updates content related to photography instruction. A traveler by heart, his Instagram is filled with scenes from London, Malaysia, Malta, the USA, Japan, Hong Kong, and many other places.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Brendan Van Son

    Brendan Van Son is a landscape photographer, but of course, he doesn’t stick to any one label. His Instagram account is one of the richest photography accounts that I have come across. With over 2400 posts- there is so much he has left for us here to discover. A travel photographer as well, Brendan rarely puts down his camera when he is out discovering the world.

    He has a great YouTube channel with playlists from every place that he visits. He has it divided into sections- where some give photography advice, others are his personal vlogs, and others just capture the world!

    Instagram / YouTube

    Jason Vong 

    Of course, Jason Vong is a great photographer! But, cutting to the chase, he is the best photography instructor that you will find online. He does share the snaps he clicks, but his page is more of a photography newsletter. He will give you updates on the trendy, cutting-edge, and revolutionary gears and equipment that are creating waves in the photography world.

    Hence, if you want someone who not only shares their art but really guides you through the process- then Jason Vong is your guy.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Christopher Burress

    I really like Christopher Burress because of his bold experimentation with photography and its traditional styles. A technical expert- he often fiddles with and mixes different lenses, gimbals, and mounts to create photographs that suit his unique style.

    From cheap CCTV lenses to the most advanced launches- he shares what he experiences through his experimentation via his social media posts. You can follow his amazing YouTube channel for his personal adventures and interesting photography style. 

    Instagram / YouTube

    Julia Trotti

    Julia Trotti is one of the best portrait photographers on Instagram and YouTube. She often talks a lot about fashion, the beauty of portrait style photography, as well as the nuanced editing involved in the same. She distinguishes her style and brings out the little details one has to take care of when dealing with scenes, faces, textures, colors, and moods. 

    Instagram / YouTube

    Dan Watson

    Dan’s page on Instagram is called learning cameras. As is obvious, he is a photography instructor and a great professional who has earned great admiration from his fans. Ironically enough, you will find a lot of snaps of his own cameras in his profile! Gadgets, cars, and machines- the man captures a very rarely talked about topic in his photos.

    Instagram / YouTube


    Photography can be immensely liberating and therapeutic for many people. It is an art form that has taken over the world today. Moreover, it is a very liberal and subtle form of expression and communication that captures our senses and imagination like nothing else. In this list, we have mentioned some highly reputed and very diverse photographers that might catch your fancy.

    From portrait and landscape photographers to macro, wildlife, and street photographers- there is a lot to be learned from the list above. Make sure that you are thorough with it- and if you feel we’ve missed out on something important, please do leave a comment below. Happy Snapping!

    12 Best Instagram Spy Apps for Free (2022)

    There is an immense amount of unregulated content that is shared online every minute. While we might want to believe that people only come across good, soulful content, we know that is a near-impossible utopian idea. The material shared online can often prove to be offensive, deeply disturbing, ignorant, or misinforming. 

    As things stand today- Instagram is the hub of sharing digital information among adults and youth. More importantly, it is also being actively used by our children who are still in the process of forming opinions about the world. Now, we know that every person has a right to choose what it is they wish to see and not see. However, as guardians and experienced individuals, there is a lot we can contribute towards people’s growth- if we know what information they are absorbing. 

    Without getting into the reason why you might need Instagram spy apps- we just want to let you know that yes, there are some amazing Instagram spy apps that you can use to find out if your loved ones are being exposed to malicious content. 

    Top Instagram Spy Apps:


    Glassgram - Best Instagram Spy Apps

    Glassagram is one of the most modern Instagram spy apps that has been developed all these years. They are a highly modern app and use some of the most sophisticated tools to get ethical access to a person’s Instagram stream. This software will give you the complete freedom to look at any possible Instagram profile with complete anonymity. The installation process of the app is very quick. Other than this, there are many features that you won’t be able to access without paying for them. However, you have the freedom to check these features for free- and then buy them later on. 

    The app can be set up in about 5 minutes, requiring minimal entries from your side. You will have to open the notifications and you will be updated with any activity every five minutes. This way, you will be able to keep a better check on what your children are watching and protect them from toxic material. There are many features you can avail of- including the anonymous story viewer, post viewer, comments viewer, and a lot more.


    MSpy - Best Instagram Spy Apps

    MSpy is one of the most recommended Instagram spy apps that you will come across online. If you haven’t already heard of them- you are not doing the right research. The app works best for people who are trying to get access to other accounts’ direct messaging information. Altogether, it is a wonderful app to regulate the information your wards or loved ones are seeing and keep them protected. Many features come with this app. These include SMS information, phone call information, social media access, and even GPS tracking.

    They have a very simple and easy-to-understand control panel. It is through this control panel that you will be able to access the Instagram information of the target account. The best part about this app is that it is compatible with both iOS and Android! Also, there is a free online checker provided by the company to see if the app is compatible with your phone.


    UMobix - Best Instagram Spy Apps

    UMobix is a great app that can help you get into both Facebook and Instagram accounts. This app goes one step further and even allows you to manage other people’s social media settings and tweak their feed according to what you think they should be seeing. This is one of the most trustworthy phone tracking apps that you will come across. After you have this app you will be able to manage almost everything on your child’s phone.

    Some of the other apps you can control other than Instagram include- Kik, telegram, Facebook, Google Hangouts, Skype, WhatsApp, and a lot more.  Many features come along with this app. These include a call manager, message tracker, social media tracker, GPS location tool, and a key logger that will provide you access to different passwords used by your target account.


    Hoverwatch - Best Instagram Spy Apps

    Hoverwatch is another great choice that you can rely upon for proper Instagram spying. It is one of those rare Instagram spy apps that have been mentioned in some of the most reputed websites. Hoverwatch has gotten some amazing reviews and feedback from its clients- and we are sure that you will soon turn into their loyal customers too. This also works as an all-in-one mobile tracker. With the app, you will be able to track SMS, camera, call audio and history, WhatsApp history, internet activity, Instagram, Skype, and a lot more.

    The most important feature of this app is that it allows you to maintain complete anonymity. The infested app within the target phone remains undiscoverable, completely discreet, and continues to provide top-quality information. Moreover, the app covers messages, texts, calls, and other activities from all social media apps on the target phone.



    Spyzie is another one of our favorite Instagram spy apps that have recently made it onto this list. Although this app is relatively new it has become the fastest-growing service in this niche. It sees hundreds of downloads daily and always brings out great results. The basic features like message monitoring and location tracker are naturally available on the app. At the same time, it also gives you access to contacts, WhatsApp monitoring, browser history, as well as access to call logs.

    The app is compatible with many social media and interactive apps. These include Tumblr, Skype, Telegram, POF, Facebook, LINE, WeChat, Viber, QQ, Snapchat, and a lot more. Going one step further, the app is also able to give you information on every activity associated with the sim card of the target person. The pricing is another catch since it is highly affordable. To start with- you can get the premium android plan for $9.99 per month.



    Now, when it comes to a subtle Instagram spy app- then FlexiSpy has to be your first choice. This is the most discreet and meticulous app that we landed across. The thing about this app is that it works based on software that cannot be found anywhere else. They have worked on it for years and given it considerable thought and hard work, so that it may be as near perfect as possible. Among digital spies- FlexiSpy has outdone itself and we won’t be surprised if it soon outranks its competitors. 

    Another great thing that you might want to note about this app is that not only will it help you track activities going on within cell phones but also activities carried out on desktops. The app is perfect for parental control as well as employee monitoring. This means that there are options within the app that let you access multiple devices.



    If you want a simple app that gives you access to someone’s Instagram password- then this is the perfect fit for you. Of course, like other tracking apps – this one will also let you manage and see what is going on in the target phone. It also has affiliations with multiple apps, giving you much better control and insights. Their most valued features include message monitoring and location tracking. Under the former, you can access apps including Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Viber. You can also track the web history of your child.

    Again, you can also manage location tracking with the help of this app. There are options including GPS, WiFi tracking, as well as Sim Card tracking that will be made available to you by this app for live location tracking. This app also allows you to check the incoming and outgoing calls, durations, their time, etc.

    Mobile Spy


    Mobile spy is a child monitoring app that gives you access to numerous activities going on on your child’s phone. Among many other things, it is also one of the best Instagram spy apps that you will come across. You will need physical access to your child’s phone and will have to install the software on the target device first. The app will remain invisible to your child and you will still have access to their homepage visits, social media, information from the apps used, their location, and a lot more. 

    It will take you less than 30 seconds for you to get the app installed without getting suspected. The company also ensures maximum means of data security. Hence, any information that you put in or acquire will not be leaked out or made known to third parties. 



    iSpyoo is also one of the best Instagram spy apps that we have on this list. However, the app is best suited for smartphone monitoring and won’t work for desktop monitoring. To use the app, you will first have to sign up and register yourself with the company. It is one of the most frequently used apps for the child as well as employee tracking. The features you should be looking out for include things like the message and call tracking, GPS location, social media activity tracker, photo access, etc. 

    In case you would like to check the functioning of the app, you can use the first 48 hours free of cost. However, you will have to pay the registration amount, and that is non-refundable. In case you have any queries you can visit their official website and directly put in your questions on the live chatbox. The standard pack starts at $16.99 monthly and lets you track 3 devices.



    This is another app that has it all figured out when it comes to social media tracking. It is a highly cheap Instagram spy app that comes with the basic functions necessary to track the digital information circulating in your target phone. With the help of this app, you will be able to monitor calls, SMS, and location. Other than this, you will have access to Whatsapp, Snapchat, as well as Facebook. It is the perfect app for people working on different devices including android, windows, IOS, as well as MAC.

    Other features include monitoring emails, apps including Viber, line, skype, and even Kik. Also, it comes with location-tracking features in case that is something you are looking for. Keylogging is also provided within the app- which is perhaps the most important feature you should be looking out for. To make it even better, the app also records surrounding sounds.

    Spymaster Pro

    Spymaster Pro

    This is a very fresh entry in the list of Instagram spy apps. Regardless, they have been making fast progress and are considered a tough rival within their niche. This app will allow you to track numerous mobile activities. These include call listening, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and even Tinder.

    As you might suspect, you can also track a person’s location, their call logs, their messaging history, as well as their web browser history. Hence if you are looking for an all-in-one package, then this app will be perfect. There are three different plans to pick from- all of which are highly affordable. The first plan starts at about $5, which is the lowest cost we have seen so far.



    Lastly, we have iKeyMonitor, an easy-to-use and powerful all-in-one tracking app for both iPhone and Android devices. Whether you want to track someone’s Instagram or WhatsApp, Telegram, Snapchat, etc., you can do it all using this app. Apart from this, it also offers various comprehensive tracking and phone control features such as call recording, GPS tracking, app blocker, and the list goes on and on.

    Using its Instagram spy feature, you can not only monitor incoming and outgoing Instagram messages but also have screenshots of those chats and shared media. You can also monitor your target’s keystrokes typed in Instagram. We would suggest you start with its free trial and, if satisfied, go for its paid plans.

    Final Words:

    The ethical use of Instagram spy apps has often been questioned by many people. However, as we become more familiar with the internet and the adverse effect it has on our lives, we do conclude that basic monitoring and regulation of web access becomes essential at one point. This point cannot be stressed enough when it comes to the protection of our children and young teens.

    Cyberbullying, Cyber-theft, protection from hackers, and misleading information- there are various reasons why an Instagram spy app has become so essential today. In case you have any comments or queries about the article above, make sure you leave your response below!

    20 Best Social Media Case Studies


    everal things to take into consideration while developing a plan include analyzing your company’s statistics, customer behavior, and researching for social media case studies where organizations used diverse techniques to get positive outcomes. Benchmarking against your competing businesses or drawing inspiration from them is often a wise decision, though it’s interesting to look at successful tales from the leading companies around nowadays.

    In this article, we’ll go through the 20 best social media case studies that thrived and aided companies to get global recognition by generating a lot of involvement from their audiences.

    Wanna talk about it? – Netflix

    In 2020, most of the social media advertising will be focused on the coronavirus outbreak that has ground the globe to a halt. Netflix uses social media to aid individuals and interact with their viewers more substantially during a difficult scenario like the continuing epidemic. They started Instagram Live sessions wherein individuals can ask questions and discuss their difficulties with mental health specialists.

    In the long term, interacting with consumers in such a private way is beneficial to any company, as they will remain, devoted clients, long after the crisis has gone. This is a wonderful method for increasing client loyalty and company image while also being friendly. Everyone, including your consumers, is going through a difficult period right now.

    As a result, initiate meaningful dialogues with your consumers and strengthen consumer connections to build long-term loyalty. A talk program, a streaming Q&A, or even a dialogue about a social media thread might all be examples. The idea is to establish a two-way dialogue with your audience.

    HBR (Harvard Business Review)

    During this crisis, HBR employed a strategy similar to that of many other brands. They provided free access to materials that might assist people in dealing with the coronavirus outbreak. They leveraged social media to publicize this deal and drive people to their website through their social media profiles. This is an excellent technique to acquire new consumers and familiarise them with your platform.

    Once they’ve signed up, the brand may persuade them to subscribe to their plans to have access to additional resources. This applies to media and publication businesses that provide paid content and is comparable to the “free trial” concept. You may, however, mimic this strategy for product-based enterprises by attracting clients with freebies and then pushing additional things to them.


    The coronavirus problem has afflicted the globe since the beginning of the year, therefore many social media branding concepts for 2020 focus around it. This is another example of how businesses are responding to the crisis by employing social media marketing strategies. HBO, in this case, exploited a renowned show to entice more customers to show up for their trial version.

    And, because people are remaining indoors to prevent the illness from spreading, they have had more hours to binge-watch. People have the leisure and want to test out new streaming services, hence the timing of this campaign is ideal. And the bonus of seeing a popular, star-studded performance just adds to the value of the deal. 

    Free trials, since we all know, frequently lead to sales as individuals become acclimated to utilizing a specific service. If you provide a product or service that you can give free trials for, make use of it to entice your followers on social media to test it out. Use sponsored marketing and hashtags to promote free trials if you want to attract individuals outside your followers.

    #WheresWellington – Daniel Wellington

    Daniel Wellington is indeed a company that has figured out how to use user-generated content (UGC) in even their own social media activity. They often publish photos of their clients enjoying Daniel Wellington timepieces and urge them to upload more to be featured. They recently changed up their social media marketing approach by publishing photos of gorgeous places and encouraging people to identify where they were shot.

    They’re still doing what they’ve always done, which is simply reposting photos captured by their customer base. They have, however, introduced a gamification aspect by turning it into an interesting prediction game. This tactic resulted in a larger level of interaction on their postings than usual, as individuals commented on the photographs with their responses.

    Staying Active and #WeAccept

    It was one of the companies most hit by the coronavirus outbreak, yet it’s still making progress on social media. The hotel and tourism business has felt the sting of it at a period when most nations have halted travel and transit. No one is making new reservations, and accommodations are as desolate as the roads of the countries impacted.

    Despite this, Airbnb found a method to be proactive on social media while still assisting with the present issue. The United States has prohibited travel to several Muslim-majority nations. Consequently, Airbnb has the opportunity to produce a social media case study.  On Facebook, Twitter, Insta, and YouTube, this effective campaign had over 87 million hits.

    It found a means to keep its company functioning while simultaneously boosting its brand image by providing free or subsidized housing to COVID19 responders. The essential lesson here is not that other hotels must consider doing the same thing. Even if your professional activities have ceased, the takeaway here is to continue active on Facebook and find methods to stay relevant.

    Although your operations have ceased does not imply you can’t participate on social media. Now is the greatest moment to use social media to interact with your audience and build strong consumer connections. Whenever your operations are back up and running, this will pay off.

    #ShotOnIphone – Apple

    Whenever it comes to advertising and marketing, Apple is undeniably fast and efficient. Its case studies are at the forefront of the industry. Millions of photos and videos have been uploaded on social media sites as a result of its social media case study. It demonstrates that individuals do not require additional cameras to snap photographs or movies when they carry personal iPhones with them.

    Not just the general population, but even well-known artists and bands like Florence+The Machine and Selena Gomez, are fans of this promotion. Many singers have utilized an iPhone to take their video clips, and others have taken an iPhone on major worldwide performance tours.

     This project has been promoted throughout all social media channels. However, because Instagram is primarily about capturing photographs and videos, hashtags are more frequent there. If you merely look through your Instagram feed, you’ll see several photos with the tag #shotoniphone, indicating that this social media campaign has gone viral.

    Saturday Night Seder – BuzzFeed Tasty

    Nowadays, live broadcasts are all the rage because they allow individuals to communicate online while practicing social distance in real life. To interact with their audiences, several firms are adopting live videos. BuzzFeed Tasty, on the other hand, went this strategy a step further by turning it into a full-fledged charity event.

    They asked several singers, entertainers, and other celebs to perform live to raise donations for those afflicted by the coronavirus outbreak. Not only that, but they also marketed the event across many media and concurrently broadcast it on YouTube and Facebook. This was a one-stop-shop for live videos, cause-based branding, and cross-channel advertising.

    If you haven’t already, now is a fantastic moment to commence using live videos. Choose a platform with a huge following and engage them through live videos in which you invite industry influencers and professionals.


    Amazon simply responded to customers’ brand-related posts or tweets and shared them across various social media channels. For example, in the preceding example, they responded to a comment on Instagram by publishing the response in the caption. The use of comedy and cross-channel promotion are combined in this social media marketing strategy.

    Moreover, when a company responds to their opinions and postings in such a visible way, it makes individuals feel special. This is a plan that any company in any sector may apply. To watch your company references and locate talks about your business, all you have to do is employ social media listening. Then, come up with humorous responses to select from them and share them on social media.

     To begin, you don’t need to produce social media material from scratch because you may use user-generated content (UGC). Furthermore, it motivates more consumers to share their experiences with your company to be included on your page. Finally, it keeps your customers interested in your brand and links to it.

    Really Friends? – Nescafe

    You may not be quite as active on Facebook as you once were. Based on your intended audience, Facebook might still be a strong medium for your social network marketing. Friends on Facebook can be from our youth, the neighborhood where we used to reside 2-3 years ago, a friend group with whom we are no longer in contact, and so on.

    As we scroll down our Facebook stream, we may not feel as connected to some of our old acquaintances as we once did. Everyone, regardless of age, experiences the very same sensation occasionally now and then. In light of this, Nescafé France conducted an effective social media case study using Facebook, their most popular platform.

    The best men can be – Gilette

    This is another outstanding demonstration of a promotional campaign that leverages social concerns and a strong message to pique interest and encourage participation. Gilette’s “The Best Men Can Be” ad aimed to debunk assumptions about what men “should” be like. Culture has certain assumptions on males in terms of how they should act and think.

    Gilette recorded a clip for their Youtube page that defied preconceptions and demonstrated what guys are capable of. This video was also posted on Twitter, where it received millions of likes and tweets since it was something that many could connect to. The most effective social media advertisements strike a chord with their target demographic, and this video achieved just that. In this example, the target audience was guys, and the film was warmly received since it helped to overcome prejudices.

    Fortnite Trivia Challenge – Houseparty

    Houseparty is among the numerous sites that have grown in popularity as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, as individuals seek new ways to pass the time and interact with others. It’s a video-calling platform where consumers may play games and communicate with their friends. They just released a Fortnite trivia challenge for its subscribers in conjunction with Fortnite.

    They utilized social media to issue a challenge, requiring Houseparty users to obtain 20 million correct trivia answers to receive a Fortnite award. This challenge will entice Fortnite players to perform the trivia game on the Houseparty app. In addition, because it has access to Houseparty’s audience, it promotes Fortnite.

    Gamers will, of course, can participate in an entertaining trivia game and earn rewards in Fortnite. Not only does this promote either side but also this situation could be useful for your brand as well. By collaborating with a brand that is complimentary or linked to your own, you could turn this into great attainment.

    Create a mutually advantageous promotion that offers you accessibility to each other’s social media following. You may also team up with other influencers in your industry to create collaborative competitions, freebies, and promotions.

    #YourArmyNeedsYou – British Army

    The 2019 recruiting drive for the British Army is an excellent instance of targeting the correct demographic with the right message. They planned to use their Twitter campaign to target millennials and persuade them to join the army. To accomplish so, they chose to debunk all cultural prejudices about millennials and give them a positive spin.

    They would take a bad trait connected with millennials and turn it into a good trait. For instance, youngsters are known for taking a lot of selfies and have been labeled as self-obsessed, but the British Army referred to them as confident since they took so many selfies. Not only that, but they also appealed to the patriotism of these British residents, saying, Your Army Needs You, and highlighting the good attributes associated with millennials. 

    This ad was successful because it evoked good feelings in the target population. For this promotion, they also utilized two brand-specific hashtags: #YourArmyNeedsYou and #FindWhereYouBelong. They also included a hyperlink to their webpage in each article so that individuals may enroll in the program that best suited their needs.

    VBC – Zoom

    Zoom is a service that enables users to hold online meetings and video conferences from anywhere in the world. Many businesses previously utilized it for business calls, but it became even more important during the coronavirus outbreak as more individuals began working from home. At this stage, their objective was to raise brand awareness and attract as many individuals to sign up for their trial version as possible.

    The Virtual Background competition introduced by Zoom achieves both objectives. Users of Zoom must share a photo or video utilizing the virtual background feature. This is a monthly competition, with three winner entrants receiving branded things as prizes each month. Because you don’t need a subscription plan to join, this is an intriguing method to attract people to test out their website and use their services.

    This motivates individuals to join up for a free try-out if for no other reason than to enter the competition. You may use a similar method to encourage free trials by holding a competition or giveaway.

    Humor – Moonpie and Greggs

    Moonpie is indeed a cookie company that utilizes comedy to connect with its customers. The item is edible with a small number of variations. Furthermore, because new varieties aren’t released regularly, the brand doesn’t have a lot of stuff to talk about. It’s a traditional product that everyone is familiar with, and the brand’s main marketing aim is to keep their consumer interested. So, via comedy, the company discovered a new method to be engaged on social networks and stay in contact with their customers. 

    Another firm that thrives at utilizing comedy to increase consumer interaction on social media is Greggs. It is a well-known, huge bakery network in the United Kingdom that needs no introduction. As a result, their social media advertising aim as a renowned name is not brand recognition, but rather to preserve their brand reputation and involve their audience.

    They achieve this by including comedy into their tweets, which results in high levels of interaction. As a result, it’s reasonable to conclude that this is a fantastic approach for well-established businesses that don’t have a lot of material to publish on a regular basis. Although you may not have new things to sell each week or a copywriter crew to keep your page updated, you can certainly publish a new joke every day.

    #ShowUs – Dove

    Dove has always made social problems a priority in its social media marketing. These are centered on women’s empowerment, inclusiveness, diversity, and shattering beauty standards, to name a few. Dove’s marketing initiatives are mostly directed towards women because they are their primary target demographic.

    Dove’s most recent ad included images of women from many walks of life, each with their distinct talents and attributes. Accepting and loving everyone, regardless of who they are or how dissimilar they are from us, is the goal. This campaign aims to increase diversity acceptance and encourage consumers to be more accepting of those who are distinct from them. 

    The charm of this ad was that it struck a chord with women all across the world, asking them to send photos of themselves that demonstrated how they have been unique. The company amassed a database of over 5,000 images, which is continually growing. The campaign created a lot of consumer material for the brand, in addition to using a compelling social message.

    #Essielove – Essie

    Essie, a nail enamel company, is among the firms that have perfected the art of utilizing user-generated content for its social media pages. For a chance to be featured on Instagram, they urge their fans to post photos of themselves using Essie colors with the hashtag #essielove. This is a typical example of a company enlisting the help of its consumers to create content.

    They are motivated to upload their photos because they have a chance to be featured on the brand’s official Instagram account. And, of course, the brand benefits since they receive several mentions and free material to share on social media.

    Essie also announces a shade of the month, which serves as a reminder to post more images of that color. Some businesses also ask for users to mention them to be included, but hashtags are preferable since they allow you to track all of the UGC created throughout a campaign.

    #ExtraShotOfPride – Starbucks

    Starbucks is recognized for its attention-getting, engaging, and out-of-the-box social networking efforts. They ran a campaign in June 2019 to commemorate Pride Month and promote the LGBTQ community. They use colorful photos of individuals from the neighborhood to connect us to them as a component of their marketing.

    Then they invite folks to look at their Highlights/Stories to learn about these individuals’ lives. For this campaign, they employed both Instagram photos and Stories, using eye-catching visual graphics to get users to click on them. The finest thing about this advertising was that it capitalized on people’s present social mood as they celebrated Pride Month.

    People are already discussing it and sharing relevant information, so it’s a natural fit for the audience. They employed a trademarked tag #ExtraShotOfPride as well as a famous business hashtag #Pride for its postings in terms of hashtag strategy. Creating a customized hashtag encouraged consumers and workers to use it in their social media posts.

    They couldn’t have attained the necessary awareness and reach without using the popular and presently trending industry hashtag.

    Elon Musk – Tesla

    Tesla is a well-known electric vehicle manufacturer. We may not recognize the CEOs of comparable firms, but Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, is well-known across the world. Tesla’s approach to social media marketing will be a little unique from what we’ve seen in the previous examples. Elon Musk is still active on Twitter, even though he deleted his official Instagram profile with 8 million followers two years ago.

    Elon Musk posts occasional teasers on his social networks before Tesla officially announces a new merchandise launch or a service upgrade. His followers are extremely engaged, demonstrating a good social media case study for a company. Tesla doesn’t even need to engage in influencer marketing because its CEO is already a great influencer with a loyal following.

    Shares your ears – Disney

    Disney developed a social media promotion using the tag #ShareYourEars on Fb, Twitter, and Instagram to commemorate Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday. Mickey Mouse gave $5 to Make-A-Wish for every picture posted with the hashtag. Make-A-Wish is a charitable organization that grants the desires of children with life-threatening illnesses.

    Disney provided $2 million towards the group at the conclusion of the case study. With 1.77 million photographs posted and 420 million social networking impressions, this has been always one of the largest social media case studies.

    #nomakeupselfie – Cancer Research

    The “No Make Selfie” social media strategy earned an incredible £8 million for cancer research this year. Surprisingly, Cancer Research did not organize this somewhat unintentional campaign. Fionna Cunningham, an 18-year-old Facebook user, was inspired to start the page after seeing Kim Novak accept an honor at the Oscars while wearing no make-up.

    Fionna began the campaign by inviting women to submit images of themselves without makeup on Facebook to raise cancer awareness. The viral phenomena were reported on TV, radio, and internet news outlets, and the contribution code was repeated. 

    The notion of social piggybacking is at the core of most of the success. Piggybacking is the technique of extending the range of your message outside its regular limitations by leveraging a common idea or cultural Zeitgeist. Fiona’s initial campaign, for example, capitalized on the hoopla surrounding Kim Novak’s Oscar attendance to get the ball rolling.

    Cancer Research then capitalized on the #nomakeupselfie trend by creating its own campaign. The subsequent success can be traced in part to the underlying cultural context, as involvement was seen as breaking societal conventions.


    It’s one thing to analyze a social media case study; it’s quite different to comprehend and put into practice. With far too many social media networks to select from, it’s critical for marketers to figure out which one will perform best for their brand and explain their plan. The above social media case studies might provide you with an insight into how numerous organizations have reached their clientele using social media and created a significant effect.

    Yet, beyond everything, it is essential to conduct research and broaden your horizons to the newest trends, advancements, and techniques employed by other organizations that have shown to be successful.

    Top 20 Instagram Growth Services & Platforms (2022)


    Instagram growth service provides you with organic growth. It helps you gain real followers on Instagram. There are many companies that have created organic Instagram growth services with some awesome features that can help with Instagram growth and promotion. The main ideology behind these services and tools is to engage with targeted profiles in bulk in the hopes of getting back engagement and follows. We have collected a bunch of such services for you to check out.

    Best Instagram Growth Services:


    Kicksta - Best Instagram Growth Tool

    Kicksta is a popular name in the world of Instagram promotion and growth services. It is used by thousands of users to get a stable footing on Instagram. You can easily understand the popularity of Kicksta by understanding the customer base of the company. Influencers, brands, and businesses all over the world use this platform. 

    Currently, Kicksta provides services to over 100k Instagram profiles. The AI-powered technology used has been developed in-house. It has been perfected for over 5 years. Today, the technology is a beast in providing organic growth to the customers of the company.

    There are multiple plans and packages for organic growth on Instagram. You won’t get fake boosts with bot followers and computer-generated accounts. The growth you achieve will be stable. Currently, Kicksta provides three plans. The standard plan is for beginners. You don’t have to invest a lot of money to try it out. It costs $49 per month. It has some beneficial services that can show you the efficacy of this service.

    The premium plan adds a bunch of features including VIP email support, more targets, advanced targeting, blacklist, etc. It costs $99 per month. The best plan is the “boost” plan. This plan guarantees a minimum growth of 850 followers per month. You get text support, no need to login via your Instagram. This plan costs $218 per month.



    Ampfluence helps you turn up your Instagram promotion up a notch. It helps you amplify your Instagram influence, hence the name. The company does not believe in gimmicks. What you gain is completely real. No bots or computer-generated profiles are spammed to your account.

    The service provided by Ampfluence is completely human-powered. You get all the growth and boost because of the work that the team at Ampfluence does. Ampfluence has a solid understanding of Instagram. It treats each client individually. Every client is different and might have a different aim and audience.

    The company consults with clients about their niche and tries to understand the audience base. This phase is quite important as the entire outcome depends on this. Once all the info is gathered, the company starts working on your case by engaging with users that need to be targeted. All this is done to increase the visibility of the client on Instagram.

    By connecting with the right users the company can start gaining followers organically. All the strategies used by the team are safe and have been battle-tested thoroughly. This too is more on the costly side because they provide a personal touch. The starting package costs $249 per month helping gain 250+ followers organically.



    SocialSensei claims that when it comes to Instagram growth services it is the leader in the industry. It provides all the relevant services needed to boost one’s Instagram presence. This is one of the options for Instagram growth service. You get social media management using this tool, influencer marketing on Instagram, direct message campaigns, and loop giveaways. The aim is to provide all the benefits to the clients to help them stay ahead in the game.

    The company works with some of the top businesses, brands, celebrities, and influencers on Instagram. If you want to gain solid results then this tool can be beneficial. SocialSensei provides the services needed to gain thousands of followers. It says that once a profile achieves thousands of followers it becomes a trusted source of info. So, there are a lot of perks to boosting your followers on Instagram.

    The way this company provides followers to its clients is by running loop giveaways. This is done by using popular profiles on Instagram. These profiles will run giveaways and the entry criteria will be to follow a bunch of accounts. The company allows its clients to provide various information related to their niche and target audience which can help them gain relevant followers because the company ensures that the bulk of the followers comes from that niche.

    Investing around $299 per month can give you growth of 2.5k to 3k followers. There are various other services besides loop giveaways. Check them out on the site.



    You can easily guess from the name of the next entry that it is going to contain something about artificial intelligence. AiGrow is an Instagram growth service that uses technologies powered by artificial intelligence to provide its clients with Instagram growth. The idea is to create a buzz around your account and generate real Instagram followers. Besides helping clients gain followers using the AI-powered tool the company also provides services that can help with content curation. 

    AiGrow guarantees results. It wants to provide you with the best services that can give you real results organically without delivering bots. This is a platform to grow your Instagram account. Once you decide to enlist the company’s help the team here starts working on your case. Your profile is analyzed and then optimal hashtags and target accounts are researched and analyzed to find relevant users for your brand or Instagram profile.

    The company then starts engaging with these profiles. If you can engage with posts or use the follow-unfollow method to follow targeted profiles and unfollow certain accounts every month. The price starts at $169 per week for monthly support and growth. Visit the site for more plans. You can check out the content curation tools and influencer marketing services as well.


    Combin - Best Instagram Growth Tool

    If you are looking for an organic Instagram growth service then Combin is a good option. It is a tool that every marketer and influencer will benefit from. The tools are filled with features that will not only help with growth on promotion on Instagram but also help provide solutions for content planning.

    With Combin’s services, you will gain a lot of new followers. You can find, analyze and Engage with different users and grow your audience base on Instagram. If you are a marketer looking for a growth service to handle multiple clients then Combin definitely ticks that box. You can handle around 15 Instagram accounts using this tool.

    It is easy to communicate with your audience using this tool. The tool has an engagement activity automation feature that helps with engagement and interaction. You will need to analyze your growth if you want to keep tabs on how your strategy is performing. With Combin, you can keep a track of your growth by monitoring incoming and outgoing activities.

    The tool can be used to plan and schedule content as well. You can plan stories and post and schedule them on Combin and it will automatically publish the post at the scheduled time. The packages start at $15 per month for handling 1 account. However, there is a free package as well for testing the services.



    One of the sites that have helped a lot of social media users gain followers on Instagram is Nitreo. The company believes in organic growth and provides top-tier services that can help you grow on Instagram. You can get more Instagram followers using Nitireo. The company helps you expand your reach on Instagram giving you more exposure and visibility. This can be a great way to build your brand.

    It doesn’t take long to set up on this site. In a couple of minutes, you can start using the service. All the results are real and you can grow on Instagram organically. Nitreo claims that by using its services you will grow on Instagram and it will save you time and money. 

    After you have registered on the site you have to add your Instagram account. Next, provide info on the type of Instagram account it is. The next part is very important. It dictates the efficacy of the tool. You have to provide hashtags and accounts that are related to your niche and you want to target users that are relevant to these.

    Once you have finished providing targeting info Nitreo begins its work to give you the boost by engaging with your target audience on Instagram. The price starts at $49 per month.



    We have looked at a bunch of tools that directly help with Instagram growth by providing an organic Instagram growth service. But there can be other tools that can help with growth as well like analytics and research tools. Hashtags for likes is a tool that falls under this second category.

    This is a hashtag research tool that gives you various details regarding hashtags on Instagram. Using quality and targeted hashtags can help with Instagram growth because it provides more reach and exposure. Instagram has even added an extra section on the user’s feed where it shows posts not related to the accounts the users follow. 

    These posts along with a bunch of posts shown on the explore page are recommended based on the user’s activity and hashtags play an important role in that recommendation. So, using a tool like HashtagsForLikes to research hashtags so that you can find the best hashtag for your post can help it reach your target audience.

    There are two packages that you can purchase. The starting package costs $59 per month. You will be able to reach more users on Instagram by gaining more info on hashtags and you also get a dedicated growth manager. On the pro version, you get 3000 hashtag searches per month and priority support. Visit the site to know more about how this Instagram growth service works.



    SimplyGram mentions on its site that it has been rated as the number one Instagram growth service provider. Using this tool you can gain over 5k followers on Instagram per month. The company ensures organic growth. It follows the methodology of setting it and forgetting it so that you can gain quality results without having to experience any issues or go through any hassle of sorts.

    If it sounds gimmicky and unsafe then don’t worry the services that SimplyGram has created are completely safe. These services follow the terms of services of Instagram. All the services are meant for Instagram growth and have been optimized using artificial intelligence. With this tool, you will be able to target followers from your specific niche. 

    It is completely risk-free. You have to start by setting up your account on the site. Next, you have to provide various info related to your niche and target audience. This will help the company research and find the right users on Instagram for your profile. All the followers you gain will come from your niche. The company will use powerful technologies to target specific users that will be relevant to your profile.

    If you are starting out then the starting package of SimplyGram can be worth looking costs $69 per week. This package is for personal Instagram accounts who want to grow on Instagram. 



    If you have wanted an Instagram manager to help manage your profile and help you grow then this is a good choice. Instato is the Instagram manager you have wanted all this time. Using this growth service you can gain real followers on Instagram. It helps manage and schedule content on Instagram. If you are looking for a nice tool that can integrate with your content creation workflow then check this out.

    Instato starts automatic engagement on behalf of your profile so your profile can engage with targeted users so that you can gain more followers on Instagram. Using hashtags, geolocations, and targeted profiles the tool automatically engages with targeted user-profiles and posts.

    You can plan your content on this tool. If you are feeling creative on a day and want to create a bunch of content for Instagram then just do that and schedule them using Instato. The posts you schedule will get published automatically at the prescribed time. The services aren’t too complicated. They are very easy to understand and use. You will be able to engage followers and gain quality results using Instato.

    Analytics and statistics are very important for optimal results. It provides an idea about how well your promotion is going on. Instato provides statistics related to your Instagram profile. The pricing starts at $29.95 per month but there is a 3-day free trial as well.



    When you are looking for an Instagram growth service you want it to be authentic and safe. You want an organic Instagram growth service that you can use without any risk to grow your Instagram profile. IGClerk claims to be one such service. This is a completely manual growth service. If you prefer humans looking over your Instagram growth rather than bots then you can take a look at what this company has to say.

    The company is confident about its manual approach to Instagram growth and claims to know how to scale its service to suit the clients. It has kept the rate competitive to give brands, businesses, and influencers a chance to use a good service for Instagram growth.

    The service follows Instagram’s terms of service and is very safe to use. The price for packages starts at $19 per month but you are free to test it out using the free 7-day trial. You don’t have to provide any credit card to use the free trial.

    The company has helped many clients gain a bunch of followers organically on Instagram. Out of all the customers that have subscribed to their pro plan around 92.3% gained 1k followers in the first two months of using the service.

    Around 68% of these users end up gaining 10k followers in the first year itself.



    Want to grow your tribe on Instagram by adding thousands of followers that are loyal to your profile and engage with your posts then visit and check out the Instagram growth service it has in stores. The site claims that using its services you can grow on Instagram without having to keep posting hundreds of posts per month. You basically post less than 96.7% of influencers while gaining thousands of loyal and engaging followers.

    The site promises that the followers you gain will be real and engaging followers who like your content. You won’t be spammed with bots and fake followers. You don’t need to provide any access to your account for the site to do its trick and help you gain many followers. When you subscribe to a package you gain a dedicated account manager. The manager will guide you throughout the lifetime of your plan. 

    If you are ready to grow on Instagram and become an influencer then you can opt for one of their packages. The basic package costs $87 per month. It provides medium growth and a bunch of other features that can help with Instagram promotion and growth.

    There are other packages that provide highland maximum growth costing $177 per month and $312 per month respectively.



    Instamber is a growth service that provides top-tier solutions for social media growth. It claims that its solutions are unparalleled in the industry. The site provides various services that target different social media platforms. You can use Instamber to grow on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

    The services have been made such that it covers all your needs while providing comprehensive growth on social media platforms. The rates of the tools and services provided by the company have been kept low so that more people can afford quality services to gain popularity on social media platforms.

    There are four services for Instagram tools targeting specific use cases. The growth service helps you gain real followers on Instagram without having to get involved in the growth side of things. Let Instamber take care of it. The company says that one of the best ways to gain followers on Instagram is to interact with them. The company assists in engaging with target audiences on behalf of your account.

    This will help you gain real followers and boost your follower count on Instagram. The cost of the Instagram bot that automatically engages with target users costs $30 every 2 months. The direct message service costs $15 per month and the comment manager costs $10 per month. Check out the detailed descriptions of these tools on the site.



    Looking to gain real followers for Instagram then try out FollowAdder. It is a powerful organic Instagram growth service that can be downloaded to your Mac or Windows PC. You will not gain fake followers or bots, rather the SMART automation tool provides organic growth by helping clients gain real Instagram followers.

    With this service, it will become easier to grow on Instagram at a good pace. Your brand awareness will increase on Instagram. The company does all the work while you focus on your content. FollowAdder claims that you can boost your sales, web traffic, self-promotion, and brand awareness by using this tool. Brands, businesses, models, musicians, influencers, and artists have used this tool to boost their presence on Instagram.

    The targeting features of this tool are quite powerful. You can not only target various Instagram profiles but also target the followers and users that have engaged with their posts. If you want profiles with no profile pic or are private can be filtered out from the target list. The company provides features to chart, analyze and monitor your growth and progress.

    The packages start at $24 per month. You get all the relevant features and can handle 1 Instagram account. 24/7 customer support is provided to help clients in need.


    Firingtable provides services that can help grow your Instagram account organically. It suggests not buying followers directly but rather investing in its services so that you gain organic growth on Instagram. As usual, the site first works with the client in gathering all the relevant info on target users. You need to tell the company how to target the users.

    That’s basically all you need to do because the rest of the process is up to them. While you let your creativity flow through and create engaging content, Firingtable works behind the scenes to up your follower count. The company claims that when it comes to your growth on Instagram using its service there are no limits. 

    Depending on how good your content is and the growth service efficacy of the tool you can get a lot of Instagram followers. So, if you want quality organic growth visit this site. The company doesn’t want to waste your time. When you subscribe to their plans you get a complete dedication. The company promises to work 24/7 to provide the boost that your account needs.

    There are three packages to choose from. The basic package costs $29.95 per week. This package is for personal use. You can handle one account and the interaction rate is 60%. The professional package costs $49.95 and the business package costs $79.95. 

    Instagram Marketing Services

    Let’s look at a few Instagram Marketing Services as well.


    Thrive Agency is a company that provides quality social media marketing for small businesses to grow on social media. Doesn’t matter what your market capitalization is, the company will ensure you get the best services for social media growth. In the social media marketing sphere, ThriveAgency provides Social Media Management, Social Media Advertising, and Social Media Brand Management. The company has already worked with many clients and have received largely positive reviews.

    Disruptive Advertising

    Disruptive Advertising is based in Utah. It is an Inc 500 company that began in its founder’s garage. The services it provides can be categorized into PPC Management, Analytics Reporting, and Site Testing. The company has a solid understanding of the importance of social media platforms especially Facebook and Instagram. Under their Facebook Advertising services, you will find Instagram services as well. Disruptive Advertising cares about its clients. It works towards becoming their growth partner.


    If you are looking for a powerful Instagram marketing agency then one of the options you have is Assistagram. Subscribing to its services can help brands and businesses grow on Instagram. The company has a network of over 220 million Instagram users which can be used to drive sales, brand awareness, and leads. If you want to test it out then we suggest scheduling a free strategy call with the team. You will gain info on how the company can help your Instagram growth.

    Kairos Media

    Kairos Media is a creative agency that helps brands establish a solid presence on social media platforms. The founding members are young and the team has over 100 creatives who are passionate and ready to dive in and provide the best services to the clients. They use tested methods, research, analytics and combine them with creativity and art to redefine brands on social media platforms like Instagram.

    True North Social

    True North Social is a social media marketing agency that is based in Los Angeles. The aim of the company is to help clients find their True North. The company believes that the client’s success is their success so they are truly invested in helping them achieve top-quality results. It gets in touch with the clients, discusses the business and brand, and gathers all the relevant info. Then the team starts working on an approach to packaging the info indigestible and engaging pieces of content suitable for social media platforms.

    Final Words:

    So, these were some of the companies that provide services to grow your Instagram account organically. All these have starting packages. So, you can select a few and try them out to test their efficacy for your profile. We suggest you always reach out to the company directly and discuss everything before subscribing to any plans or packages. We hope you find some useful tools that can supplement your strategy in growing on Instagram.

    List of 50 Most Followed Person on Instagram in the World


    Instagram is one of the most used platforms out there. Millions of people use it daily. So, it’s no wonder that a lot of celebrities, content creators, and influencers are very active on the platform. But who is the most followed person on Instagram? If you have ever wondered about the most followed person on Instagram then you can put that wonder to rest as we bring you the list here.

    Most Followed People on Instagram:

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Cristiano Ronaldo - most followed person on instagram

    One of the most recognizable names in sports is Cristiano Ronaldo. This Portugal Footballer has achieved everything that a sportsperson or anyone can hope to achieve. His skills with the ball are second to none. So, it is not surprising to see him as the most followed person on Instagram. He has 401 million followers on Instagram. If you were wondering who is the most followed person on Instagram we hope your wonder has been satisfied.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Kylie Jenner

    Kylie Jenner - most followed person on instagram

    Kylie Jenner is a name synonymous with social media influencers. Like most of her siblings and family members, Kylie got her initial fame from the reality TV show ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’. But she quickly created a brand of her own using social media to her advantage. Today, Kylie has over 310 Million followers on Instagram. If you like fashion and the influencer lifestyle you can follow her on Instagram.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Lionel Messi

    Lionel Messi - most followed person on instagram

    The big debate – Lionel Messi or Christiano Ronaldo, Who is the best? Well, it doesn’t matter who you like, you have to agree that these two sportsmen have achieved so much because of their amazing skills with the ball. Lionel Messi is an Argentinian footballer who has been entertaining football fans all over the world for many years now. Currently, he has over 306 million followers on Instagram. You can follow him if you want to check out his life.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Dwayne Johnson

    Dwayne Johnson

    It is no surprise to see Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson so high up on the list. He has been a part of most of our childhood performing regularly in the pro wrestling show WWE. Today, The Rock is a name synonymous with hard work and passion. He is a superstar with high tenacity and a top-tier worth ethic. He is also inspirational for bodybuilders and fitness fanatics. The Rock has 296 Million followers on Instagram.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Selena Gomez

    Selena Gomez

    Selena Gomez is one of the most popular names in the pop music industry. Having achieved fame in her childhood this singer, songwriter and actress have become one of the leading artists in the world. She is very active on social media and has amassed over 296 million followers on Instagram making her the most followed person on Instagram when it comes to musicians. Check out her profile.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Ariana Grande

    Ariana Grande

    Another name that is very popular in the pop music industry is Ariana Grande’s. This doll-like artist has created some of the top bangers which have been at the top of many charts all over the world. Arian is a very talented singer. She has a four-octave vocal range which helps her deliver some of the most powerful yet melodic performances. Today, Arian has 294 million Instagram followers.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Kim Kardashian

    Kim Kardashian

    Seeing Kim Kardashian is probably not a surprise to anyone active on social media platforms. She is the OG social media queen who is one of the very early fashion influencers. Due to the popularity of the show ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, all the family members have achieved a lot of online traction. We will be seeing all the siblings on the list. Kim has 285 million followers.

    Instagram / YouTube



    Beyonce Knowles is one of the most iconic singers this generation has ever seen. Her powerful voice and unique performing style have gained her multiple Grammys and worldwide acclaim. She also understands the business side of the industry and has accumulated a net worth of hundreds of millions of dollars. Beyonce initially started as one of the singers in the girl group Destiny’s Child which is one of the best-selling and most popular girl groups of all time.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Justin Bieber

    Lionel Messi - most followed person on instagram

    Love him or hate him but you can’t deny that Justin Bieber is a talented singer. He achieved fame at a very early age which launched him into superstardom. Justin has gone through a lot throughout his career but he has come out on the top and has cemented his place in the pop music industry. He is one of the richest musicians in the world. Currently, he has 220 million followers on Instagram.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Khloe Kardashian

    Khloe Kardashian - most followed person on instagram

    Told you, we will be seeing more of the Kardashian sisters on this list. Khloe Kardashian is another fashion influencer who got traction from the show ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’. She is the youngest of the three sisters viz. Kim, Kourtney and Khloe. Currently, she has over 219 million followers on Instagram making her one of the fashionistas most followed on Instagram. If you like fashion-related posts and influencer lifestyles you should follow her.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Kendall Jenner

    Kendall Jenner is the half-sister of the Kardashians. She along with her sister Kylie are two of the top influencers on social media. Similar to the other family members Kendall got traction due to the fame of her family from the hit reality TV show detailing their lives. Kendall is one of the most popular models. She has 218 million followers on Instagram making her one of the most-followed people on Instagram.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Taylor Swift

    The pop music industry was redefined by the songs of the pop music artist Taylor Swift. She is one of the leading recording artists whose unique vocal and songwriting capabilities have touched millions of hearts all over the world. Her songs are mainly inspired by her personal life and have won her multiple Grammys for very good reasons. She has over 199 million followers on Instagram making her a popular music icon.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Jennifer Lopez

    Jennifer Lopez is an icon and one of the most successful musicians and actresses. She has been active for a long time in the music and acting industry. Her long career is marked with several achievements and accolades. She is one of the most successful Latin Americans working in the entertainment industry. Due to her popularity, JLo has over 195 million followers on Instagram making her a pop culture icon.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Virat Kohli

    Cricket is one of the most popular sports played in the Indian Subcontinent. Countries like Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, England, etc. also play this sport. Virat Kohli is an icon of modern cricket. He used to be the captain of the Indian National team. He is an insanely talented cricketer with a loyal fan following from India and abroad. Virat Kohli is the most followed person on Instagram when it comes to Asians.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Nicki Minaj

    Onika Tanya Maraj better known as Nicki Minaj is another familiar name in the pop and hip hop industry. She hails from Trinidad where she was born in 1982. Nicki’s rap flow is very unique. Her fashion sense is very bold which makes for very beautiful posts on Instagram. She is nicknamed Barbie because of the way she dresses and presents herself. She has over 174 million followers on Instagram.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Neymar Jr

    Football fans are very passionate about the teams and players they support. So, it is obvious why so many footballers are some of the most famous sportspersons and icons. Neymar Jr is one of them. This Brazilian football superstar is one of the most talented and highly skilled players in the world. He is also among the highest-paid athletes. He is currently associated with the club Paris Saint-Germain. Neymar has around 170 Million followers on Instagram.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Kourtney Kardashian

    Kourtney Kardashian is one of the sisters of the iconic trio of the Kardashian sisters. Like most of her family, Kourtney starred in the reality show ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’. She achieved fame there and soon created her brand. Like her sisters, she is an influencer and model. Her initiative Poosh is meant to help serve as a launchpad for entrepreneurs. Kourtney has 162 million followers on Instagram where she posts quite frequently.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Miley Cyrus

    The daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley Cyrus is a pop culture icon. If you have grown up watching Disney then Miley must have been a part of your childhood as she starred in the hit TV series Hannah Montana. Miley’s style of music has changed significantly over the years. Once a popular pop star, Miley is currently doing wonders in the rock genre. She has many hardcore fans and has garnered over 160 million followers on Instagram.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Katy Perry

    Katy Perry’s powerful voice and sensual songs brought her a lot of mainstream success. She used to be a Christian singer as both her parents were pastors. Growing up she wasn’t allowed to listen to pop music but knew that she was meant for different things. Katy has worked hard to get to where she is and has a huge fan base that spans multiple countries. Her music is often groovy and entertaining which follows her personality. Katy has 152 million followers on Instagram.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Kevin Hart

    Kevin Hart is a popular entertainer who got his start in the comedy scene. After becoming a successful stand-up comedian Kevin started pursuing other avenues as well including acting and entrepreneurship. Today, Kevin is a symbol of hard work and success. His work ethic is incredible and has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry. Kevin’s fans love him. He has over 136 million followers on Instagram.

    Instagram / YouTube


    Zendaya is one of the most popular actresses in the entertainment industry. She got a lot of recognition for her role in the Spiderman Movies opposite Tom Holland. Zendaya is a phenomenal actress and a great singer. She is the youngest recipient of the PrimeTime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress. It was given for her role on the TV series Euphoria. Zendaya has a huge online fan following. She has 128 million followers on Instagram.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Demi Lovato

    Demi Lovato has been in the entertainment industry since her childhood. They started their career starring in Barney and Friends. Soon they started starring in Disney Movies and shows making them quite famous at a young age. Their singing voice is very unique and powerful. Recently, they came out as a non-binary which is a gender that does not conform to either male or female identity or gender norms. Demi has 125 million followers on Instagram.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Cardi B

    Cardi B’s accent adds a different layer to her rap flow. But she didn’t always rap. She was a stripper by profession but she achieved internet fame during the Vine era and also on Instagram. Her manager at the time asked her to move to rap and that’s how her breakthrough track Bodak Yellow was recorded making her one of the most popular artists in the music industry. She has 123 million followers on Instagram.

    Instagram / YouTube


    If you are looking for the most followed person on Instagram then Rihanna is one of them. Her voice is so unique that you can easily identify her tracks. Rihanna hails from Barbados. She achieved fame in the music industry at an early age. She is one of the most beautiful singers who is also known for her fashion lines. Today, Rihanna has 121 million Instagram followers.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Ellen DeGeneres

    Ellen DeGeneres is one of the icons in the comedy scene and the talk show entertainment industry. She has had a successful career as a stand-up comedian and then as a talk show host. Ellen is one of the OGs in the talk show industry. Her show TheEllenShow is one of the most popular shows which interviews celebrities and interesting people. She currently has 114 million followers on her Instagram profile.

    Instagram / YouTube

    LeBron James

    You don’t necessarily have to be a basketball fan to know who LeBron James is. He is an icon of this generation. He symbolizes what the pinnacle of a successful career in sports can be. LeBron has won 3 NBA championships and has been awarded NBA MVP 4 times.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Chris Brown

    Chris Brown is a pop star. He has a great singing voice which when mixed with his stunning performances adds to his style. Chris Brown is an amazing dancer. Most of his music videos contain awesome choreography. With 103 million followers he is one of the most-followed people on Instagram in the music industry.

    Instagram / YouTube


    Drake is another icon in the entertainment industry. He has a very different vocal style. Drake is a singer and rapper known for melodic and catchy songs. He gained a lot of recognition by starring in a teen drama series. His Instagram handle is champagnepapi and he has 102 million followers on Instagram.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Billie Eilish

    Billie Eilish is one of the most famous singers and songwriters out there. She is an icon of the current generation. Her style is very different and unique. She and her brother used to write and compose wonderful songs before she got her big break. She is very skilled and talented making her one of the best artists currently working in the music industry.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Dua Lipa

    Dua Lipa rose to fame with her track ‘New Rules’. The success of this song paved her way into the mainstream music industry. Today, she has made many bangers and is one of the most successful artists. Her songs are very catchy. Dua Lipa has 78.7 million Instagram followers.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Vin Diesel

    Vin Diesel is a Hollywood superstar who has starred in multiple movies that have cemented him as a charismatic and hardcore action star. He is known for his role as Dominic Toretto in the Fast and Furious movie franchise.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Priyanka Chopra

    Priyanka Chopra is an Indian actress, model, and singer. She has starred in multiple Bollywood movies and rose to international fame with her music. She also starred in the hit drama series Quantico where she played an FBI agent and she also won the Miss World pageant in 2000.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Gal Gadot

    Known as Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot rose to popularity after being cast as the Amazonian Goddess Diana. Gal Gadot is an Israeli model and actress who has amassed huge fame for her performances in movies, especially as Wonder Woman. She has 73.8 million followers.

    Instagram / YouTube


    Lisa is one of the singers in the popular Korean girl group BLACKPINK. It is one of the most popular K-pop groups with millions of fans all over the world. Known for their unique and colorful music video and choreography it is no doubt one of the lead singers of the group is one of the most followed on Instagram.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Gigi Hadid

    Gigi Hadid is one of the most popular supermodels in the world. She is among the highest-paid models. She is known for her work as a model associated with Victoria’s Secret making her a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Gigi has 72.4 million followers on Instagram.

    Instagram / YouTube


    Shakira is a name that was once synonymous with pop. She achieved worldwide fame with her track ‘Hips Don’t Lie’. She is one of the highest-earning Latin American music artists. Shakira has a huge fan base. She has 71.6 million Instagram followers currently.

    Instagram / YouTube

    David Beckham

    Well, up next is another football star. David Beckham is an English footballer who achieved fame due to his decent skills at the game. He also served as the captain of his national football team. He is currently a spokesperson, social media influencer, and entrepreneur.


    Khaby Lame

    Khaby Lame is not from any music industry or a movie star. He rose to fame during the pandemic when he started making TikToks mocking complicated life hack videos. He is originally from Senegal and is currently living in Italy. Khaby Lame has 69.3 million followers on Instagram and has double that amount on TikTok.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Shraddha Kapoor

    Shraddha Kapoor is an Indian actress who has appeared in many Bollywood movies. She rose to fame after debuting in a film called Aashiqui 2. Her father Shakti Kapoor is an iconic Bollywood actor known for portraying villains. Shraddha has over 69 million Instagram followers.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Snoop Dogg

    Snoop D-O-Double G in da house! One of the most recognizable names in the hip-hop music genre, Snoop Dogg is not only a legendary rapper but a fabulous entertainer known for his consumption of weed. He has 67.9 million followers.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Neha Kakkar

    Neha Kakkar is an Indian singer who has been very active in the modern Bollywood music scene. Her songs get millions of hits on social media platforms. She is one of the most successful musicians in India. She has 67.7 million followers.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Shawn Mendes

    Shawn Mendes is a pop singer, musician, and songwriter who has created some amazing tracks over the years. He used to upload his songs on YouTube at an early age and used the internet to his advantage gaining millions of followers. He has 66.6 million followers on Instagram.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Kylian Mbappe

    We are back with another football star, Kylian Mbappé. He is a French footballer who plays for the club Paris Saint-Germain. The way Mbappé can dribble a ball and his incredible speed has made him one of the best footballers in the world.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Emma Watson

    Emma Watson used to be a crush of many because of her role in the Harry Potter movies. She is a seasoned actress who has given many great performances over the years. She has over 65.7 million followers on Instagram.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Narendra Modi

    This is the only politician on the list. Narendra Modi is one of the most influential persons in the world. He is the Prime Minister of India. No doubt he has loyal followers making him one of the most followed on Instagram. He has 65.4 million followers on Instagram. If you were wondering who is the most followed person on Instagram when it comes to politics, he is the one.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Deepika Padukone

    Deepika Padukone is one of the most successful Indian actresses working currently. She is beautiful, elegant, and known for her quality performances on screen. Her father is a former professional badminton player. She has 64.2 million followers.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Justin Timberlake

    Justin Timberlake got his popularity by being one of the members of the successful boy band NSYNC. He then went on to have a successful solo career making multiple hit songs. Justin Timberlake is also a great performer and has 63.6 million Instagram followers.

    Instagram / YouTube


    Ronaldinho is one of the most familiar names in football. Known for his insane dribbling skills he is arguably one of the best footballers ever to have graced this sport. He has millions of fans all over the world having a total of 63.3 million followers on Instagram.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Jennier Ruby Jane

    We have another K-pop star on the list. This time it is another female singer from the hugely successful girl group BLACKPINK. She has established an identity of her own as well as having had solo hits. She is the first Korean solo artist to perform at Coachella.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Katrina Kaif

    Katrina Kaif is one of the most beautiful, highest-paid, and hugely successful Indian actresses. She has starred in multiple movies that have done very well at the box office. She has 61.7 million followers on Instagram.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Final Note:

    That was our list featuring the most-followed people on Instagram. You can check their profiles out and most of them also have YouTube channels if you want to see long-form content by these celebrities. Let us know who your favorite social media influencer is and which celebrity surprised you the most by being on this list.

    When is the best time to post on Instagram?


    Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms used by millions across the world. Earlier, the Instagram algorithm wasn’t that strong. The feed was based on the time uploaded. But now it’s not so. Instagram wants you to keep using the app as much as possible and thus, it will show you posts that it believes you enjoy. There are several factors that go into determining the rank of your posts but if you want good engagement you have to know the best time to post on Instagram. The best time means your post will get more engagement when posted at that time. Today, we are going to look at some of the best time slots for posting on Instagram for each day of the week. Let’s get started.

    General Best Time to Post

    General Best Time to PostTime in EST

     Table for Retail and Consumer Product Niche

    Table for Retail and Consumer Product NicheTime in EST

    Table for Media and Entertainment Niche

    Table for Media and Entertainment NicheTime in EST

    Table for the Tech Niche

    Table for the Tech NicheTime in EST

    Best time to post on Instagram Monday

    Monday is the start of the week. If you want to post on Monday then there are a few spots where posts often receive quite a lot of engagement. The global best time to post can be at 6 AM, 10 AM, and 10 PM. Generally posting around those time intervals may be beneficial. 

    For retail brands, the best engagement occurs between 9 AM to 7 PM. For media and entertainment, the time slots to post can be 8 AM to 9 AM and 3 to 4 PM, and 7 to 8 PM. Businesses, brands, and influencers who want to promote their content on Instagram then you can upload your posts at the intervals mentioned. These spots can help you get more exposure on Instagram.  

    Best time to post on Instagram on Tuesday

    People spend a lot of time each week browsing their Instagram feed and spending time on the explore page. To get noticed you have to post at the right time. In general, if you want to post your content on Tuesday then you have a few time slots viz. 2 AM, 4 AM, and 9 AM. You can try posting during these intervals to see how good the results are. The time slot varies between different niches. 

    If your brand has something to do with retail then the best time to post on Tuesday is 9 to 10 in the morning. 11 AM to 3 PM and 4 PM to 7 PM. The most engagement rate is from 11 to 3. For brands that upload content related to media and entertainment, the best time slots are 8 to 10 in the morning, 2 to 4 in the afternoon, and 7 to 8 in the evening. 

    For tech-related brands, the best time to post on Tuesday is 6 to 10 in the morning and 10 PM at night.

    Best time to post on Instagram on Wednesday

    Most days of the week you will find a lot of best time slots to post occur early during the day. Wednesday follows the same suit. The best time to post on Wednesday is 7 AM, 8 AM, and 11 PM. If you want to gain more engagement in your posts and want to increase visibility then you can try posting in those time slots on Wednesday. Let’s look at time slots for some niches.

    Brands in the retail and consumer goods niche will find that Wednesday is the best day in the week for them. The time slot during which you can gain a lot of engagement on Wednesday for this niche is 7 in the morning to 9 in the evening with peak engagement happening between 11 to 4.

    For brands in the media and entertainment niche, the best time to post on Wednesday includes 7 to 11 in the morning, 1 to 5 in the afternoon, and 7 to 8 in the evening.

    For tech brands, the best time to post on Instagram on Wednesday is 5 to 11 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. The peak engagement happens at 6 in the morning and from 10 to 11 in the morning.

    Best time to post on Instagram on Thursday

    Let’s move on to Thursday next. To keep getting more engagement on Instagram and to gain more followers you have to post almost daily on Instagram. If you want to know the best time to post on Thursday then the time slots are 9 AM, 12 PM and 7 PM. On Thursdays, these intervals have the probability of giving you some quality engagement. So, give it a try. Time intervals depend on a specific niche as well.

    Any brand or influencer who wants to grow in the retail or consumer goods niche will have to post during these time intervals on Thursdays. 8 in the morning to 8 in the evening. The peak engagement happens during midday between 10 to 4. So, post your content during these hours to get some good results.

    If you work in media and entertainment or your profile revolves around that niche then the time slots for the best time to post on Instagram on Thursday are 8 to 11 in the morning and 2 to 8 at night. The peak engagement happens from 2 to 4.

    For tech-related content, the best time to post occurs in the morning from 6 to 12 and in the evening from 7 to 9. The engagement is generally moderate for this niche on Thursdays. So, this may not be the best day to post content in this niche.

    Best time to post on Instagram Friday

    Now, we are nearing the weekends. Let’s take a look at how you can gain more engagement on Friday by posting at certain times during the day. In general, if you post very early in the morning, say 5 AM, or during 1 to 3 in the afternoon, you may gain more engagement on Fridays. But different niches behave differently as users’ interests and geographic locations vary.

    If you are generally involved in posting content related to retail and consumer goods then you may find a few good time slots on Fridays as well. You basically get to post from 6 in the morning to 6 in the evening. The best time to post would be from 10 AM to 2 PM. If you want more engagement for product marketing-related content then this is the time.

    The media and entertainment niche also sees some peak engagement during Friday. Posting during work hours can often ensure that you gain more visibility later in the day. On Fridays, you can try posting your media and entertainment-related content between 7 AM and 4 PM. The peak engagement takes place from 8 to 11 in the morning.

    Tech also has some quality engagement. The best time to post for Tech on Fridays is to post in the morning from 7 to 10.

    Best time to post on Instagram Saturday

    Saturday is not the best day for posting the most important or engaging content on Instagram. The engagement rate decreases on the weekends. There are still some time slots that may give you some engagement viz. 11 in the morning, 7 to 8 in the evening. You can gain some engagement if you post in these slots. Now, let’s see how some niches fair on weekends.

    Any content related to retail or consumer goods doesn’t gain a lot of engagement on Saturdays. Still, if you are looking to post some content then the best time slot may be from 9 to 11 in the morning. The rest of the day is not that eventful.

    The engagement on posts related to media and entertainment is quite low on Saturdays. If you have some important promotion to update on Instagram then Saturday is probably not the best day. The engagement is quite low with low to moderate engagement happening between 1 AM to 4 PM.

    Tech content does better on Saturdays than other niches we mentioned. You can get your posts in at a few different time slots to gain some engagement. The best time to post is from 7 AM to 11 AM.

    Best time to post on Instagram Sunday

    Sunday is the last day of the week. It is also the last weekend. As expected from the results we have seen so far, Sunday is not the best day to post on Instagram. So, it is better not to post anything important on Sunday. 

    Even though the engagement on Sundays is usually low, the peak engagement happens in the morning at 7 AM and 8 AM. You do get some engagement at 4 in the evening as well. 

    We see similar results for niches as well. Retail and consumer goods-related content does not perform well on Sundays. You do get low to moderate engagement from 10 AM to 2 PM. But it is better to not post anything important during these slots as it will most likely reach fewer people.

    The results are similar for the media and entertainment niche as well. You get very low engagement. Peak engagement happens between 10 and 11 in the morning. 

    Tech still sees better engagement than the other niches we talked about. If you want to post tech-related content on Instagram on Sundays then beneficial time slots come in the morning from 7 to 9.

    Get an Instagram Business Account

    If you want to look at Instagram analytics for free and do more fine research to know what is the best time to post on Instagram for you then you need to have access to Instagram insights. To gain access to this tool you need to have a business account. It is free. If you have a personal account you can convert it to a business one as well or open a new account on Instagram directly choosing a business account. Here’s how you can convert your Instagram personal account to a business one.

    • First, log in to your Instagram account.
    • Next, go to your profile and click on the menu option. This is the icon with the three horizontal bars.
    • Now, go to settings.
    • You should be able to see an option called switch to a professional account. Click on it.
    • If you do not find the option here then click on Account.
    • Here you will see the switch option. Click on that.
    • Next, click on continue.
    • You will need to choose a category for your business. Choose an appropriate one and tap Done.
    • Now, click on OK and then on Business and then on Next.
    • You will need to provide your contact details. If you want to skip this step then you have that option as well.

    That’s it! Your account is now converted to an Instagram Business Account. You can now use Instagram insights. Instagram insights will provide you with various insights related to your posts and profile. In fact, if you are looking to get serious about Instagram marketing and promotion you need to convert your account to a business one to access Instagram insights. 

    How to Gain More Followers on Instagram?

    You have seen some of the best time slots to post on Instagram for each day of the week. But if you want to grow on Instagram you need more than just posting at the right time. A lot of things have to be taken into consideration and implemented to grow on Instagram. We have compiled a list of some of the best tips that can help you gain more followers on Instagram. Almost all the tips we have mentioned can be applied without investing any money. Just focus on these and give your best.

    • Strategize

    Building a strategy is one of the most important steps to take if you are looking for success. So, focus on creating a good strategy that helps you attain your goals.

    Don’t worry about making it perfect. What you are looking for is a basic structure that will keep you disciplined.

    Your strategy will contain your workflow for creating content. The processes you will use to generate ideas and the steps you will take to implement them.

    Then you have to detail some steps for marketing and promotion of your video. Mention the tactics you want to follow.

    Keep your strategy flexible. The more you research the more experience you gain the better your strategy becomes.

    • Set Goals

    You have to set some specific goals that you want to achieve on YouTube. You need to know how to set some SMART goals.

    S – Specific

    Your goal has to be specific. It cannot be too abstract or general. Rather than saying I want to grow my YouTube channel in 6 months you can set a goal that says you will gain 5k followers in 6 months.

    M – Measurable

    The goal needs to be measurable. It is just a continuation of the previous tip. If your goal is tangible then you can always know how much of it you have achieved making it easier to gauge your performance and efficacy of your strategy.

    A – Achievable

    Your goal needs to be achievable. A million followers in 6 months without any prior fame is very hard to achieve. But 5k followers in 6 months is doable. So, make a goal you can achieve.

    R – Relevant

    The goal needs to be relevant to the bigger picture. If you want to be recognized as a good artist then your goals should help you achieve that long-term objective. 


    You have to keep a time limit to achieve your goals. It helps you to stay on top of your game and focus your energy on achieving your goal. Otherwise, you lose motivation.

    • Research

    If you want to grow on Instagram quickly then you have to get good at research. Research is not only great for brands and businesses but also for creators who just want to show their creativity and gain more subscribers.

    You generally have to research your audience and your niche. The info you gather as a result will help you grow on Instagram.

    Understand your niche. Look at the different kinds of posts that are available. This will give you ideas about what kind of content to make.

    Next, understand your target audience. Not everyone is going to like your content. So, you have to research and figure out the demographics and psychographics of your target audience. 

    All this will help you make content that will be engaging for the viewers.

    • Create Good Content

    This one is obvious, isn’t it? Well, not really. If you have tried a bunch of things and none of them is working out then it is a good idea to go back to the drawing board.

    Look at your research. If needed, dig a little deeper. Understand what your audience wants. What are they watching? 

    You cannot survive by creating bad content. There are hundreds of thousands of posts uploaded every hour on Instagram. So, if your content is not good then your post will get buried.

    You do not have to buy any expensive gear as such. Just buy something decent enough. Use editing software to make your videos and images look good. You have to put some time and effort into the production quality of your video along with the content of it.

    • Post Regularly

    You have to step up your game if you want quick growth. This is the era of content. People are looking for more posts to scroll through. 

    You can take advantage of this and create some quality posts that you can upload regularly. It is going to take a lot of effort but if you can do it in the initial grind you will gain an audience.

    You may not feel creative every day. So, try to utilize the days you feel like creating content and make a bunch of them.

    Then you can just use the rest of the days to edit these videos and keep uploading them. Then again when you feel creative you can create a bunch of posts. 

    Make a schedule. This will help you stay motivated. Let your audience know your schedule. This will make you feel more motivated to keep creating content because you have already told them about it.

    • Engage With Audience

    Audience engagement and interaction are the keys to building a loyal community of followers who enjoy your work and are ready to support you.

    You have to take some time to engage with your audience. A lot of influencers do it. Asking viewers for suggestions and critique can be a good way to engage as well. 

    You can even read out some comments in a video or a reel. If you don’t want to do that then at least react to some of the comments. Pin a comment you like and reply to a few.

    Let your audience know that if they comment on your video you will respond to them. You can even ask them to reach out on Twitter or other platforms where you can interact with them as well.

    Using Instagram stories you can do some Q & A stuff.

    • Host Contests and Giveaways

    Another good way to engage with audiences and to gain more engagement on Instagram is to host contests and giveaways.

    A lot of influencers have done these successfully. But of course, you don’t have to spend thousands on giveaways. Just pick a nice prize.

    The entry criteria for the giveaway or the contest should be to subscribe to your channel, to like the post announcing the contest, and to comment on a phrase or something. This will help in gaining more engagement on your video boosting its rank.

    Pick random winners for giveaways. For contests, you can host something related to your profile. If you are a painter then ask your audience to turn in their art and you can review them in a video. The winner gets the prize.

    • Use Hashtags

    One of the ways to reach new audiences on Instagram is to use hashtags. Hashtags categorize your content. It tells users and Instagram what your post is about. 

    This will help you in reaching more people. But you do need to do some research to figure out some of the best hashtags to use in your niche. 

    Look at the posts of your competitors. Collect the hashtags they are using. Using a research tool you can understand the strength of the hashtag and how difficult it can be to rank for it.

    Then start using the hashtags on your posts. Using Instagram analytics figure out which ones are giving you the best results and then start using them.

    Don’t spam hashtags. You can add 6 to 7 hashtags at most. Also, only use hashtags that are relevant to your post. You want your post to reach users who actually want to see your content.

    • Try Different Content Format

    Instagram has brought in a bunch of different formats for users. There’s the traditional image post. Then there’s the video. 

    If you have a longer video you can post it on IGTV. The. There are Instagram stories and reels. You can even do a live stream.

    So, try using different content formats. Today, Instagram reels are tremendously popular. People keep scrolling through these for hours. If you have a short video that packs a punch then you can upload it as a reel.

    There might be many content ideas and posts that may not suit the main profile but can be quite engaging momentarily. You can use Instagram stories for that.

    To engage and interact with your audience you can do live streams. You can even bring in another influencer to share the stage with you.

    • Use Tools if You Need

    There are many social media tools out there that can help improve the efficacy of your strategy. So, use them if you need some help or boost.

    There are many amazing editing software that can help with editing your images and videos to fit perfectly on Instagram.

    There are auto-scheduling tools that can be used to schedule a post on Instagram. If you have created a lot of posts then you can schedule them to be uploaded and the tool will do it. 

    A good idea is to create and schedule posts for special events and days.

    Then there are research and analytics tools that are great for promotion. It helps you gain more info and fix your strategy to give you optimal results.

    Final Note:

    So, these were some of how you can grow your presence on Instagram. These look quite simple but the difficult part is to be patient and consistent. You have to keep moving. Don’t give up. Use all these tips and tricks and then post your content at the right time to maximize gains.

    35 Best Hairstylists to Follow on Instagram


    Some hairstylists are cultural change-makers who transform our aesthetic history, not merely changing our minds about whether we look good with a side fringe.

    Most famous hair stylists rose to prominence through styling the hair of celebrities. Other well-known hair stylists have developed innovative techniques that have catapulted them to prominence as the top hair stylists on the planet. Some have also become well-known as a result of their use of Instagram and YouTube. 

    Whatever made them popular, there are several insights to hair aesthetics, branding, and advertising which you can draw from them.

    To honor their talent, we’ve compiled a list of about best hair stylists and famous hairdressers to follow on Instagram, whose classic styles have affected how we style our hair today.

    Top Hair Stylists to Follow on Instagram:

    Jen Atkin 

    Jen Atkin - hair stylists

    Jen Atkin, a hairstylist and dog parent, manages to keep up with the Kardashians as almost one else.  Her Instagram page highlights her collaborations with Khloe, Kendall, and the remaining of the clan.

    She’s also Chrissy Teigen’s stylist, so you know she’s the real deal. Jen’s Instagram feed is both personal and dedicated to her hair business.

    She offers frequent beauty trends you’ll want to try, as well as amusing memes and enjoyable everyday photographs. Jen’s page is a must-visit for fans of the Kardashians who wish to copy their incredible hair.


    Guy Tang

    Guy Tang - hair stylists

    Guy Tang, an online celebrity with 1.8 million YouTube subscriptions and 2.2 million Insta following, is the first on our list of the famous male hair stylists on Insta to follow currently.

    His charisma pulled in his early fans, and his most successful YouTube video, an ombre step-by-step instruction, has more than 6 million views.

    Guy Tang’s Instagram account is identical to his Youtube page, and it has gained even more followers. His page is full of inspired color makeovers, vibrancy, and ultimate stylings, with videos, images, and product ideas.


    Brad Mondo 

    Brad Mondo - hair stylists

    Mondo’s channel deserves major kudos for all the light-hearted sentiments – they’re greatly needed given the pandemic years we’ve all experienced.

    This Youtube page is a gold mine for hair stylists and DIY hair stylists alike. From basic hairdressing and style instruction to a whole playlist of films on how to fix your hair without destroying it, you’ll discover a well-curated array of compilations that offer up all types of cinematic and hairdo treasure.

    The hairdresser reactions videos are excellent pick-me-ups, especially after a long day at work. Brad Mondo has got to be everyone’s favorite, and you might as well fall in love with the channel at first glance.


    Kristin Ess 

    Kristin Ess - hair stylists

    Kristin Ess is renowned for several of the finest celebrities’ haircuts, including Lucy Hale, Lauren Conrad, and Jenna Tatum. You’ve got to enjoy our Kristin if you like ocean waves.

    Her Instagram is filled with the most beautiful photographs of waves, braiding, and highlights. Kristin has her cruelty-free haircare brand, which you can learn more about here. Her things are as excellent as they appear to be stunning.

    Kim Kimble 

    Kim Kimble - hair stylists

    Kim is Beyoncé’s hairdresser, so you can expect nothing but the best from her page.  Her entrepreneurial energy and role as Creative Head for Kim Kimble items may be familiar to you.

    She is not only a brilliant hair stylist, but she also supplies high goods that we adore. Keep up with Kim’s newest tips and tricks on her Instagram profile, or just scroll down to see her finest hair moments.


    Anh Co Tran 

    Anh Co Tran

    You have to admire this guy if you like the haircuts of supermodels like Anne Hathaway, Pink, and Chloe Moretz. Another fantastic hairdresser you should follow is Anh Co Tran, who is responsible for numerous stunning hairstyles that steal the show at a celebrity-studded event.

    This hairdresser has a remarkable resume, and the rundown of actors with whom he has collaborated may have surprised you. Lovers of the beach waves will like his Instagram account.

    Other hair styling-related entries, as well as photographs of other hairstyles, may be seen here as well. He’s worth checking out, so do so right now.


    Matt Beck

    Matt Beck

    Matt Beck’s YouTube hairstyling videos are a must-see for anybody who enjoys well-organized, easy-to-follow information.

    This site is jam-packed with high-quality hairstyle information that is both educational and amusing to watch. There are one-minute hairdo fast hits as well as thorough lesson films that show you how to achieve various looks step-by-step.

    Side bangs, how to trim a cowlick, and even a full playlist dedicated to men’s hairstyles/barbering are all covered in their films. It is both instructive and practical, and it will undoubtedly assist you in your hairstyling endeavors.



    Oribe might be one of the greatest recognizable names in the hair and beauty industry. He’s the mastermind behind some of Hollywood’s most stunning haircuts. Penelope Cruz, Anne Hathaway, Scarlett Johansson, January Jones, and Mila Kunis are among his numerous celebrity clients.

    Rihanna and Britney Spears, two of the world’s most famous singers, are regulars at his Miami Beach salon, 1627 Euclid Avenue. He is a fantastic source of inspiration for every fashionista out there. Even though he is no longer with us, his enthusiasm will live on via his creations.


    Tracey Cunningham

    Tracey Cunningham has a primary foundation in Beverly Hills, California. Byron & Tracey is the name of the hairstyling salon. It’s a source of pride for her, as well as a location where she can put her enthusiasm for hair to good use and produce stunning hairstyles.

    Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Emma Stone, and others are among her celebrity clients. While you won’t be able to get a chop at her salon, you could still follow Tracey on social media for hair and hairstyling ideas. Check her out if you’re seeking new ways to experiment with your hair.


    Ted Gibson

    If you’re a fan of TLC’s What Not to Wear, a series where participants can get a makeover complete with an item of new clothing and styling or others with a similar premise, you’re going to appreciate this man.

    Ted Gibson began his work on television, however, currently, he is the hairdresser of Hathaway, Angelina Jolie, and Ashley Greene, among others.

    He’s a fantastic hairdresser with a positive attitude and skilled hands. His Instagram feed is brimming with motivation. If you’re a grooming specialist or just trying to identify and construct a better style, you should check him out.


    Neal Farinah 

    If you’re looking for something bright, stunning, and unique, you should check out our Neal Farinah right away. He has years of hairstyling expertise under his belt, in addition to his enthusiasm for his profession and distinct originality.

    He takes pride in his unrivaled ability to modify the hair of prominent Black ladies and his unrivaled ability to create any appearance imaginable.

    His mind-blowing sculptural hairstyles produced for Beyoncè’s ‘Black Is King’ film is one of his most memorable creations. With this captivating haircut, he has firmly established himself as one of the most recognizable musicians in the industry.


    We have all of your curly and frizzy hair concerns covered. Mell’s channel is one of our favorites for both its ideas and effortless feel.

    From her catchy opening line What’s good, everybody? to her extensive instructions on every curly-hair worry, we adore Mell’s YouTube both for its thoughts and carefree style.

    It also includes a good blend of expert style advice and at-home upkeep suggestions. All of the crucial how-to tutorials can be found on her Curly Starter Playlist.


    Kayley Melissa

    Braids that are both cute and beautiful will always be in style. Braids are beneficial to hair not just because of the distinctive style they provide, but also because of the numerous advantages they provide.

    Braiding our hair strengthens it and allows it to grow quicker and stronger. They’re also a simple updo that’s a perfect alternative to hot styling products for beachy waves. Kayley does an incredible job of keeping her fans up to date on the newest trends as well as some fresh braids to explore. 

    The nicest thing about this aesthetic is that anyone can do it from the convenience of their own home. It only takes a little patience and practice. There’s no great opportunity to attempt out certain new braided designs than now when festival season is in full swing.


    Lacy Redway

    This is the best hairdresser to follow if you like braids. Lacy Redway, a Jamaican-born hairdresser, is one of the greatest braiders you’ll ever come across in the hair field and a true talent.

    Her hairstyle career began when she was 14 years old when she was styling natural hair. She currently works with everybody from Tessa to twigs, making her one of Hollywood’s most versatile stylists.

    Her work mostly focuses on braiding and protective styles. If you want something extra, Redway’s creative hands can also produce plenty of curly updo inspiration, such as actress Zazie Beetz’s classic high-impact bun.

    Ursula Stephen 

    Ursula Stephen, a hairstylist, salon founder, and true hair legend, takes their A-game to Instagram with her unique twist on instructions.

    Encouraging us to stay in #Ursieschair, the hairdresser posts a variety of hairstyling advice to your timeline, including how to correctly apply your relaxer, insert braids with extensions, attach a drawstring tail, and much more.

    Stephen’s tutorials will help you expand the ways you can experiment with your hair all through lockdown, and you’ll probably learn a few new abilities in the process.

    Rita Hazan

    Rita Hazan is a well-known hairstylist in New York who has a salon and her hair treatment line. The celeb colorist is most well-known for her work with Oprah Winfrey and Beyoncé.

    Her skincare brand has been featured in Elle, Glamour InStyle, and AllureUS, among other publications. She’s been styling hair ever since she turned 17 and has some of the top inspiring Instagram accounts in the beauty world. Instances of her collaboration with celebs may be seen on her page.


    Jenny Cho

    If you like Amanda Seyfried, Scarlett Johansson, or Kristen Bell’s hairdos in movies and on the red carpet, odds are it was swept and blown back by Jenny Cho.

    This talented hairdresser is filled with enthusiasm and originality, which she translates into her work by producing unique and lovely hairstyles for her customers.

    One of her most recognizable designs has to be the hairdo she did for Scarlett Johansson at the Avengers premiere, which is one of her greatest to date: a blonde lob divided down the center and accentuated with loose, disheveled bends. It’s elegant, refined, and ageless in appearance, much like the rest of her work.

    Ashley Streicher

    The Streicher sisters are one of the most beautiful families on the planet. The LA-based salon proprietors, who are adored by the A-list, bless their clientele with their abilities for fixing hair, make-up, and perfecting those brows.

    Ashley Streicher is indeed the hairstyle queen of the three, and she’s advising on how to keep your locks in place.

    There are lessons on how to shape third-day hair, how to curl your hair into an ‘S’ wave, and even how to make some stunning “inside out” braids. She also has a “Stay Home Hair” series on Instagram Stories, which is packed with quickie how-tos, buying guides, and ideas.


    Andy LeCompte 

    Andy LeCompte can be found at his salon, Andy LeCompte Salon.  He has a remarkable portfolio, including clientele including Megan Fox, Madonna, Katie Holmes, and Demi Moore. Penelope Cruz is a fiery actress.

    He enjoys what he does and is not hesitant to express it in the manner he cares for his clients’ hair. Find him on social networking sites if you’re a sucker for stunning haircuts.

    Nikki Nelms

    You’ve got to adore our next gal, Nikki. if you’re seeking distinctive inventiveness from someone who isn’t scared to think outside the box. Nikki Nelms is a visionary as much as an artist.

    Her skills may range from the avant-garde, such as a fake bob adorned with butterfly appliqués, to a basic, stylish pixie-like Zoe Kravitz.

    Nelms is among Hollywood’s most popular natural hair updo stylists. The sensual Victorian-style bun on Yara Shahidi, which looked very stunning and fascinating, is one of her most recognized hairstyles.


    Chris McMillan 

    Chris McMillan has been a popular celebrity hairstylist since the 1990s when he became famous for The Rachel, a cut inspired by the TV program Friends.

    McMillan is credited for inventing the sultry beach wave aesthetic of the 2000s. Cindy Crawford, Miley Cyrus, and Courtney Cox are among the celebrities with whom he has collaborated.

    He contributes a column to Allure magazine and works at his Beverly Hills salon.

    Anthony Turner

    If you want to follow someone who is solely focused on hairstyling and positivism, this is the person to follow. There’s no melodrama, no fluff, just fantastic, informative, and interesting content.

    Anthony Turner has earned a spot in so many people’s hearts as a result of this. His distinctive style, on the other hand, is far from mild. It has a dramatic, adventurous, and dynamic flair to it.

    He’s fashion week’s go-to stylist and the guy behind the Victoria’s Secret show’s bouncing waves. You will adore this man if you enjoy hairstyling. Turner can do anything, from simple and easy to more red carpet-worthy hairstyles.

    Josh Wood Color

    Maintaining and refreshing our coloring jobs at home may be difficult, but hair master Josh Wood has a solution for every color dilemma.

    Josh presents a variety of extremely helpful how-tos and techniques, including how to conceal roots, match shades, and maintain blonde colors, with the aid of his salon specialists. In addition, Wood enriches the timelines with Q&A sessions regularly.

    He also has a #dotrythisathome series, which features uncomplicated, pre-approved looks like the sloppy ponytail and an effortless beach wave.


    Elle Bangs 

    Elle Bangs, a hairdresser, and blonde specialist shares her top advice for toning, coloring, and cutting lessons. Whether you want to cut your natural bangs or color your roots by yourself, Bangs contains step-by-step instructions to guide you.

    There’s also a how-to for removing brassy tones and treatment suggestions for hair mending during confinement.

    She also includes a men’s haircut instruction, which is useful if your partner or anybody who loves the cut requires trimming and is ready to let you do it.


    Kevin Murphy 

    With the pulled-back twisting and voluminous extensions, the magazine hairdresser and Australian hair entrepreneur fill the divide between clean topknots and old Hollywood waves, showing larger is better than high-fashion trends can be achieved for the ordinary female.


    Paul Hanlon

    If you’re a lover of haute couture and outrageous runway haircuts, you’ll want to follow this man right now. On numerous high-fashion events, Paul Hanlon’s touch has been credited for achieving the most dramatic and wacky hair designs.

    From Alexander McQueen’s AW08 regal frolic to Tao’s SS11 extra-terrestrial appearance, and of course Gucci’s SS19 wacky 80s-meets-Alice in Wonderland-meets-old woman look, his work has been showcased. He is, without a doubt, the king of creative haircuts.

    If you follow him on Instagram, you’ll be able to see his other pieces of art. His Instagram page is both aesthetically beautiful and inspiring for those seeking the next big dramatic hairdo.

    Daniel Hersheson 

    Daniel Hersheson, a hairstylist and the creator of the firm that was founded in 1992, has built a company that is known for being the go-to brand for cool-girl hair, which is no small achievement.

    Luke Hersheson, one of the company’s co-founders, travels the world styling the hair of a few of the world’s most recognized celebs for filming for many of the world’s most important newspapers and fashion brands. Sienna Miller, Victoria Beckham, and Keira Knightley are among Luke Hersheson’s regular clientele.



    Remarkable Hershesons, a British hair studio, and business is sharing daily instructions and methods from some of its finest stylists.

    There’s advice on how to do root touch-ups, tone your hair, and even color your hairline’s roots. If you need some style advice, go through the how-tos on methods like flattened waves.

    There’s even a miniseries on air-drying various hair types. If there’s something you don’t see addressed, founder Luke Hersheson with his colleagues’ specialists hosts a weekly show called In Conversation With, where you may ask professionals anything.


    Claire Ashley

    This is the platform to watch if you occasionally wish for a red-carpet hairdo but just don’t have time or money to visit a professional.

    Claire Ashley has become a fantastic YouTuber who specializes in DIY hair tutorials. But what sets her apart is that she not only provides style advice but also a detailed lesson on how to replicate looks from celebs like Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande.

    Her YouTube hair lessons are a terrific source of inspiration for anyone looking for a stylish look for their upcoming big occasion.


    John Frieda 

    John Frieda, a phenomenally successful hairdresser who began cutting hair in his teens and has now built an enormously profitable hair empire, has been in the hair industry for an incredible 30 years.

    It’s estimated that one of his cult items is sold every minute. Frieda has a long number of well-known celebrities on his hit list. Frieda has styled Madonna, The Beatles, and Nicole Kidman in the past and present.

    He now collaborates with some of Hollywood’s most famous actresses, such as Scarlett Johansson and Naomi Watts.


    Charles Worthington 

    It would be remiss of me to leave out the Charles Worthington salons. For the last eight years, Charles Worthington has been the Honorary Hair Supporter for the British Academy Film Awards.

    He has also overseen producing show-stopping hairdos for one of the world’s most renowned film events. On the weekend before the event, Charles and his team of hair stylists took over the Style Suites together at Savoy hotel to groom the locks of many of the world’s most recognized celebrities.


    Marie Robinson 

    Marie Robinson, the founder of her Marie Robinson hairstyling Salon, is a fantastic hairdresser. Kristen Stewart, Michelle Williams, Heather Graham, Natalie Portman, and a slew of other well-known stars have all collaborated with her.

    Her styles have been worn by Marisa Tomei from My Cousin Vinny and Naomi Watts from The Impossible as well as Rachel Weisz and Hathaway. She injects her imagination into her work and transforms it into a piece of art. We can’t get enough of her hairstyles since they’re so stylish and captivating.


    Shelley specializes in bridal hairstyles and is recognized for her stunning special event hairstyles. She is not only one of the most famous hairdressers but also a teacher.

    She isn’t afraid to share the secrets to having healthy hair and gives styles that you can try at home. Whenever it comes to weddings, Shelley has to be your favorite lady; her website is full of bridal updos and gorgeous coiffed curls.

    Shelley’s page is a must-visit if you’re picking out your wedding day style. Her basic yet exquisite appearance will win you over.


    Daniel Benita 

    Look no farther beyond Benita’s salon business and hairstyling video guide lessons for a much more technical/professional compilation of videos.

    You’ll find product reviews, style tips, and more, with each video going over all the details you’ll need step-by-step. We like how she explains why some tactics are useful, such as why baby lights are a good choice when you want to add a lot of brightness.


    Hiro Haraguchi 

    According to The Richest, Hiro Haraguchi is among the top 10 famous hair stylists in the world. He has taken care of the style and hair treatments for celebs including Lisa Kudrow and Vera Wang.

    Hiro Haraguchi took satisfaction in his skill to provide each of his clientele a complete customized appearance. Because each customer is unique to him, no two hairstyles will be identical.

    He started his profession in Japan but now practices in a New York City salon. His dedication has helped him become one of the world’s most well-known hair stylists, and it will undoubtedly help him maintain his position on the list.


    Whether you’re searching for a completely new style or just want to switch up your styling skills, these famous hairdressers and best hair stylists from across the world can be your go-to for nonstop hair inspiration.

    These incredible individuals will undoubtedly provide you with more than enough inspiration for your next haircut when you visit your neighborhood hair salon, as well as the legendary hairdos that they revealed to us, which are almost impossible to ignore.

    Thus, while you’re on Instagram to kill time, give these accounts a shot to be inspired for your next hairdo.

    Top 30 Most Popular YouTube Influencers (2022)


    Over time, YouTube has emerged as one of the best video streaming platforms, with millions of talented creators joining the network every year. There is a plenitude of niches that people dwell in to create entertaining content and establish themselves as a brand. Today, YouTubers are no less than celebrities, with millions of subscribers following their content regularly. From fashion, beauty, and travel to gaming, humor, and sports, YouTube has a place for everyone. We’ve found the 30 most credible YouTube influencers from different niches who are the top players of their industry.

    The quality of their content and their following speaks for their talent and hard work. So, without further ado, discover the top YouTube influencers from around the world. Follow them to receive your daily dose of entertainment, education, and more. Let’s get started.

    Top YouTube Influencers


    PewDiePie - YouTube Influencers

    Of course, we had to start our list with the wildly popular YouTube star, PewDiePie. This top YouTube influencer hails from Sweden and has an incredible following of 111 million subscribers. All the credit goes to his entertaining personality and unique content. Despite a lot of controversies during his growth on YouTube, PewDiePie succeeded in keeping its subscribers entertained.

    His Minecraft series went viral on YouTube, which brought a ray of light to his YouTube career. His Instagram presence is equally delightful as his YouTube channel. So, check him out online for gaming and humor.



    Yuya - YouTube Influencers

    Yuya is a Mexican Beauty influencer with over 25 million subscribers. Popularly known for her precise makeup skills, Yuya become one of the first-ever female YouTubers to cross the 20 million mark in 2017. Besides this, she has published two books and launched a fragrance brand under her name.

    Yuya also opened up a cosmetic line providing quality make-up products to the public. Her videos are centered on women’s beauty, skincare, and hygiene. Her mission is to educate women around the world on how to take care of themselves and look presentable effortlessly.


    Bhuvan Bham

    Bhuvan Bham - YouTube Influencers

    With over 41.5 million subscribers on YouTube, Bhuvan Bham has many firsts to his name, including the first Indian YouTube creator to cross ten million subscribers. He is also the first YouTuber to cross 3 billion views on his channel. Besides this, Bhuvan is the first Indian digital celebrity to have swayed the world with his comedy skits, creative videos, and music compositions.

    His popularity became so viral that he was approached by the top sports brands to create relevant content for the company. He has also collaborated with many other YouTubers across the globe.


    Logan Paul

    Logan Paul

    Who doesn’t know Logan Paul? With 23.4 million subscribers, this American YouTuber and actor are well known for his pranks, vlogs, and incredible stunts. His podcast ‘Impaulsive’ is equally successful offering the most thought-provoking and mentally stimulating content.

    Logan Paul’s popularity became apparent when he fought his fellow creator Olajide Olatunji (KSI) in an amateur white-collar boxing game. This video went viral on social media and was also shared on the Sky Sports Boxing YouTube channel. One thing is for sure that as a follower of Logan Paul you can expect the unexpected. 


    Carry Minati

    Carry Minati

    Reaching the 40 million mark on YouTube, Carry Minati also known as Ajey Nagar is a household name. An Indian comedian, gamer, and rapper, Ajey loves to make super entertaining and relatable videos. He also engages with his followers through live streams. His YouTube fame was recognized by Time magazine in 2019 as the Next Generation Leader on YouTube.

    He was also appreciated by Forbes getting his name registered in the 30 under 30 Asia list. Follow him for some humorous skits, reaction videos, and gaming streams.


    Casey Neistat

    Casey Neistat

    Casey Neistat is a wildly popular name in the YouTube community. He has been an avid YouTuber for over ten years and gained over 12 million subscribers through sheer engagement with his audience. Casey typically posts videos related to product reviews and facts about different technologies used in various products.

    His channel became a special interest for many companies sending him free products for a genuine review. Besides this, he keeps his subscribers updated with his life through daily vlogs. Casey also posts a lot of travel and adventure content with his family and friends.


    Zoe Sugg

    Zoe Sugg

    Zoe Sugg popularly known as Zoella is the best YouTube fashion influencer from the UK. With a subscriber list of 4.93 million on one of her channels, she shares her passion for make-up, fashion, and lifestyle with her followers. Apart from this, she has one more channel that sums her following to 11.5 million.

    Her beauty tutorials, daily vlogs, shopping hauls, and home decorations take you to a soothing space with relaxing music and pleasing aesthetics. Follow her to get inspired in transforming yourself most positively.




    Originally known as German Alejandro Garmendia Aranis, is a versatile sketch actor, comedian, and writer. He not only entertains his followers with his comedy skills but also produces a variety of entertaining songs. With over 42.5 million subscribers, HolaSoyGerman is the second most subscribed Spanish YouTube channel.

    And he is not far from moving up to the first position. His content is refreshing and brings a smile to your face right from the beginning of the video. If you have a soft spot for comedians then you must follow HolaSoyGerman.


    Shane Dawson

    Shane Dawson is one of the best influencers on YouTube with a following of 19.9 million. He is an actor, comedian, writer, director, and also a make-up artist. Shane’s journey to fame started with his documentary-style videos called the ‘Conspiracy Theories’.

    His collaboration with Jeffree Starr on this documentary-style series and a bunch of make-up brand reviews brought light to his YouTube career and made him climb the stairs of million followers. Follow Shane for some unique yet entertaining content.



    ElRubiusOMG is a YouTube channel focused on gameplays and vlogs. The channel is run by Ruben Doblas Gundersen, a Spanish-Norwegian YouTuber who amalgamates tech with video games and shares relevant content with 40.4 million subscribers. His anime series called the Virtual Hero became super popular on YouTube which was later adapted into comics.

    ElRubius found the much-awaited fame in 2018 when he obtained a world record of live viewers during the YouTube broadcast for a Fortnite tournament. If you are a gaming fanatic, then you’ll love this channel.


    Chloe Ting

    Chloe Ting is one of the best fitness influencers on YouTube. Based in Singapore, she shares some amazing workout challenges to help people get in shape. Her channel consists of different playlists that focus on specific body issues and motivates her subscribers to push their limits and get that extra burn in their bodies.

    Her workouts are beginner-friendly and can be done at home without any equipment. Besides posting about exercise routines, Chloe also shares some delicious nutrition-rich recipes that help in building strength without the need for supplements. Her videos are followed by 22.6 million subscribers worldwide.


    Vanoss Gaming

    Vanoss Gaming is a gaming YouTube channel run by Canadian YouTuber Evan Fong. He posts a range of montage-style gaming videos on his channel. Besides this, he streams live gaming challenges with other creators. One of his popular gaming streams included Grand Theft Auto V and Garry’s Mod.

    He was the creative director of the popular video game Dead Realm and the voice actor for Paranormal Action Squad, a YouTube premium series. He has collaborated with many game brands and musicians creating content that keeps the 25.6 million subscribers entertained.


    Michelle Phan

    Michelle Phan is a popular name in the make-up and beauty niche. Her tutorials and product recommendations are super effective and easy to follow. She also shares her life updates through personal vlogs which keeps her 8.8 million followers engaged. Her content is super relevant and focuses on highlighting the current make-up trends.

    Besides this, Michelle also shares some game-changing skincare routines and reviews different skincare products for her subscribers. You can also check out her cosmetic line that promotes an amazing range of make-up products.



    Smosh is a product of the hard work of two friends Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. This channel showcases the typical American sketch comedy acts along with flash animations. Both Ian and Anthony are popular YouTube sensations in their respective fields.

    They began posting comedy videos on Smosh that went viral immediately helping them build a community of 23.7 million subscribers. Not only are their videos super hilarious but they are surprisingly very relevant. And don’t forget the quality of content that makes each video worth millions of views. Check out Smosh if you enjoy watching unique comedy skits.


    Marques Brownlee

    Marques Brownlee is an American YouTuber and a professional Frisbee player who creates technology-focused videos. His podcast Waveform is also dedicated to sharing interesting technology-related content, reviewing smartphones, smart gadgets, and laptops.

    His product recommendations, interviews, and commentary is very informative. What makes him stand out among the Tech Gurus is his continuous engagement with his followers. This is exactly why he is one of the top YouTube influencers in the technology niche. Check out his videos if you want to get realistic insights on some new smartphones and gadgets.


    Kimberly Loaiza

    Kimberly Loaiza is a Mexican YouTuber who topped the charts by achieving 100,000 subscribers in her first week of YouTube. She established herself as a YouTube fashion influencer, singer, and businesswoman. With over 40 million subscribers Kimberly shares her talent as a musician by posting creative music videos on her channel.

    She is listed among the top 3 TikTok influencers in Mexico and is wildly popular for her fashion sense and poise. On average her videos receive 14.5 million views every month. This marks her popularity as the top YouTube influencer on the list.


    Jenna Marbles

    With over 19.9 million subscribers, Jenna Nicole Mourey has made her mark as one of the best YouTube influencers. The ‘Marbles’ title in her name refers to her dog who appears in most of her videos. Besides her TV career as a mainstream actor and a Tv show host, Jenna joined YouTube in 2010 creating refreshing content.

    Her videos educate people and provide honest insights on the most common issues in the world. Besides this, she also posts witty content that keeps her followers hooked to her channel.


    Felipe Neto 

    Felipe Neto Rodrigues Vieira is an award winning vlogger and actor. He is the founder of Paramaker, a business YouTube network that shared insights about Brazil’s online video market. He has a following of 43.7 million followers who enjoy his videos daily. Felipo doesn’t restrict his content to a particular niche.

    Being an actor, comedian, and writer, his videos revolve around general entertainment. More than the videos you’ll love his personality. He was included in the list of 100 most influential people published by Time magazine in 2020.


    Kids Diana Show 

    Looking at some of the top-rated kid’s YouTube channels, Kids Diana Show is one that you can’t miss. This Ukrainian channel with 89.9 million subscribers, features Diana, a young girl who posts videos about her life, family, and friends. Besides this, it is an educational channel where kids can learn songs and rhymes.

    Apart from this, you can watch Diana review different toys and get to know more about her through daily vlogs. This channel is a treat for children to sit, learn and enjoy educational content with their family and friends.


    Vlad and Niki 

    Another children’s YouTube channel that gained enormous popularity with over 78.6 million subscribers is Vlad and Niki. The Russian-American brothers play games and participate in fun activities with their mother. The channel is typically run by their parents Sergey and Victoria Vashketov who edit the videos and make them more engaging for the kids to watch.

    The best part is that they have 16 different channels that translate the content into 13 languages. So, this makes their social following more than 112 million subscribers which is impeccable for a three-year-old channel.


    Mr. Beast 

    Mr. Beast is a phenomenal YouTube channel run by Jimmy Donaldson, who loves to post amazing stunts that’ll keep you hooked to the video. From making a 52-hour long video of counting to 200,000 to collaborating with 600 YouTubers to plant 20 million trees, Mr. Beast does anything and everything.

    His channel showcases a plenitude of different tricks that are entertaining and mesmerizing to watch. The best part is that his videos are evergreen and suitable for any type of audience.


    Dude Perfect 

    Dude Perfect is an American sport and entertainment Channel run by the famous twins Coby and Cory Cotton along with Cody Jones, Garrett Hilbert, and Tyler Toney. The group of five sports enthusiasts posts unbelievable stunts and trick shots that leave the followers in total shock.

    Their hard work, creativity, and talent helped them reach Guinness world records. What makes them stand out the most is their editing skills which make their content more exciting. With over 57.6 million followers, these Texas boys are ready to please their followers with some upbeat music and amazing skills.


    Ryan’s World

    Ryan’s world is the perfect world of fun and entertainment for all kids. He might be just eight years old but has a following of 30.1 million followers who enjoy his videos daily. This children’s YouTube channel features Ryan’s toy reviews, adventures with his family, daily vlogs, and educational content for children of all ages.

    This channel is filled with a bundle of joy, laughter, and learning that the kids can experience with their friends and family. If you are looking for an amazing YouTube channel for your child, then introduce them to Ryan’s World.


    Whindersson Nunes

    Whindersson Nunes with his 43.6 million followers is the next best YouTube influencer on this list. This Brazillian comedian, singer, and creator is best known for his comedy videos. His credibility lies in the fact that each of his videos receives thousands of views within a few minutes of the video release.

    On his channel, you’ll find a wide range of daily vlogs, travel content, parodies, and film reviews. His content never goes outdated and people watch it on repeat with the same enthusiasm. Besides this, he has a variety of videos for people who prefer easy-viewing entertainment.



    Fernanfloo is one of the most entertaining YouTube channels run by Luis Fernando Flores. He is a Salvadoran YouTuber who loves posting gaming videos along with personal vlog-style videos. Besides gaming, you’ll find a range of animation videos mixed with horror, GTA5, GOW, and other indie games.

    Currently, Fernanfloo has a whooping following of 44.4 million subscribers enjoying his daily dose of content. His channel is the 42nd most subscribed channel on YouTube and the 4th best Spanish-speaking channel on the platform making him the best influencer on YouTube. 


    Voce Sabia 

    Voce Sabia is a unique YouTube channel run by the Brazilian duo Daniel Molo and Lukas Marques. With their 42.3 million subscribers, the duo shares interesting fun facts related to anything. Their series on 10 facts on random things showcased some of the weirdest yet most entertaining facts.

    From relieving Disney’s biggest secrets to talking about the most expensive fruits in the world, Voce Sabia is a channel that’ll take you into a different world of knowledge and engagement. Don’t miss out on this duo if you want to explore different genres of YouTube entertainment.


    Lilly Singh 

    Hailing from Canada, Lilly took over YouTube in 2010 making the most relatable and hilarious content. She started her channel under the pseudo name ‘Superwoman’ showcasing her acting, comedy writing, and excellent editing skills through her skits. Her take on the Indian-Canadian family drama made her pretty popular among the millennials and Gen-Z groups.

    She is one of the highest-paid YouTubers whose work was recognized by Forbes. She also received several popular awards for her work. Recently, she hosted her talk show ‘A Little Late with Lilly Singh’ which aired on NBC.


    Liza Koshy 

    Liza Koshy is one of the popular Internet celebrities and YouTubers. She began her YouTube career in 2013 posting vines and comedy skits on the channel. Her talent was recognized by many producers which opened an opportunity to act in movies like Boo! A Madea Halloween and YouTube premium series called Escape the Night.

    With over 17.5 million subscribers Liza shares her passion for comedy and relatable content. Her on-screen wittiness and cheerful personality cannot be ignored. Liza’s recent venture was her YouTube premium comedy series called ‘Liza on Demand’ which highlighted her YouTube career.


    Bethany Mota 

    Bethany Noel Mota is the best YouTube fashion influencer that has surpassed 10 million subscribers on YouTube and over 981 million views. With so much love and warmth for her subscribers, Bethany shares beauty and fashion tips. Her makeup tutorials are super comforting to watch and her DIY ideas are out of the world.

    Besides staying active on YouTube Bethany collaborates with popular brands like Forever 21, J.C. Penny. She recently launched her fashion section with Aeropostale. She also uses her platform to spread awareness about anti-bullying and self-acceptance.


    Jeffree Starr

    Jeffree Starr has become a household name. He fell in love with cosmetics when he was just 13 years old and started experimenting with distinct looks. His passion is what helped him launch his YouTube channel, as well as his personal cosmetic line, that immediately went viral.

    On his channel, Jeffree loves to share different product/brand reviews. He also shares glimpses of his life and works with his followers. Jeffree’s brutal honesty and upfront attitude have got him into a lot of controversies, but that’s exactly what we love about him.



    The above YouTubers are not just a source of entertainment for everyone but they give inspiration to people to change their life through creativity and hard work. They take their followers to a world of happiness, humor, and entertainment. Some of them also act as role models for aspiring YouTubers who want to experience a different life and create an impact on others. 

    If you want to live a life on your terms and start a YouTube career to inspire others around the world then the above list will surely help you. YouTube is an incredible platform where you can not only emerge as a creator but also get monetary benefits to sustain in life. And it is not too late to start your journey.

    Have a look at the list of the top YouTube influencers and get insights on what makes them the best in their niche. For those who are looking for pure entertainment, the above YouTubers will not disappoint you at all. In fact, they’ll keep you entertained for a very long time. 

    110 Social Media Statistics That May Change Your Perspective


    Social media and the rise of social networks have changed the way we interact on the Internet and have created a culture that is both rich with opportunity and rife with risks. One thing is clear. Social media isn’t just a fad as many had claimed it was going to end up like.  As technology evolves, social media becomes an increasingly valuable marketing tool. Many businesses now use social media as part of their overall marketing strategy and so do individuals trying to get themselves and their product attention. The importance and the usage of social media both keep increasing every passing year. Let’s take a look at the latest key social media statistics that you should know about.

    User Statistics

    • The global population currently stands at a mark of 7.92 billion. Out of these, 5.31 billion people are unique mobile phone users and make up for more than 67% of the entire population. The number of total internet users stands at 4.95 billion people, a whopping 62.5% of the global population. And more importantly, 4.62 billion out of these internet users are active on one or another social media platform. 93.4% of total internet users are now on social media.
    • The number of social media users was 4.55 billion in October 2021 and the increment in such a short term is definitely impressive.  Back then, 57.6% of the global population was using social media and it has gone up to 58.4% already. 
    • 424 million new internet users joined social media networks in the year 2021. That equals 1 million new users every day for a whole year. Going deeper into it, more than 13 new users joined social media every second of the year which is mind-blowing.
    • Social media has seen an increment of 77 million users in just the last quarter. A 1.7% boost in user terms came during this time period.

    Random Statistics

    • According to Stats, a social media user spends an average amount of 2 hours and 27 minutes per day on social media. It has gone up by 2 minutes from last year’s 2 hours 25 minutes with a 1.4% increment.
    • There are more social media platforms now than ever before but certain platforms dominate over the rest in the terms of usage. On average, 7.5 platforms are used dominantly per month which is a significant increase from 6.7 in 2021.
    • The figure of social media usage has gone up by more than 3 times in this past decade. In 2012, only 1.48 billion people were a part of the virtual world. 
    • Whatsapp has overtaken Facebook as the favorite social media platform of the world. Statistically speaking, Whatsapp holds a 15.7% share of the global social media userbase. Facebook has also slipped past second place after dropping behind Instagram. With 14.8%, Instagram has a slight edge over Facebook (14.3%). Interestingly enough, all three of these platforms belong to Meta right now.  
    • Despite not being the most favorite, Facebook still has the most number of users worldwide in 2022. The latest official figures of Facebook reveal the number to be 2.91 billion users
    • WeChat is the 5th most popular social media platform in 2022. More than 99% of WeChat users are from mainland China which makes this stat mind-blowing. 
    • Whatsapp tops the list of platforms with the most amount of unique users. For 1.5% of the total social media users, Whatsapp is the only platform they use.

    Usage Statistics

    • A report has projected the expected number of hours of social media usage in 2022 to be over 4 trillion hours
    • An Android mobile phone user spends 23.7 hours per month streaming videos on YouTube, the most for any other social media platform. Facebook and TikTok are tied on the second spot with 19.6 hours each. The third spot goes to Whatsapp with 18.6 hours.
    • The coronavirus pandemic confined people to just their homes and work-from-home has been the way to go for a while now. 2022 stats show that 1 in every 4 internet users are using social media for work. With a massive 41.5%, Kenya has the most number of people using social media for school or jobs. 
    • Data suggests that more than 98.5% of social media users are active on more than one platform in 2022.
    • Social media applications are some of the most downloaded apps as we move into 2022 with TikTok leading the list upfront.

    Demographic Statistics

    • Most of the userbase of popular social media platforms belongs to the 13+ demographic in terms of age. Taking out the population that falls under that line makes these social media stats even crazier. More than 74.8% of the world’s older-than-13 population is active on social media platforms today. 
    • Studies show that males slightly dominate social media usage over females. 53.9% of total global users identify as male and 46.1% as female
    • TikTok is the most popular platform among 16-25-year-old women who make up for 16.4% of the platform’s all users. Facebook leads the charge in the 25-34 age demographic with 25.7%. Whatsapp remains the favorite of the elderly that are between 30 to 49 years old
    • The adult demographic of 18-34-year-old social media users is the most interested in brands. 95% of them are already following at least one brand.

    Business Statistics

    • Social media has become a big deal when it comes to marketing and advertising which is also reflected in statistics. 27.6% of internet users discover new brands and products through social media now. 
    • Social media ads saw a big rise in total spending between 2021 to early 2022. It now makes up for 33.1% of the total digital advertising expenditure globally. A total of $154 billion were spent on social media ads in one year.
    • Social media is the go-to for small and mid-sized businesses in 2022. 71% of such businesses and brands are active on one or more platforms and 52% of them are publishing new content daily. 
    • Delving more into the customer side, 63% of brand consumers prefer social media to be their medium of customer service and support.
    • Here’s another stat that should interest a marketer or a brand. 23.3% of global internet users follow at least one brand on social media. Only 12.2% of users, however, share content posted by a brand at least once every month.
    • Nearly 200 million social media users are clicking on at least one brand profile every day on average.

    Engagement Statistics

    • Facebook is the platform with the best engagement rates when it comes to the content of brands and businesses.
    • Shopping-related posts on social media are doing well in the new decade. Every month, over 130 million users interact with such posts.
    • Short video format brings the most engagement as concluded by a study on digital marketers. 85% of marketers believe short videos get them the best results based on their own analytics and insights.

    Ads Insights

    • Social media ads might be doing better than ever but the audience feels they do not relate to the ads that they come across. Only 17.3% of social media users find themselves represented in ads across all platforms.
    • The average cost per every 1,000 impressions has increased significantly since the third quarter of 2021. The rate went up by 21.7% as now an average user has to pay $9.13 as compared to 2021’s $7.56.
    • Social media still remains insignificant in terms of diverting traffic to major websites. Out of the top 20 most popular websites globally, none receives more than 5% of its traffic through social media.  

    Misc. Statistics 

    • Other than marketing or discovering brands, social media is increasingly becoming a source of news for the masses. 36.5% of the world’s internet users use social media for reading news.
    • Communicating with friends and family still stays one of the major reasons for a majority of social media users. 33% of users access one or more platforms for this very purpose.
    • While it might be a random statistic, dogs are the social media favorites at present. On Instagram, there are 330 million posts with the hashtag “dog”. TikTok videos with this tag have garnered over 205 billion views as well. On Twitter, more than 390 million users are interested in the topic “dogs”. 

    Now let’s get a bit more detailed and take a look at platform-specific social media statistics of some of the biggest social networking platforms today. 

    Facebook Statistics

    WhatsApp Statistics

    • Whatsapp now has more than 2 billion users who exchange over 100 billion texts every single day. It is the most used messaging platform globally ahead of Facebook Messenger and WeChat. More than 100 million calls are made on WhatsApp every day as well.
    • A majority of 73% of WhatsApp users are on Android and only 27% use iOs. WhatsApp is the second-most used mobile app globally with Facebook being on the top. An average user spends 19.4 hours on WhatsApp monthly. 
    • WhatsApp was downloaded more than 600 million times in 2021 and is used in 180 countries. It is the most downloaded and used messaging app in 155 of these countries across the globe.
    • WhatsApp Business has more than 100 million downloads and more than 175 million WhatsApp users interact with a Business account every day at least once.
    • The COVID-19 pandemic brought a 40% increase in usage for WhatsApp. In the lockdowns all over the world, 2 billion minutes of calls were made every single day. 
    • WhatsApp is the most popular among older people who are aged between 30 to 49. 30% of its users belong to this demographic. 

    Instagram Statistics

    • Instagram has at least 1.5 billion users all over the world today. India has the most number of Instagram users with 201 million. 23.9% of the world’s people aged 13+ are currently active on Instagram.
    • Instagram’s advertising service can potentially reach more than 1.478 billion people now which is 257 million more than 2020-21. With a 21% increase, Instagram’s ad reach is growing at a rate faster than Facebook’s.
    • 51.6% of Instagram’s total global users are male. A majority of Instagram users are aged from 25 to 34
    • The overall Instagram engagement rate is 1.94% which is significantly higher than most of the other platforms. 
    • 90% of accounts on Instagram are currently following at least one brand or business profile. In fact, 83% of users use Instagram to explore new products and make shopping decisions. 
    • Instagram is the top choice of 73% of digital marketers when it comes to influencer marketing. 
    • More than 100 million Instagram users either host or watch live sessions daily on the platform. 
    • On average, an Instagram user spends 11.2 hours on the platform every month.
    • Instagram is the fastest-growing social media platform with over 21% growth within the last twelve months.

    Twitter Statistics

    • Twitter is the 15th most active social media platform in the world today with over 436 million active users. 56.4% of these are males and only 43.6% are females.
    • Twitter’s user base consists of over 5.5% of the entire population of the world. Considering only the people aged above 13, the number goes up to 7.1%.
    • Twitter is one of the most influential and mainstream social media platforms. As of now, 83% of the world’s politicians and leaders have active accounts on Twitter. 
    • Out of all Twitter users, 42% log in and interact on the platform daily. 
    • The USA has the most number of Twitter users with 77.8 million.
    • Tweets with hashtags have 100% better engagement rates than those without them. Using one or two maximum hashtags in a tweet increases engagement by 21%. Tweets with more tags have shown 17% fewer engagement rates.
    • Twitter ads do better without hashtags on the other hand. Such ads experience a 23% better engagement than usual.

    TikTok Statistics

    • TikTok passed the 1 billion monthly user mark in September of 2021, as announced by the company itself. It is the 7th most active social network in 2022. Around 650k new users are joining TikTok every day on average.
    • TikTok’s ad reach will stretch up to 885 million in 2022 and is growing significantly faster than Facebook. It has gone up by 7.3% when compared to last year. 
    • TikTok is one of the few social media platforms where female users dominate. 57% of TikTok’s users identify as female. 
    • The average age of the TikTok user base lies between the range of 18 to 24 making it the most popular platform among teenagers. 
    • TikTok has been banned in India and as a result, the USA has the most TikTok users with 131 million of them. 

    YouTube Statistics

    • More than 2.56 billion people globally use YouTube according to the latest reports. It is one of the most active social platforms and the second-largest search engine on the internet.
    • YouTube’s ad reach went up to 2.5 billion by the end of 2021 which was 271 million more than the previous year.
    • Music dominates YouTube’s most searched terms of recent time. ‘Song’. ‘Songs’ and ‘New Songs’ are among the 5 most searched keywords on YouTube.
    • With over 467 million users, India comes out on top again in the list of countries with the most YouTube users. 
    • 44% of digital marketers are projected to use YouTube for the first time this year.
    • More than a billion hours worth of content is watched on YouTube every day.
    • Most of YouTube’s watch time comes from mobile devices, making up for 70% of the total.
    • T-Series is the most subscribed and most viewed channel on YouTube in 2022 with over 200 million subs and 176 billion views. “Baby Shark” by Pinkfong is the most viewed video ever with over 10 billion views.

    Twitch Statistics

    • 260 billion minutes of video streams have been consumed already in 2022 which is 4.7% up from the data at this of the year in 2021. 
    • 8.5 million content creators stream videos every month on average. The data also shows that around 102,400 streamers are live on Twitch every given moment in 2022. Monthly, it goes up to more than 8.5 million streamers. 
    • The number of concurrent viewers in 2022 so far is 2.8M on average which is an improvement over last year’s 2.78M.
    • Ninja is the most subscribed Twitch streamer with more than 17 million followers. 
    • Nearly 23.5k video games were streamed within the previous week. ‘Elden Ring’ is the most viewed game on Twitch in these past 7 days with over 74 million hours of watch time.

    Snapchat Statistics

    • There are more than 319 million daily users of Snapchat all over the world. Snapchat is the 12th most used social media platform currently. Nearly 6.8% of the world’s population is on Snapchat at present.
    • Snapchat’s advertising service reach has gone up to 557 million recently. 
    • The daily user numbers have gone up by nearly 25% since 2020 with a 70+ million increase. 
    • 126 million Snapchat users come from India, the most from any other country.
    • Snapchat is another instance where female users are the majority with 53.8%

    Reddit Statistics

    • Reddit is one of the most active social media platforms of recent times with more than 430 million monthly users and 52 million daily visitors.
    • External links are the most prevalent on Reddit and make up for more than 50% of the entire content. 
    • Reddit posts get an average of 50 billion views every month. 
    • An average Reddit user spends around 10 minutes and 23 seconds surfing across the platform. 
    • There are more than 2.5 million subreddits currently on Reddit. 11 million posts are submitted in these subreddits every month. 
    • Posts with 60-80 characters in their titles get the best engagement and bring the most upvotes. Titles with more than 120 and less than 20 characters perform the wort. 
    • There are over 2.2 billion subreddits in the existence of which 130K are considered to be active.  

    LinkedIn Statistics

    • LinkedIn has more than 800 million active users across the world. 
    • Marketers can reach over 790 million users with ads on LinkedIn which is 22 million more than the last year. 
    • LinkedIn leads the race in terms of driving traffic to a company or brand’s website with an impressive 46%.
    • Around 45 million people look up various jobs on LinkedIn every week. Every passing second, 77 new job applications are uploaded which means 200 million of them in a month. 
    • Statistically, 4 people on average get hired every minute on LinkedIn. 
    • Moving on to demographics, 56.6% of total LinkedIn users are male. LinkedIn is the most popular among the age group of 25 to 34.
    • The United States of America is the country with the most number of LinkedIn users (180 million).

    Pinterest Statistics

    • Pinterest is placed 14th on the list of the most active social media platforms. This is despite the significant decrease of users the platform faced in 2021. Pinterest lost around 10 million users within three months in 2021. Currently, Pinterest has 478 million monthly users.
    • Pinterest is more popular among women who make up more than 70% of their entire user base. 
    • Pinterest is used by 90.5 million people in the USA, which is the highest for any country. Brazil comes second with 30.7 million users.
    • There are more than 5 billion pinboards on Pinterest currently. 
    • A total of 240 billion pins have been saved by Pinterest across the years of the platform’s existence. 
    • 25% of social media marketers use Pinterest today. 
    • 90% of the users that are active weekly make their shopping decisions based on the pins they come across. 
    • 77% of such users have discovered one or more new brands through Pinterest. 


    It does not take a genius to figure out that social media is here to stay. It used to be looked upon as a temporary trend that will go away but we all know how it turned out to be. These stats prove how not only do many platforms keep getting bigger but also how they are affecting our surroundings. From marketing to various researches, social media statistics can be very helpful.

    But finding these social media statistics takes time. The latest and only the most accurate stats from reliable sources and studies are compiled together here to make it easier for you.

    Best Time to Post on TikTok (For More Engagement) in 2022


    TikTok started as a simple video-sharing application but soon established itself as a game-changing social media platform. The credit certainly goes to its creative features. Today, every brand, marketer, and influencer wants to grow on TikTok and become a sensational hit. With 850 million active users worldwide, TikTok is here to stay for a long time. 

    However, success on TikTok takes more than just creating compelling content. What matters the most is the time of posting your content. If you are looking to increase your engagement rate organically on TikTok, work on finding the best time to post on TikTok. It is certainly a tricky quest. That’s why we have curated the most efficient ways to find the best time to post on TikTok. Let’s begin!

    What is the Best Time to Post on TikTok?

    To find the best time to post on TikTok, you need to ask two most important questions – first, where are most of your audience located? And second, what is the peak activity time of your audience? Let’s break down these crucial aspects and figure out the best time to post on TikTok. 

    Audience Location

    TikTok has a global outreach where users from all over the world actively engage with millions of posts. If you have a global audience base, finding the best time zone can help to narrow down this process. If you check the audience location and time zone in your analytics, you’ll get a fair idea about the busiest hours of a particular country. 

    Where can you access the analytics tool? Simply switch to the TikTok pro account to get your hands on the profile analytics. Use this tool to find where most of your audience is located. 

    Peak Activity Time

    Now that you have figured where your audience is located, it’s time to find their peak active time. This is where the time zone plays a crucial role. For example, if you live in the UK but your audience is from the USA, there is a five-hour time difference to consider. In this case, posting too early or too late will not work for your profile growth. You’ll have to find the time when your audience is most active on TikTok to get instant engagement. 

    Besides this, you’ll have to build a content schedule to manage multiple locations and time zones. This process may take some time and a lot of understanding to get it right. However, it is the only way to find the best time to post on TikTok. If you can crack this code, you are bound to succeed on TikTok and receive a continuous flow of engagement rate every day. 

    What are the Best Times to Post Each Day?

    Every creator, business, or brand has different best times to post on TikTok depending on their target audience, location, and peak activity time. However, certain time frames may be suitable for the majority of the niches on TikTok. Let’s have a look:

    • The best time to post on TikTok on Monday starts from 6 AM, 10 AM, and 10 PM. 
    • The best time to post on TikTok on Tuesday vary from 2 AM to 4 AM, and 9 AM.
    • The best time to post on TikTok on Wednesday starts from 7 AM, 8 AM, and 11 PM. 
    • The best time to post on TikTok on Thursday includes 9 AM,  12 PM, and 7 PM.
    • The best time to post on TikTok on Friday includes 5 AM, 1 PM, and 3 PM. 
    • The best time to post on TikTok on Saturday starts from 11 AM, 7 PM, and 8 PM. 
    • The best time to post on TikTok on Sunday includes 7 AM, 8 AM, and 4 PM. 

    How to Find the Simplest Time to Post on TikTok?

    There is no universal best time to post on TikTok. The average best time to post for a wide range of creators, brands, and businesses depends on their location and type of audience. You can access this information from the profile analytics. Let’s look at key steps to find the best time to post on TikTok:

    • Create a TikTok Pro Account

    TikTok Pro is a business account that offers data analytics for your profile. Therefore, switch to the TikTok Pro account to unlock your profile metrics and find the best time to post. If you already have a personal TikTok account, then simply go to the settings and privacy section. Tap on ‘Manage Account’ and under the ‘Account Control’ section, tap ‘Switch to Business Account’. 

    Switching to a business account will give you access to analytical tools. Now, go to the analytics section and explore the various metrics related to your profile. Here, you’ll find information about your audience demographics, profile performance, and more. 

    • Mark your Top Territories

    Identifying the location of your audience can help you understand their active time. Unlike Instagram, TikTok only provides the name of the country in the location tab. However, you can still utilize this piece of information to find the best posting time frame. It may take several trials to find the right time to post but it’ll help you immensely in the future. 

    • Know the Peak Active Time of your Audience 

    TikTok analytics provides an incredible section called the ‘Follower Activity’. The best part about this section is that it provides detailed information on your follower’s most active days and hours. Note that times on TikTok are usually recorded in UTC (Universal time Coordinated), so you’ll have to convert it to your time zone. You may also use a time zone conversion tool to make the switch easier. 

    • Track the Growth

    Now that you have found the best time to post, it is time to test it.  This is a trial and error process wherein you post your content at peak time and monitor your post-performance. Having a track of post-performance will help you make the final tweaks that’ll bring in massive engagement to your profile.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Does Posting time matter on TikTok?

    Usually, the TikTok algorithm ranks different content based on a combination of factors. However, the majority of the decision lies in the amount of engagement you receive on recent posts. Therefore, posting time does play a crucial role in boosting your online visibility. 

    The strategy is very simple: if you post during the time your audience is active, you’ll receive instant engagement. Of course, you must pay attention to other factors as well, like posting consistently, using the right hashtags, music and creating trendy content. 

    Another reason why posting time matters the most is that it boosts your content on the ‘For You’ section on TikTok. This section is similar to Instagram’s Explore Page where TikTok users can find new and interesting content every day. Thus helping you gain wild popularity on TikTok. 

    Can there be multiple best times to post on TikTok?

    Of course! There is no single best time of day to post on TikTok. However, for a creator, posting on multiple best times can get pretty frantic. This can be avoided by setting up a system where you can monitor which time of a particular day brings in maximum engagement. If there are two different best times in a day, you can publish two posts at the respective times and monitor the performance of each post. This way you’ll have a clear idea about the best times to post every day. 

    What are the best days to post on TikTok?

    If you have to pick the best days to post on TikTok then go for Tuesday (9 am), Thursday (12 pm), and Friday (5 am). These times offer better engagement as compared to other times. However, it is not a hard and fast rule for every creator to follow these timings. Ultimately, the best time to post on TikTok depends on your audience demographic data and overall profile metrics. 

    Is it good to post frequently on TikTok?

    While it is good to post consistently on Tiktok, it doesn’t mean that you can post multiple times a day. Maintain a posting schedule to publish at least one new post every day. Typically, posting one to two times a day on TikTok is pretty normal. However, this depends on the ability of your audience to engage with multiple posts on the same day. Therefore, limit your posts to 1-2 per day. Posting more than this can lead to a decline in audience interest leading to fewer views and low engagement.

    How to grow on TikTok?

    Apart from finding the best time to post, certain factors can help you grow on TikTok. The first crucial factor that determines your success on TikTok is the quality of your content. Find your niche and create captivating content. Use visual aids, and trendy music to make your video appealing. Keep an eye on the trending videos in your niche and create similar content to stay on top. 

    Use relevant and trending hashtags to improve video discoverability. Monitor your competitors and see what type of hashtags they are using for each post. Incorporate those hashtags in your content. You can even create branded hashtags to improve brand awareness. Lastly, monitor your analytics and profile performance regularly to make better changes in your marketing strategy. 

    How to keep a check on TikTok audience analytics?

    Switch to the TikTok Pro account to get your hands on the analytical tools. TikTok analytics provides detailed information and wonderful insights into your audience data, profile performance, engagement rate, and more. Here, you can monitor any profile metric with utmost ease and convenience. 

    Should I post in the morning or night?

    Typically, the average best time to post on TikTok ranges from 6 is to 10 am and 7 pm to 11 pm at the night. Therefore, you can experiment with the posting times both in the morning and night. The best way to find the perfect balance is to visit your profile analytics and check the peak active time of your audience. This will help you get better results. 

    Where can I find the latest trends on TikTok?

    All the latest trends on TikTok can be accessed from the ‘For You’ Page. This page offers a curated feed of viral videos based on the user’s interest. Usually, TikTok analyses each user’s post interaction and interest with the app to customize their feed. So, if you want to find trending videos in your niche then have a look at the ‘For You’ Page. You can even use this page as an inspiration to create similar viral content for your audience. 

    How to get Viral on TikTok?

    Getting viral on TikTok is not an easy task. It requires a little bit of smart work. Of course, the quality of your content is the first and foremost aspect that you need to improve to get viral on TikTok. Follow the latest trends, use trendy filters, music, and visual aids to make your video more interesting. Pay attention to the first few seconds of your video to stop the audience from scrolling. Don’t shy away from incorporating strong CTAs at the end of the video. Work on your captions and hashtags. Lastly, be authentic and interactive with your audience. 


    As TikTok is gaining more popularity every day, newer brands, influencers, and creators are entering this platform to make their impact on the digital market. If you are one of them, then it is time to leverage the power of engagement on TikTok. But remember, creating thumb-stopping content is not the only wonder you can do to get maximum engagement. This is just a stepping stone to grab the attention of the audience. 

    The key to becoming successful on TikTok is to strategically reach your audience at their peak activity time. Find the best time to post on TikTok to tap into the right audience who’ll be interested in your content. Be aware that this is not a one-time process. As you grow on TikTok and increase your following, keep a check on the best time to post now and then. Follow the steps given above to efficiently find the best time to post on TikTok and let the magic happen!

    50 Most Famous Tattoo Artists to Follow on Instagram (2022)


    Are you a fan of body modifications and love tattoos? Then you have come to the right place. Today, we have gathered some of the best tattoo artists on Instagram. If you enjoy looking at stunning tattoo designs then you should check out these artists and follow them if you like their style. These tattoo artists on Instagram are quite skilled as they have taken their inking style to the next level. If you are looking to follow the best Instagram tattoo artist then let’s get started.

    Best Tattoo Artists:

    Kat Von D

    Kat Von D

    Kat Von D is one of the most recognized tattoo artists. She became quite popular by starring in the reality show LA Ink. Kat has over 8 million followers on Instagram making her one of the most followed tattoo artists on Instagram. Since she is much more than just a tattoo artist you will see a mixture of posts on her profile.



    One of the most famous tattoo artists of our times is Keith Scott “Bang Bang” McCurdy. He is a celebrity tattoo artist who has inked the bodies of Rihanna, Katy Perry, Cara Delevingne, Justin Bieber, and many more celebrities. Bang Bang NYC has over 2.5 million followers on Instagram.



    The LA-based tattoo artist Brian Woo, better known professionally as Dr. Woo has been in the game for a long time. His tattoos usually consist of thin lines which are used to convey very intricate details. He has tattooed Drake, Miley Cyrus, Cara Delevingne, etc.

    Ryan Ashley DiCristina

    Ryan Ashley DiCristina

    Ryan Ashley DiCristina is a celebrity tattooer who has appeared on many shows. She is a social media influencer and tattoo model as well. She has over 1.6 million followers on Instagram. Many of her tattoos look like pieces of jewellery with realistic details.

    Katrina Jackson

    Katrina Jackson

    Katrina Jackson is a famous Tattoo artist. She has 1.2 million followers on her profile. She owns the Enigma Tattoo Studio at Beverly Hills. Her tattoos have an artistic flair to them that gives off an intense and stylish vibe.

    Mr. K

    Mr. K is one of the tattoo artists at the Bang Bang NYC. Like many tattoo artists in that studio, Mr. K also has many high-profile clients whom he has inked with his unique style of tattooing. His tattoos look faint but they are filled with intricate details.


    Sasha Unisex is probably one of the tattooers in this list whose style is easily distinguishable. She can ink quality tattoos on the skin that look like someone has created a watercolor painting. You can follow her to fill your feed with incredible tattoo designs.


    Bang Bang NYC is one of the most popular tattoo studios in the world. Some of the most popular celebrities have gotten themselves inked at this studio. JonBoy is a tattoo artist at this studio who has inked the likes of Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. His mini tattoos and script designs are some of the most well-known works in the industry.

    Hannah Pixie Snowdon

    Hannah is an English tattoo artist. She started inking at an early age and is known for her unique designs. She is currently working from Nepal. Her posts will keep your feed fresh. Her profile is more than just tattoos. It’s about art and life in general. She has 671k followers on Instagram.

    Rit Kit

    Rita is a tattoo artist that mimics nature and inks it on her client’s skin. If you bring her a plant she will ink its physical essence on your skin. Just look at the hundreds of tattoos she has designed for her clients and how realistic they look.


    SOL is an LA-based tattoo artist who has gained a lot of popularity on Instagram. He has over 574k followers. His tattoos are highly detailed and give off a realistic feel. If you like colorful and realistic tattoo designs follow this profile.

    Chaim Machlev

    The way Chain Machlev can create wonderful pieces of art using black lines is just amazing. He is one of the most popular tattoo artists and that is due to his amazing skill of inking some of the most intricate and beautiful patterns. He has inked the likes of Machine Gun Kelly and many other celebrities. Chaim Machlev has 490k followers on Instagram.

    Melody Mitchell

    Melody Mitchell is a parlor tattoo artist who can ink a beautiful painting on the canvas of your skin. She has 382k followers on Instagram and it is for a very good reason. If you want to be fed well-inked bold tattoos that look more like an art piece then you should follow her.


    Susanne “Suflanda” König is one of the best tattoo artists on Instagram. If you are looking for great tattoo artists to follow then Susanne makes the cut by a huge margin. She is from Germany and currently works as a tattoo artist in Manchester where you can find her at the Redwood Tattoo Studio. She inks in black and grey and her designs vary from caricature-like designs to intricately designed ones.

    Anthony Michaels

    If you have to describe Anthony Michaels style in one word it would be quite tough. But one thing that you will notice when admiring his work is the amount of depth and detail that he can ink on a person’s skin. He has set up shop in Los Angeles and is known for his pop-culture-inspired designs.

    Miryam Lumpini

    Miryam Lumpini owns a private tattoo studio in Los Angeles. Her tattoos are colorful and have a mystical style to them. Miryam calls herself the witch doctor. She works with a group of women who help her with her business while she focuses on creating amazing art. You can follow her on Instagram where she has 319k followers as of now.

    Curt Montgomery Tattoos

    Curt Montgomery is a leading tattoo artist with thousands of followers on Instagram. His designs are very different and follow motifs of sex, death, and humanity in general. His tattoos are very stylish and elegant. He is based in Toronto. Follow him on Instagram to be greeted with delightful and stylish tattoo designs on your feed regularly.


    Tukoi is a popular tattoo artist who is popular on Instagram and the tattoo scene. One of her specialities used to be UV tattoos. Unfortunately, she doesn’t design UV tattoos anymore but doesn’t be put off by that. She is an amazing artist who can ink anything from minimal tattoos to intricate designs on the skin. Tukoi has 251k followers on Instagram currently.


    Ozcar Cruz is a Colombian tattoo artist who creates unique tattoo designs based on Anime. If you like Anime and Manga style tattoos then you should definitely follow him. If you want a sexy anime character inked on your skin then he is your guy. He has 242k followers on Instagram.

    Pony Wave

    Pony Wave is in a league of her own when it comes to tattoo designs. If you love realistic tattoos then Pony is one of the Instagram Tattoo artists you should follow. She came to the US in 2012 and only had a few hundred dollars left. She even lived in a car for a month. Today, she is a famous tattoo artist and musician with over 252k followers on Instagram.

    Amanda Wachob

    If you like colorful tattoos that are unique in design but give off a beautiful vibe then you should check out the works of Amanda Wachob. She is a New York-based artist who is creating work of art on people’s skin day in and day out.

    Doesn’t matter whether it is a small design or a big full-body design Amanda can whoop up something truly breathtaking with her skillful hands. She has over 140k followers on Instagram. So, give her a follow if you are looking for a tattoo artist on Instagram.

    Dillon Forte

    Dillon Forte is a world-renowned tattoo artist whose tattoos give off a stylish vibe. His style is very modern and his designs consist of contemporary takes on sacred geometry. He is a native of California and he often ventures in art photography, painting, fashion, and tech design as well. He has 200k followers on Instagram.


    Lauren Winzer is based out of Australia and currently works as an artist in Sydney. Her skills with ink and pin are very visible. Lauren has worked with many clients and some of her notable clients include Melanie Martinez, Post Malone, Miley Cyrus, etc. She has 209k followers on Instagram.

    Lara Maju

    Lara Maju is a German-based inker who can create amazing designs on your skin. Her tattoos are very minimal in design and she mainly creates ornamental and floral patterns. The technique she uses to create these amazing pieces is the hand poke technique. You can follow her on Instagram to beautiful tattoo designs on your daily feed.


    If you like tattoos that are nature-driven or have designs that are inspired by nature then Zaya is an awesome tattoo artist to follow. She is also a musician and often uploads her songs on Spotify. Her designs are very minimal but they look so stunning. She is based in London and her work consists of some of the most gorgeous tattoos you will see on Instagram. She currently has 140k followers on the ‘gram.

    Reese Hilburn

    Reese Hilburn is a multi-talented woman who also happened to be one of the most skilled tattoo artists. She is very popular on Instagram, having over 171k followers. She is also an entrepreneur and business coach. Reese helps tattoo artists all over the world set up shop and expand their business using the power of Instagram. If you want to be hit by a daily dose of gorgeous tattoos and wanderlust then you can follow her on Instagram.

    Lisa Orth

    Lisa Orth is a skilled tattoo artist that creates original art for her clients and then inks them on their bodies. During her grunge days, Lisa used to design album covers for Sub Pop Records. She worked as a tattoo artist in Los Angeles for over 5 years until the pandemic hit. Currently, she works out of Seattle which is her hometown. Her style is very unique. Her designs contain natural scenery and landscapes which are inked in bold black lines.


    GirlKnewYork is the handle of tattoo artist Mira Mariah. She is a famous tattoo artist who is highly skilled in creating amazing designs to ink on you. Her designs are very unique. They look more like caricatures and doodles giving them a funky and abstract feel. She has designed some of the tattoos of Ariana Grande. Her tattoos celebrate the female form. You can follow her if you like abstract tattoo designs.


    Joanna Roman is a tattoo artist whose designs are simplistic. Script tattoos are some of her specialities. She can turn a simple word into a unique design with minimalistic details while increasing the impact. If you want something sober but unique she can create quality designs for you. She owns the Chronic Ink Tattoo studio that is located in Toronto and Vancouver. Joanna has 87.3k followers on Instagram. You can check out her work on Instagram.

    Jess Chen

    Jess Chen is an inspiration for any tattoo artist looking to make it in the industry. She is an awesome tattoo artist to follow on Instagram. Her work is awesome. She used to be a graphic designer and now she works as a tattoo artist at Seven Eight Tattoo parlour in Toronto. She is definitely a top choice for tattoo artist Instagram.


    Bang Bang is a tattoo studio located at Grand Street in New York. This is an awesome place to get inked and has talented and skilled artists. Ghinkos is one of the amazing artists that work in this studio. She specializes in realism and fine line. She has been fascinated with art therapy and loves engaging with clients as she inks them so that she can create something unique for each of them.


    Neo’s tattoos have a modern vibe. He can come up with designs that look completely surreal. His works range over mechanical motifs, animal themes, geometric motifs, tribal style, and Japanese style. He can ink in black and grey as well as create amazing designs using colors. If you want to have a bunch of awesome tattoo designs on your feed then you should follow him on Instagram.


    McKenzie is a London-based tattoo artist who owns the studio Yours Truly London. This is a tattoo studio located in Curtain Road, London. The studio aims to provide you with an experience that is more than ordinary while at the same time being truly yours. The majority of Mackenzie’s work is in black. Check out his full-body tattoos by visiting his Instagram profile. He is worth a follow.

    Kelli Kikcio

    The way that Kelli Kikcio can conjure up fascinating designs is just amazing. She is a traditional tattoo artist who uses the hand and pokes method to create amazing designs that look engaging without being overwhelmed with details. She operates in Brooklyn, New York and you can visit her Instagram profile to check out her work or to make any bookings. Marine Perez has over 66.5k followers on Instagram.

    Expanded Eye

    The next entry on this list of best tattoo artists on Instagram is a duo. Jade Tomlinson and Kevin James are skilled artists who bring some of the most amazing designs that you can find out there. They have over 65.3k followers on Instagram. Their work mostly focuses on “steampunk-ish” design mixed with abstract geometries. The tattoos have a unique look. They are funky and gorgeous. Check out their work on Instagram.

    Tea Leigh

    Tea Leigh started tattooing in 2014. She started by inking herself and gradually moved on to inking her friends. Soon, she realized her talents and took her skills more seriously. Her tattoos often have a minimal design. She is an entrepreneur and started Welcome Home Tattoo Studio along with another tattoo artist Kelli Kikcio whom we have also featured on the list.

    Marine Perez

    Another talented tattoo artist you can follow on Instagram if you are looking for a tattoo artist Instagram is Marine Perez. Her style looks very different and designs seem to have a sort of softness to them. Her artistic vision for each of the tattoos that she designs is just amazing. She uses a bunch of different colors and shades to ink down amazing tattoos with soft lines. Her work revolves around animal-themed designs with a mystical flavor.

    Angel Zimik

    Devil’z Tattooz is a tattoo studio in New Delhi that has inked various celebrities. Angel Zimik is one of the talented artists that work in that studio. She is originally from Manipur in India and has over 4 years of experience. Her tattoos have geometric designs which heighten her patterns of flora and fauna and the themes of mysticism and spirituality that she adds to them. She specializes in the single needle technique.


    Britanny Randall is a tattoo artist who specializes in tiny scripts and intricate portraits. Her designs often feature nature, animals, and people. She even combines them to create unique designs based on the needs of her clients. She currently has 34.5k followers on Instagram. So, check her work out.


    Franki is a French tattoo artist who works at the Black Ship Studio in Barcelona. He was always interested in painting and drawing but it wasn’t until he came to Barcelona that he found out his love for tattoos. Having met a friend who worked as a tattoo artist, Franki soon learned all the techniques and developed his skills in blackwork. He designs animal-themed tattoos emphasizing the smallest of the details and bringing out amazing contrasts.

    Stephanie Brown

    What makes an artist different from the average is the unique style that they bring to the plate. Stephanie Brown is an amazing tattoo artist who knows her stuff. Her tattoos are a work of art. She can create literal paintings on a person using her skills. She uploads a bunch of stuff on Instagram. So, you can follow her there if you are looking for an Instagram tattoo artist.


    Tamara Lee Dot is one of the tattoo artists working at The Good Fight Tattoo Studio. The studio was started by Nick Whybrow in 2018 and is located in Camden in North London. Tamara specializes in tattoos that follow geometric or botanical designs. She is an expert in the dot work method of tattooing where the ink is applied in the form of small dots. This gives a sort of gradient effect.


    Kandace’s tattoo designs are inspired by henna-style and Mehendi-style designs. She is very good at inking tattoos that have a geometric design. She is based in Atlanta and has 19.3k followers on Instagram. You can visit the website for more info and bookings.


    Ellie is a professional tattoo artist who has been quite active in London and works out of her studio there. Her brand is Shantitatoo and she has garnered over 17.6k followers on Instagram. Her work has a distinctive style in which you can see inspirations from South Asian culture. You can find tribal motifs, themes related to pirates, animals, sensual, etc. She also has a shop for stickers.


    Krissy The Butcher is an award-winning tattoo artist who has been very active in the tattoo industry due to her amazing skills and awesome visions. She is very well adept at black and grey realism as well as using saturated colours. She is comfortable working in any style. You can easily book her through the website. The studio is open from Monday to Friday from 12 to 9 and is located at Farmington Hills, Michigan.

    Ans Pham

    Tattoo Machine is a tattoo studio in Dixon St, Wellington. One of their top-tier tattoo artists is Ans Pham. He has over a decade of experience and specializes in traditional and geometric tattoos in both only black and colored fashion. Ans is very skilled as you can see from his list of works. He often uploads his stuff on Instagram and you can follow him @anspham.

    Atelier Do No Eko

    Tattoos have originated independently across multiple cultures. Japan is one of the popular countries whose artistic style has been revered all over the world. Atelier Do No Eko is a tattoo shop setup in Paris that uses traditional Japanese tattooing methods to create designs inspired by that culture. So, if you are interested in traditional Japanese tattoos done with the hand and poke method then check out the work they do.

    Wiremu Bariball

    If you are looking for tribal tattoos then Wiremu Bariball is one of the tattoo artists in this field who has been showcasing his skills. He focuses on Maori-style tattoos and has set up shop in Porirua, in New Zealand. You can easily see the quality of his designs by checking out his Instagram.

    Dion Kaszas

    Dion Kaszas is a popular tattoo artist. Known for his skills of precision and his designs Dion is an acclaimed tattoo artist in Nova Scotia. Whether you want an ancient design or want to go for a more modern look Dion has you covered. He has been in this field for over a decade.

    Doreen Garner

    Doreen Garner is a Brooklyn-based sculptor and body modifier. Her work is just amazing to look at. She is a highly skilled artist who can ink interesting and stunning designs on you. Most of her work seems to follow a minimalistic approach. The designs don’t have a huge amount of detail but they are so impactful. She does much more than tattoos. Check out her website to see some of the amazing stuff that she has done.


    Did your favorite Instagram tattoo artist make the list? Let us know if we missed any tattoo artists that you think to deserve more attention. If you like the work of the artists we mentioned, follow them on Instagram. We hope you have found some amazing tattoo artists active on Instagram.

    30 Best Digital Marketing Agencies (2022)


    A digital marketing company provides services that can help businesses and brands establish an online presence. The internet is an important tool for any business. It has a huge potential to provide a lot of growth to businesses and get them more exposure. A digital marketing company is one that has expertise and knowledge in the field of digital marketing services.

    They have professional marketers and strategists who can create innovative and impactful strategies and campaigns that can drive more traffic to a website, increase engagement on social media, improve lead generation and help generate more revenue. Today, since digital marketing is very important for most businesses we decided to compile a list of top digital marketing agencies. We have also added relevant FAQs at the end of the list to act as a sort of guide to help choose a good digital marketing agency for your business. So, without further adieu let’s get started.

    List of Top Digital Marketing Agencies:


    WebFX - Best Digital Marketing Agencies

    Let’s start the list with a company called WebFx. This is a company that has received many positive reviews from its past and current clients. The company started in 1995 and has a huge experience in the field of digital marketing. With just a budget of $1000, you can hire this company for your digital marketing. It has a team of high-skilled and recognized professionals who have a lot of marketing experience and expertise.

    They know what it takes to provide clients with real and effective results using the internet. The ultimate goals for any company opting for digital marketing are to generate more leads and make more sales. These metrics are very important and WebFX ensures that using its services you can attain them. The services provided by WebFx fall under search engine optimization and lead generation, e-commerce and UX, and interactive.

    There are multiple services within those fields. You can get more ideas by visiting WebFx is located in Pennsylvania in the US. So, if you like in-person meetings you can reach out to them there as well.

    Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

    Thrive Internet Marketing Agency - Best Digital Marketing Agencies

    A good digital marketing agency will be able to help your business grow using the power of the internet. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency plans to do just that. It is passionate about the work it does in helping clients grow their business and get more exposure. The company started in 2005 and has more than a decade of experience in this field.

    It believes that if a business has a solid website and a good online promotional strategy it can gain a competitive advantage in the market. Thrive has worked with many companies and businesses and its clients have seen a 500% organic traffic increase and over 300% increase in the generation of leads.

    If you are looking for a good website for your business then this company guarantees a beautiful looking website that is responsive to different devices and is functional and effective to your business growth. The company’s search engine optimization services are quite effective as well. Clients have experienced huge improvements in their page rank. Thrive works with a minimum budget of $1000. Its hourly rate is $100 to $149. You can visit the website for more info on the services and the clients of the company. 


    KlientBoost - Best Digital Marketing Agencies

    KlientBoost is a company that specializes in providing pay-per-click advertising and conversion rate optimization services. It has worked on more than 200 projects that you can learn about by visiting the website The company provides services related to Facebook ads, Google ads, search engine marketing pay-per-click management, search engine optimization, email marketing, conversion rate optimization, content marketing, and much more.

    When you visit the website you can opt for a free marketing plan provided by the company. It will let you know what the company does and what kind of budget you may need to have. The company has specialized teams for all channels and this helps in better and faster results. It is located in Costa Mesa in California.

    If you connect with the company to get a custom plan for your company to reach your business goals. $1000 is the minimum budget that KlientBoost generally works with. Its hourly rate is $100 to $149. Most of the projects that the company has worked on involved pay-per-click advertising management. 

    Disruptive Advertising

    Disruptive Advertising

    Disruptive Advertising is a company that is geared towards good relationships with businesses by providing them with marketing strategies that guarantee effective results. Whenever a company partners up with Disruptive Advertising, the latter takes time to understand its client. The client’s business goal is very important and the company tries to understand it.

    It also ensures that it knows how the campaign is going to impact the customers of the said client. Once it has all this information the company starts creating a strategy or planning a campaign that is customized to ensure that it better suits the business needs of the clients and can meet their goals. Disruptive Advertising has found that most digital marketing agencies waste a lot of their budget.

    The solutions that they provide are not cost-effective. This is why this company works on effectively allocating the budget and setting up appropriate measures to measure the performance of every marketing channel. This is more cost-efficient and provides a better return on the client’s investment. Disruptive Advertising also works with a minimum budget of $1000.

    The services it provides include PPC management, site testing, web analytics consulting, and lifecycle marketing. You can visit the website for more info on the services and the company. 

    Brainvire Infotech Inc

    Brainvire Infotech Inc

    Brainvire Infotech Inc is a company that has a lot of experience. It has worked with some of the biggest companies and provided them with marketing and digital solutions that have transformed their businesses. The company has over 2 decades worth of experience that lets it handle many complex situations and challenges. Brainvire has expertise in technologies like artificial intelligence, cloud computing, the internet of things, machine learning, and Blockchain.

    The company is very adept at using these technologies to solve challenges faced by clients. Due to the quality of its works the company has worked with many Fortune 500 companies. The minimum marketing budget for Brainvire Infotech is higher than the companies that we have seen so far.

    It works on campaigns having the backing of around $25k or more. The hourly rate billed by this company is $25 to $49. It offers many different services in the field of development and marketing. Let’s take a look at the marketing services. It offers search engine optimization for e-commerce, content marketing, social media marketing, paid advertising, and general search engine optimization. Visit for more info on the services. 



    Uplers is a company that has talented people working as strategists, marketers, developers, and designers. You can hire this company to build the perfect digital solution for your business needs or use them as dedicated teams working for your company. The company is very adept at providing website development, digital marketing, and email marketing services to clients.

    It ensures that every campaign created and every website delivered needs to be of top quality. This is possible only because the company hand-picks talents and assigns them the roles best for their skills. The services that Uplers provides include search engine optimization, campaign management, email automation, and journey, LinkedIn ads, email marketing, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google maps optimization, link building/blogger outreach, Twitter ads, Google ads, and email template production.

    The budget of the projects that Uplers works in is $1k or more. It bills an hourly rate of $25 to $49. It has a sizable portfolio including many big names but the company focuses on mid-sized and small businesses as well. Visit to know more. 

    Straight North

    Straight North Is another company that has more than two decades of experience in the field of marketing. It has seen the rise of the internet to its current popularity and has the right knowledge to help businesses and brands increase their reach. Though the company provides many services its specialty lies in services including pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, email marketing, website design, development, and graphic design.

    It has an in-house team of more than 100 skilled professionals having a variety of expertise and experience in the fields of designing, developing, strategizing, and marketing. Straight North works both with B2B and B2C companies. It is quite adept at handling challenges faced by companies of all sizes and provides results in terms of increased revenue generation, increase lead generation, etc.

    With its services, you can make your business lucrative even though there is high competition in the online marketing space. Straight North works with campaign budgets of $1000 or more. Its hourly rate is $100 to $149. You can visit the website to connect with the company and request a quote from them. 

    Ignite Visibility

    Ignite Visibility is a company that has expertise in digital marketing. It has got a lot of positive reviews from companies that have worked with it. It is also one of the most recommended digital marketing agency on This means that the services that this company provides are of top quality and bring defective results for the clients.

    The company started in 2012 and has a lot of experience in digital marketing. This has come from working with some of the biggest companies in the world and providing effective results to their already established businesses and providing business growth to many smaller companies. The company is located in San Diego, California. Ignite Visibility has worked with over 150 clients all over the world.

    It specializes in providing services related to email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, Amazon marketing, paid media, and creative development. It generally handles campaigns that have a backing of at least $1000. The website of the company is You will find a lot of info on the services and the portfolio of the company on this website.

    You can also find contact information. To connect with them and request a quote or get your queries answered go to

    Saffron Tech

    Saffron Tech is a company located in New Jersey. It provides a wide array of services and marketing solutions. It services businesses that are local to the US as well as provides service to companies all over the world. The company has over 13 years of experience in this field. It can help companies undergo digital transformation via the use of marketing solutions and scalable technologies.

    It provides many services but the expertise lies in search engine optimization, custom website development, hyper-local and paid marketing services, native and hybrid mobile application development, and, VMO services, e-commerce development, and portal design and development. The company wants to be an extension to its client’s business.

    It uses skilled teams of experts that have in-depth industry knowledge and experience to provide high-quality, innovative digital and marketing solutions to businesses and brands. If you want to hire Saffron Tech you have to submit your requirements to the company. It will do a business analysis of the project.

    Then the brainstorming phase begins wherein the company sits with the clients to come up with creative and impactful solutions. The proposal is then submitted to the client and the contract is signed. The budget that Saffron Tech prefers working with is $10k or more. Its hourly rate is around $25 to $49.


    SocialSEO is the top-rated digital marketing in the US. It is one of the fastest-growing companies in America. This is because of the quality it delivers to its clients. It has an all-American team of over 100 experts that are passionate about what they do and are ready to provide the clients with all the help needed to grow their business. The company always puts clients first.

    The success of the client means success for the company. This is why the company tries its best to provide good quality services that can be impactful. Any kind of digital marketing services that you are looking for the company can provide them. The company has more than two decades of experience as it started in 1996. It provides many services like search engine marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, and video production.

    The website of the company is You can find detailed info on the company and the services it provides on the website. The company also allows companies to get a free quote. Just visit the website and click on the free quote button. Like many companies on the list, SocialSEO handles campaigns with a minimum backing of $1000. Its hourly rate is $100 to $149. 


    Victorious is a company specializing in search engine optimization. It has received many awards because of the quality of SEO services of provides. The company has received high ratings from customers because it can help companies get an edge over competitors using its digital marketing solutions. Victorious understands how to get more effective results from the competitive search engine space.

    It uses different technologies and strategies formulated by its experts to better attack the search channels and get better results in a cost-effective manner. You will get a better return on investment after hiring Victorious for your search engine optimization needs. The company is very good at providing you results at a faster pace that could take months and years on end to achieve. It works with a budget of $1000 or more and charges $100 to $149 per hour.

    The company started in 2012 and has nearly a decade’s worth of experience in working with various businesses in different industries having different budgets. So, if you are looking to rank your E-commerce store or websites higher you can visit to know more about the company and its services.

    Big Leap

    Organic sustainable growth is very important if you are looking to use the internet to get more exposure and generate more leads. Digital marketing shouldn’t be only about a short-term boost but should help you in the long run as well. Big Leap is a company that understands this. The company was founded with the mission to provide quality services and solutions that can lead to business growth for clients.

    The company was founded in 2008. Initially, it was only a one-man team. But the company kept providing top-tier services and today the team has grown to over 80 people. The company gets motivated by providing long-term success to businesses and brands. It wants to build a good relationship with the client based on trust. It has got high ratings from businesses that have used its services in the past.

    Search engine optimization, content marketing, and social media marketing are three of the main focus areas for Big Leap. $1000 is the minimum project budget and the hourly rate is $100 to $149. You can visit for more details on the services and connect with the company. Be sure to check out its portfolio as well.


    Delante is a company that is not as old as many of the other companies on the list but it still has over 7 years of experience in working with a variety of companies from different industries and from across the globe. Working with a range of companies it has been able to better develop its marketing strategies and has helped many businesses grow. Initially, a three-man team the company has grown to include over 50 experts and professionals that have in-depth knowledge of their fields.

    They are all passionate about what they do which translates to their work and makes the impossible possible for the clients. The company is located in Krakow, Poland. It has a global clientele. The minimum project budget for Delante is $1000 and it bills $50 to $99 on an hourly basis. If you only want SEO services then this is one of the best companies for you.

    It only deals with services related to search engine optimization so it is an expert at this. The major clientele of the company are small businesses but it often works with medium-sized to established companies as well. Visit the website to know more. You can also get a free quote from the client. 

    Storm Brain

    The next digital marketing company on the list is Strom Brain. The company is passionate about telling your story to the world via the usage of digital marketing. It loves experimenting and coming up with innovative solutions that can provide impactful results to clients. It understands the importance of data and analyzes it to fetch meaningful information. The company has many expert designers that can create beautiful websites for clients that can increase customer engagement.

    The team is also very adept at formulating winning strategies that can give businesses and brands a competitive advantage in their industries. Storm Braun provides different services and solutions pertaining to social media marketing, e-commerce marketing, search engine optimization, digital marketing, B2B marketing and web design and development.

    Though the company does work with big companies a good percentage of its clientele is made up of small to medium-sized businesses that have a revenue of less than $1 million and $10 million respectively. The minimum project budget for Storm Braun is $25k. The company was founded in 2007 so it has a lot of experience as well. You can visit for better information about the services. If you have any doubts use the contact button to get in touch. 

    SEO Brand

    SEO Brand is a company that is data-driven. All the solutions that they deliver stem from solid research and data analysis. The company claims to deliver 10 times the return on investment to its clients. It has worked with many companies of different sizes from different industries. Every company is treated individually. No company is too small or too big for it.

    SEO Brand is very disciplined and thorough in its approach. Whenever it works with a client, the first step is to analyze the market and measure the competitiveness. Then it researches your customer and understands the customer value. Now, it is time to target various digital channels. This can increase lead generation and sales.

    The company works to increase your market share while simultaneously chipping at your competitor’s share. Gradually, the company works towards scaling these efforts and establishing your business as the leading one in your industry. $1000 is the minimum budget that it works with and charges a rate of $100 to $149 per hour. 


    Searchbloom is a company that is honest and believes in transparency. It promises that it will be straightforward with you about whether or not it will be able to provide you with a profitable return on your investment. The company only takes in clients that it is sure it can provide effective results to. This way your money is not wasted and everything is more cost-effective. If you want a digital marketing analysis for your business then you can get a real-time analysis from one of their senior experts.

    The company is an expert at providing local search engine optimization, national search engine optimization, international search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and e-commerce search engine optimization. The company is confident of its services and is proud of the results that they bring to its clients.

    The minimum project budget for Searchbloom is $1000. Its hourly rate is $100 to $149. You can visit the website for more details in the services and to get in touch with them. The company is located in Utah in the US so you can give them a visit if you want. 

    Bop Design

    Bop Design is a company that believes in moving forward and evolving. It is a B2B marketing agency and a design firm. It works with various companies and provides services that can take their businesses to the next level. The main clientele of the company is B2B companies. Bop Design is experts when it comes to web design and marketing.

    Since it has worked with companies of different sizes it understands the challenges faced by different businesses. It believes that no matter what your company size is or budget is you should get cost-effective digital marketing services. This is why it works sincerely for every client providing them with a holistic B2B marketing approach to help them attract more customers.

    The minimum budget of the company is $25k. If you want to discuss this with the company visit and get in touch with them. You can even request a quote and get more details on the services like web design and development, search engine optimization, logo design, social media marketing, content marketing, marketing collateral and branding. 


    JumpFly provides smart digital marketing to brands and businesses. It is located in Elgin, Illinois in the US and was established in 2003. In the 18 years of its existence, the company has delivered many projects and solutions related to digital marketing. It specializes in maximizing the return on investment when it comes to paid advertising.

    JumpFly understands that if a company can properly set up and manage all the advertising channels then only they can be successful otherwise everything may result in failure. The services that JumpFly offers its clients include PPC management, Amazon ad management, Facebook and Instagram ad management, TikTok advertising, Free PPC audit, search engine optimization services etc.

    JumpFly generally works on projects that have a minimum budget of $5000. Its hourly rate is $50 to $99.

    Absolute Web

    The next company on this list is Absolute Web. It is a company that has expertise in e-commerce services. The company has a team of certified developers, digital strategists, UI/UX producers and project managers who have the capability of handling problems and coming up with innovative strategies to help the clients.

    The services provided by the company are divided into development and creative. Under development services, it provides web development, WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, and Shopify. Under creative it provides UX and UI design, digital marketing, beading and content production. The company started in 1999 and has 21 years of experience in this field. It works on a minimum budget of $10k and bills $100 to $149 per hour.

    Instaboost Media

    Instaboost Media is located in Santa Ana, California. It started in 2016 and provides search engine optimization services. It specializes in local SEO, Google ads, and social media ads. They have received great ratings from their clients because of the satisfactory services that the company provides. It has worked with many clients and you can find the portfolio and the respective case studies on the website

    The company does not only want to provide services but it genuinely cares about its clients and wants to help them with their business growth. The minimum budget for the company is $1000 and the hourly rate is $150 to $199.


    If you want to get a competitive advantage and outsmart your competition one of the best digital marketing agencies is SmartSites. The company promises to help you gain more traffic and increase your customers by hiring them. The result-driven services that SmartSites provide are pay-per-click marketing for a better return on investment, impactful search engine optimization services, and beautiful and functional websites to get more customers.

    The minimum project budget when you work with SmartSites is $1000. Its hourly rate varies from $100 to $149. 


    Oyova is a company that provides custom services to brands and businesses. The services it offers include web design and development, white label development, branding, search engine optimization, social media marketing, paid search, content marketing, inbound marketing and ADA compliance.

    Oyova says that companies hire them to gain an edge over their competitors and outperform the competition in the market. The company is located in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. It was founded in 2008 and has worked with multiple companies in the 13 years period. You can check out the case studies on the website The minimum project budget for Oyova is $5k while the charged rate is $100 to $149 per hour.

    Coalition Technologies

    If you want to generate more revenue for your business one of the top digital marketing agencies to reach out to is Coalition Technologies. This company will become your digital marketing partner and provide you with digital marketing solutions that can boost your revenue generation. The company provides digital marketing services, web design services, and search engine optimization services.

    You can get more information on these by visiting The company provides a free strategy review that you can avail of from the website. The minimum project budget that Coalition Technologies works with is $1000. 


    While other companies can only promise and never deliver, Directive is a digital marketing agency that ensures that the clients get delivered effective solutions that help them generate more leads, make more conversions and increase their revenue. The services provided by the company include search engine optimization management, pay-per-click advertising, paid social, performance creative, conversion rate optimization, strategy and consulting, and analytics management.

    The budget for this company should be $5k or more and the hourly rate is $150 to $199.

    Online Marketing Gurus

    Online Marketing Gurus is a company that has worked with hundreds of clients in the 9 years that it has existed. More than 400 clients of the company have provided great reviews and ratings for the company because of the quality of the services provided that can ensure effective results.

    The company provides services related to search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and social media advertising. Online Marketing Gurus works with a budget of $1000 or more. Visit the website for more information. 

    Infront WebWorks

    Let’s end the list with a brief look at Infront WebWorks. It is a full-service digital agency that has stayed strong for more than two decades and has provided top-quality services in the fields of digital marketing, website design and development and search engine optimization. It has won many awards and accolades for its work.

    The minimum budget that your project or campaign needs to have a backing of is $1000. The hourly rate for the company is $100 to $149 and varies depending on the complexity of the work. If you want to know more about the company and its services visit

    Doctor Multimedia

    The next company on the list is Doctor Multimedia. This company was founded in 2010 and provides web application solutions for doctors. Yes, these guys are experts in providing digital marketing to the medical industry. So, if you are looking for medical websites or dynamic medical marketing on the internet then this is the company to consider. It is a digital marketing agency that will not only drive traffic to your website but get patients to your medical practice.

    This business has the right expertise to help improve your medical practice with digital marketing solutions. You can visit the website to find out more about the services it provides and to connect with them to schedule a marketing evaluation. Some of the medical websites that Doctor Multimedia can build include veterinary website, pharmacy website, chiropractic website, eye care website, dental website, primary care website, etc.

    In the medical marketing field, the company provides services like social media management, veterinary infographics, email marketing, content creation, general infographics, local search engine optimization, reputation management, etc. The hourly rate charged by Doctor Multimedia varies between $100 to $149. The company is very confident in its services. So, get in touch with them if you think your medical practice can improve and get more exposure.


    Belkins can help you increase lead generation. The company is a result-driven digital marketing agency located in Dover, Delaware and Kyiv in Ukraine. It charges an hourly rate of around $25 and works on projects with budgets of $1000 or more. It uses various technologies including proprietary ones and combines them with their unique methodologies.

    The solutions that are offered by the company include Appointment setting, Lead research, LinkedIn Influencer program, and email deliverability services. The website of the company is You can find case studies on the projects that Belkins has worked on in the past. Visit the website for more details and to book a call with the company.

    Jacob Tyler

    Most of the companies that Jacob Tyler works with are big enterprises and medium-sized companies. The company provides services that are focused on advertising, branding and web design. The services provided include insight and research, communications, user experience, and design and development.

    The website of the company is You can find the details about the company’s past project on the website under the work section. It generally works on projects having at least $25k as the budget and charges $150 to $199 per hour. 


    How do I find a good digital marketing agency?

    It is very important that you find a good digital marketing company if you want to see business growth and more sales. A bad digital marketing company is not going to be cost-effective and at the end of the campaign, you will see much fewer gains than would have been possible for the same budget.

    So, what can you do to ensure that your company partners up with a digital marketing company that provides good-quality services and starts campaigns that can provide you with effective results? Well, here are some characteristics of a good digital marketing agency.

    • They need to have a verifiable and sizable portfolio. 

    You can easily take a look at this by visiting the website and taking a look at the case studies or the portfolio section. It is perfectly fine for a digital marketing company to not work with big established firms. What you are looking for is how many companies it has worked with and what are results it delivered. 

    • They will have a skilled team of professionals. 

    To verify the people working in that company have the right expertise you can check out the company on social media sites like LinkedIn and take a look at the employees. This will provide you with some idea about the people working in the company.

    • They will have good reviews on the internet. 

    Whenever you are trying to decide on any marketing agency look at the reviews that their past clients have provided. Don’t just look at the positive ones. Take a look at the ones that are more critical or even negative. This can help you understand the pros and cons of the company and you can ask about this when you set up a meeting or get in touch with them.

    • They will have a responsive and user-friendly website. 

    One of the major digital marketing solutions is a website. It is your business’s online front. So, if a company is providing digital marketing services then they need to have a good website as well. It should be responsive and the information should be easily available. Minimum clicks should be needed to go to where you want. A badly done website may be a tell-tell sign that the company may not be that good.

    • They will have responsive customer support.

    Any good company will have decent customer support. If you ask a query or a doubt via email or chat they will reply as soon as possible. Clients mean a lot to companies. Good and confident agencies will not hide anything and will be very responsive to your discussions. So, whenever you are interested in any digital marketing agency use the contact button or the chat option on the website and see the responsiveness of the company.

    What are the services offered by a digital marketing agency?

    A digital marketing agency provides services that can strengthen your digital presence. You will get more exposure and generate more leads as a result. Let’s take a look at some of these services. 

    • Search engine optimization

    Search engine optimization is one of the popular services provided by digital marketing agencies. This service helps in ranking your website or articles higher on each search engine for particular keywords. Whenever you search for something on Google or any other search engine you get a bunch of results. These results are ranked for that key phrase being searched. Search engine optimization can help rank your website or e-commerce store better.

    • Search engine marketing

    This is similar to search engine optimization as both require searches to be ranked for a particular keyword. But in search engine marketing you actually pay the search engine to show your website to the customer. Here, bidding is involved. This is because many companies are competing for one keyword. If you win the bid then when a person searches for that keyword the website will be shown to them. You can easily see this in action by searching for a product in Google and you get sponsored website links at the top.

    • Social media marketing and management

    Social media platforms are incredibly popular these days. The amount of people that use these sites regularly is huge. So, any company looking to create brand awareness or get more exposure can benefit from having a presence on these channels. Social media marketing involves growing your social presence on these platforms. Social media management involves managing your social profile and the intent being posted. 

    • Email marketing

    Email marketing is similar to the advertisements you would get posted to your mail for example flyers and stuff. This is the reason you need to build a mailing list of people and then send promotional emails to them. Digital marketing agencies can help you with it. A lot of people do opt for deals and buy products and services from advertising emails.

    • Website design and development

    Having a good website strategy is very important in these times. Everyone uses Google or any other search engine to search for stuff. If they find it online then they are most likely to choose that option rather than going to a brick and mortar store. So, having a nice website can help a lot. If you want to generate more leads and make more sales then consider having an online store. Digital marketing agencies provide this service.

    How much do digital marketing services cost?

    This depends on the campaign you are planning to create. Different companies have different rates and different budget limits that they work with. Your budget will depend on the result you are hoping to achieve. The services start from around $1000 and can go high if you want more results. You can always visit the website of these companies and request a quote. Think about it like an investment that will pay you many folds in the long run.


    So, that’s our list of the best digital marketing agencies. If you find an interesting company that is under your budget we suggest taking a look at the website. If you like the services provided then connect with the company and get your queries answered. The FAQs have been provided for your benefit.

    You can keep them in mind while searching for a good digital marketing agency. Digital marketing is very important for any business nowadays so you need to give some consideration to this if you are looking for some business growth. We hope this list helps you in finding the best digital marketing company for your business.

    30 Best SEO Companies (Trusted & Verified Platforms)


    There are so many SEO companies out there, all good at one thing or the other. Finding the perfect one for you might prove to be a little challenging, especially when you have no idea what SEO is and what it can do to your business. SEO or search engine optimization is the method used by everyone who knows even a little about digital marketing to make their websites rank better. 90% of the users click on the results from the first page of the search engine, so it means that you can expect a maximum of your web traffic to come through this source. This is why a lot of companies hire SEO agencies that employ the best experts in this field so that they don’t have to worry about their online marketing needs.

    We realize it must be difficult for you to narrow it down to one company from hundreds of them. That’s why we have come up with a list of the top SEO agencies according to us and hope it helps you out in picking the right fit for your company. You can read about them here and even check out their portfolio and client reviews on their website, to give you a clearer idea of the SEO services offered by them. So without any more suspenseful talks, let’s get started!

    List of Top SEO Agencies:

    Volume Nine

    Volume Nine - SEO company

    Volume Nine is one of the best SEO agencies based in Denver, since 2006. Their winning strategies help their clients reach their goals quickly. Extremely well-versed in making executive decisions, the company never compromises on the quality of its work. They know that while analytics are great, having a clear goal paves the path for the work they will do with a client. They will work with your company to build a distinct brand, drive more web traffic and exponentially grow your sales.

    The company provided their SEO services for a podcast website, whose producer remarked that the service they received was marvelous. The new website ranked higher and generated more audience for the podcast company, meeting the goals of the internal team. The communication was regular and the team of experts at Volume Nine worked meticulously to ensure that their client received only the very best of all. With valuable experience and up-to-date industry knowledge, the SEO company increased engagement on the website.

    Ignite Visibility

    Ignite Visibility - SEO company

    It is one of the most-awarded SEO agencies in the country. With their unique strategies, they have successfully managed to become a four-time Inc. 5000 company. They have over 90 experts working full-time to give their clients the very best SEO services in the industry. They have a high-touch customer experience, the ability to deliver results, and they also reinvest in client success, making them an ideal match for any business. Ignite Visibility offer free consultation calls, so you can judge for yourself whether the SEO agency is an ideal fit for your brand.

    They provided SEO services, PPC, and digital marketing for a therapeutic wellness company. The owner said that they took on the agency on other marketing work too when they fought against the disadvantages in the ranking algorithms and emerged victoriously. Their commitment and communication made it easy for the client to trust them and collaborate. The owner even said that the SEO company made it seem like they were part of the company itself.

    Coalition Technologies

    Coalition Technologies - SEO company

    Coalition Technologies is an SEO company in Los Angeles, CA. It was office was established in 2009. They develop their SEO strategies with thoroughly tested scientific data backed by strong research. Where some SEO companies may mislead you with random theories and other jargon, with this SEO agency you can expect actual results that help you succeed. Their team of SEO specialists analyses every aspect of your business, website, and customer base before crafting a custom strategy. They have received many positive reviews from numerous customers.

    The agency offered its SEO services in quite a unique way once, in the form of book reviews for an author. The author highly recommended Coalition Technologies as they increased the traffic on the website with simple SEO tactics, and increased the overall sales and conversion rate. The team provided good insights throughout the engagement. The team willingly accommodated regular video calls according to a client’s request and kept them updated about all the work they were doing.

    Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

    Thrive Internet Marketing Agency - SEO company

    Thrive Internet Marketing Agency is driven to produce measurable results for its clients. It was established in the year 2005 in Dallas and has since then been making strong waves in the digital marketing industry with its extraordinary approach. Their website is super-helpful and even gives out a free proposal for all businesses who wish to work with them. They have been awarded multiple times, but they proudly display their clients’ testimonials on the home page instead which tells you what they value more.

    They provided PPC and SEO services for a legal company. The CMO noticed an increase in web traffic and subsequently in their revenue, which made him very happy about the agency he partnered with. The team leads effective SEO initiatives to allow the client to gain traction in the desired markets. They were organized and transparent in their approach and very attentive to the needs of their clients. They take customer satisfaction very seriously and work hard towards it.

    Straight North

    Straight North - SEO company

    One of the first to enter the field of digital marketing, Straight North has been around for more than two decades now. It is located in Chicago, Illinois. They specialize in several digital marketing services, one of them being SEO services. They have more than 100 employees, working full-time, helping both B2B and B2C businesses generate sales and have a better online strategy. Straight North also provides free SEO audits to all businesses. They generate qualified sales leads and increase e-commerce traffic and sales.

    They provided SEO services for an IT company, whose manager was very satisfied with the results they got. He said that in six months, they went from being nowhere to ranking high in Google search results which in turn boosted their sales too. By delivering measurable results, communicating seamlessly, and providing regular reports they kept their client happy. The customers of this SEO agency can expect a partner that takes accountability and makes sure that their experience with them is unforgettable.



    NextLeft is a digital marketing agency established in the year 2016 in San Diego. The company has resolved to rid the world of the digital clutter and put out only quality content that can bring results to their clients and resonate with their audience. Their team of 14 is made of well-known strategists, making them one of the best SEO companies in the market. The agency is tired of the trickery used by many of the marketing agencies to gain clients, which made them create a brand that helps clients genuinely by following the proper guidelines.

    They provided SEO services for a SaaS company, and because of the SEO agency the company had an increase in the conversion rate by 32% and the website’s page 1 rankings increased by 48%. The team even provided monthly detailed reports on project KPI’s. The team attended the meetings with relevant data to ensure a transparent and smooth collaboration. They even increased the efficiency of the website.  



    SocialSEO is one of the best SEO agencies with three offices in Colorado – Denver, Colorado Springs, and Boulder, with an additional branch in Phoenix. They have a team of about 70 employees and have been working in this field since the founding of the SEO agency in 1996. You can get a free quote through their website to see if they are a good fit for your business. By winning numerous awards and clients’ hearts, they have established a strong presence in the market and are known to be one of the fastest-growing companies in America.

    They provided SEO services for an electronic goods company and with basic SEO techniques helped the website rank on the first page of the search results. They managed to increase the website’s organic web traffic which generated more sales. The team even continued to conduct standard tests to check on the efficiency of the site, so that their client’s users have a hassle-free experience.

    Titan Growth

    Titan Growth

    Titan Growth is an SEO company based in San Diego, California. It was founded in the year 2004 with a strength of 45 employees, who are some of the most sought-after experts in the field of SEO. With many accolades to their name, the SEO agency grew exponentially in a decade of its founding, quickly becoming one of the best SEO agencies in the market. With a stellar team and amazing technology, they can be the SEO professionals worthy of being a part of your projects.

    The company offered its SEO services for a golf brand that wanted to increase its online presence and get more organic traffic. Proving that they were one of the best SEO companies, they exceeded their client’s initial expectations and goals which led to an increase in rankings, conversions, and revenues for the site. The team synergized with the company’s in-house staff beautifully and the work environment was positive throughout the project. 

    Bliss Drive

    Bliss Drive - SEO agencies

    Bliss Drive is one of the leading SEO agencies with offices in Irvine and Los Angeles. The priority of this company is to maximize its client’s online exposure. They know that they have to provide you with not just more customers, but better quality of customers to make the work easier for you and lead you to more profits. They are fully dedicated to achieving real, quantifiable, and satisfactory results as they know that their reputation depends on how well they can serve their clients.

    Bliss Drive provided content writing and SEO services for a cell phone accessories company, whose manager said that the SEO company’s work has helped them improve their organic search ranking and customer conversions significantly. The team was responsive and easy to get in touch with. The company excels in managing customer needs and delivering results. With their effective SEO strategies, they knew how to campaign effectively and stay on top of things.


    WebFX is one of the best SEO companies in the country with a team of over 250 experts in the field of digital marketing. You can propel your business to new heights if you choose to go with this company. Their website gives you a comprehensive look into their company and the pricing they follow. Their award-winning team has proved themselves over and over, which can be seen by their vast portfolio. They are a tech-enabled solution company for all your SEO needs. The members are very passionate about helping businesses achieve their goals.

    The company provided PPC, content writing, and SEO services for a fabric structure company whose marketing manager was all praises for them. He remarked that the SEO agency developed a thorough understanding of their business and implemented superior strategies. By a transparent collaboration, they provided a unique suite of valuable services to the company. As one of the top SEO agencies, they demonstrated their dedication by making the partnership a grand success for both parties involved.

    Rock The Rankings

    Named one of the top SEO agencies by Clutch, they are a small team but have the zeal and expertise of many. They are a remote team and have tons of years of experience between them. Their team is made up of sharp minds and expert marketers, making them the perfect combo. They have been working long enough remotely that they have mastered the art of a good communication flow. They focus on what they do best, that is, marketing and search engine optimization.

    Rock The Rankings provided their SEO services for a software and hardware company, where the content specialist noted the performance of individual members of the team and was impressed with their services. The workflow between the team was seamless and their processes were similar which led to a great collaboration. They were able to massively increase their local presence and also able to generate strong leads for the company. The team was able to deliver more than what was promised.

    Comrade Digital Marketing Agency

    Comrade digital marketing agency is based in Chicago, since 2007. Their team of 20 employees specializes in SEO services. Their team is diverse and has enough expertise to call themselves the best in the country. They love overcoming obstacles and building the best design to help their clients. They serve law firms, healthcare, small businesses, corporate websites, and e-commerce sites. Comrade digital marketing agency aims to provide their clients with organic web traffic and deliver astounding results in a few months itself.

    They provided web design and SEO services for a healthcare company. Even in the early stage of the partnership, the client was very impressed with the SEO agency. He said that Comrade’s digital marketing agency prioritizes smooth and frequent communication, which succeeded in keeping all parties on the same page. The work they did made it easier for the site to update in the future. The user-friendly website allowed the client to manage the website independently and adapt to the changing market trends.

    Vizion Interactive

    Vizion Interactive was founded in the year 2009 and has its branches in Irving, Texas, and Overland Park, Kan. With a team of 14 specialists, they provide services in the field of online marketing. They pride themselves on having the tools and techniques of a large corporation and being able to provide the care and attention of an independent contractor. They believe that a comprehensive approach is a key to success. Their goal is to help their clients achieve their best efficiently, measurably, and affordably. You can check out their marvelous portfolio and book a free consultation through their website.

    As one of the best SEO agencies, they provided amazing SEO services for an eSolutions company. The SEO agency had a strategic approach that made SEO improvements impactful and manageable for future in-house implementation. They provided uniquely impressive analytics for a cost that was affordable to the client, far exceeding their initial expectations. They maximized the work they did even on a tight budget, which impressed the client a lot.

    Direct Online Marketing

    Direct Online Marketing was founded in the year 2006 and has been on the rise ever since. It is one of the top SEO agencies in the field of online marketing. They have years of experience and are highly qualified experts in the field of marketing, and can handle the SEO of any business easily. They promise to deliver the DOM difference, a collection of their proprietary best practices to developing digital marketing solutions, honest straightforward communications, complete transparency, and a culture centered on excellence.

    The company did SEO campaigns for a business management consulting group. The marketing VP was all praises for them and said that the company delivered consistent results and met the increasingly ambitious project goals. They made improvements wherever possible and their SEO efforts generated viable leads and drove in significant web traffic. This truly made them one of the best SEO companies to work with, according to the client.

    Logic Inbound

    Logic Inbound is one of the best SEO agencies, based in Seattle. Founded in 2016, the company quickly rose in ranks with their sheer will to serve their clients in the best way. Their small team of 15 has worked in the medical, business, and e-commerce sectors and completed a lot of projects. They are a client-oriented company and care about what you want and what they can bring to the table for your business. They offer a few free models on their site because they care about what they give back to the community.

    The SEO services company collaborated with a dental practice to optimize the client’s organic search rankings. The company had an excellent content creation workflow that allowed the client to grow continuously. The client said that they were completely confident that the agency will know what to do and complete the project in time with great results. The company’s ability to work independently and need a little direction from the client is what makes them probably the best SEO company out there.


    HigherVisibility is an SEO services company that was founded in 2008 in Memphis, Tennessee. They also provide services such as web design and social media management. If you feel like your web traffic is declining or you aren’t generating enough leads or sales, HigherVisibility is the team for you to go with. They have worked with small businesses as well as the big ones, so they understand the pain points that are a part of every good project. They take their time to understand your business well and then start making a plan to give it the best exposure.

    HigherVisibility did organic SEO work for a commodity trading advisory firm. The SEO agency’s customer service and their willingness to educate the internal staff were their most valuable strengths in this project. The owner said that the firm’s rankings have outpaced that of several larger regional firms. He felt like they had a partnership with the company and not simply a contractual obligation. The results were fruitful and the changes made are highly effective even today.

    PBJ Marketing

    PBJ Marketing strives to be the wisest counsel for its clients. They have offices in New York and Washington and have been around for quite some time now. They work hand-in-hand with their clients to develop viable digital solutions driven by the knowledge of their business and interactive expertise. As one of the top SEO agencies, they have a strong emphasis on research and data-driven insights for a long-term strategy. They are a team of specialists, who are dedicated and pragmatic in their approach towards work.

    They delivered their SEO services to a large non-profit organization and implemented many changes successfully. The organization saw an 80% increase in web traffic and a 150% increase in new visitors which resulted in an increase of 400% donations to their organizations. Even when the SEO agency was not given much time to prepare, they were able to launch the project almost immediately without compromising on the quality of the work.


    Momentic is an SEO service company based in Milwaukee. They are the experts you want on your side when you do business. There’s no black box or made-up data to support their strategies. The company was founded by those who have previously worked in large corporations and know that much of the mumbo-jumbo is not required when you have a small, dedicated team at your side. The SEO experts love their work and want to help your website reach its full potential.

    They provided SEO services for a regional retail chain, where the client said that the SEO agency is great at understanding their needs and addressing them on time. No client has had any shortcomings with them. The company is a flexible and cooperative partner to all its clients. Their qualities have generated them many long-term clients as they set their clients up for only success and don’t settle for anything less than that.


    It was founded in the year 2007 and has continuously soared up with sheer determination and integrity. The SEO agency is a well-known leader in the world of digital marketing. Their team focuses on having a long-term collaboration with their clients and aims to please them by bringing their very best to the table. 

    They provided their SEO services for a tea subscription company. The results they got for the client received a lot of praise and the client said that the team is efficient, responsive, and always available to serve. With good leadership, any client can expect a job well done by this SEO services company. Their consistent communication is enough justification needed to make them a long-term partner. Today they have improved so dramatically that they can be called one of the top SEO agencies around the world.


    While the main focus of this company remains on PPC, they are an equally capable SEO agency as well. With all the experts of their company knowing about tech SEO, content optimization, and link building, you need not worry about the online networking of your business at all. They have worked with many major clients and provided real results to them all, not just a spike in page-views. 

    They conducted the PPC and SEO services campaign for a marketing agency and developed many promising strategies to meet their client’s expectations. The company praised their efforts and the responsiveness and honesty of the team. Their clients feel that the company genuinely cares about their success and are an attentive partner invested in the work just as much as they are. The team is responsive and always available to solve any issues a client might face.

    Digital Third Coast

    This SEO company has established itself as a frontrunner in the industry ever since its conception in the year 2007 in Chicago. They have won numerous awards for their work in the online industry. They have a strong commitment towards long-term client relationships and client profitability that has helped their SEO services agency grow to the size it is today. With custom plans for over 300 clients and corporations, they have made themselves experts in knowing company-specific, goal-oriented projects. Each client works directly with the analyst leading their strategy, ensuring a smooth process overall.

    They provided SEO services for an environmental services company. The marketing director said that the partnership has given a lot more value to the company. The SEO agency helped the client improve their total web traffic, time-on-page, and ranking on Google. The team was proactive with consultations and solutions always ready in place, which made them stand out from the rest of the SEO agencies.

    Segment SEO

    Segment SEO was founded in 2019 in Houston and has quickly started gaining experience working with major companies to become one of the top SEO agencies in the field. Their SEO services are focused on helping companies reach an extensive, online, search-driven audience. They understand the need for SEO for every business and the potential it has to draw huge swathes of web traffic and bolster the number of leads a company gets every day.

    They worked with an educational services company and the SEO agency’s efforts led to an increase in the web traffic of the institution. The company continued to manage the project with progress tracking tools, which made the process transparent to the client. They exceeded the client’s expectations and always met the deadlines with their deliverables. They also provided deeper knowledge of the website to their client.

    Inseev Interactive

    Inseev Interactive is a digital marketing company based in San Diego, since 2013. With a small team of about 50 specialists, they have been leaders in PPC, web design, and SEO services. In the competitive online world, they promise to generate more leads and improve the ranking of their customer’s websites. They work with both B2B and B2C businesses and have successfully run online campaigns for both. The company helps to increase web traffic with keyword rankings and has been lauded by many of its clients to be the best SEO company.

    They provided SEO services for a travel site discount seller, where the CEO remarked that their SEO efforts helped to better position the website through more links. The team was efficient, driven, and had a goal to give results. They surpassed the client’s initial expectations and were completely committed to the success of the project. Another client said that the value received by this SEO agency was commendable and also praised the way they plugged in the changes right into the system.

    Be Found Online

    Be Found Online or BFO, was established in the year 2009 in Chicago and slowly ventured into the field of digital marketing. With a team of over 70 people, they make sure that their high-touch approach suits the goals of every client and customize plans. They create connections that go well beyond digital marketing. They truly care about the work they do and how it will impact their clients and people in general. Be Found Online also does volunteer work to give back to the community. 

    They provided PPC and SEO services for an entertainment company. As one of the best SEO agencies in the market, they were able to boost traffic and engagement within the first 2 months itself. The team is extremely well-organized and stays on top of trends to provide the best SEO services to their clients. A client said that BFO fostered significant growth and positive changes in the company that improved traffic and impressions. The project management was termed to be effective with everything being delivered on time.

    Perfect Search Media

    Perfect Search Media is a results-driven SEO company committed to building custom strategies for its clients. They balance the latest technology with their first-class analytical thinking to achieve tremendous results for their clients. They continuously test and track their methods with various tools, so that their clients receive only the best services.

    Perfect Search Media provided their SEO services for a cocktail mix manufacturer, where the founder remarked that the team met all their expectations. The team was effective, attentive, and organized. Each monthly meeting went through all aspects of SEO growth and performance. The agency was always five steps ahead and executed all the strategies smoothly, without causing any trouble to the client.

    Go Fish Digital

    One of the leading SEO companies in the market, Go Fish Digital was established in the year 2005 in Raleigh, NC. They have a team of 50 who serve mainly small to mid-level businesses on their online marketing needs. Through collaboration, transparency, and compassion they are focused on building relationships that weave people together. They are a team of technical marketers and creative thinkers helping companies with their online presence. Everything they do is focused on making their clients achieve their goals quickly.

    They provided social media marketing and SEO services for a financial services company. The VP said that the SEO company provided effective services and achieved satisfying results across the board. The team was accessible and responsive to inquiries which streamlined the entire process. They worked meticulously and were dedicated to the project objectives to foster a long-term engagement. Their extensive support along with impactful solutions impressed the client and made them renew the partnership.

    Knowmad Digital Marketing

    This is an award-winning digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO services. Their holistic approach to internet marketing has been proven to help leaders and organizations around the globe. Their expertise is noteworthy, and they are aware that a boost in their client’s reputation would mean a boost in theirs as well, so they serve their clients with the best-customized strategies, to stay ahead in the game.

    The SEO agency provided its service to a self-service kiosk manufacturer, and the client saw a continuous growth in traffic, leads, and an organic online presence as the results of their work. A hallmark of their work is the detailed, thorough and impressive reports on their efforts. They provide a personalized experience to all their clients and demonstrate a clear knowledge of the industry. They deliver more than expected, as they understand their clients’ needs a lot.

    Neon Ambition

    Neon Ambition is one of the top SEO agencies based in Austin, Texas. It was founded in the year 2013 and has a small but hardworking team of 10 employees. The company is a Google partner and even employs previous Google employees, so you know you are at the right place with them. As a small business, you will receive excellent care and personal attention, with the team working closely with you and keeping up with all the changes. They focus on building long-term relationships with all their clients and are industry veterans in doing so.

    They provided PPC and SEO services for an immigration law firm and utilized their extensive knowledge of SEO to help them rank better in the search engine. Their expertise led to informed and efficient work management with excellent copywriting as well. The client was highly satisfied with their dedication to the collaboration. The team was responsive and attentive and provided helpful insights wherever possible.


    Digitech is another one of the best SEO agencies in the country, established in Austin, Texas. They are a team of creative thinkers and problem-solvers dedicated to expanding the limits of what is possible, to help their clients achieve their goals. They have experience working with major brands, which they utilize when they customize plans for every company they work with. You can make inquiries through their website as they have an extremely supportive team.

    They provided web design and SEO services for an accounting firm and their efforts were lauded as they attracted many potential clients for the firm. The founder said that the SEO company helped to streamline internal processes. By being incredibly proactive and transparent in their project management, making it a seamless process, they made sure to put customer satisfaction above all else. Their heart seems to be in SEO.


    Northcutt prides itself on being the best SEO company and we are somewhat inclined to believe their claim. Established in Chicago in the year 2010 their small team of 20 helps most small businesses. It makes them realize the importance and the advantages of online marketing. They have the science, integrity, and expertise to make your company more visible and help it lead the market in your niche. With empathy and efficacy, they make marketing models that will blow your mind away.

    They provided SEO services and social media marketing for a networking company. The new strategies caused a dramatic increase in web traffic, contacts, and sales conversions. The owner said that the SEO company distinguished themselves with their proactive communication, deep knowledge of marketing strategy, and willingness to accept constructive feedback. The results of their work were much appreciated by the client. The team was always easy to work with, as they were both available and approachable.


    How do I choose an SEO agency?

    By now, you know there are numerous SEO agencies, all of them having their plus points. So the question does not remain about choosing an SEO agency but choosing the one that’s most right for your business. For this task, you should know what you wish to achieve by hiring SEO services. Do you want to increase your web traffic? Do you want to generate more leads? You should have specific answers to such questions, to help make the right choice easily. 

    No SEO company comes with a uniform approach to all projects. Your marketing strategy will not only vary with the other SEO companies but also within the same company too. Even having the proper keywords mixed in the content isn’t everything, you also need to have backlinks to your website, so that it has more authority in front of the search engine which automatically ranks it higher. When you hire an SEO company, look for their client portfolio, the kind of work they have done previously, and whether or not they have a diverse team of experts. They should have SEO strategies and real client testimonials that can give you the assurance you need to work with them.

    Is hiring an SEO company worth it?

    SEO is never as easy as you think it is. You think you see the whole picture but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. And not to mention the unannounced oceanic monsters beneath the iceberg that only Google knows of. So yes, hiring an SEO agency is a must if you want to last in the rapidly-changing algorithm world. An SEO agency is the best choice to go with, to navigate uncharted waters. Google doesn’t always announce the changes it makes with the algorithm, be it big or small. It becomes an SEO expert’s job to keep up with the update and optimize their client’s website as and when needed. Leave it to the professionals to have the right tools at the right time, while you can concentrate on your product.

    Not only do the best SEO agencies keep your site updated, but they also take note of how your competitors are faring. A little healthy competition never hurts anyone. With a good SEO service company at your side, you can achieve a lot. They free you up to do other important stuff around the company and you can leave the whole marketing up to them. They have set techniques and a legit method to work around SEO, which is time-consuming as it is. 

    What should I ask my SEO agency?

    Before you get into an agreement with any company that offers SEO services, know the features they have. Even SEO experts come in different types of organizations, you can find individuals/freelancers, SEO companies, and in-house SEOs. If they are one of the best SEO companies on the market, they will never charge low prices, as they know their demand. You couldn’t go wrong with a moderately priced SEO company with a good portfolio and positive customer testimonials. Besides checking out their past work, you also need to ask them questions, because hey, you are the one hiring them, you are the boss here! Ask questions like:

    • Do you follow Google’s best practices? 
    • What tools do you use to complete a given task? 
    • How do you plan on keeping us in the loop about the work? 
    • What type of SEO work will you do? 
    • What is the payment structure you wish to have in this deal? 
    • Will your team be able to adapt to any changes in the algorithm? 
    • How will we be able to contact you?
    • Why should we choose to go with you instead of other SEO companies?
    • What happens if we decide to pull the plug on you? 

    These questions are undoubtedly for your best interests, to safeguard your company first before you get into any written agreement with them. Additionally, you will also be able to weed out the ones who practice black-hat SEO, which can be damaging to your company’s reputation.


    Ever since Google decided to rank pages with their complicated algorithm, SEO has been one of the most sought-after skills by all companies who wish to have an online presence. SEO services being offered have risen simultaneously with the demand. However, you would know that you should go with an SEO company that’s proved its mettle in the market.

    Legitimate SEO companies will respond to every query you have with precision and be accommodating to you. The best SEO agencies will have professionals who are updated with the changes in the algorithm and apply the changes to your site as well. Effective SEO will take time, even if it is done by a top SEO company, so be patient with the team you have hired. You can always ask them for an estimate in terms of time and surely communicate your time constraints if any.

    37 Eye-Opening Internet Statistics & Marketing Facts (2022)


    The Internet has become essential to our lives. The majority of people today cannot live without the internet. The Internet has seen massive growth in its feature and its usage through the years. Internet from the day it was born to the day it is currently in is almost unrecognizable. Internet usage has increased and the functionality of the internet has increased along with it. There are thousands of internet stats that provide us with a better understanding of the platform. The magnitude of the internet along with its effectiveness cannot be understood completely unless we analyze all of the different internet statistics that are there. 

    The internet is a huge entity and understanding it through stats is the best way to get the most in-depth information about it. The world of Internet statistics is huge and filled with thousands of facts. When trying to analyze and understand all of the facts one may find themselves to be lost and confused. We have divided the internet into many aspects and listed down the important stats covering each aspect. These Internet stats have been scanned from reputable sources across the internet to help you understand the internet and its functionings better. 

    Top Internet Statistics:

    General Internet Stats

    The number of Internet users has seen a staggering growth through the years. Over the last 5 years, the growth has been massive with the number of users increasing year on year. The total global population is more than 7.9 billion which shows more adoption of the internet on the part of users.

    There are only 2.8 billion people without internet access in the world. When converted to a percentage this means that 64.5% of the global population has access to the internet. This number keeps on increasing every year.

    The Internet is essential to the way in which people lead their lives. Most of the people in the world have access to the internet and use it.  We can expect the percentage of people with access to the internet to only go up from here under normal circumstances

    • The average growth rate of Internet users stands at 8.2% per year

    The growth rate of the internet is very high in the world. This growth rate shows the importance of the Internet in the current times. The majority of the things we do are going online and the world is adapting to it. This leads to an increased growth rate for the internet. This figure currently stands at 8.2% per year.

    To draw a comparison the world population has a growth rate of 1.03% per year. There is a substantial increase in the adoption of the internet among people across the world and the increase is not just because of an increase in population. The growth rate also shows the speed at which the internet is getting mass adopted by people across the world.

    • Asian users comprise the majority of internet users globally

    The internet has a global nature with people from all over the world accessing it. When looking at the world in terms of different continents, Asia leads the world in terms of the number of internet users. The userbase of the internet surpassed 2 billion in Asia. India and China contribute massively to the large number of internet users that we see in Asia.

    Asia is miles ahead of any other continent in the number of Internet users it has. The second place is taken by Europe with 705 million internet users. They have less than half of the number of Internet users that Asia has. The USA comes in third place with 292 million internet users.

    • The highest internet penetration for a country stands between 98-99%

    By internet penetration, we mean how many people in a country have access to the internet. The greater the penetration percentage the more people in the country have access to the internet. Denmark, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, and Iceland have the maximum penetration among countries. They all have around 98-99% of their population with access to the internet.

    They all are separated only by minor decimal percentages. While it must be kept in mind that the smaller the country is the easier it is to have a high internet penetration rate. Unsurprisingly, North Korea comes in at the last place with 0% access to the internet as their population does not have free internet.

    • Google Chrome was the preferred browser for the majority of the users (65.9%)

    Google Chrome has been the most popular among all web browsers. The majority of the users found Chrome to be the most effective. This made Chrome the most used browser for accessing the internet. Chrome by itself manages to occupy more than 65.9% of the web browser market.

    They are the most dominant browser and occupy more than half of the total internet users. The Safari browser comes in second in terms of the number of users. Safari is used by 16.82% of the total internet users. Safari being the native browser for Apple products boosts its popularity. Firefox is the preferred browser for 4.09% of the users which makes it take up the third spot.

    • The majority (63.2%) of the world’s population is on the internet

    By October 2021, more than half of the world used the internet. 61.8% of the entire world population used the internet. This is a huge number seeing that there are more than 7.5 billion people in the world. Internet coverage over the world has increased significantly and most people are on the internet globally.

    Just at the start of the 2000s, there were less than 1% of the world on the internet. This shows that in just over 2 decades the majority of the world has found a utility on the internet and they have accessed the internet in one form or another.

    The impressive growth of the internet can also be seen through the massive number of emails that are sent daily. 306 billion emails are being sent every day on the internet. According to the latest Internet stats, this figure is set to increase in 2022.

    The new daily number of emails sent is expected to be 333.2 billion emails. Emails have become one of the most convenient ways for formal communication over the internet. There are 4 billion emails accounts registered in the world and this figure is expected to rise by 4.3 billion by the end of 2023.

    More General Stats

    • According to Forbes: 47% of individuals use ad blockers on their browsers
    • Japan has the world record for the world’s fastest internet speed 319 Tbps
    • There are 370.7 million registered domain names on the internet

    Social media stats

    At the end of 2021, there were a total of 4.62 billion active social media users. These internet stats also point out the fact that 99% of these users use their smartphones to access these social media applications. The popularity of social media applications has increased a lot and this has led to the increase in the number of searches for them and the number of active users there are.

    The growth rate of social media stands at 10.5% this internet stats show that social media manages to outpace the growth of many of the internet features as well as the growth rate of the world population. It has even outgrown the growth rate of the internet which stands at 8.2%.

    • Facebook has the most users among all social media platforms

    2.7 billion active users make up the user base of Facebook. This makes them the most popular social media platform on the internet. Facebook could be credited with developing the social media world as we see it right now. Being one of the original social media sites it has retained its popularity and has even added more users to its list at a steady and constant pace.

    YouTube has been gaining serious ground on Facebook and comes in as the second most popular social media application with 2 billion active users. The third spot is taken by Instagram which is also owned by Facebook. Instagram has 1.158 billion active users.  

    • YouTube is the most downloaded application

    According to the latest Instagram statistics, Youtube is the most downloaded application globally. After combing the downloads through the different ways in which the apps can be downloaded, YouTube has been found to have the most global downloads.

    While it is the topmost downloaded application among social media apps but it is also the most downloaded application when considering the total downloads of all the different apps. YouTube is the first name that comes to mind when wanting to watch user-created videos. The features of Youtube have remained unmatched and it is still the most preferred video content platform.

    • An average user spends more than 53 minutes on Instagram

    Instagram has been climbing up the ranks of social media sites. An average user can be seen spending around an hour on the application. With the latest internet statistics, they have improved the user engagement on their platform. They have more than 4.2 billion pictures being liked on the platform every day.

    This is an impressive figure which shows us the level of engagement that Instagram can bring to the table. These Internet stats also show that more than 500 million users interact with the stories they see on Instagram every day.

    • The average time spent on social media every day is more than 2 hours

    The daily dependence of individuals on social media has increased manifolds from just a few years ago. Internet stats show that people spend around 2 hours and 25 minutes on social media platforms on the internet every day. Social media sites manage to take up a lot of time in our day.

    The time spent on social media has increased in the last few years. The current trajectory forecasts that more time will be spent on social media platforms in the future.

    Messenger and WhatsApp are the most popular messaging services over the internet. Internet statistics show that 50% of the users prefer to use one of these services for sending messages. WhatsApp and Messenger have established their control over this region. WhatsApp holds the lion’s share of the users.

    The ease of use and efficiency of these platforms have made them the most used in this particular department. No one does a better job than them when it comes to messaging services. Their popularity is represented through internet stats which puts them at the top of messaging services.

    Many people believe that Snapchat has lost its relevance after Instagram started with its stories feature. While the usage of Snapchat has gone down they still manage to post great numbers. They have 319 million active users every day. The internet stats show that 75% of millennials and Genz like to use the platform which still makes it relevant among the younger population.

    There are more than 4 billion snaps sent on Snapchat every day. This shows the huge volume of usage on the platform. The users might have reduced when compared to other special media sites but the active users post tons of snaps every day. Snapchat is still managing to hold onto its popularity, especially among younger audiences. 

    More Social Media Stats

    • 500 hours of videos and content is uploaded per minute on Youtube
    • 22% of Instagram accounts have a daily login 
    • Globally, more than 25% of individuals have Instagram installed on their smartphones
    • Facebook is used by 755 of its users to find new services

    Internet stats for eCommerce

    Projections drawn from the latest Internet stats show that eCommerce is on the rise. The projections show that there will be over 5.55 trillion dollars worth of transactions on the internet in 2022. This is due to the large increase in the number of shops that have gone online. The changed perspective of people can also be factored into the rise of the internet as the top marketplace.

    If you are a brand you should be looking to go online as the eCommerce industry keeps expanding each day with new users looking to buy something online for the first time. The expected sales for 2021 were 4.9 trillion dollars.

    A 0.5 trillion rise or more per year is a great stat that shows the importance of eCommerce in today’s day and age. The pandemic has also helped to increase global eCommerce sales. The eCommerce industry has become huge and it has not even reached its full potential yet.

    • Global online sales are expected to reach 21.8% of all retail goods sold worldwide in 2024

    More than 205 of all the shopping in the world is done online. There is a huge rate of adoption for online shopping and the trend continues in many parts of the world. US, UK, Japan, China, and South Korea have the largest number of online sales. There is a shift in the mode of shopping by people.

    In just a few years, online shopping will contribute to more than 20% of all retail sales made in the world. This Internet stats also points out that the eCommerce industry still has a lot of road to progress on. At just 20% they are making huge sales.

    This can only be expected to increase. eCommerce is a great place to go as a business owner as there is still a lot of room left for growth and development. Most of the top companies have gone online and are having huge sales numbers due to their online sales.

    • A 1-second delay can lose you 7% of your conversions

    The attention span of people on the internet is very less. This attention span keeps decreasing. Company owners have to ensure that they have quick loading times to prevent the loss of any sales they might make. Internet statistics show that even a minor delay can turn people away from your website.

    Most of the top websites have a loading time of less than a few milliseconds. Having a fast and responsive website is the key to having more conversions on your website which leads to more revenue generated.

    • 28% of users abandon their cart due to high shipping costs

    No one likes shipping costs and the internet statistics back this claim. Over 28% of users will not buy products if they feel the shipping charges are too high. It is also noticed that users like to spend 30% more on their orders when free shipping is included with their orders.

    Thus adding the shipping to the cost of your product rather than displaying it separately is the best way to go about listing your products. 47% of the total orders placed online have free shipping attached to them. Thus free shipping is the best way to get more people to order from you.

    The conversions get boosted up the moment you decide to include free shipping.

    • Mobile commerce contributes to 72.9% of all retail eCommerce

    Mobile browsers are preferred by most users when shopping online. This shows the importance of having a website that is compatible with mobile browsers. Websites that are not compatible with mobile browsers or those which do not function properly lose out on sales. Having a well-functioning mobile website with quick checkouts helps to improve online sales.

    Videos provide a visual aspect to users. When shopping online the users cannot inspect the quality of the products. Having a video helps users to understand the product better which leads to more orders.

    Videos are a game-changer in the eCommerce industry. You can boost your sales by more than 144% by using videos of the products. Internet stats show videos to be the best tool to get more users to buy your products.

    • 71% of shoppers believe they get better deals online

    Internet statistics show that the perception of online shopping is positive in the minds of people. A large percentage of the majority of the people think they get better deals online. This causes them to look online to find the best deals.

    The thought that online prices are better than offline ones, makes people move towards eCommerce to save more money. This shows that there is a lot of room for the eCommerce industry to grow and that more people are adopting a positive mindset about shopping online.

    More eCommerce stats

    • Online shopping is done by 96% of Americans per year
    • 25% of spending on eCommerce platforms is done through smartphones
    • Online grocery shopping is prh=jected to reach $100 billion by 2025
    • Amazon has captured 49% of all global eCommerce sales

    Internet Website Stats

    • Google is the most preferred search engine

    Google takes the top spot when compared to other search engines in the world. It has an astonishingly high market share. This company has managed to conquer the search engine space. The company has a market share of 92.7%. This means that more than 9 out of 10 people use Google to search for information on the internet.

    Bing and Yahoo come in at second and third respectively. They have a market share of 2.8% and 1.6% respectively. These internet stats point out the fact that Google has remained the top choice as a search engine and no other engine has come even close to competing with Google.  

    According to Alexa Rankings, Google comes in at the top as the most visited website in the world. The Alexa rankings are internet statistics that do not provide us with percentages but rather give us a rank.

    This rank is determined based on the traffic of the particular website along with the average visitor engagement that these sites have. Youtube comes in second and takes the third spot. Facebook which is the most popular social media site on the internet has taken the 6th spot in the Alexa rankings.

    • .com and .net make up 43.8% of all domain names

    .com and .net are the favorite choices for people when setting up their webpage. Both of these extensions manage to make up almost half of the total number of extensions there are on the internet. .com is the most popular with more than 148 million websites being made using that extension.

    .net is the extension used by more than 13 million websites in the world. These extensions have a monopoly in terms of the extensions used across the world on different websites. The internet statistics also point out that .org is the third most used extension across websites on the internet.

    The total number of websites is a massive 1.92 billion. This is the total number of websites in the world. These Internet Statistics show the number of websites that have been created. This must not be mistaken for the number of active websites that are there. The number of active websites is around 198.4 million. These are those websites that have active engagement and traffic. 

    • GoDaddy is the most popular website hosting service

    Many of the websites on the internet are created using website hosting providers. These services are used by websites to publish themselves on the internet. The latest internet statistics show us that GoDaddy is the most used website hosting service. It has helped host more than 10.38% of the websites across the world.

    GoDaddy has cemented its spot as the top website hosting service. Google Could Platform comes in at the second spot with 6.12% of the websites and IONOS has 4.38% of the websites. The majority of the business in this space is done by GoDaddy which has established itself as one of the top website hosting services.

    • Wix is the most used website building tool

    Many of the users who build websites want to avoid all of the pain and trouble of coding their websites from scratch. Several website-building tools have made it easier to build websites. You can even build an entire website without having any coding knowledge.

    Among these website-building tools, Wix is the most popular. They have made more than 3.8 million websites created. Squarespace is the second most popular coming in at 2.27 million and Shopify gets the third spot with 1.48 million websites created.


    These internet stats help you find out more about the internet than meets the eye. The internet statistics help you to unlock a deep understanding of the internet. With the internet taking a significant role in our lives, understanding the internet is very important. If you have a business the eCommerce stats helps you to find the best way to increase your sales online.

    Most of the companies have gone online to make it more convenient for their customers while increasing their revenue. Whatever your purpose on the internet must be, you will manage to find Internet statistics in this article which will help you.

    Top 30 TikTok Influencers to Follow on TikTok (2022)


    Nobody had really thought that after Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook- we would need another social media app for digital expression. However, as soon as TikTok was launched on a big scale in the international market- people discovered another period.

    There has been an influx of creators and users within this app. Even after it closed down, there was no letdown in its popularity, and came back with full force. In case you are wondering what accounts in TikTok are the most followed and viewed, then this article is meant for you. Below we shall discuss top TikTok influencers in brief, and the content they post online.

    Best TikTok Influencers:

    Charli Damelio

    Charli Damelio - TikTok Influencers

    At only 17 years old Charli D’Amelio is the most followed Tiktok celebrity in the world. With about 135.9 Million followers and as many as 10.5 Billion likes- the teenager has left every content creator and many TikTok influencers behind. She has been invited to all top talk shows in the USA and her fans span the world.

    Hailed ‘the reigning TikTok Queen’ by New York Times- D’Amelio is a trained dancer and the biggest trendsetter on TikTok. She has now joined an acting school and there are high chances you will catch her on the big screen too!

    Instagram / YouTube

    Khaby Lame

    Khaby Lame - TikTok Influencers

    Khaby Lame is among the best-known male TikTok influencers the world knows today. He is of Senegalese origin and is a former factory worker. Residing in Italy, Lame created history on TikTok with his satiric posts and humor nobody had witnessed before.

    An extremely witty person, he is able to interact with people, merely on the basis of his expressions. There’s hardly any video in which you shall find him speaking.

    And yet! He is the most followed male TikToker today. His account has 131.5 million followers, and 2.1 Billion likes.


    Bella Poarch

    Bella Poarch - TikTok Influencers

    Born in Philippines, Bella moved to Texas USA with her family when she was 13. Her TikTok videos mostly consist of lip-syncing videos, and other content created of her own imagination. She is one of the most followed TikTok influencers.

    Her cute persona and model-like figure have made her a major favorite among her fans. She has about 88 million fans on TikTok- and she actively creates content catered towards the American-Asian community.

    Bella has also launched the music of her own, with the famous track ‘Build a Bitch’ getting a good spot on The Billboards Top 100. Moreover, she is an advocate of feminism and equality with boldness in her thoughts.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Addison Rae

    Addison Rae - TikTok Influencers

    Another young star from TikTok, we are sure you have already heard of Addison Rae. Just like Charli, Addison started out as a dancer on TikTok- setting reel trends and challenges.

    Growing into something of a celebrity- she has worked with brands including Chantilly Boutique, FashionNova, Uptown, Cheapskate, and McCary’s Jewelers. The Tiktoker has also gone on to make music of her own.

    She is quite the sensation in America, with as many as 54 million followers. Addison Rae made her first official video on TikTok in 2020 and it ended up amassing 93,000 likes! She was bound to be among the famous TikToker from the start.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Zach King

    Zach King

    Zach King is unlike any TikToker or social media personality that you will come across on the internet. Originally a vine maker, he is extremely popular for his “magic videos” that simply baffle the mind.

    The videos are actually digitally rendered and edited to create impossible as well as unexpected scenarios. Once you start watching his channel, you simply cannot stop scrolling and ask for more.

    Zach has actually brought to light many such ‘digital illusionists’ who were previously unknown to the world. An extremely sought-after internet personality, Zach has made appearances with celebrities like Selena Gomez, Howie Mandel, and Jason Derulo!

    Instagram / YouTube

    Will Smith

    Will Smith

    Now Legendary Will Smith hardly needs any introduction here. The man doesn’t need TikTok or Instagram to show his presence to the world- but these places sure are lucky to have him! An unparalleled actor, rapper, comedian, and creative- the man dines with the Hollywood Royals.

    He is the only celebrity who is also among the top 10 most famous TikToker! Of course, his TikTok videos always have his singular humor and creative writing.

    But fans are always just happy to simply see his face on the screen! An extremely charming, humble, and transparent personality, he is one of my favorite celebrities listed anywhere.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Kimberly Loaiza

    Kimberly Loaiza

    This 24-year-old star from Mexico is one of the most beautiful women on TikTok. A major entertainer, she has a huge fan following on all possible Social Media Platforms. In fact, she is the most followed media personality from Spain on TikTok. Her videos consist of some amazing dance videos that keep you hooked. She also uploads frequent videos of herself performing strange and extreme TikTok challenges.

    An upcoming music artist, she has also released many song videos that have become a major hit in Spain and other areas of the world. She has amassed a total of 3.5 Billion likes on TikTok!

    Instagram / YouTube

    Dixie D’Amelio


    Dixie D’Amelio

    Sister to the uber-famous Charlie D’Amelio- Dixie is a force to be reckoned on her own. She has about 57 Million followers on TikTok.

    D’Amelio initially started making videos alongside her sister and many other famous TikToker. That was when her journey to fame began and amassed millions of followers.

    Even though she budded away from traditional TikTok content, her fans still love to see her daily posts. She has established herself as an upcoming music artist with her debut ‘Be Happy’ and her collaborations with Wiz Khalifa and Liam Payne. In fact- Dixie can also be seen in the Brat Series ‘Attaway General’.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Spencer Polanco Knight

    Spencer Polanco Knight

    Describing himself as a Mouth Music Man, Spencer Polanco Knight is another great TikTok personality on the internet. An extremely talented beatboxer, he is of mixed Chinese and Ecuadorian descent.

    Knight is known widely for his unmatched fast-paced beatboxing with the smoothest possible flow and transitions. The music industry has also recognized Spencer as an artist with great potential and talent.

    Since his rise to fame, he has worked alongside famous names such as Alicia Keys and Sean Kingston.  He recently released his own music video titled ‘water’- so you might want to check that out.


    Loren Gray

    Loren Gray - TikTok Influencers

    Loren Gray is described today as a singer as well a social star. However, like many aspiring artists of today, her journey also began from social media.

    An actress, model, and trained dancer- she has over 54 million followers on TikTok. Loren is known for her angel-like features, particularly, her icy blue eyes and beautiful golden hair.

    Honestly, she is something of a Barbie come to life! This famous young star has made appearances on Teen Vogue and Seventeen Magazine. Moreover, she has received nominations at the VMAs. Teen Choice Awards, and People’s Choice Awards. You can check some of her amazing music on YouTube!

    Instagram / YouTube

    Michael Le

    Michael Le - TikTok Influencers

    With about 51.5 million followers on TikTok, Michael Le is the first male dancer we have featured on this list. An amazing dancer and choreographer- his skills top those of many dancers mentioned above.

    Moreover, he is a passionate photographer and a consistent blogger. The man has been dancing professionally for a long time. In fact, he is the choreographer behind Chris Brown’s music video- ‘Came to Do’. A charming and amicable person- he is easy to relate to in his actual life videos.

    He has some really great humorous content on TikTok and you can join his fan base for some hilarious videos and pranks.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Jason Derulo

    Jason Derulo - TikTok Influencers

    Now before he became a famous TikToker with 51.3 million followers and 1.2 Billion likes- Jason Derulo was already a big celebrity.

    A highly famous singer, songwriter, and dancer from America, Jason Derulo has grooved the world with hits like ‘Savage Love’ and his collab on ‘Jalebi Baby’. If you didn’t know him before, we are sure you recognize him now. As successful, rich, and popular as he might be, Jason keeps his feet grounded.

    Hop into his Tiktok channel and you will see some hilarious meme-like videos, where he mostly makes fun of himself! Who doesn’t like a superstar with self-deprecating humor?

    Instagram / YouTube

    Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock

    The rock - TikTok Influencers

    Oh come on now, we know you know this man! He is one of the highest-paid actors of all time. If you’re not into movies, then you might know him as wrestling legend ‘The Rock’.

    Some of his most famous movies include Disney’s ‘Moana’, ‘Fighting with Family’, and ‘Furious 7’.  We don’t quite know why- but these top-tier celebrities have a very dank sense of humor.

    And that’s exactly what you get from the rock. You will hear him rap from time to time. Someday you will catch him doing an impossibly intense workout. And on other days he’ll just be fooling around with other people. He’s diversity in a rock shell.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Dominik Lipa

    Dominik Lipa - TikTok Influencers

    A young Mexican star, Dominik Lipa is a fresh beauty with great talent. Her videos include lip-syncing content as well as dance choreographies.

    She often uploads her own takes on different dance challenges on TikTok. A former gymnast- you can clearly detect the grace and flexibility of intense training in her movements.

    She is also a trained dancer and a part of the famous Social Group called CheliHouse. Her fame has been extremely noteworthy and she has even collaborated with big brands like Tommy Jeans, Pandora, and EOS! Back in 2019, Dominik was also featured in the Tu Magazine!


    Younes Zarou

    Residing in Frankfurt Germany, Zarou is among the best-known TikToker in the world today. His journey to fame actually began with YouTube where he has millions of subscribers.

    A singer, actor, and influencer- he is a well-known figure in Germany and across the globe. He is a recognized TikTok photographer and video creator. His content is highly versatile and does not fit into one single category. However, everything he creates is eye-catching and highly entertaining.


    Kris Collins

    Kris Collins is a TikTok star and social media personality based in Canada. She is extremely popular for the unique comedy scripts that she posts online. These are written by Collins herself and clearly showcase her extraordinary imagination and talent.

    A very creative person- her videos are always worth your while. Amazing at accents, impersonations, and quick-witted- Kris is among the brightest stars we have. Further, she looks nothing less than a model, with her petite figure and sculpted features.

    We expect to see her on the big screen in the near future and truly count her among our favorite mentions.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Brent Rivera

    Brent Rivera is a social media star who has managed to make it big on every digital platform. He is a pure, unfiltered entertainer who dabbles with many creative ideas.

    His TikTok videos comprise pranks, humorous skits, rehashed challenges, and collaborations with many other stars. An expressive personality- he has already made his acting debut with the title character in the comedy movie Alexander IRL.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Billie Eilish

    If you haven’t heard from her, you are really late for the party! Recipient of 7 Grammys, two AMAs, one Guinness World Record, a Golden Globe- there is too much this 18-year-old has accomplished at this young age! She is an introverted but magnetic person.

    Deemed as one of the most successful artists of the 2010s, you can catch her on TikTok- hopping on different trends and making them ‘Eilish Emo’ in her unique style. She posts a lot of self-conceptualized content and her feed seems to be a broadcast from another planet.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Junya Gou

    Perhaps we were missing out on eccentricity in this post. Well, Junya Gou- a Japanese content creator- is going to fill that vacuum.

    Very simple by outward appearance, you wouldn’t be able to guess his peculiar stream of thoughts until you view his videos. Open his feed and you will find the man stuck in the most irregular scenarios.

    In one video he stands with three cockroaches in his mouth, in another- he is jumping into his track pants held aloft by lines of tape. I know the description probably doesn’t make sense- and perhaps that is what people find most beguiling!

    Instagram / YouTube

    JoJo Siwa

    The younger generation of TikTok (and the world at large) has made it their mission to be nonconformist. If you relate to this description, then you might want to take a look at social media star and TikTok celebrity JoJo Siwa.

    Aged 19, JoJo is a dancer, singer, and artist. Absolutely fearless and confident in her style- she has been a revolutionary influencer in more than one way.

    Her loud clothes, perky style, and absolute endorsement of what people deem ‘tacky’ have made her stand out more than anyone else. The young queen takes pride in herself and is definitely someone to keep her eyes on.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Joe Albanese

    Joe Albanese rose to become quite a famous social media personality, mainly through his dance videos. Other than that, he actively creates humorous content for TikTok and can be seen sharing the screen with his mother and his sister. He is also a part of the extremely famous collaborative TikTok group called ‘Sway House’.

    He has worked together with other well-known celebrities including Bryce Hall, Josh Richards, and Anthony Reeves. Tall in stature, with dark curls, and cherubic features- Joe is something of a heartthrob. Currently, he has 39.9 million followers on TikTok.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Avani Gregg

    A flamboyant personality- Avani Gregg is a young fashionista who boldly writes her own story in the competitive TikTok industry.

    A talented make-up artist, Avani has also ventured into acting. In her first role, she was seen as the girl ‘Gemma’ in a famous web series called Chicken Girls.

    In 2019 she was deemed TikToker of the year and received the Shorty Award. At the same time, in 2020 Forbes featured Gregg in their list of ’30 under 30’- referring to popular social media stars.

    Avani is also part of the famous ‘Hype House’ where she has worked alongside Charli D’Amelio. Currently, she hosts a Facebook Watch show, discussing Gen Z issues.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Won Jeong

    Hailing from South Korea Won Jeong is the famous TikTok star who gave birth to the neologism “MAMAAA”. He is a singer, YouTuber, and entrepreneur- among many other things.

    In fact, he is also counted among well-known fitness TikTok influencers. To be clear, a large part of his content consists of comedy skits, a satire on popular trends, and personal reactions. Other than this, he also gives valuable health and fitness advice to his fans and followers.

    A natural performer, Won Jeong is quite well known for his great singing skills. If you are looking for another Khaby Lame- this might be your guy.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Rod Contreras

    With so many people already creating lip-sync and dance videos on TikTok, it becomes rather difficult to carve out your own identity in this niche.

    However, Rod Contreras seems to have achieved the impossible by becoming one of the best-known names in this category. Moreover, he is a notable fashion enthusiast and also uploads prank videos and comedy skits.

    You can also get a glimpse of his life on his YouTube channel where he runs a personal vlog.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Kylie Jenner

    Many of you might give us hate for mentioning Kylie Jenner in this list- because she’s already the most popular social media star on the planet.

    But let us clarify- other than her Instagram, her TikTok is really worth a watch too! Out here you will find glimpses of Kylie that are not available anywhere else.

    This multi-millionaire beauty queen often uploads some very memorable personal clips on her TikTok that will simply melt your heart. If you truly are a fan of this unparalleled beauty- then you ought to check her TikTok too!

    Instagram / YouTube

    Selena Gomez

    Everybody knows her- she’s been with us through our childhood, teenage, and even been there as we grew into adults. Actor, Singer, Businesswoman, Feminist- Selena Gomez needs a little introduction.

    But here’s something about her Tiktok account, that you might not have known before. To begin with, Selena is much more vocal about her personal views on TikTok than anywhere else.

    You will also find her collaborating with her best friend- the phenomenal Taylor Swift- which in itself is a sight to behold. Other than this, any updates on her famous beauty line ‘Rare’ are first announced on TikTok itself. Hence, if you really want to catch up with this ageless diva- then Tiktok should be a good place to start.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Alina Kim

    Alina Kim is a 19-year-old social media star- all the way from Kazakhstan. Again, the wonderful and charming girl rose to fame through her dance videos and lip sync features.

    She often performs in voiceovers and re-enacts funny videos that her fans absolutely love. Quite big on anime- she can often be seen cosplaying as one of her favorite characters.

    With her skilled hand at makeup and a keen eye for clothes and fashion- she is almost always able to nail the look! Currently, she is a member of the TikTok house – ‘YOLO’.


    Carlos Feria

    Born in Colombia, Carlos Feria is an amicable and cheerful young man who will simply brighten up your feed. He is also an active model and actor who first became popular through his self-titled YouTube channel.

    He has amassed 37.1 M followers on TikTok along with 1.7 Billion likes. A devoted husband and father- Carlos is a great example to people who want to learn how to balance fame with personal life.

    His content usually consists of small skits, dance performances, or short videos from his day-to-day life.

    Instagram / YouTube


    Now, irrespective of whether you do or do not like K-Pop, we are sure the BTS wave must have hit you in one form or another. Their fans called ‘The BTS Army’ are literally on every corner of the planet.

    A boy band from Korea with 7 members in total, they rose to fame back in 2013 with their debut album. A group of highly talented singers, rappers, dancers, and the ultimate collection of beautiful boys to be found together- BTS has been stealing hearts and awards at massive rates.

    Their TikTok videos consist of some really advanced dancing, funny pranks, and daily life updates.

    Instagram / YouTube

    Riyaz Aly

    The youngest and most popular TikTok star of India- Riyaz can teach us much about self-confidence, drive, and determination.

    He is a teenage fashion influencer and model and originally hails from Bhutan. He has collaborated with many famous stars within his country including Deepika Padukone, Neha Kakkar, etc.

    You can check out his TikTok channel for some groovy moves, lip-syncing videos, and other fun content.



    Above we have listed the most famous TikTok influencers currently active on the platform. From comedians and magicians to dancers and actors-.

    we have created a comprehensive list that should be the perfect guide for anyone. In case you wish to get more updates about media personalities and their lives- stay tuned to our website!

    35 Important & Useful TikTok Statistics (2022)


    TikTok has a very sudden launch in 2018 and since then has had an equally sudden rise to fame. This platform got a lot of coverage when it first launched. They were bringing something new to the social media world. They aimed to change how video content was created and viewed. The gap which was left by Musically and Vine was successfully filled by TikTok. Since the launch, the platform has quickly gained a lot of fame across the world. TikTok has gradually become one of the most happening social media platforms. If you want to be a creator or a marketer on TikTok, you should use TikTok statistics to your advantage.

    The latest TikTok stats give an insight into the different aspects of TikTok. We have noted down all of the important TikTok statistics and explained the significance they have. These stats are crucial when trying to establish a successful account or a grand on TikTok.

    Top TikTok Statistics:

    TikTok General Stats

    TikTok is a relatively new platform comparing it to other social media platforms. Within a short period, they have managed to have more than a billion active users per month. They have taken a shorter time to reach this huge milestone and it shows the progress that the application has had.

    More TikTok stats predict that this growth rate will increase and TikTok will be seeing an increased user base of 1.5 billion users per month.  TikTok has seen massive growth but has been able to sustain it which is great news for influencers and marketers alike.

    Ending the year with a bang is the appropriate phrase for TikTok. According to TikTok statistics, it managed to become the most downloaded application in the last quarter of 2021. This is a sign that the popularity of TikTok is not waning down anytime soon. People are actively still downloading the application which indicated an increase in the userbase.

    TikTok has brought something new to the social media world and thus has been received in a good light by the majority of the people. Having an application that is increasing in popularity as suggested by these Tiktok stats is something that is attracting brands and marketers to TikTok. The format of TikTok provides some opportunities which other applications fail to provide in this segment making them very popular.

    • 7th most used social media platform

    Being the 7th most used social media platform might be one of those TikTok stats which puts people off TikTok. Seeing this stat through the perspective of TikTok being just a few years old completely changes the meaning of the stat. TikTok has managed to rise to the 7th position. It easily beats other popular forms of social media which have been around for a longer time such as Snapchat.

    It was beaten by Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others which have been around for a much longer time. Considering the timeframe in which they have managed to achieve this makes it a very impressive stat and highlights the potential growth of TikTok in the future.

    Most used social media platformSource

    • Total downloads of TikTok are more than 3 billion

    TikTok has been able to attract a great number of people to their platform. This benchmark was passed by the application in March of2021. The application has shown consistency with the downloads it has had.

    This bodes well for the application as it indicates that people are still joining the application. By surpassing this landmark of users, it has become one of the first non-Facebook-owned applications to meet this landmark in the social media industry. They have managed to build an image for themselves in this industry and the downloads back this fact.

    When TikTok first launched many people thought that it was just a new fad and it wouldn’t stick for long. This perspective has been blown out of the water by the latest TikTok statistics. After combing the total downloads of both android and IOS users, TikTok topped the chart for the most downloaded applications in 2020 and 2021.

    Though TikTok was met with restrictions in some countries they have managed to be the most downloaded application for two consecutive years. They have even outperformed Facebook which is one of the veterans of the social media industry. This stat shows that TikTok is here to stay

    TikTok is available in 141 counties and it ranks in the top 50 apps of 140 of those countries. It even manages to make the top 10 spots in 124 of those countries. These TikTok statistics show that TikTok has a lot of popularity in all of these countries.

    Posting such impressive numbers shows the global appeal of TikTok. Tiktok is managing to draw global interests and have a global user base. In almost all of the countries that it is available it has done well in terms of downloads and usage. This goes on to show the massive reach that TikTok provides to all of its brands and influencers. 

     More General Stats

    • TikTok is seen as one of the top 3 growing brands in 2021
    • TikTok is the 3rd most searched term on YouTube
    • This is available in more than 36 languages

    TikTok user stats

    • 51% of users are male

    The split between male and female users is pretty even on TikTok. The latest TikTok stats suggest that male users exceed female users by just 2 percent. The gender parity on the platform makes it attractive to people who want to promote their content/brand to both genders.

    With this gender division, TikTok becomes an ideal platform to reach out to both male and female audiences. There is no information available on the percentage of non-binary users who make up the platform. Brands and creators find this split the easiest to work with as they have a good percentage of either gender. 

    • 55% of users make their content

    Around half of TikTok users make their content. 55% of the users have made at least one video. This shows the level of engagement from the users is very high. They find TikTok to be a fun platform where they want to participate rather than just watch. With half of the userbase making their content it shows the amount of content on the platform is steadily increasing which helps to get more brands to remote their content on TikTok and brings in marketers.

    TikTok keeps showing its promise as one of the best upcoming social media platforms. The high rate of user participation is a testament to the fact that more people are getting engaged in making TikTok videos.

    • Android users spend around 13 hours on TikTok each month

    13 hours on TikTok might not seem much but the average video duration justifies this time. Most of the videos are of just a few seconds. This translates to thousands of videos being watched every month.

    The users on TikTok spend a lot of time watching content on the application. If you are looking to start making content, be rest assured that there are people who will view your content. Just like there is a massive amount of content on TikTok, the demand for it is also high. 

    TikTok was always seen as a platform for youngsters and not exactly adults. This had prevented many companies from dipping their feet into TikTok. If your target audience is adults then the new TikTok statistics have some promising news for you. Only 32.5% of TikTok users are under the age of 19. Other TikTok statistics also suggest that 48% of people using TikTok are in the age range of 18 to 29.

    If you are targeting this age range, TikTok is a great platform to be on. People within 18-29 years of age make up almost half of the use of the platform. TikTok has a young adult population that is highly marketable.

    South Asian countries have surpassed USA and Europe in terms of their usage of TikTok. There are 198 million people in South Asian countries who use TikTok. The figure in North America stands at 105 million. If you are looking to reach out to the South Asian population on social media, TikTok might just be a great place to do it. TikTok has risen in popularity over time and the South Asian countries lead this chart.

    Through the latest Instagram statistics, it has been found out that the first 3 seconds of a video are the most crucial when getting users to watch your TikTok videos. Most of the users decide to watch or skip a TikTok in the first 3 seconds of the video.

    This is a crucial stat for creators. When making the videos creators should focus on getting the viewers hooked to the video right at the start. This allows for maximum user retention. The more catchy and interesting the first 3 seconds of your video are the better are your chances of getting a user to watch your entire video.

    • The majority of users follow at least 1 new user every month

    63% of users follow new people on TikTok every month. This bodes well for all of the new creators out there. Even if you start your content creation journey on TikTok today, you will manage to get followers for your channel. The majority of the huge user base of TikTok following new people allows for the growth of new creators.

    This is one of those TikTok stats which shows that the users on the platform are not rigid with their followers and like getting to find new content and follow new creators.

    More User Stats

    • An average user spends 52 minutes on the app every day
    • 41% of users upload reaction videos
    • TikTok registers more than 100 billion monthly views on videos

    TikTok Revenue stats

    Users of TikTok are spending money on the application. This can be seen through the TikTok statistics which ranks TikTok as the second most spent app in the Playstore and the Apple app store. Only Tinder ranks above TikTok in the amount of money spent. Users spend their money on the platform which proves the high level of user engagement that TikTok attracts.

    • TikTok revenue grew by 60% by the end of 2021

    Having a 60% growth over last year shows that the appeal of the application is not going away. The interest in the application from brands and users is sustainable and this has led to an increase in revenue. Companies have started to spend more money on TikTok which highlights the steady growth of the platform and revenue through the years  

    TikTok engagement stats

    Engagement is one of the most important aspects for any TikTok creator. TikTok stats show that even the orientation of your videos can affect the engagement you have. Engagement on vertically shot videos is higher than that of others. This is mainly because TikTok is used on phones and the vertical orientation provides the best user experience.

    If you are not shooting your videos vertically you should start now. Just adjusting the orientation of all of your videos makes them more appealing to the viewers. This results in more interactions from them on each video which gives you more engagement.

    • The average engagement rate is 18%

    On average a creator gets 18% engagement on their videos. This TikTok statistics helps in two ways. This serves as a benchmark for creators. If your rate of engagement on your videos is more than 185 you are on the right path to TikTok glory. A lower engagement rate than 18% shows that changes need to be made to your content.

    18% average engagement is a great value. This brings more brands to use creators for sponsored posts. Having this engagement rate just shows. Instagram reels which is a direct competitor to TikTok draws in much lower rates of engagement. This makes TikTok the most dominant platform in terms of engagement for the shorter video formats. 

    TikTok is the place to be for budding content creators. One of the main difficulties faced by new creators on all platforms is gaining views and engagement. TikTok accounts with a small userbase of 100k followers have been shown to have an engagement rate of up to 5%. In comparison with the other brands, TikTok posts a much-improved figure. Instagram has an engagement rate of 1.10% and Twitter has 0.3%. When deciphering these TikTok stats, TikTok is the best platform for new creators. They find it much easier to build an audience and gain engagement on TikTok than on other platforms. 

    The major chunk of the user base opens their TikTok application more than once a day. This helps creators to have a higher chance of reaching more people on TikTok. The content and the short video format of TikTok have been able to get many people addicted to the app. This results in more people opening the application multiple times a day.

    This is also a good sign for the popularity of the application. If users do not like the content or the app they would not open the app as frequently as they do. 

    63% of users claim to have liked at least 1 video in a month. Unlike some of the other platforms, users like to engage with the content they see. Getting likes on TikTok is easier due to the level of interaction that the users provide. With more likes on your content, you can secure better deals on TikTok. Getting sponsored by brands is also easier when you have a lot of likes on your videos which is a lot of engagement.

    TikTok is becoming a creator-friendly platform. Making good content is getting you the engagement and likes you want which makes the job of creators much simpler. The majority of the users like to engage with the videos posted on the platform.  

    The latest TikTok stats have shown that videos with music make up 80% of the most popular videos. A good selection of music is necessary for the video to succeed. Music is seen as an essential element for TikTok videos. The stats have also pointed to the fact that users enjoy the content that has music with it. This is one of the reasons that some of the dance challenges have racked up so many views and likes on the platform. Creators should use this stat to understand the users like music in their videos. Adding music to the content they are creating will help them reach their TikTok goals much faster.

    • The most popular video categories have a billion views or more

    TikTok has a few video categories which perform much better than the rest. While there are different types of videos that satisfy the needs of all users, some categories just edge past the rest. These categories have racked up more than a billion views. These tats keep showcasing the wide reach of the platform. If you manage to create videos in some of the popular categories getting the views becomes easier. 

     More engagement stats

    • 54% of users claim to comment on at least 1 video every month
    • Entertainment was the most viewed category with 443.3 billion views
    • 43% of TikTok users have at least done one duet

    TikTok Influencer stats

    Charlie is the most followed on TikTok and the creator with the most likes. She has 136 million followers and 10 billion likes on the platform. She has claimed the top spot with her dance videos along with videos she makes with her family.

    Even some of the niches have influencers with a lot of followers. This shows that the followers on TikTok are more evenly distributed on TikTok and you can easily get users no matter how unique your content is. 

    • Prices for sponsored posts vary from $20-$100,000+

    The average cost of a sponsored video on TikTok is around $200. This increases with the number of followers you have. The ceiling is very high with users making hundreds of thousands by doing sponsored posts. As a creator, you will find brands who associate with your niche and would want to get their brands promoted by you.

    TikTok Advertisement statistics

    • Brands spend an average of $6,000 for in-feed advertisements

    Brands have started to use TikTok for their marketing purposes. They spend $6000 for multiple in-feed advertisements. These advertisements have helped brands to promote themselves and thus they have increased their spending on TikTok. If you are a brand looking to enter marketing on TikTok, spending some money on in-feed advertisements is something that you should employ. The increased spending on these types of adverts backs the fact that companies have gained a lot of promotion through this method.

    • 61% of the users said they buy items from brands that they see advertised

    61% of the users have said that they bought products from advertisements they see on TikTok. Having 61% of the entire platform receptive to buying goods they see here is a great sign for companies. This implies that the money they spend on advertising gives them a good return on investment. As a brand, the money you spend gets you a new base of customers.

    This stat has proved that investing in advertisements on TikTok helps companies to boost their sales and have a large customer base who come from TikTok.

    Many companies have migrated to TikTok and created their accounts. Through the traditional methods of advertising, brands come off as very formal and rigid. TikTok allows brands to have a fun engagement with their customers and create a positive brand image. Brands constitute almost 4% of the entire content created on the platform.

    In a bid to be more approachable to new clients, brands have started to do fun challenges and other types of videos on TikTok. If your brand is not on TikTok you should create an account and start posting content. Seeing brands engage with their customers on social media sites like TikTok helps to find new customers and have a positive image of the brand.

    • Half of the ads are emotional in nature

    50% of the advertisements have been seen to have emotional messages in them. Emotional messages in advertisements have performed well. They get good responses from the users and thus half of the companies have started to employ that strategy. Emotional messages allow the users to connect with the brands which results in better responses making creative advertisements with emotional messages helps to get the best results when advertising on TikTok.

    As a brand, you may think about what type of adverts will get you the best responses on TikTok. The type of video made by a brand for advertisements plays a big role in determining the engagement and reach they will have. TikTok stats state that 33% of users respond better to advertisements that refer to them directly. Using this method should allow you to maximize the responses that a brand gets on their advertisements. Videos that refer to customers directly connect with them better and thus elicit better responses.

    Many brands like to do hashtag challenges where quite a few influencers and creators use their hashtags to create videos. These challenges are great for promoting a brand and thus they cost a lot. They cost over 100k on TikTok. Despite the high prices companies are ready to pay the price since the promotion they receive through this advertising method outweighs the money they have to spend.

    A brand takeover is a type of advertisement where the brand can give a full-screen advertisement when users open TikTok on their phones. Companies are ready to spend this money as this guarantees around 5 million impressions. A brand can even choose a particular category where they want this advertisement to be displayed. This shows that companies are putting a lot of money into TikTok because it has a very high ceiling.

    More Advertisement stats

    • 63% of TikTok users consider themselves brand conscious
    • TikTok provides advertisement credits of $300 and more to new brands


    TikTok is considered one of the most influential social media platforms. It has managed to solidify its position in the social media world. TikTok is competing with some of the oldest forms of social media platforms and trying to get a better share of the industry to its name. Many of the key metrics have been hidden by the parent company. Despite this, all of the stats which are available to us show the growing significance and influence of TikTok in the social media industry.

    All of the key TikTok stats have been highlighted and displayed in the article above. These stats should help you to get a better understanding of TikTok. These TikTok statistics should be referred to by brands and marketers before promoting on the platform as it provides them with a good guide of what to do. Using TikTok statistics is the smart way to go about TikTok. These insights will make your journey on TikTok as a creator or a brand much easier.

    15 Twitch Growth, Trend & Revenue Statistics (2022)


    Twitch, more than any other social media site, has had the most influence on the gaming business. YouTube may have started the practice of gamers filming themselves while playing, but Twitch has carried it to heights that no one could have predicted a decade ago. While YouTube has been a significant source of revenue for the business, Twitch has essentially established a new profession.  According to the most recent Twitch channel analytics, broadcasting for interests besides gaming has seen a dramatic surge in popularity. So, whether it’s understanding the finest Twitch strategies or just the greatest proxies to employ, developing popularity on such a massive platform need knowledge of it, which you’ll find here. 

    Noteworthy Twitch Analytics

    Facts & Figures from Twitch Channel Analytics

    Twitch Prime is also available to Amazon Prime subscribers. There have been several perks experienced by all Amazon Prime customers since the streaming service was acquired by the Seattle-based digital commerce behemoth in 2014, one of which is a Twitch Prime subscription. Streamers and watchers will have different experiences, but all will be ad-free.

    In the year 2020, Twitch will have over 30 million daily viewers. People throughout the world looked for fun on various internet platforms while stranded at home because of the COVID epidemic:

    • According to Twitch audience statistics, 26.5 million people joined live broadcasts of various material daily. Over 80% more material was seen in 2020 than in 2019. 
    • Without a doubt, 2020 will be remembered being the year for the internet. 
    • Twitch traffic has increased by a stunning 83 percent year over year.
    • According to Twitch statistics, consumers watched 9 billion hours of programming in 2019.

    Twitch has firmly proven itself as a channel that businesses and influencer marketing firms can’t afford to ignore as the network’s content diversifies and its popularity grows.

    Twitch Statistics show the Growing Traffic

    It is the 37th most visited website on the internet. Twitch, which launched in June 2011, has quickly grown to be one of the top famous websites on the planet. Its Alexa ranking is higher than those of Twitter, eBay, and AliExpress, to name a few. 

    • According to Twitch statistics, it is now ranked 37th. Because the live streaming market is booming and Twitch is utterly dominating in it, it will most certainly rank much higher in the next years.
    • In March 2021, the United States accounted for more than 20% of all desktop traffic. According to Twitch data per nation, Twitch channels appear to be the most popular amongst users in the United States. 
    • When it came to desktop traffic sources, the United States came out on top, accounting for about a quarter of all traffic. 
    • Germany came in second with 6.68 percent, followed by Canada with 4.36 percent. 
    • With 4.29 percent and 4.05 percent, respectively, France and Russia round out the top five.

    In the year 2020, 57 billion chatting messages will have been sent. The participatory element of live streaming on the site is one of the key reasons they are so popular. Everyone watching the stream may interact in the chat group, and the presenter can respond to queries and comments in real-time on their screen. According to Twitch chat statistics for 2020, there were 24.4 billion delivered texts in H1 and 32.6 billion in H2.

    Consumer Engagement based Twitch Stats

    Daily, around 30 million people are active. Twitch’s daily active users are steadily increasing, with a significant rise expected in 2020. The term “user” refers to the platform’s viewers. According to the firm, nearly 30 million people are active every day as of 2021. The average monthly number of unique streams is always around 8.6 million.

    In 2021, Twitch viewers viewed over a trillion minutes of streaming video. That’s right, you read that correctly. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, given that the epidemic had stranded the majority of the population at home, resulting in lockdowns, segregation, and social distancing tactics. All of the activities were online, and Twitch channel analytics reveal that in 2020, its members watched approximately 17 billion hours of video.

    Age and Gender Proportion Twitch Analytics

    Twitch’s user base is primarily composed of people under the age of 35. Here’s how the gender and age proportion Twitch analytics go:

    • According to Twitch age demographics, a lot of consumers are young, with over half being between the ages of 18 and 34. 
    • Teenagers aged 13-17 account for little about one-fifth of the user community. 
    • With this many young individuals on the network, the age range of Twitch visitors is estimated to be around 21 years old. 
    • Twitch has more male users than female ones. 
    • According to Twitch gender demographics, it’s still more popular among male viewers. Nonetheless, the distribution has gotten more balanced over time, as the proportion of female broadcasters and watchers has risen to become one of Twitch’s top growth trends. 
    • In 2017, 81.5 percent of male consumers used the service, but that number fell to 65 percent in 2019.

    Users admit to being open to firms whose adverts they’ve seen on the platform promoting and buying things from them. This is why top-performing marketing experts, particularly those targeting teenagers, frequently include Twitch advertisements in their campaigns. We have yet to know how Twitch demographics have changed as a result of the biological gender of its consumers in 2020. As of March 2021, the firm has implemented a concept called Women’s Association to encourage and assist female users.

    Viewership based Twitch Statistics

    Weekends have the biggest Twitch viewership.  It’s a no-brainer on this one. People also have more leisure time, which has resulted in a 6% rise in weekend watching. Twitch statistics show that on average, 2.8 million people watch Twitch every day from Monday through Thursday. On Fridays, the number begins to rise, eventually reaching over 3 million Twitch watchers on Sundays. There are indeed 14 percent more streams to pick from, giving a larger audience more options. Nearly 2.5 million people are watching Twitch at the same time, which is a new record.

    According to Twitch statistics, Fortnite gamer David Canovas Martines, also known as TheGrefg, surpassed the former milestone for the most Twitch views at one time in January 2021. Twitch viewership peaked at 2,468,668 during the height of his stream. Even though he was introducing his personal Icon series Fortnite skin, the stream was quite popular. Only eight of these Icon skins exist, including his.

    Twitch was the most popular app among users under 35 in the United States. The network is the most prominent platform in the United States, as seen by the statistics of Twitch visitors by nation. The Android phone application is widely used, and almost three-quarters of users (78.2%) are between the ages of 13 and 35.

    Twitch Statistics on Streaming

    In April 2021, there were approximately 9.3 million streamers online. The simplest way to see how the pandemic affects the appeal of the streaming site is to look at the monthly data. While it was formerly almost entirely utilized by the gaming world, it is now being adopted by music, athletics, and many other sectors in 2020. It functioned as a cash stream as well as a method to communicate with their viewers since live events had been canceled. 

    • According to the most recent Twitch figures, there were 9.36 million streamers in April 2021.
    • In 2020, the average number of concurrent live channels increased by about 80%. 
    • As the number of streamers and watchers expanded dramatically in 2020, among the most predictable outcomes was a rise in the number of live channels. 
    • In 2019, the mean number of simultaneous streams reached 49,500, only to grow to 87,500 in 2020, a new Twitch broadcasting record. That’s a 77 percent rise year over year.
    • Ninja is by far the most popular streamer as of April 2021. Ninja is the most popular Twitch streamer, having 16.64 million followers as of April 2021, according to the most recent Twitch streamer statistics. 
    • Richard Tyler Blevins, a US citizen who was born in 1991, became popular throughout the world by having played Fortnite and Variety.

    Ninja, a professional working gamer and live broadcaster, is a name that has become synonymous with Twitch. Ninja’s most popular Twitch stream attracted almost 600 million concurrent views. The fact that acclaimed rapper Drake entered the stream undoubtedly aided in establishing the Fortnight game broadcast at the top. The live feed had 616,000 viewers at its peak.

    Twitch Channel Analytics on Subscription

    Just Chatting is the most popular Twitch category in terms of viewing hours. Twitch is structured into categories to make it easy for users to locate what they’re looking for. The majority are video games such as Fortnite, GTA, LOL, and others, but the platform also has non-gaming categories.

    But these have been exploding in popularity, with Just Chatting topping the list in terms of watching hours with about 236 million monthly. According to Twitch game statistics, GTA V is presently in second place with almost 154 million viewers, backed by other popular games.

    Most of Twitch’s channels are in English. The most prevalent language on the site is English, which makes sense given that the United States accounts for one-fifth of all traffic. 

    The subscriber base reached an all-time high of over 280,000. Living is the first Twitch streamer in terms of subscribers, and he also holds the record. On April 21st, 2021, the peak occurred. According to Twitch subscription statistics, there were 283,066 engaged subscribers at the moment.

    Twitch Stats on Channels and Followers

    In March 2021, Insomniac was perhaps the most entertaining channel. According to the most recent Twitch trends, music became another popular area on the network, with Twitch watch time of accounts broadcasting music material increasing drastically year over year. Insomniac, the most popular channel, receives 16.5 million hours of viewing each year. DesertHeartsRecords is in second place with 8.4 million downloads, followed by BeatportOfficial with 6.1 million.

    The network with the most followers is xQcOW. According to Twitch subscriber statistics as of July 2021, Canadian player Félix Lengyel, popularly known online as xQc or xQcOW, is in top place with 73,228 active members. With 58,746, Nickmercs is second, while RanbooLive is third with 57,178.

    Ludwig’s Subathon, which lasted over a month, set a new Twitch broadcasting record. In March 2021, the popular streamer set a goal and began live broadcasting on the 14th. The objective was to get as many subscribers as possible. The count was 1,730 just before he began. He did fulfill his aim and set a new record for the longest live webcast over 31 days. On April 14th, the stream came to an end.

    Twitch Analytics of Revenue on the Platform

    Twitch was bought by Amazon for $970 million in August 2014. This occurred amid reports that Google was in discussions to purchase the streaming business as well. 

    Subscriptions are Twitch’s other major revenue source. Given that an Amazon Prime subscription includes a premium Twitch subscription, this is difficult to measure accurately. However, according to Nielsen-owned Super Data, the total yearly Twitch income is $1.54 billion

    What about Twitch creators? They make money on the site in two ways: through affiliate and partner programs, and advertisements. The affiliate program allows qualifying accounts to share a portion of every subscription income and to enable “cheers,” which is effectively a tipping system.

    Twitch offers several levels for rewarding successful streams. Affiliates are the first. Streamers who work as affiliates can earn a little more money via subscriptions, sales, and other sources. Streamers should have a minimum of 50 subscribers and 500 streaming minutes to be eligible. Twitch collaborations are reserved for a select set of creators: only about 27,000 accounts have achieved this level of recognition.

    Subscriptions are the second method that which streamers make money. Twitch offers three different subscription options. The most affordable option is $4.99. It is the most widely used choice. The second and third are priced at $9.99 and $24.99. The advantages of upgrading your subscription level vary. There are usually fewer additions and special emotes.

    Twitch Channel Analytics of Profit for Streamers

    Streamers may make money in a variety of ways. The most popular method is to insert adverts into their broadcast. The average cost per thousand impressions (CPM) for streamers is somewhere around $2 and $10. The actual amount depends on several things, including the streamer’s popularity.

    Naturally, money differs greatly from one streamer to the next. Twitch’s and streamers’ compensation split is straightforward. Half of the platform is used. Streamers and the market have reacted positively to the streamlined division. Expert streamers, on the other hand, may earn an aggregate of $3000 to $5000 monthly from the affiliate program if they play 40 hours per week, according to Business of Apps.

    • In terms of ad revenue, for every 100 followers, the typical author makes around $250 per month.
    • In October 2021, Twitch had a data breach that exposed information about creator rewards.
    • Top Twitch streamers earned $9.6 million in the two years between August 2019 and October 2021, if the data is accurate.
    • The top ten profiles on the platform together earned more than $50 million.
    • Twitch has raised more than $75 million for charity since 2012. Charity streams are hosted regularly to raise money for a variety of charities.

    Twitch Statistics on Gaming Content

    Just Chatting was perhaps the most played game among streamers.

    It’s no surprise that Just Chatting ranks #1, given that the bulk of the most prominent streamers choose it.

    • According to research from March 2021, 6.99 million hours were streaming in 30 days.
    • In 2020, Twitch accounted for more than 90% of all gaming hours broadcasted.
    • Twitch has a market share of 91.1 percent in 2020, demonstrating its overwhelming domination in the field of gaming live-streaming platforms. 
    • According to Twitch game statistics, roughly 205 million hours have been streamed on the site. YouTube Game Streaming and Facebook Streaming, which contributed to the remainder of the traffic, with 12.5 million and 7.6 million hours, respectively, accounted for the balance of the traffic.
    • With 22.5 percent of all game streaming with 1.675 billion hours, YouTube Gaming Live came in second, while Facebook Live came in third with 14 percent of all gaming live streaming and 1.041 billion hours.
    • In terms of viewing, Twitch contributed for 63.6 percent of all gaming content or 4.741 billion hours. 
    • In 2020, gaming content accounted for more than 60% of all hours watched on the site. 

    Even though Twitch was the undisputed leader in video game broadcasting, the allocation of viewer hours among the three platforms differed slightly. Despite recent Twitch growth patterns, YouTube and Facebook still have significantly greater user bases.

    Popular Games and Streamers: Twitch Stats

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a spokesperson for the Democratic Party in the United States, put out an unusual Tweet on October 19th, 2020. She announced her first live broadcast for the next day, stating she’ll be playing the renowned Among Us game to encourage people to vote.

    She managed to achieve the 6th rank on the most-watched individual broadcasts ever after only 3.5 hours of streaming. According to Twitch audience data, 439,000 individuals joined her show at its peak. Her account was quickly followed by nearly half a billion people. The video has almost 5.6 million views as of May 2021.

    Over the previous six months, 2.3 million viewers on average watched Twitch streams on Sundays, more than any other day. The number of viewers dropped to a weekly lowest on Monday, averaging barely 2.1 million, before rising steadily until the following Sunday. On the weekends, there are 6% additional visitors than throughout the week. Saturday is the busiest day for channels, followed by Sunday.

    Alexa oversees rating the most popular websites, as you surely already know. You might be shocked to see that Twitch is ranked 46, but considering the number of websites around nowadays, this is still rather high. In reality, it’s only a smidgeon behind LinkedIn.

    Favorable conditions for Gamers: Twitch Statistics

    Gamers turning out more sociable as compared to non-gamers:

    • In comparison to non-gamers, gamers are more sociable, family-oriented, educated, and prosperous.
    • According to a Twitch study, 10% of players stay alone (opposed to 16% of non-gamers), while 76% of gamers claim they have a good connection with their parents.
    • They’re also less inclined to watch TV alone, with only 23% doing so against 40% who don’t play video games.
    • Players are often more likely to be college grads or higher: 43% have a bachelor’s degree or more, compared to 36% of the overall population.

    Twitch, like all similar major social media networks, hosts a real-world event where followers of the live stream platform may meet up. The very first instance it was conducted was in 2016, and it was attended by 35,000 people. It was hosted in Long Beach in 2017 and drew 50,000 people. What’s intriguing is that Twitch hasn’t revealed the exact number of people that joined the 2018 gathering, but they did state that it was overcrowded, implying that it was quite popular. Unfortunately, because of COVID, it was stopped in 2020.

    Twitch, like a variety of many other social media platforms, has fallen out of favor with the Chinese authorities.  China’s Internet access is severely censored, and the government does not disclose several websites that are blocked. Twitch, on the other hand, was performing exceptionally well in China in 2018 and had shown to be quite popular among China’s gaming community. The Chinese authorities, on the other hand, concluded in September 2018 that Twitch was improper for its inhabitants and so banned the app.

    It was, nevertheless, the third most downloaded iOS app until it was removed.

    Twitch statistics show that the greatest average viewership for an account in 2021 was above 200,000. 

    What Can We Expect in the Coming Years?

    Daily, users invest an aggregate of 95 minutes enjoying live gaming.

    Furthermore, half of the active accounts spend 20 hours or longer every week on the network. When it comes to living streaming, the Twitch community is among the most engaged. This is also a fantastic chance for marketers. Marketers will become more interested in Twitch as the platform’s audience numbers continue to rise.

    • Sponsorships are beneficial to the gaming business, according to 82 percent of Twitch viewers. Gamers want to see their favorite players benefit from it. They recognize the importance of advertising in the sector. 
    • Additionally, 80% of Twitch viewers are willing to have a company sponsor a single gamer or squad. 
    • Twitch provides a service where users may make money through advertisements and paid memberships. The platform has roughly 40k partners by 2020, up from 3400 in 2012. 
    • Between 2021 and 2026, the CAGR of playing games will be 10.5 percent globally. 
    • The worldwide gaming market will increase at a CAGR of over 10% throughout the predicted period, according to Twitch statistics. 
    • It is expected to be worth around $256 billion by 2026. 

    This has increased year after year since its beginning, and this tendency is anticipated to remain in the next years. Emerging markets will be the primary engine of growth. For gaming behemoths including PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows PC, developers are continually building new code or refining existing ones.


    Live streaming has radically transformed the way we enjoy computer games in recent years. Social media has made it a lot simpler to connect with other gamers and exchange our gaming experiences in real-time. This boosted the gaming business and created new revenue streams. The tendency is best shown by the streaming powerhouse, Twitch. Expectantly, these Twitch stats and demographic data have given you a better understanding of the platform. The gaming business has reached its pinnacle. The global gaming market is expected to reach $256 billion by 2026.

    People are seeking methods to share their gaming experiences as the gaming community grows. Twitch has been instrumental in this process. The platform’s financial success may be attributed to the platform’s large and highly engaged audience, which is every marketer’s dream. Twitch’s success stems from its ability to provide near-instantaneous streaming videos while simultaneously offering much-needed tools for content providers to monetize their broadcasts via contributions or subscriptions.

    39 Latest Twitter Statistics Researched by Experts (2022)


    Twitter is a formidable social media platform for business promotion and personal development. If you are planning to grow on the site or want to know more about leveraging it, you are at the right place! You need to know about the latest Twitter Statistics to help you read into the audience. Most marketers refer to personal and general Twitter Analytics to form an efficient and foolproof marketing plan. To help you save time on research to start content creation and planning, we have compiled a list of the latest Twitter Stats every marketer (or business owners/influencers) should know. So, let’s get started on the strenuous but exciting journey.

    General Twitter Stats

    Twitter makes a substantially useful platform for quick content consumption and helps the audience stay updated. The platform has seen considerable usage growth over the years, with several factors motivating the change. So, let us start with some general Twitter Statistics to understand the popularity boom.

    Twitter has an audience of 396.5 million active users

    • Twitter is constantly gaining users and can help you get the audience you deserve.
    • With an increment of about 28% every year, Twitter’s user base makes it an enormous digital marketing asset. 
    • In 2019, surveys predicted around 340.2 million users for Twitter, whereas data reveals that the number is well past the prediction. 
    • Out of the registered users, a whopping amount of 206 million users access the platform daily, making it a sizeable platform for brands. 
    • Comparing Twitter’s 2020 Q3 and Q4 report, we observe that the number of monetizable active users has grown from 187 million to 192 million. 
    • According to the data, most users do not contribute to ad revenue but offer better brand engagement through social media activity.

    Twitter’s recent growth is from non-US countries

    Originally launched in the US, the platform has the highest number of users from the country. However, the social media app has spread to other countries and has caught up on the market. Currently, Asia, Japan, and India have a combined Twitter audience higher than the US. Moreover, the app is Japan’s top social media platform and has a user base of 10 million in more than six countries.

    Social Media Platforms like TikTok have left Twitter behind

    Comparing Twitter statistics with other platforms, a notable difference is the number of daily users. Other than popular apps like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, recent ones like TikTok, Telegram, and Snapchat boast a greater daily user count. The difference is due to the limited content types available on Twitter. The popularity of video content and the lack of it on Twitter further slows down the app’s growth. However, Twitter’s developers plan to roll out new features like Twitter Spaces and its Shop Module to gain the momentum it needs. Nevertheless, as of now, the platform is the top choice for brand growth and customer service.

    Twitter is the 7th favorite social media platform

    Twitter is a popular social media application among teenagers and might be the appropriate platform for brands catering to them.

    • A survey conducted on internet users between 16 and 64 years of age shows that Twitter is #7.
    • Around 3.3% of the people surveyed favored the app for daily media consumption, whereas WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook occupied the leading positions with 15.7%, 14.8%, and 14.5%, respectively. 
    • When the collected Twitter stats were extrapolated, based on gender, it was noticed that 4.8% of female and 3.7% of male internet users aged 16 to 24 said that the platform was their favorite. 

    Twitter is 7th on the top 10 apps ranked by cumulative time (in android users)

    The popularity of video content and personalized marketing strategies make it difficult for Twitter to rank on these lists. Most people look for brands that strike a chord with them, but Twitter’s professional air makes it difficult to achieve the goal. The introduction of Twitter Spaces and Communities might help bridge the gap once they utilize marketing techniques and gain popularity. 

    Twitter Analytics reveals that android users spend 5.1 hours per month (on average), whereas the top platforms like YouTube (23.7 hours/month), Facebook (19.6 hours/month), and WhatsApp (18.6 hours/month) have significantly higher numbers.

    Twitter is the 9th most-visited website (based on total website traffic)

    Needless to say, website traffic is an important parameter to discuss and decide a web application’s popularity. According to Semrush Digital Report, Twitter received over 2.5 billion visits, out of which 0.62 billion were unique. Thus, most Twitter users revisit the website and account for its footfall. Twitter Statistics show that forming a consistent and active audience on the platform is possible.

    User Statistics

    The user base of a social media platform defines its use, which is why knowing more about it helps form a better digital plan. Here, we will discuss the trends observed in Twitter’s usage over the last quarter.

    Twitter has a larger male audience than female

    As of 2021, Twitter had 61.6% of male users and 38.4% of female users. It might not seem so, but brands need to focus on the platform’s female audience.  Compared to Twitter stats in 2020, the application had 70% male and 30% female users, showing that the platform has witnessed steady growth.

    Twitter is popular among people between the ages 25 and 34

    Twitter’s global audience comprises 38.5% of people aged between 25 and 34 years, followed by users between 35 and 49 years old with a share of almost 21%. According to Twitter Statistics, users below 24 years comprise around 24% of the total user count, showing Twitter is gaining popularity across all age groups.

    Twitter boasts of a highly qualified user base

    According to Twitter stats, around 33% of adults on the app held a college degree, while 26% were in the process of pursuing one. The microblogging platform is highly useful for up-to-date news and conversations. Most influencers gain a following on the app by starting dialogues, or by expressing their opinions on controversial topics.

    Most Twitter users are on Other Social Media platforms

    Twitter Analytics for 2022 Q1 show that Twitter has a unique audience base of about 0.2%. The number is not highly unusual as most internet users are on more than one social media platform. The application shares most of its audience with Instagram (87.6%), Facebook (83.7%), and YouTube (80.1%).

    75% of Twitter’s daily users are not based in the US

    Most social media platforms focus on boosting local reach, but Twitter doesn’t seem to do so. The platform’s high amount of non-US active users shows that it might be easier to create a global audience using Twitter. Moreover, around 52% of Twitter users in the US log in to the app every day. Marketers ask brands and influencers to focus on content to tap into the engaged user base Twitter offers. Around 96% of Twitter users open the app at least once a month, proving that Twitter has an involved community in-store for you.

    Approximately 575,000 tweets are published each media minute (2021 Q3 report)

    The popularity of media and its increased use in our daily lives made it crucial for social media experts to analyze their behavior. We extrapolated the available data from various sources and found that Twitter’s page gets loads of tweets each media minute. Thus, you should post high-quality content to ensure that you get the engagement needed and stay on your audience’s feeds for longer.

    Twitter received 20% user growth during the COVID pandemic

    Twitter’s developers focus on regular improvements and feature updations for a better user experience. The high internet usage during the pandemic had its mark on the platform. The 2020 Q4 and 2021 Q1 noticed that users were taking to Twitter to get involved in topics and express opinions. The high user activity in these quarters helped the platform achieve the goal of 199 million monetizable daily active users (on average).

    More than 390 million Twitter accounts have zero followers

    391 million accounts (as of 2021 Q4) have no following or activity on the platform. These accounts seem to be dummy ones, which unnecessarily consume Twitter’s space on the servers. Hence, the Twitter algorithm started removing such accounts for an optimized network.

    Twitter suspended 450,000 unique accounts during the first half of 2021

    • Twitter updated its transparency and security policy against child sexual exploitation in 2021. 
    • The various Twitter Stats available reveal that 453, 754 unique Twitter accounts were suspended owing to the same. 
    • Around 93% of these accounts were identified to promote terrorism, violent organizations, and criminal behavior. 
    • Moreover, the platform removed 3465 accounts linked to foreign state-linked information operations in December 2021. 

    Thus, Twitter is a safe platform and strictly ensures a lawful user experience.

    The platform received over 43,000 tweet removal requests (based on legal demands)

    Since the platform’s introduction, the request for tweet removals has been at an all-time high since 2020. The platform received over 42,000 requests between January to July 2020 and over 38,000 requests between July to December 2020. Thus, monitoring social media to ensure that one does not fall into legal trouble is essential. Most brands have a legal team to back them up and analyze their social media situations.

    Usage Behavior Statistics

    To utilize social media to your brand’s advantage, you need to understand why people use the platforms. We have analyzed various Twitter Stats available to form a comprehensive report to help you learn and curate the best content marketing approach for your brand.

    40% of accounts use Twitter to stay updated on local news

    Most people participating in the survey said they used the platform to follow and find out more about incidents. Brands use Twitter to post about their products, launches, and events. Recently, most industry stakeholders are using techniques like meme marketing, to bring in a larger audience and connect with others. These tweet chains (for example, one between competitors Zomato and Swiggy) are popular and help boost brand visibility.

    32% of users express their opinions on Twitter

    Twitter is the go-to platform for celebrities and influencers to express their opinions. If you refer to the ‘User Statistics’ section, you will notice that the app has a highly qualified user base. Hence, most people use Twitter to express opinions and start conversations.

    On average, 36% of users use Twitter for leisure time

    Social media has a host of content on a wide variety of topics and provides enough to keep people engaged throughout their daily activities. OTT accounts like Netflix post teasers and exclusive pre-release content on the platform. Hence, a large number of people use the app for regular entertainment.

    Nearly 18% of accounts network on Twitter

    Social media platforms are used to stay in touch with people and find others with relevant interests. The application helps people follow industry updates using Spaces and trending hashtags to help them make their mark in their respective fields. 

    Around 16% of Internet Users use Twitter to read micro-blogs

    Blogs are a great way to gain information, but the ever-decreasing attention span of an average human makes it difficult. Most brands use social media to post informative carousels, making Twitter a distinguished research platform. Thus, you can post industry insights to keep your Twitter community engaged.

    Twitter Ad Statistics

    Creators/brands earn via monetization and ads on social media platforms to reach more people. Let us talk about the various business statistics to help you figure out whether the platform will benefit you financially.

    Twitter’s monetizable daily active users increased by 2.5% over each quarter (on average)

    • Twitter’s engagement grew in 2018 with a boom and exceeded all limits around 2020. 
    • The pandemic saw an increase in internet activity and the use of the platform. 
    • According to the recorded 2021 Q3 data, Twitter recognized a 2.4% growth in monetizable daily active users. 

    Thus, utilizing branded content and ads can help you grow substantially.

    Twitter Ads have the potential to reach 436.4 million accounts

    • According to Twitter Analytics about its advertising resources, social media experts optimize Twitter’s ads using SEO guidelines to reach most users. 
    • Moreover, quality content can help you bring in an engaged audience and increase the possibility of creating a larger community. 
    • The overall predicted ad reach is 5.5% of the population, making it a probable medium to reach a larger audience.

    Ad reach decreased by around 0.01% decrease over the 2020 Q1 quarter

    Optimizing Twitter ads to follow the different Twitter Stats can help gain the brand reach one needs. However, most brands do not take it seriously and run the risk of losing the engagement capacity the advertisement holds. The data revealed that there was no notable year-on-year change in Twitter’s ad reach.

    The Male Twitter Ad Reach is higher than the female

    Twitter’s audience demographics prove that the platform has higher male users. Hence, the male ad reach (56.4%) is comparatively higher than the female (43.6%). Brands catering to women’s products need to focus and develop products to achieve gender equality, to benefit from both categories of the Twitter population.

    The US and Japan are the countries with the highest ad reach

    One needs to consider demographics to plan content and market to their target audience. Knowing the demographic-specific reach can help you understand whether Twitter ads will help you get more people from your target audience. 

    • According to the reach vs. population (above 13 years old) data, Andorra (64.1%), Luxembourg (57.5%), and Singapore (53.9%) have the highest engagement chances. 
    • However, according to the absolute reach data, the USA (76,900,000), Japan (58,950,000), and India (23,600,000) are the top countries.

    Twitter Statistics for B2B Content Marketing

    Most brands can be widely categorized as B2B and B2C. Social media helps brands get in touch with their target audience and approach them directly. However, most brands are taking to social media platforms to utilize B2B marketing techniques to land collaboration deals. Let us look at the B2B Content Marketing section in Twitter Analytics Reports.

    Around 71% of businesses use Twitter organically to distribute their marketing content

    Most brands prefer to use organic growth marketing strategies, and Twitter is the third platform choice. Applications like Linkedin (93%) and Facebook (80%) are the top choices for content distribution. As for paid social media platforms, Twitter Spaces are used by fewer brands (2%).

    Twitter is the 5th platform producing the best results

    Most social media experts use several parameters to determine the success of their B2B marketing strategies. Moreover, the brand engagement offered in return to the investment helps determine whether the platform is suitable for the brand or not. The top three platforms are – LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Twitter (17%) is the fifth platform to invest in for the best results.

    79% of Twitter users follow brands to stay updated on events and promotions

    A high amount of people follow the brands they love on Twitter and engage with their content. If you start marketing branded content on Twitter, you run the chance of reaching the majority of its audience. Hence, it would be a wise decision to leverage Twitter Analytics and the platform to reach more users.

    More than 80% of Twitter’s traffic comes from mobile devices

    Smartphones have helped increase accessibility to the internet. The portability makes it easier for people to use social media for various reasons. Most of Twitter’s traffic comes from mobile devices, which makes it important to make the content compatible with smartphones.

    Compared to other social media platforms, Twitter users are 53% more likely to make new product purchases

    A good reason for brands releasing their product teasers and trailers on Twitter is that most Twitter users are fascinated by new releases. Compared to other social media channels and Internet users, Twitter users are more receptive to product advertisements and purchases.

    Twitter offers 40% higher ROI

    Most brands do not have a large budget for their social media marketing efforts, making it necessary to analyze the ROI. Twitter’s audience loves to interact with brands (#1 social media platform) and is more likely to follow through the CTAs. Twitter Analytics also suggests that more than 50% of tweets are from people under 25 years of age. Thus, brands pertaining to their interests and daily lives can benefit from Twitter’s audience.

    Twitter’s website traffic is three times higher than its cumulative audience base

    Other than the active daily monetizable users, brands use Twitter for website traffic. Some brands pin their popular Tweets and use them on their websites. The cross-channel marketing technique helps bring traffic, which can highly contribute to better engagement and brand identity.

    Twitter Publishing Statistics

    To form success guaranteed content creation and marketing strategy, one needs to know the trending topics on the platform. These Twitter Stats allow marketers to understand the audience’s priorities and use them in their content.

    #COVID19 and #tbt are the top hashtags on Twitter in 2022

    Twitter’s Explore tab helps people keep an eye on the trending industry hashtags and topics. However, the tool does not allow one to check detailed statistics. Most brands come up with personalized hashtags to keep a track of relevant conversations. According to HubSpot, some all-time popular hashtags are – #competition, #influencer, #fridayfeeling, and #MondayMotivation.

    74% of Twitter’s Live Stream Events helped the platform become a crucial event streaming platform

    In 2017, more than 830 events were live-streamed on the platform. These events revealed another use of the platform and brought in a wide audience. Thus, Twitter Analytics suggests that 2017 helped establish itself as a live streaming platform. 

    @BarackObama and @Justinbieber are the most popular Twitter accounts

    Twitter statistics on followers reveal that the two most-followed accounts have over 100 million followers each (over 220 million combined).

    More than 7000 tweets per minute are about TV shows and cinema

    Entertainment was a popular topic in the pandemic, and Twitter witnessed the wave. OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu made movies and web series accessible. Some of the most-discussed TV shows were – Big Brother Brazil, Grey’s Anatomy, Money Heist, Tiger King, Game of Thrones, and Stranger Things!

    Twitter received over 700 million Tweets based on the 2020 US Elections

    Politics is another frequent topic on Twitter and is often used by political leaders. Moreover, Twitter users follow the contesting leaders to stay updated on their priorities. Other than the large inflow of Tweets during the election, Twitter Stats revealed that Donald Trump and Joe Biden were the most tweeted about people (worldwide).

    Chadwick Boseman’s last tweet became the most liked and retweeted post ever

    Marvel fans and memes have taken over every social media platform. Twitter is no different, which is quite clear from the Twitter Statistics. Chadwick Boseman, a talented actor who played the Black Panther in the Marvel movies, passed away. The actor’s last tweet got over 7 million likes and 160K retweets, which made it the most liked and retweeted post ever.

    😂 and 😭are the most popular emojis used in 2022

    Most people use emoticons to add a personal touch to their tweets. Comparing the Twitter Stats for 7 billion tweets over ten years suggests that the use of emojis is at its highest now. On average, one in five tweets contains at least one emoji, and brands have started using it to add a touch of personalization.


    Every brand and social media marketing expert knows that Twitter is the leading platform for trending topics and industry updates. A well-planned strategy backed with Twitter Statistics can help you leverage the platform and its audience. Social media experts use third-party research tools and Twitter Analytics summary to harness the power and turn the engagement into revenue. Some brands and influencers do not have the time/budget to spare and use blog suggestions for the same. We hope the report helped you gather information and kickstart your social media journey.

    15 Mobile Statistics: The Only Resource You Will Ever Need


    Mobile commerce sales hit as high as 3 million back in 2020. Naturally, e-commerce sectors are no longer in the position to ignore the importance of optimizing mobile-based online stores. Perhaps, this is the most effective way to gather successful leads and create conversions.

    This has become even more relevant after the pandemic, which showed that the new world is naturally headed towards maximum digitization. And the prime tool? It’s a mobile phone.

    Hence, we have to get a clear understanding of how consumers are employing their mobile time and distributing it towards transactions and retails.

    Hence we have created this guide containing some important mobile statistics that could help you plan anything associated with mobile e-commerce and more. In general, if your life revolves around mobile users- then this article could be of immense help. 

    Let’s check some important mobile stats that you might not have known before-

    How many Smartphones Users and Where?

    Of course, we know that mobile phones are dominant. The question is how dominant are these little gadgets exactly?

    Currently, there are as many as 6.4 billion registered smartphone users in the world. In our opinion, the remaining 1 billion must also have access to smartphones in one way or another.

    Either way, this is as much as 80% of the total human population. Not only this, but the number of people using smartphones has also risen very rapidly over these years. 

    How fast has the growth been?

    No of smartphone usersSource

    The growth, according to Oberlo and Statista has been 73.9% in just about half a decade. This is clearly reflected through the fact that back in 2016, about five years ago, there were only 3.7 billion users of smartphones across the world. 

    What about users in different countries?

    most populated country in the worldSource

    Now, being the most populated country in the world, and also dominating smartphone manufacturing to a large extent- China naturally leads as the country with the largest number of smartphone users. It has as many as 953.55 million smartphone users.

    This is followed by India which has 492.78 million users, the United States has 273.76 million users ad Indonesia with 170.4 Million users. Surprisingly, the United Kingdom is 14th on this list with only 54.45 million users and the 20th position is occupied by Thailand with 41.47 Million users

    How Much Time Do People Spend on Their Mobile Phones?

    Now just because a large number of people own smartphones, it doesn’t imply that these people also spend an equal amount of time on their smartphones. To be honest, people actually do spend a lot of time on their smartphones! By 2019 a US adult used to spend as much as 3 hours and 10 minutes on his or her mobile device.

    Now, the 2019 statistic is important because it was the first time mobile usage exceeded the time of TV usage. At the time, TV usage was only at about 3 hours and 35 minutes. 

    By February 2021 most adults in the US increased their smartphone usage time to about 5-6 hours. Estimates have also suggested that in contrast to these 5 hours, by 2022 an adult will only spend about 3 hours on the television.

    How Much Time Spent on Social Media?

    As we approached the end of 2020 and reached 2021, it was found that users within The USA spent more than a total of 37 minutes every day on social media alone. Of course, traditional platforms such as Facebook or Instagram occupy a larger share of this time and also engage larger audiences.

    However, TikTok after its launch ate much of this share and has been found to be preferred by the younger people and segments within the USA. Now the social media industry is clearly favoring video-based content with audiovisual collaborations. Hence, places like Snapchat and TikTok are definitely going to be on a rapid rise. Particularly among Gen Z which will soon be taking over the world market. 

    The Most Dominating Social Media on Mobile

    In April 2021 Facebook had as many as 180 million users. Thus, it retained its position as the most popular digital platform across all devices including mobile phones.

    • Instagram comes second and has as many as 119 million users.
    • Next, we have Pinterest containing 91 million users providing active engagement to the platform. 
    • Following this, we have TikTok which has 78.7 million users within the USA itself. 

    How do people feel about mobile ads?

    Mobile analytics show that although mobile subscriptions have increased, reducing exposure to ads- mobile advertisement is still very prominent. As a matter of fact, mobile advertisement happens to be the most popular means of monetization method as far as US marketers go. 

    By 2021, in September, as many as 3 out of 10 users claimed that they would prefer to have mobile apps with ads, then pay for downloads. Moreover, as many as 32% agreed that they would follow the ad’s website to check a particular product based on the mobile ad.

    Going one step further, as many as 11% would actually make a purchase through this funnel.  As far as app downloads go, as many as 16% of people claimed that they might download an app based on mobile ads. 

    How Many People Make Use of Mobile Phones for Product Research?

    Now, these mobile stats are for people who would like to know about the role mobile phones play in product research. Consumer habits have really modified because of massive digitization in the market. Since product research plays an important part in this, it has also become highly virtual. As you might guess, mobile phones naturally come to play a very important role here. 

    It has been shown as much as 7 out of 10 internet users within the US often use their mobile phones in order to figure out what a product is about. This includes looking at product details, reviews, recommendations, and so on. At the same time, researching a particular product is not the only use of mobile phones. 58% of these users also use mobile phones to check for competing products or alternatives mostly through their mobile phones. As many as 55% use mobile phones to check out product specifications. 

    These mobile phone statistics can greatly help you improve your customer engagement strategies. 

    Retail and Shopping Through Mobile

    As mentioned before, people are not only using mobile phones to look for products and research them but also to carry out purchases. The latest reliable mobile statistics from the data portal have shown that customers have become highly reliant on online shopping.

    This is mostly done through their mobile devices, and a larger portion occurs through apps. As much as 55.4% of users on the internet make use of their mobile phones in order to purchase items online. As many as seven out of ten people have claimed that they make use of shopping apps within their mobile devices. These include both phones and tablets. 

    What about Demographics?

    Among all the internet users, males who were aged between 16 and 24 made use of their mobile phones to shop the most. As many as 63% of this part of the population had already made use of shopping apps or websites to make purchases through their mobile phones within the last month.

    As far as the Female population is concerned- women ranging between the age of 24 and 35 contribute most towards online mobile sales. These contribute as much as 58.1% within their specific demographic. Compared to this only about 35.8% of the female population between the age of 55 and 64 has made use of online retailing through mobile phones.

    Then again, eCommerce-based businesses ought to be careful, since it has been shown that once users go through one bad experience on an online shopping site- they will never visit the place again. 

    How do People Feel About Mobile Purchases?

    Since mobile devices have become so widespread and the ease of online shopping is recognized fairly well among most communities, most people claim that each time they are unable to find their brand or store featuring good products online- they are highly disappointed. 

    If the statement is not convincing enough, then you might come to know something from what google statistics has to say. To start with, as per the stats, as many as 6 in 7 shoppers claim that they consider online availability when choosing which brand/retailer to buy a product from. Other data you might want to know includes-

    • As many as 60% of smartphone users have reportedly made direct contact with a business simply through search results. For instance, click to call options, etc. 
    • Mobile searches including the key phrase “best place to buy” have also grown more than 70% within the last two years.
    • A notable growth among “best places to buy” has been in the laptop sector. There has been more than a 100% increase in the number of people looking for the best places to buy laptops in the past couple of years. 
    • Perhaps the maximum growth has been seen among people looking for earbuds online. Mobile searches that say “best earbuds” have increased by 130% within two years. 
    • Also, there has been an increase of over 70% in searches for alternative products and brands. 


    If you are working on an online store, definitely keep your focus on creating a portal that is mobile-friendly. This would mean that you optimize your store elements. These include aspects like call-to-action buttons, layout, images, online catalog, etc. Also, make sure that load time is short and the checkout process is as smooth as it can possibly be. 

    What About Mobile Traffic?

    Up till now, we have been discussing mobile statistics that were mostly related to mobile commerce and so on. Now, we shall have a look at general mobile stats that reflect the growing trends in mobile traffic and web traffic through the last decade. 

    At the very beginning of 2015, only as little as 31.6% of total global web traffic used to come directly from mobile phones. However, in a matter of 6 years alone- by the beginning of 2021 for instance- it was seen that this percentage increased manifold and reached a whopping 54.8%.  This makes as much as a 75.9% jump in the amount of mobile web traffic generators. 

    It might be surprising to note that following the second quarter of 2019, mobile traffic consistently provided more than half of the total web traffic across the globe. And now that 5G is about to take over, quicker internet speeds and even more seamless web experiences will only heighten this amount of mobile traffic.

    Experts have even estimated that the average smartphone use in daily data will increase from 10 GB (as of 2020) to as much as 35 GB by 2027.

    Mobile Time in Relation to Digital Media

    Now web traffic is obviously very high as can be seen through the above mobile phone statistics. We will now perform a general breakdown of the different mediums through which such vast web traffic is generated. 

    To start with- smartphones presently account for as much as 70% of the entire digital media time. This increase amounts to about 22.8% from 2017 where only 57% of digital media time came from phones. 

    As far as web traffic is concerned there is a vast difference between the time people spend on simple websites and well-structured apps. While the amount of time spent on the mobile web is the same as in 2017 even now – about 7%, US consumers are spending about 63% of their total time on media purely through mobile apps.

    This is a 13% increase since 2017. Also, it is noted that only about 23% of web traffic now comes through laptops and desktops, while through tablets the number is even less and goes to 7%. 

    How Much is Mobile Digital Ad Spend?

    Of course, marketers also quickly shifted to mobile ads in order to reach their desired target audiences. Hence, a large amount of money now goes on various forms of digital ads that can reach consumers through specific media. By 2019– the amount of money spent on traditional ads was far behind the amount of money spent on digital or mobile ads. 

    The most recent marketing statistics have reflected this change through carefully recorded mobile statistics. Within the US itself, digital ad spending grew by 19.1% to $129.34 billion- surpassing traditional ad spending by $20 billion.

    In 2021 the digital ad spending grew by 35% and totaled $162.4 billion. Magna has also reported that digital media search will cause $98.6 billion of ad spend, with social media generating $58.8 billion of this amount. 

    As per analysts, by 2023 the total amount of money issued to digital ads will be more than 2/3 of the entire amount that advertisers spend on traditional and digital media today. 

    Retail Conversion Rates on Mobile

    Although mobile shopping is vastly more popular than desktop shopping, the e-commerce conversion rate is still a little behind than the conversion rate of desktops. As per statistics, the global retail conversion rate of mobile phones is only 1.82%

    However, this number increases significantly for tablets and goes to 3.49%. In the end, however, desktops dominate and bring conversion rates of 3.90%. 

    How Popular is Mobile Voice Search?

    We think it’s time people start unlocking the potential of voice search when it comes to mobile optimization for sales or more. More than a quarter of the total digital population is already making use of mobile search features through voice search. As much as about 60 percent of mobile phone users have reported using voice search at least one time in the last 12 months.

    Other important statistics include-

    • Global voice search sales reached an all-time high in 2020, amounting to 150 million units.
    • By 2024 the global voice search user sales will surpass the mark of 30 billion.
    • By 2022 as many as 55% of all households will own smart speaker devices.
    • As many as 34% of people not owning voice assistant devices are already interested in getting one.


    Mobile phone statistics themselves are being searched for more than ever today. People have become more than aware of how important it has become to optimize digital platforms for mobile users particularly. The largest audience is available there- and it is one device almost no one can do anything without. 

    We are sure that the mobile stats given above will be able to help you create a market strategy that perfectly suits your need. You could be a brand, a company, a service provider, or you could simply be curious about mobile usage. The numbers given above are a very good reflection of global mobile trends.

    20 Jaw Dropping YouTube statistics (2022) you should Read


    In the modern era, if you don’t know what YouTube is, you are probably living under a rock on an isolated planet. YouTube is probably one of the most well-known social media platforms used by people all over the world. It is a great place for brands, businesses and content creators to target audiences and grow their visibility. Today, we will be looking at some YouTube statistics that can help your promotion strategy. These YouTube stats have been collected from multiple sources and range from data collected in the year 2020 and 2021. So, if you have been looking for some quality YouTube analytics to gain some good insights for 2022 you are at the right place. 

    How Popular is YouTube? – YouTube Statistics

    YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms to have been ever built. But it can often be hard to gauge the popularity of YouTube. But as always, like most things on the internet, there are facts and figures about YouTube as well. 

    • YouTube is the 2nd most used website. It is easy to guess who takes the crown then. It’s none other than the OG search engine Google. 
    • Google also owns YouTube so yes, it is currently dominating the internet traffic. 
    • It isn’t surprising to find out that the site most of us use daily for multiple hours is the second most visited website in the world. 
    • This means you can still promote your brand on YouTube because there is a lot of traffic directed to this platform. 
    • Since it is so popular you will find users from different demographics to use this site. This means your target audience is also using YouTube regularly and you will most likely be able to reach them if you create targeted content or collaborate with YouTubers in your target niche. 
    • The diverse user base of YouTube makes it very easier to find active users in most niches which brings us to the next statistic.

    A Huge Number of Monthly Active Users

    YouTube Annual User Growth Percentage Year Over Year

    YouTube Annual User Growth Percentage Year Over Year
    If the first statistic didn’t cement the popularity of YouTube, this one will supplement it.

    • It is estimated that YouTube has over 2 billion monthly active users! That number, though humongous, isn’t that surprising at all, isn’t it? Just think about it for a second.
    • Everyone you know, your parents, friends, colleagues, etc. use YouTube. You will generally be hard-pressed to find a lot of people who don’t use YouTube.
    • As we also mentioned in the previous point, the huge number of active monthly users can give you an idea of how diverse the user base of YouTube is.
    • It is a field day for any marketer who knows how to target the right audience and right influencers. This will help brands connect to the right audience that can lead to more lead generation and more conversions as well.
    • Many brands are actively using their own channel to target the right audiences with that niche-related content.

    Second Most Used Search Engine

    Since YouTube is the second most visited website on the internet, 

    • It is obvious why it is also the second most used search engine. It is behind Google which is the most used search engine across the world. But being the runner-up on this list is no small feat. 
    • This means that people often visit YouTube to search for stuff. Whenever you want to learn something, watch something, understand something, etc. you will generally be looking for a more visual representation of that particular thing and YouTube is the perfect platform for that. 
    • How does this info help brands and businesses? Brands need to focus on optimizing the metadata and title of their video. 
    • Since YouTube is being used as a search engine, if you put effort into YouTube SEO you will reap benefits. People use YouTube as a search tool for videos and you can capitalize on that to increase your exposure.

    The US Provides 16.5% of YouTube Web Traffic

    These 3 countries have top web traffic in the world

    Web Traffic of Top 3 Countries

    Since YouTube is used by hundreds of millions of people all over the world there is no doubt that the user base is very diverse and is spread across multiple countries. 

    • Even then if we crunch some numbers and distill out some YouTube statistics we can see that the largest percentage of YouTube web traffic does come from the US. 
    • Around 15.6% of YouTube Web Traffic is from the US. This is vital information. Hundreds of millions of people in the United States are browsing YouTube daily.
    • That’s a huge reason for brands, targeting US customers, to use YouTube to market their products and services. A lot of US YouTubers have a very loyal following and they can be used to spread awareness about a brand or promote a product. 
    • The second country where a good chunk of YouTube users come from is India. Around 9.9% of YouTube Web Traffic is from India.
    • Being one of the most populous countries, you can expect a good level of consumerism from India. 
    • YouTube, being one of the staple sources of entertainment and information in the country, is the perfect platform for marketing products to Indian audiences.

    YouTube is Used by Most Marketers

    Social media platforms started as ways for people to connect. Very few envisioned them to take the form that we see today. 

    • Currently, most of the popular social media platforms are important spaces for brands and businesses to get ideas about the general public. 
    • A huge part of the revenue generated by social media platforms comes from advertisements and promotions. It is due to these sources of revenue that we get to use these platforms for free. 
    • Being the most used social media platform, YouTube is a platform filled with opportunities for marketers to capitalize on. 
    • Around 55% of Marketers use YouTube to promote brands and services. This is because you get a wide variety of users interested in a variety of niches. 
    • If you can target the right influencer then you can boost your lead generation. 
    • Even if you directly want to create content to promote your brand on YouTube you can create and follow an action plan and directly connect with your target audience.

    YouTube Users Spend a Lot of Time Watching Videos Daily

    Even though we spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos it may not be easily comprehensible how much time we are spending on the platform. Let’s use some handy statistics to put that into perspective. 

    • On average, over 1 billion hours worth of content is watched daily on YouTube. That’s a huge number. This means that YouTube is being actively used each day by people all over the world. 
    • If you are looking to expand your audience base and target more people then this is one of the best platforms to do it. 
    • Brands, businesses, and influencers can work on video optimizing strategies. An optimized title of your video and an optimized YouTube description can often help in finding the right users that you want to target. 
    • Any brand can find its audience on YouTube since such a huge amount of time is being spent on the platform by a diverse group of people all over the world.

    100 countries, 80 languages

    YouTube Available in 100 Countries

    If we weren’t already homing the point that YouTube has a diverse user base then the next YouTube statistics will definitely do it. 

    • YouTube is used in over 100 countries and is available in 80 languages. Now, that’s an impressive feat. That’s the reason why YouTube has such an active user base.
    • People coming from different parts of the world with different cultures and languages can share one platform and find things that they are interested in. 
    • This is a great incentive for brands as well. Doesn’t matter which part of the world you belong to. 
    • If YouTube is available in your country you can use it to target the audiences from your nation or target international audiences in your niche. You can be as specific as you want. 
    • The numbers will thin out the more specific a niche is but you will have the chance to get more visibility. 

    500 hours of video content uploaded every minute

    Since YouTube is so popular it receives a huge amount of traffic as is obvious from the other statistics. Due to this huge volume of content is uploaded to YouTube frequently. 

    • Some YouTube stats put that number to 500 hours of video content uploaded per minute
    • This statistic has both good and bad sides. One of the good things is that YouTube is still quite popular and is going nowhere. 
    • This means you will still find hundreds of millions of users to target on the platform daily. 
    • However, since so many videos are uploaded every minute the platform is saturated and it might be very easy to get lost among other videos in your niche. 
    • That’s why it will take some time and effort to get everything right so that you can also start getting views and likes. Focus on optimizing the metadata of your videos. 
    • Your video title and description should be crafted to boost YouTube SEO. It is possible to add Hashtags to the video content. It tells the algo and the users what the video is about.

    YouTube is a Good Platform for Advertisement

    Social ranking platforms are no longer just for entertainment and social connections. They are businesses that have one agenda – the generation of revenue. 

    • YouTube has become more advertiser-friendly over the years and has been generating huge ad revenue. In 2021, 
    • YouTube reported having generated over $28.8 billion in ads. Amazon still beats YouTube when it comes to ad revenue-generating a whopping $31 billion from advertisements. But $28.8 billion is still one of the largest amounts generated from ad revenue.
    • This shows that YouTube advertising and promotion works otherwise companies and brands won’t be pooling in so much money. 
    • If you have been wondering whether or not to use YouTube advertising this statistic should clear some of your doubts. Many companies trust YouTube’s ad campaigns because you will get way more visibility. 
    • With different kinds of ads now in play, you can bet your target audiences will definitely be aware of your brand.

    YouTube is Relatable to Users

    YouTube is one of the social media platforms that people feel they can relate to. YouTubers are entertainers who connect with their audience. 

    • The persona of a YouTuber is such that it feels within reach. People can see themselves being friends with YouTubers they enjoy watching which is very different from actors, singers, or other celebrities. 
    • Around 65% of users feel that YouTube content is relatable like real life.
    • Due to this when people come to YouTube they don’t expect brands to manipulate them into buying any product or service. They prefer genuineness. 
    • Your YouTube marketing strategy should be about connecting with your target audience and selling them products that you genuinely believe in. 
    • The more you let that genuineness show the more appreciative your audience will be leading to much better results. 
    • Younger generations like Gen-Zs who are going to be your future customers, value authenticity and transparency in marketing.

    A Decent Percentage of Users Watch Videos Based on Recommendation

    YouTube initially showed random videos. There weren’t many creators and you always got to find new niches. The purpose was to create a platform where people can share video content. But today, the YouTube algorithm is very strong. 

    • It has been designed so that users keep on getting recommendations that make them stay longer on the platform. Thus, a lot of users actually watch recommended content which often comes on the sidebar while you are watching a video. 
    • Around 81% of YouTube users watch recommended videos
    • If you optimize the metadata of your video and use the correct hashtags and keywords telling the algo what topic your video belongs to then the platform will more likely recommend your videos if a user watches videos in the genre. 

    This way you can dominate the sidebar with your videos if a user watches one of your videos.

    Most Users Are Watching YouTube on a Mobile Device

    70% of YouTube Viewing Time comes from a smartphone and tablets

    Smartphones and tablets allow portability to people so it is not surprising that a lot of people are watching YouTube on their mobile devices. 

    • Around 70% of YouTube Viewing Time comes from a smartphone. This number is significant as it means that YouTube is always within reach of the users since they always have their phone on them and might watch some videos whenever they take a break. 
    • This means that YouTube is an immensely popular source of entertainment and many people are frequently using the platform making it ideal for marketing and promotion. 
    • You can also invest some effort in different mobile-friendly content like YouTube shorts which will display in a vertical format. 
    • A lot of influencers and brands have started using the short video format to deliver very short but high-quality content to the users.

    US Adults Love Using YouTube

    Most Video Streaming App Usage in the US

    Video Streaming App Usage in the US

    We mentioned before that one of the largest user bases of YouTube comes from the US. Adults in the US love using YouTube. 

    • In fact, YouTube is the most widely used social media platform by them. This shows the effect YouTube has on people.
    • Since people connect to YouTubers in a more relatable and genuine way, it can build a strong communal sense. This is the reason why so many people use YouTube to get their daily information and entertainment. 
    • Around 73% of US adults are actively watching YouTube. 
    • The more active these users are on the platform the more likely they are going to see your promotion. If your brand’s target customers are adults living in the US then YouTube is the best platform to use if you want to directly target your promotion and marketing at them.
    • You have to remember to be relatable and authentic if you want to gain the attention of young adults.

    YouTube is Used Daily By Most Users

    YouTube started as something very niche that only a small percentage of users all over the world were using. But as the internet became more accessible and technologies became easy to use, YouTube’s popularity spread quickly. 

    • Today, a huge percentage of the world actively uses the platform. It has become one of the primary sources of entertainment and information all over the world. 
    • In fact, around 62% of active YouTube users use the platform daily.
    • They frequently consume videos on the platform making it a good space for marketers to promote a brand or product to its target customers. 
    • If you include the users that use the platform at least on a weekly basis then the total number of users who watch YouTube weekly becomes 92% of the active user base. 
    • With this much engagement and viewership, you can find your target audience and build a community.

    More Parents are Allowing Kids to Watch YouTube

    Most Watched youtube Video

    Baby Shark Became the Most Watched Video

    YouTube is very popular with adults as proved by the above statistics. But you cannot really ignore kids since brands can often increase sales by marketing a product towards a family, especially targeting the kids. Turns out a good number of children watch YouTube. 

    • According to YouTube stats, 81% of parents are allowing their kids (age 11 and below) to watch YouTube. Some of the most subscribed channels are geared towards kid’s content and some of the most viewed videos are the ones made for a younger audience.
    • Baby Shark is the most-watched video on YouTube. This should give you an idea about how much impact kids have on YouTube.
    • Brands that create toys, cereals, and other similar products that target a younger customer base can easily use YouTube to their advantage. You have to create advertisements and collaborate with influencers who are creating kid’s content. 
    • This way you can easily connect with them. Most kids often watch videos with their parents and they may see something interesting in your product and might consider buying it for their kid.

    YouTube Often Has a Positive Effect on Its Users

    YouTube helped to solve most of the problems

    In one of the YouTube analytics, we mentioned that people find YouTube relatable. YouTubers seem like a friend or family member hanging out with you rather than some celebrity who is too high to make any sort of connection with. Most YouTube videos have a very positive comment section. People often comment how a particular channel has helped them go through tough times. 

    • In fact, around 47% of YouTube users have felt that YouTube videos helped them cope with problems in their life.
    • There are many positive and supportive people commenting on videos. Even though dramas and controversies on YouTube often see more light, most users are still looking for positivity. 
    • So, if you want to build a loyal and stable community then oftentimes taking a positive route helps. Brands with a positive message and outlook will often be welcomed on YouTube.

    YouTube is Used Widely in the US and Has More reach Than TV Networks

    Television networks have started to lose their dominance when it comes to connecting with people. Earlier, if you wanted to market any product to an adult you would have to air an advertisement on a television network. It costs a huge amount of money. 

    • Now you have so many options to reach audiences often directly. YouTube tops the list when it comes to video streaming services. Most old Millenials and Gen-Z adults are more likely to use YouTube than watch any TV network. 
    • YouTube is free. It takes fewer data to watch, making it widely accessible. So, any brand or business looking whose target demographic happens to be adults can use YouTube rather than a television network for much better results. 
    • Around three-quarters of the US population is active on YouTube as we mentioned in previous YouTube stats while a lesser percentage is watching TV channels regularly.

    Most First Page Videos are HD and have around 15 Minutes runtime

    YouTube’s algorithm keeps on changing based on what their advertisers want. YouTube is kept afloat mainly by ad revenue. So, they want their users to stay on the platform for as long as possible. Since the factors keep changing over time YouTube’s algorithm keeps adapting to these changes.

    • Currently, HD videos are recommended quite a lot. Around 68.2% of videos on the first page are HD and they have approximately 15 minutes in length.
    • This should tell you the quality of the content that most people are looking for. They have better internet facilities and better devices. So, they want to watch videos in high-definition. 
    • Also, it seems that most videos are around 10 to 14 minutes long. People aren’t generally looking for very big videos. They would rather like to watch multiple smaller videos.

    Good Quality of Videos Matters

    YouTube is a big platform. Hundreds of thousands of videos are uploaded regularly on the platform. But only a percentage of them get a lot of visibility regularly. 

    • Focusing on the production quality of a video is one of the best ways to ensure that you get regular engagement. If a person is interested in a topic they are more likely to click on a video with higher production quality than poor quality videos. 
    • So, investing in decent equipment and putting some effort into editing the videos can be a good way to gain more engagement. 
    • If your video has a higher production quality then users are 1.6x more likely to watch it.
    • If you want to gain the goodwill of your target audience you will have to focus on creating high-quality videos as it will convey to the users that you are putting time and effort into creating the content. It will make them more willing to engage with your content.

    A Quarter of US Adult Users Get News from YouTube

    A Quarter of US Adult Users Get News from YouTube

    As we mentioned previously YouTube users have begun to use the platform for stuff other than entertainment like information and news. 

    • Around 26% of US adults use YouTube to get news. The dominance of TV networks when it comes to news is still there but more independent journalists and YouTubers are taking to the platform to deliver news in a different way.
    • Many people are looking for opinions and commentaries on issues. The number of these people comes to around 51% of the YouTube news consumers in the US. 
    • Around 48% want just the facts and information not necessarily skewed by opinions. This shows how powerful YouTube is and how much it has become a part of people’s daily lives.

    The purpose of these YouTube statistics is to help you gain some quality insights into how users are perceiving YouTube and how they interact with it. Learning about the demographics and psychographics of YouTube users can help you make more engaging content and get better at YouTube marketing and promotion. We hope you found some useful YouTube statistics to improve your strategy. We wish you all the best.

    Instagram Statistics: All The Information You Need in 2022


    Instagram is a name that is synonymous with social media. Instagram is one of those platforms which has stood the test of time. The platform has flourished throughout time and has maintained a sustainable userbase. The followers on Instagram keep increasing and there is no sign of any decline on the platform. To be successful on the platform as a creator or a brand you should be using Instagram statistics. 

    The Instagram stats give you a better understanding of the platform and help you to optimize your account to gain maximum success. Understanding the different Instagram analytics which is present sets you up for success. Searching for relevant Instagram stats is a very tedious process. We have listed down the top Instagram statistics which you can use for your account.  

    General Statistics

    Instagram has a consistent audience that tunes into their app regularly. A large number of users that they have just shows why they are one of the biggest social media platforms. Having such huge numbers shows the popularity of the application. America tops the chart in terms of the number of active users. The growth rate of Instagram has been superb and it doesn’t look like it is about to stop anytime soon.

    Instagram is considered to be the fourth most used social media platform when we talk about the number of daily active users. Whatsapp, Youtube, and Facebook are the only ones that have more daily users. Instagram easily beats most of its competition in this regard. Platforms like TikTok which are aiming to challenge the dominance of Instagram fail to beat it in terms of daily users. 

    When taking the combined downloads of the Google Play Store and the App Store, Instagram stands out as the 2nd most downloaded application. The Instagram application is the most used way in which people access the application and the number of downloads bears witness to the fact.

    The number of downloads shows the huge potential of creators on Instagram. YouTube is the only app to surpass Instagram in terms of downloads. There are no social media platforms that are direct competitors to Instagram who have the number of downloads that Instagram has. 

    While this Instagram stat may seem to be dismissive about the popularity of Instagram it is not true. Most of the users on Instagram, use the application to access Instagram. Being one of the top ten most visited websites shows that they have a good fraction of people accessing through their browser as well. For creators, this means that their content is being viewed on the web pages as well.

    Having a good resolution is needed for the content so that it looks great whether viewed through the application or the website. Having a good number of people viewing them through a browser is a good sign for the popularity of the social media site.

    Videos have shown to be much more effective than pictures when it comes to driving up engagement. In general, videos attract more comments from your audience. Having videos in your content plan can help you establish a better connection with your audience. Videos provide more impetus to your audiences to comment and help to get a better reach.

    If you are looking to establish your reach and have boosted growth, videos can be an effective medium to achieve just that. The integration of videos into the feed has been the main driving factor behind the increased engagement of videos. Since this update, videos have proven to be more effective at gaining engagement. 

    Photos comprise the majority of the posts and it shouldn’t be a surprise. Most people use Instagram to post pictures. Having pictures as the most dominant form of content provides you with a lot of maneuvering space in terms of content. Having other forms of content such as videos and reels will provide better engagement as they are not the majority when it comes to the type of content. When posting videos statistically you will have to deal with a lesser amount of competition as the majority of the content is in the form of pictures.

    More General stats

    Instagram User statistics

    More than 60% of Instagram’s users are within this young age bracket. This shows Instagram to be a very lucrative platform for companies that have this particular age bracket as their ideal customers. These Instagram analytics was pretty much expected given the popularity of this platform among the younger masses.

    People around the world who fall in this age bracket love the platform and are regular users of it. With time this percentage has kept increasing showing the effectiveness of Instagram as a platform that captivates the mind of the younger to middle-aged audiences. 

    Instagram has proven to be the most preferred social media site for people in the age range of 16-24 years. Gen Z has shown an inclination towards selecting Instagram as their favorite social media platform. Instagram ranks even above TikTok which is considered to be one of the Gen Z focused applications.

    This makes Instagram a great place to reach out to more of a younger population. If you have a business that targets this age range, Instagram turns out to be the platform that is most suited to help you get the response you want from your customers. This makes Instagram a great place to connect with Gen Z. 

    Ther is an almost even split when it comes to the gender of the users. This means that you can easily target both of the gendered groups. While there was an initial belief that the percentage of female users outweigh male users this has been proved to be incorrect by the latest Instagram stats.

    These stats show that 50.8% of the audience identifies as female while 49.2% of the audience identified as male. The difference between the genders is negligible. This makes Instagram a great platform to reach out to both of the binary gender identities in society. 

    • The highest number of Instagram users are Indians

    When sorted by country, India bags the most number of Instagram users. They have over 201 million Instagram users in India. This spot was earlier held by the USA for many years. The USA now comes at second with around 151 million users. The USA is followed by Brazil, Indonesia, and Russia as they make up the top 5 countries with the most Instagram users.

    This just goes on to show the truly global nature of Instagram. You will find people from all over the world logging into Instagram. This ensures that you can target users from almost all countries. If your target is the top 5 countries then it becomes much easier to gain engagement as according to Instagram statistics they have the largest volume of users. 

    • A daily average of 30 minutes is spent by an Instagram user

    While 30 minutes may not look like a long time when you take into account the number of Instagram accounts that are here it makes sense. While some of the special media platforms are reporting a s=decre in average viewing time, Instagram has reported an increase. This showcases the dominance of the application as one of the top social media sites.

    Instagram statistics report an increased average usage time per day. This translates into more people watching whatever you post on the platform which is great for engagement. 

    • Brunei has the best Instagram reach

    Brunei is a small country with a small population but according to Instagram stats, they have the largest percentage of Instagram users visa vi the population. 92% of their population is on Instagram which makes them take the top spot. Other countries which come in the top 5 are Guam with 79%, the Cayman Islands with 78%, Kazakhstan with 76%, and Iceland with 75%.

    If these countries fall within the radius of your targeting Instagram is one of the best ways to reach out to them. The majority of their population is on Instagram. Using Instagram advertisements might be the most effective in these countries. 

    • The majority of the Instagram users watch videos

    The Instagram analytics show that videos can get more viewers. 9 out of 10 people watch Instagram videos every week. Instagram used to be a platform that only had photos. The inclusion of videos helps to provide the audience a bit more and thus has higher rates of engagement. Video formats such as Instagram reels and IGTV videos have become one of the popular methods of creators to stray away from the boring old photos and provide something more to their audience. 

    With a 16% quarter-on-quarter growth, India bags the tajes the top spot for the fastest growing market as well. The development of technology in the country with increased accessibility of the internet has led to this massive boom in growth. This growth seems to be sustainable and great news for people who have India as their target population.

    If you are interested in targeting the Indian population, Instagram has to become your go-to social media platform. The Instagram analytics back the use of Instagram as a place to interact and engage with an Indian audience. 

     More User stats

    • Each month more than 1.22 billion users log into the application
    • An average user spends more than 30 minutes on the platform
    • 88% of Instagram’s users are from outside the UK

    Instagram Influencer statistics

    Instagram analytics show a massive 8 billion dollars being paid to influencers on Instagram per year. This figure has been on the rise for the past decade and keeps hitting new heights every year. Top brands understand the importance of Instagram in their marketing strategy and thus decide to promote their products through influencers.

    Influencers are seen as one of the best ways to promote a brand on Instagram. Companies are prepared to spend significant capital to get the brand deals that they want with different influencers. If you are an influencer you can make serious money if you have an active account with a good number of followers. The spending on Instagram influencers does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. 

    Around $50 seems to be the average money spent per post by marketers. This can go as high as a million dollars per post. When you start moving towards the top of the Instagram hierarchy of influencers you have better-paying deals. The minimum amount spent per sponsored post of quite lucrative. The sky is the limit in terms of how much money is spent on these sponsored posts. With a popular Instagram account, you can use sponsored posts to get some serious money for promoting brands. 

    • Instagram is the preferred destination for influencer marketing

    Over 55% of marketers decide to spend the money for influencer marketing on Instagram influencers. Instagram is the royalty when it comes to influencer marketing. Instagram has influencers who have a grasp on their audience and this gets marketers attracted to them. The response and engagement of these influencers keep making the marketers invest in Instagram influencer marketing.

    The huge number of daily users and the variety of niches and content that is viable allows marketers to choose the ideal influencers for their brands which is not possible in other social media platforms. Being an influencer on Instagram holds the most weight and is the most lucrative among other social media platforms. 

    A decent chunk of users interacts with influencers. This number shows that the rate of engagement that influencers have is a great way to reach out to more customers for brands. Influencers create good content which makes them more popular among the users. The chances of getting better engagement get boosted if companies start getting influencers involved in their campaigns.

     More Influencer stats

    • From the inception of Instagram, there have been 15 million sponsored posts by Influencers
    • There are 7.2 billion followers among the top 50 influencers on Instagram`

    Instagram Ads Stats

    The sizable majority of Instagram users interact with the advertisements they see on Instagram. This makes using Instagram advertisement services a great choice for rands looking to promote themselves. Since the majority of the platform interacts with advertisements, the conversion rates for Instagram ads will be better than that of other social media sites.

    Brands get their money’s worth of engagement when they use Instagram advertisements just because the majority of the population is receptive to advertisements. 

    • 1 out of 2 people are interested in a brand after seeing their Instagram advertisement

    50% of Instagram users have positive feelings for a brand after seeing their Instagram advertisements. Advertisements help to boost the image of a brand. The effectiveness of Instagram advertisements has made them one of the most favorable methods among marketers. While ads are seen on many social media platforms as disruptive and irritating, this is not the case on Instagram.

    Instagram analytics points out that companies who advertise on Instagram have a massive pool of users they can reach. Advertisements reach more than 1.39 billion users. No traditional form of advertisement can provide companies with such a high global reach which makes Instagram the preferred platform for advertising brands.

    • Video ads get more engagement than photos 

    Instagram statistics show that video advertisements get more engagement from users compared to photos. Video advertisements manage to secure nearly 3x the engagements that photo advertisements get. If you are looking to advertise your brand on Instagram, the Instagram stats suggest that you use videos rather than photos for your Instagram adverts.

    Videos are more interesting to watch and due to the disproportionately higher number of photos on the platform, the videos stand out more.

    More Advertisement Stats

    • About 70% of the marketers want to use video content for ads
    • 50% of the users respond after seeing advertisements on the platform

    Instagram Brand statistics

    • An average Instagram brand has a growth rate of 1.69% of followers per month

    This Instagram analytics means that on average a brand should see a growth in its follower count by 1.69% per month. These Instagram statistics serve as a great benchmark to check the growth of your Instagram brand. If your growth rate is greater than 1.69% then it means that you are making better progress than an average brand out there.

    If you are not posting numbers more than this, then you should look to focus on stepping up your promotions. The more your growth rate the better your brand performs. This stat just serves as a reference point that can show how well your brand and its Instagram campaign are performing.  

    1 in 2 people use Instagram to find brands they are searching for. The audio-visual experience which Instagram provides has led users to use them to find different brands. Most of the brands have started to adopt social media and opened up their accounts on Instagram. They understand the significance of Instagram in promoting business which can be seen through these Instagram statistics.

    Having 50% of the userbase find new brands on the platform bodes well for all of the different brands who have started to expand their presence on Instagram. If you are a new business that is looking to find customers, Instagram could prove to be the best bet for your brand. 

    Many brands who have set up Instagram accounts like to be formal in their approach. They try to not do things that are out of the box as they feel it will hamper the image of the brand. These Instagram statistics prove this notion to be untrue. The majority of Instagram users enjoy seeing brands use the different tools that are there on Instagram. The usage of polls and quizzes by these brands has not hampered their reputation but instead promoted them.

    Instagram is a casual platform. The more you can integrate your brand’s content with the features Instagram provides the better you perform. Polls and quizzes make your audience feel like they are seen and their opinion matters. This is useful to build up a bond between the users and the brands.

    This is a good reference point to have. Judging your posts by these Instagram stats can help you understand how well you are performing about the other global brands on the platform. If you can secure more than 0.83% engagement on your posts, you are making better progress in general.

    Brands on Instagram are successfully managing to convince their users to buy from them using the shopping feature. This is a relatively new feature but has seen massive adoption by the brands and the users as well. The latest Instagram statistics show that around 44% of the users use the Instagram shopping feature every week to purchase a product.

    This shows the massive opportunity Instagram provides to small businesses to set up their shop on Instagram itself. With time the rates of adoption will increase for the shopping feature and brands that manage to effectively utilize the feature will have great sales on Instagram itself. 

    • 90% of users follow at least one business on the platform

    According to these Instagram stats businesses on Instagram are performing well. The reach that businesses have on Instagram is unparalleled when compared to other social media sites. There are only a tiny fraction of users who do not follow any brand on Instagram. If you are a new brand looking to find a consumer base Instagram will be the ideal platform for you.

    The penetration of brands on Instagram is very high. With the large user base of Instagram, you could have a company in any industry and still manage to find new users on the platform.

    • The majority of millennials buy products they see on Instagram

    A whopping 54% of millennials said that they buy products they see on Instagram. These stats help you to understand consumer behavior on Instagram. If you have millennial buyers, using promotions on Instagram and getting your products on their feed can help you to increase sales. If your products reach the feed of potential millennials it boosts your chances of getting more sales. This is one of the useful Instagram analytics which can be incorporated into your marketing plans.

    More Business stats

    • An average business account posts 1.6 times a day on Instagram
    • Instagram’s a more favorable pace for brands as Instagram’s reach grew by 20.5% while Facebook’s grew by 6.5%

    Instagram story statistics

    • The majority of the users indicate a higher interest in a brand after seeing their story

    The users of Instagram like to see stories from bands. The Instagram stats show that 58% of the users like stories posted by a brand. As a brand, this information shows the need for an increased focus on stories. Make stores that promote your brand and use them on the platform. Instagram analytics shows that most of the popular brands post more than 17 stories a month.

    The stories are a great way for brands to be fun and innovative. They alone you to be creative with your content while helping build a positive impression in the minds of the users.

    • Stories generate ¼ of the platform’s revenue

    Stories generate a lot of revenue for Instagram as well. Brands have started to see stories as a great way to promote their brands. 500 million accounts use Instagram stories every day. This gives you a huge number of users that you can target with your stories.

    Brands understand that stories are bringing in great revenue and thus try to capitalize on it by posting advertisements in the form of stories. The increased spending on stories has made it contribute a quarter of Instagram’s revenue split.


    Instagram provides you with a world of opportunities but you need to know how to utilize them. The platform is vast with tons of content and users. Mastering the platform is made easier with the use of Instagram statistics. These stats are of great use to all new creators and existing ones.

    They even help businesses understand the best ways to promote themselves on the platforms. The advertisements can also be tuned to generate the best results when stats are followed for reference during advertisement campaigns.

    30 Best TikTok Analytics Tools to try in 2022


    Are you stuck in a loop of zero TikTok progression? Then it is time to change your marketing strategy and incorporate some game-changing tools. TikTok analytic tools are impressive statistic trackers that monitor every metric of your profile and provide real-time reports. From the type of audience, and engagement level to hashtag analytics and post-performance, these tools can track the smallest of details that determine your success on TikTok. Therefore, to measure if your goals are being achieved on time, you need a TikTok analytics tool.

    In this article, you will find a list of the 30 best TikTok analytics tools that are currently available in the market. The best part is that some of these tools are free to use. So, you don’t need to worry about investing your hard-earned money. Many global brands and TikTok influencers are using these analytic tools to stay on top of their industry. So, don’t shy away and get hands-on experience by using the TikTok analytics tools listed below. Have a look!

    Top TikTok Analytics Tools:


    Iconosquare - The Best TikTok Analytics Tool

    Another amazing TikTok analytic tool is Iconosquare, which helps creators track their success rate. It helps them determine if they are moving in the right direction and suggests changes in their marketing strategies. Here, you’ll find an engagement tracker, detailed audience targeting, the best time to post, media lifespan, chat export, and more.

    Apart from the 14-day free trial, you can purchase the tool on a monthly subscription basis at $49 per month. There are unique plans depending on the size of your team, which makes it more affordable for every client.

    Social Insider 

    Social Insider - The Best TikTok Analytics Tool

    Social Insider is another game-changing analytical tool for TikTok. It mainly targets the digital agencies to monitor their marketing campaigns and measure the influencer network. It is an all-in-one tool that only provides real-time data but also helps you compare two profiles to gain clarity and better performance.

    Besides this, you can track engagement rate and profile statistics instantly. With regards to the pricing plans, Social Insider provides the most reasonable plans starting from $83 per month. They also offer customizations on request to make your analytical tool more focused and valuable. 


    HypeAuditor - The Best TikTok Analytics Tool

    HypeAuditor is the first and only platform that provides detailed insights into the quality and authenticity of followers on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. This tool is perfect for influencers, brands, and anyone who wants to know more about their audience. Get the latest TikTok statistics daily. Using insights into creators’ audience demographics, engagement, and performance of their video and hashtag challenges, you may improve your influencer marketing strategy. All critical information at your fingertips. Sign for free trial now.


    Popsters - Top TikTok Analytics Tool

    Popsters is best for evaluating post-performance on TikTok. Monitor the posts that are more popular among the target audience and re-evaluate the performance of posts that are not doing well. In addition to this, find the best time to post on TikTok and get amazing hashtag suggestions for your content.

    Furthermore, use this tool to export different files like XLSX, PPTX, and PDF. The pricing of the tool is unique and depends on the period of historical data that is available. Try the 30-day access for just $9.99 or pay and yearly cost of $89.99. 


    Brand24 is the Best TikTok Analytics Tool

    Brand24 is an incredible TikTok analytics tool that helps track the usage of TikTok hashtags. This Tool is versatile and supports many other social media platforms like Twitter, Twitch, and Instagram. One of the primary functions of this tool is to monitor the profile growth and performance on the platform. It also measures the overall popularity of your brand on the internet. 

    The hashtag analysis provides information on brand mentions, social media reach, audience interaction, and top competitors who have been using the same hashtags. Check how well each hashtag is trending and change the hashtags accordingly on your post. 


    Analisa - Most Popular TikTok Analytics Tool

    Launched in 2019, Analisa is one of the newest additions to TikTok analytics tools online. However, in such a brief span, it has empowered multiple brands across different countries. What makes this tool unique is its AI-powered features that provide raw data and detailed analytical reports about your metrics.

    From smart targeting to building new campaigns and analyzing content, this tool can do anything. While there is a free trial plan offered by Analisa, it is limited to a few days only. The paid plans start from $69 per month and go up to $239 per month. 



    Launched in 2010, Quintly has been helping thousands of TikTok influencers achieve tremendous success by helping them monitor their data. It is greatly popular among global brand managers and social media marketing agencies. Quintly offers incredible reporting features that simplify the analytical data for users.

    It also has an automated reporting system that keeps you updated with the slightest of changes in metrics. The best part is that it offers customized plans starting at $345 per month and $499 per year. If you want to increase your following on TikTok this tool will do wonders for you. 



    Pentos typically provides monitoring and data analysis to track the performance of your campaigns, view comprehensive data for the TikTok profile, and monitor the success of each post, hashtag, and trending song. Having such valuable information in hand at all times can help modify the content strategies that’ll grow your online presence.

    Moreover, it’ll help to improve the engagement rate and overall popularity of your videos. The pricing plans of Pentos start from $32 per month. So, give this tool a try to track, monitor, and implement effective changes in your marketing plan.



    Buffer is a web-based analytical tool that allows users to track the performance of their posts on various social media platforms, including TikTok. The tool provides users with information like post engagement, reach, and more. Businesses can use it to measure the performance of their social media campaigns, while individual users can use it to track the performance of their accounts.



    Exolyt is an exclusive TikTok analytical tool that aims to help creators, marketers, and agencies to get a better understanding of their profile metrics. One of its unique features is that it lets you compare two TikTok profiles. This way you can get insights on your weak metrics and work on them to grow exponentially on TikTok.

    Currently, Exolyt offers a free plan to explore basic statistics and a four-day history. Purchase the paid plans to access advanced analytical tools starting at $12 per month. The paid plans are more suitable for small or large business and marketing agencies. 

    Story Clash

    Story Clash

    Story Clash offers multiple analytical features like tracking the performance of any marketing campaign or keeping an eye on your competitors. This tool also alerts you on the trending videos and challenges on TikTok. This helps you to stay on top of the group and improve your following.

    It also helps to get multiple content ideas that are aligned with the popular trends. Story Clash offers a fully customized plan at the user’s convenience. Request a demo to get a feel of the analytical tool and purchase the features at a reasonable price. 

    Melody Socials

    Melody Socials

    Melody Socials is a unique analytical tool that helps you search through recommended TikTok profiles or find the top influencers in your niche. This tool relies on data to automate the search process and help you find the top creators in the industry. It is best for large firms and digital agencies that work with influencers online.

    Though the analytical features are limited, the price of the tool is slightly on the expensive end. The monthly subscription of Melody Socials is $299 per month. The higher plans are suitable for large business and corporate companies ranging from $499 – $999.



    One of the newest additions to the TikTok analytics tools is TikLog which offers five impressive tabs – Analytics, Accounts, Hashtags, Trends, and Comparison. As the tabs suggest you can instantly receive analytical data of your profile, compare your profile metrics with your competitor’s profile, get hashtag suggestions, find the latest trends and optimize your account to achieve greater success.

    TikLog is a fully-featured analytics tool that offers a free trial for all users to understand how valuable it can be for your growth on TikTok. So, go ahead and make the most out of this tool. 

    TikTok Pro Account


    If you don’t want to use a third-party tool to analyze your TikTok metrics, go for the TikTok Pro account. With TikTok Pro, you can access profile data with just one click. This feature provides information on the best time to post, and peak audience activity. You can track the engagement rate and tweak your activity on TikTok to gain a wider reach. The TikTok Pro account is free and inbuilt with the TikTok app. Simply go to your profile settings and click on Manage my Account to switch to TikTok Pro.

    Mave Kite

    Mave Kite

    Mave Kit is another wonderful TikTok analytical tool that offers a curated influencer database suitable for your marketing campaigns. If you are a digital marketer or an established brand looking for collaborations then this tool will do wonders for you. Apart from that, you can analyze profile performance, songs, hashtags, and more with real-time reporting.

    The file export feature provides complete insights in CSV format for all clients. The best part is that this tool is completely free to use so you can access the data analytics at any time without investing a single penny! 



    TikBuddy is a versatile analytics tool that offers features for marketing and profile management besides data analytics. This tool comes as a chrome extension and slows creators, brands, and influencers to conveniently monitor their profile performance. With TikBuddy, you can get real-time stats on video engagement, track hashtag performance, and compare your profile with the competitors.

    Besides this, you can get updates on trending music and content ideas that’ll help you grow exponentially. The best part is that this chrome extension is free of charge. So, give it a try and get the best results for your profile. 



    This is a web-based analytical toolkit that provides users with the ability to perform various types of data analysis for TikTok. The toolkit includes a variety of features, like data visualization, data mining, statistical analysis, machine learning, and more.

    TokAssist is designed to be used by both business and individual users. Business users can use the toolkit to perform marketing research, while individual users can use it for personal data analysis.

    Social Blade

    Social Blade

    Social Blade offers the most simplifying TikTok analytics tools for influencers, individual creators, brands, and large businesses. These features help to monitor your growth over several months, improve engagement rate, form a target audience, and keep a track of your competitors. Although Social Blade is a paid tool, it offers a free trial pack to allow users to get a feel of all the features before purchasing the tool.

    The pricing plan starts from $3.99 per month and goes up to $99 per month which is pretty reasonable as compared to many other TikTok analytic tools on the list.



    When it comes to finding the best AI-powered TikTok analytic tool, no one can beat Bandmates. This TikTok analytic tool helps creators, influencers, and brands to compare multiple profiles, track competition, and get real-time analytical reports of the TikTok account. Besides this, it helps find new trends, music, and relevant hashtags for any type of content. The pricing of Brandmates starts from $84 per month and goes up to $120 per month. Request for demo and customizations as well to get the best deals for your profile.

    linktree is popularly known for its profile customization features. Many creators use this tool to build landing pages, marketing campaigns and optimize their profile pages. However, also offers an effective analytical tool that helps track views, link clicks, engagement, and more.

    With you can also direct quality traffic to your website, blog, e-commerce shop, and more. The free version is the best way to try the analytical features of but you can always purchase the paid plan if you like their analytics services. Typically, the pricing plan for this tool starts from $13.25 which is extremely affordable.


    Minter provides in-depth insights into content performance with daily data updates to help you monitor the metrics. It also provides a breakdown of the engagement level on each video within 24 hours of publishing. Minter precisely optimizes your profile for better visibility. It gives insights on the best time to post, relevant hashtags to use on each post, and more.

    The best part is that you can export all the analytical data into any file format which saves a lot of time and effort. The pricing plan for Minter starts from $8.3 which fits right in with every budget!

    Viral Stat


    Want an analytical tool that makes Influencer marketing easy? Then check out Viral Stat one of the premium TikTok analytic tools that provide in-depth statistical reports of your account within a few minutes. Use this tool to learn more about your target audience, their demographics, and interests.

    Besides this, get information on your engagement level, hashtags, latest trends, and strategize your content to create viral videos. Viral Stat is also an incredible cross-platform social video analytics tool that helps track multiple social channels and videos to discover new trends. Sign up for the free trial to get hands-on experience. 


    Urlebird is one of the greatest TikTok analytics tools, which allows you to examine every profile metric with ease. Freelancers can use this tool to get a bird’s eye view of their profiles, create and share videos, track relevant hashtags, and much more for free. You can also use this tool to stay updated on the newest trends in your field.

    In addition, gain access to public material, look for top influencers, and compare two TikTok profiles with a single click. You may keep track of your competition without spending a single penny with Urlebird!


    Later is one of the best social media marketing and analytics tools in the industry. It helps in improving the campaign ROI, measuring tools to track profile performance, and generating scores to quantify the engagement level. Later also allows you to customize the target audience and gain a wider reach on the platform.

    The export report feature allows you to convert the data into any file format within a few minutes. Receive valuable insights in real-time and improve your social media influence with this incredible tool.


    TrendTok is a game-changing tool that helps TikTok creators track and identify the latest trends on the platform. Use the tool to filter new trends by category and location to create viral videos in advance. The tool uses AI technology which personalizes the trend suggestions based on your niche and content.

    Save the trends you love and create compelling content to get organic followers. The best part is that it comes as an app on your phone so you can manage your TikTok analytics with just one touch of a button.


    VidNice was launched in 2019 as a TikTok video collector. However, it has transformed to become a popular analytics website where users view and download TikTok content publicly. Here, you can search for trending videos, hashtags, and music for your content. Moreover, you can access the data for your profile metrics including follower count, type of audience, the best time to post, hashtag analysis, post-performance and more.

    While the website is free to use, you need to create an account to access all the features. So, don’t miss out on this free tool and make the most out of it. 


    Dyzio is a unique influencer data and insights platform that provides real-time solutions for improving marketing campaigns. Its campaign automation tools are one of the best in the market that instantly analyze influencer profiles and provide a quick report. Besides this, Dyzio works with global brands and businesses to automatically track and analyze their campaign data.

    The pricing starts from $299 per month and goes to $499 per month. Get your plan customized on request to achieve better results. But before this, get your hands on the free trial pack to witness the quality of this tool. 


    Last on the list is Adverity, one of the best TikTok ad analytic tools that record the real-time performance of your campaigns. It provides deep insights into your marketing ads and helps improve the campaign results. Make smarter decisions and quality content using Adberity to entice the target audience.

    It is suitable for growing marketing sales, training e-commerce teams, and growing influencer accounts. Get graphical representations of the statistics for better understanding and improve marketing ROI to grow your business. Book a demo today to get a feel of the features provided by Adverity.


    TikTok is growing every day and it is here to stay for a long time. So, to establish a brand on this platform, it is important to monitor the metrics and consistently improve profile performance. Whether you are a creator, small brand, digital agency, or a large business, TikTok analytics is crucial for everyone. By using the TikTok analytic tools, you’ll not only stay updated with the popular trends in your niche but also get real-time insights on your performance. 

    The above list of 30 best TikTok analytics tools will help you never miss out on any information related to your profile. It’ll ensure that you always stay at the top of your niche. So, what are you waiting for? Go through the list of TikTok analytics tools and choose the most suitable option for your profile. Make sure to personally check each website before making the final decision. We can assure you that getting a TikTok analytics tool is the best thing you can do to grow your social presence on the most popular social media platform in the world.

    28 Valuable & Verified Snapchat Statistics in 2022


    Snapchat was a fairly recent launch among various other social media platforms ruling the scene today. However, it has gone on to become one of the most important digital platforms in terms of usage. The app provides instant entertainment and gives creative power to its users. Hence, a person gets to be more expressive and showcase their personality with better ease. Perhaps you do not know, but Snapchat started out as something of a virtual flirting app. But today, it has become one of the most significant media of communication. 

    There are many other things that you ought to know about this power app in case you want to unlock its true potential. Sure you can go through various guides to figure out Snapchat. However, with the Snapchat statistics that we have provided below, you should be able to figure out various things on your own. Let’s have a look at what the most important Snapchat analytics have got to tell us- 

    Hanging Out with Friends/ Socializing

    Now, one of the first things that you might want to know is when people tend to use Snapchat most.  It has been seen that people tend to make more use of Snapchat while they are “hanging out with friends”. In fact, in a survey analysis- it was clear to see that as much as 34% of people make use of Snapchat while socializing with friends. Now, this makes proper sense. After all-Snapchat is often used to capture important memories. Other than this, 19% of people like to use Snapchat while they are shopping! On the other hand, 14% of users turn towards the app to capture significant social events and gatherings. 

    How Many Product Features Are There?

    Since it was launched in 2011, Snapchat has continued to increase the number of features it provides on the app. Currently, there are about 101 Product features in the app that users employ to enhance the work they have captured. We have given a list of the most used features of Snapchat in the last six years below-

    • 2021: Map Layers, Story Studio, Gifting
    • 2020: Spotlight, Camera Kit, Dynamic Lenses
    • 2019: Cameos, Bitmoji TV, Snap Select
    • 2018: Group video chat, Snappables, Snap Originals
    • 2017: Voice filters, Snap Map, Ads Manager
    • 2016: Bitmoji, Stickers, Spectacles

    While People Are on The Move

    It has also been seen that a large number of people make use of Snapchat while they are commuting. It is possible that Snapchat is preferred over other apps to share files while on the move because of its easy and quick functions. Not only is the app used when commuting, but it is also used by people while they are traveling. 

    Growth In People Using Snapchat

    In the second quarter of 2021, as many as 293 million people used Snapchat on a daily basis. Since then, by the third quarter, the number has increased to 306 million! As much as 32.4% of these users come from North America itself. The leftover 67.58% of Snapchat’s user base is placed outside of the continent. Since 2016, Snapchat has seen an increase of about 85.44% in its user base.

    The highest annual growth rate that has been recorded by Snapchat is as high as 104% that took place in 2014. However, in 2018- Snapchat claims to have seen the worst growth rates 2018 when as many as 1 million users left the app moving from 2017 to 2018. However, the number went well beyond 200 million the next year itself. Following this year, Snapchat has seen a consistent increase in the number of app users not only yearly but on a quarterly basis. 

    One Million Daily to Top Performing Spotlight Snaps

    Now, this is perhaps among the most important Snapchat stats that we will mention on this list. After all, as content creators- we would all like to know how much we can potentially earn if we manage to get among the biggest fish in the game. Now, Snapchat Spotlight was launched in 2020 and since then has become a widely used feature.

    Most of Snapchat’s user-generated content and entertaining media is created through this feature alone. Given the importance it has taken within the app within a short span of time, Snapchat has been paying top Spotlight content creators liberally. On a daily basis, as much as $1 million is given by the app to people who create the highest-performing posts. 

    12th in Popularity 

    Despite the boggling number of daily active users in Snapchat, it still only comes 12th in popularity according to Snapchat analytics. Of course, the leading platforms include Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. However, Snapchat still ranks higher than many popular social media sites including Twitter and LinkedIn.

    5+ Billion Snaps Created Daily

    Now let’s talk about daily engagement generated within this app. It has been reported that on average as many as six billion snaps are clicked or created by users on an everyday basis. It is suspected the number is even higher since some snaps are not able to register onto Snapchat Statistics.

    Five billion is a very high number of media content when taken in terms of daily shares. Compared to Snapchat, Instagram only sees about 95 million videos and photos being shared daily. That’s a mind-boggling difference of 4 billion total shares! Facebook still comes a little close in terms of ‘items’ shared- but these items might not always consist of photos or videos. 

    30 minutes/ per day 

    The Global Digital Citizen spends about 145 minutes every day on social media. When talking about Snapchat users, we have seen that as much as 30 minutes are spent by an individual within this app. When compared to Instagram, Snapchat has 46% more users at the time of shopping. Similarly, Snapchat beats Twitter by 35%, Facebook by 58%, and YouTube by 137%- on the basis of users spending time on an app while shopping. 

    70 points for customer Satisfaction

    Now, these Snapchat Stats are based merely on the index called the American Customer Satisfaction Index that is widely used to assess company performance in the USA. Through this index, Snapchat was given a high score of 70 points for customer satisfaction by its users itself. However, the app has lower scores than various other sites including- Pinterest, Reddit, TikTok, Wikipedia, and YouTube. Although the difference in score is not very high, it is something that Snapchat is working on. 

    Who has The Largest Snapchat Audience?

    Now we will come to Snapchat statistics that are related to user demographics. Talking about countries, India has the largest audience base when it comes to Snapchat. The country has an audience of 115.95 million active users (as of July 2021). Other than India, the other top four countries based on Snapchat usage are-

    • Unites States with as much as 106.2 million users
    • France with 24.1 million Snapchat users
    • The United Kingdom with 20.1 million users
    • Saudi Arabia with 19.7 million users

    Other important countries include Pakistan, Mexico, Germany, Iraq, and Egypt. 

    Female Users- 54.4%

    Talking about men and women- it has been recorded that females are more active on Snapchat than males. They dominate this platform and comprise 54.4% of its most important users. The remaining 44.6% user base within Snapchat consists of men. Again, these are considerations that can greatly help a business that creates gender-specific products. Needless to say, demographics are usually the prime concern when forming your target audience. 

    Usage by Age 

    Within the US, the age group using Snapchat most actively consist of youngsters between the age of 15-25. They make as much as 48% of the total users within Snapchat. This is a very large share to be taken by any age group within a social media app. People aged between 26-35 comprise 30% of users within Snapchat, while those aged 36-45 comprise 18% of the audience and user base in the app. While the age group of 46-55 years has 11% users on Snapchat, people beyond 56 years of age make up only 5% of this platform. 

    Within UK the age demographic is slightly different. Almost 77% of Snapchat’s users in the country come from the age group of 18-24. Ages 35-44 comprise 38% of the remaining user group. The remaining 10% is comprised of people aged above 55, with ages 55-64 being only 8% and the rest 2% is covered by people aged 75 or more.  

    What Led to Snapchat’s Fame?

    Very early in 2019, Snapchat released some filters, called ‘lenses’ by the company itself. These are the main reason this platform became one of the biggest sensations of the time. The first filter that showed maximum usage was one that turned your digital picture smooth and made your skin flawless. Other filters allowed you to switch gender and picture what you would look like a man or a woman.

    Of course, these are overused, obsolete features today- but at the time of their launch- these were all anyone could talk about! As a matter of fact, it was during this time that the rate of downloads for Snapchat almost doubled in number. Whereas in April 2019 Snapchat only had 16.8 million downloads, by the next month this number had increased to 41.5 million. 

    180 M Users of Augmented Reality

    There are many statistics associated with Snapchat’s Augmented Reality that you might want to have a look at. As a major attraction with Snapchat, the augmented reality feature has about 180 million users. Currently, the app has about 250 thousand lens creators as well as developers. Snapchat has its own Lens Studio through which as many as 2.5 million lenses have been created for the AR feature.

    These are available across Camera Kit, Spectacles, and Snap Camera as well. Even more astounding is the number of lens views garnered by Snapchat. Over 3.5 trillion lens views have been recorded by Snapchat through its creator community. 

    64% Snap Ads Seen With Audio On

    As a business, you might be wondering what is the actual reach of Snapchat when it comes to video ads on the platform. With apps becoming more user-friendly, there is a good chance of ads going unrecognized in case the audio is kept on mute. As far as Snapchat is concerned about 64% of its ads are viewed with their sound on. Hence, the chances of your ad audio being heard here are fairly high. However, to make it even better for advertisers- Snapchat allows you to add captions to your ad video so you might want to keep this in mind.  

    How Much Ad Recall?

    Ad recall on Snapchat sees higher rates among GenZ audiences. These include people born between 1997-2012, 55% of whom have been noted to have ad recall. The ad recall is in effect just after 0-2 seconds of the ad within this demographic and implies huge lead potential for businesses. People who are aged 40 or older have an ad recall that is half of that seen among GenZ. While 46% of Millenials have reported having ad recall, only 26% of Gen X has been seen to have ad recall. For advertisers who are thinking of launching ads on Snapchat- you can start with an advertising plan that costs as little as $5. 

    How much Ad Revenue?

    Through recent statistics, it has been made clear that more and more brands are increasing the amount of ad revenue set aside for Snapchat. In 2021, the estimated ad revenue was $2.62 billion. Because of low costing Snapchat ads, small to large-sized businesses have begun to use Snapchat ads extensively.

    Global Spending Power- $4.4 Trillion

    The audience of Snapchat holds great power over total Global Spending. The users within the app are recorded to have as much as $4.4 trillion in GSP. It has been shown that Snapchat users are engaged efficiently by the app and are highly willing to make purchases through the platform. The larger majority of these Global Spenders come from North America (1.9 trillion dollars) as well as Europe (1.05 trillion dollars). As far as age groups are concerned, Gen Z and Millennials carry about 1 trillion of this global purchasing power by themselves.  

    How Many Consult Friends and Family on Snapchat Purchase?

    Snapchat also offers more potential for sharing products or ads online. It has been seen that as many as 39% of Snapchat users consult family and friends to get their opinion on a potential purchase through Snapchat. Snapchat has also seen seven times returns on Ad Spend. Here store sales were directly attributable to the campaign. The redemption rate on Snapchat is as high as 14%. Mostly geo-triggered notifications, as well as push notifications, were used to remind people about pending offers. 

    Will People Share Purchase on Snapchat?

    It has also been seen that people using Snapchat are twice as likely to share their purchase stories, as compared to people who don’t use Snapchat. It has been seen that about 65% of people post directly on their stories to share a moment or a thought about their purchase. As many as 46% of people message brands their purchase pictures and about 45% mention or tag a brand in a snap about their purchase.

    Important Snapchat Features

    We have already mentioned that content created using Spotlight can get as much as 1 million dollars from Snap Chat. Other notable statistics you ought to know are-

    • As much as 525,000 submissions are received by Snapchat on average merely through the Spotlight feature.
    •  More than 125 million people on Snapchat create significant engagement on Snapchat with the help of Spotlight. 

    Other than this, Snap Map is another one of the most used Snapchat features. It basically allows other users to locate a certain person or place over a digital map. According to Snapchat, as many as 250  million users engage with Snap Map on a monthly basis. Currently, you can locate as many as 30 million businesses within the Snap Map.

    How Active is Snapchat as a Company?

    To date, Snapchat has made as many as 29 acquisitions since 2014. You must have heard of the recent acquisition of AI factory-made by Snapchat through a deal that cost $166 million. The famous ‘Cameos’ feature that you see on Snapchat is actually a result of this acquisition. (Quite astounding that a company will spend 166 million dollars for ONE important feature!). Clearly, Snapchat has a really heavy income and they have spent about 744 million dollars to acquire not more than 4 companies.  This is only a minor fraction of their yearly income, which was as high as 2.5 billion in the year 2020. 

    How Many Patents Does Snapchat Have?

    Snapchat has patented about 872 of its features. Between 2018-2020 as many as 445 patents were granted by SC. These make about 56.9% of the total patents they have grated today. As of 2021, there were as much as 138 Snapchats that were still pending.

    How Impactful is Snapchat In Different Countries?

    On a global scale, the total reach of Snapchat’s advertising comprises 8.4% of people above the age of 13. In as many as 11 countries, more than 40% of this demographic can be reached simply via Snapchat Ads. Below we have listed countries that have the highest reach rate among audiences above the age of 13-

    • Luxembourg
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Norway
    • Kuwait
    • Denmark
    • Sweden
    • Iraq
    • Ireland
    • France
    • Bahrain

    Snapchat Performance Through 2020

    • In 2020 Snapchat saw an increase in Daily Active users by 17% (35 million).
    • On average Snapchat, users opened the app more than 30 times every single day.
    • The number of people who viewed shows through the discover feature increased by 45% in 2020
    • The daily engagement rate with Discover content increased by 40% for people aged 35+
    • Snapchat officially collaborated with The Washington Post, ESPN, and Buzzfeed to launch a new feature ‘Happening Now’. This provides curated, real-time news from the above sources.
    • They have also expanded their partnerships with Disney, NFL, NBA, ViacomCBS, NBC, and ESPN.
    • Their various partnerships and collaborations will also help them reach more than 10 million snapchatters of the Middle East every month.

    How Has Engagement Improved?

    Snapchat made various strategic moves in 2020 to make sure that its engagement increases in the coming years. They have improved Snap Map which already has a reach of about 200 million Snapchat users. They have launched new features like ‘places’ that also offer stories, reviews, and delivery options for local businesses. Snapchat also integrated as many as 800 apps with Snap Kit. Currently, as many as 150 million Snapchat users are engaging with these integrations. Since 2019 as many as 100 million users have made use of Snap Games.

    How Much Time do People Spend Watching Ads?

    The amount of time spent by users on Snapchat ads varies as per the age group. Gen Z scored 79/100 in ad-watching time (the least of all) but has better recall as mentioned before. On the other hand, Millennials got a score of 94/100 and Gen X topped the chart with 151/100 points accorded by Snapchat. 

    International Growth Statistics

    As per Snapchat’s 2022 Investor presentation, the app supported more than 40 local languages. They have launched more than 2.5M million lenses and also comprise more than 250k Global lens creators. Today, they have more than 400 international content partners for local content that cover 20 countries. 

    Snapchat Community Statistics

    • Snapchat has 2 platforms for ‘Creators’ – Camera/Augmented Reality and Spotlight.
    • They have 1 ‘Publisher’ section, that is, the discover tab
    • More than 75 Million People watch beauty publishers and show monthly on SC.
    • More than 65 Million people watch Health and Fitness content monthly
    • They have 3 mediums made for ‘Developers’- Snap Kit, Games, as well as Snapchat Minis
    • More than 120 Million people watch International Creators on SC monthly.

    Core Snapchat Statistics

    Their five core performing platforms consist of Snap Map, Communications, Snapchat Camera, Stories, and Spotlight. Other than the 200 million individuals engaging with Snapchat Augmented Reality, the AR lenses are used for fun more than 6 billion times every day on average. Currently, there are 46 Snap Games as well as 15 Snap Minis available on the app.

    Within their Discover panel, they have partnered with more than 700 organizations across 21 countries. Out of these, 25 significant partners were able to reach 50 million + Snapchat Users in 2021. Snapchat has also ensured that their new core feature ‘Spotlight’ is available in more than 150 countries. As a matter of fact, they have reported a 100% increase in the number of people subscribing to the ‘Creators’ feature on Snapchat. 


    The Snapchat statistics given above can be used to greatly enhance your relationship with your audience. Particularly useful for marketers, Snapchat is much more than a simple social media platform that connects friends and families or acts as a ‘casual interaction’ tool. Even for influencers, the place can be a great medium through which they can increase fans and followers, driving people to websites, blogs, or other profiles.

    Moreover, the statistics given above are a clear indication of how Snapchat has been giving tough competition to all other digital platforms meant for virtual socialization and entertainment. Clearly, this platform is only going to get better in the coming years. Don’t fall behind in the race, and head straight to Snapchat if you want to expand your audience base.

    15 Facebook Statistics You Need to Know in 2022


    Since its humble origins in a Harvard dormitory room, Facebook has increased year over year in terms of both times spent on the network and daily active users. Currently, millions of businesses all around the globe use Facebook to communicate with their customers. Therefore, it’s critical for businesses, particularly marketers, to remain on top of Facebook trends to get the most out of being on the internet in general. The following are 15 key Facebook statistics that will provide you with a thorough understanding of the present situation of the world’s most popular social media site:

    Some Universal and Prominent Facebook Stats

    Facebook’s overall revenue in the 3rd quarter of 2021 was $29.01 billion. Facebook’s overall revenue in the 3rd quarter of 2020 was $21.47 billion. The rise is 35 percent year over year. Facebook reported 2.91 billion users worldwide since around September 30, 2021. In September 2021, Fb had an average of 1.93 billion every day active users. Facebook made $21.47 billion in sales in the 3rd quarter of 2020, while its overall sales in the 3rd quarter of 2021 were $29.01 billion.

    This is a 35 percent hike over the previous year. And since September 30, 2021, there were 2.91 billion monthly engaged consumers on Facebook worldwide, a 6% growth year over year. Since around September 30, 2021, there were 1.93 billion daily active Facebook users globally, a 6% growth year over year. Here are a few universal facebook stats concerning spheres other than monetary aspects:

    • Facebook’s family monthly active persons reached 3.58 billion since about September 30, 2021. 
    • The average number of daily active people on Facebook in September 2021 was 2.81 billion.
    • Facebook is hiring at an all-time high. Since around September 30, 2021, Facebook has had 68,177 employees, a 20% growth over the previous year. 
    • Facebook has acknowledged that it has deleted 1.3 billion phony accounts. 

    Despite having the fewest users, the United States is said to produce the most money from the platform. Cristiano Ronaldo and CGTN are some of the top five very famous Facebook profiles (117 million followers). The annual income per user on Facebook in 2020 was $10.14. This number was $10 in October 2021.

    The User Demographic on Facebook is Huge and Proactive.

    In 2019, Facebook consumers used the app for an aggregate of 769.16 minutes every month. At the time, TikTok was indeed the second-most famous app, with consumers spending an additional 498.09 minutes per month on it. Some more user-oriented Facebook stats:

    • Facebook is the world’s largest social media site, with approximately 2.80 billion monthly engaged users (2021). 
    • Facebook audiences visit the application more or less eight times each day on average, and the typical US user ends up spending 38 minutes per day on it. 
    • With over 69 percent of all adults as active Facebook users, it remains one of the most popular apps in the world, with an ever-increasingly engaged audience. 
    • Facebook accounts for a large portion of the five hours a day that US consumers spend on their apps. Facebook uses about 19% of the overall time or around 57 minutes.

    This is more money than people are spending on any alternative app, such as music, video, or shopping. According to Facebook analytics, Facebook is currently the most prominent social media network in the United States in terms of interaction.

    The Most Popular Social Media Platform.

    Facebook is unquestionably the most popular social media platform. With 59 percent of social media visitors on the Web, Facebook is presently the most popular social site. Of course, Facebook is up against some stiff competition, such as Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram, but it still comes out ahead. This is since Facebook has the most active users of any social media network, and many spend days reading through their feeds. One of the reasons we feel Facebook has become so successful is that it has been flexible to implement the newest social media innovations and trends over time. 

    Naturally, many other social media sites we highlighted above have done quite well throughout the years as well, but Facebook always seems to come out on top. They have a lot of money backing them, and regardless of the reality that they’ve been involved in a lot of scandals over the years, most of which have to do with security, they’re still growing.

    Facebook’s developers have figured out a technique to keep users scrolling and given that Mark Zuckerberg still controls more than 50% of the company, there aren’t many individuals who have a voice as to what occurs to the renowned social media platform.

    Small Businesses and Large Firms are all over Facebook.

    Facebook’s marketing services are used by over 200 million small businesses. The Facebook Account, where you may build a commercial page for your company, is among the most useful functions. You may submit information about your company, such as your contact information and location, also a summary of the services or items you provide.

    As a consequence, you will be able to expand your web visibility. Using Facebook Pages has several advantages. Of course, businesses may use the internet to interact with one of the world’s largest communities, as well as establish an audience for their service or product and connect with individuals who are probably fascinated by what they have to offer. Customers can also contact you and ask you questions about your business.

    Likewise, Facebook is a fantastic platform to advertise your small company or brand, as well as a terrific approach to put your content before appropriate people and urge them to explore your website. You may also just utilize your Facebook profile to market your goods. With its business features, Facebook has read the writings on the wall, and they recognize that a majority of businesses, large and small, have discovered methods to get the most out of their advertising strategies. It’s no surprise that these elements are so appealing with such a large audience to sell to.

    Countless Facebook Profiles are Fake.

    Facebook predicts approximately 135 million (5 percent) out of 2.7 billion monthly regular users are false identities in 2020, and the social media platform promises to remove billions of phony profiles. Facebook detects spammers’ IP addresses and indicators and immediately removes accounts before they are created.

    Facebook searches for evidence of harmful conduct and disables them as shortly as they join up, employing complex detection tools to hunt for trends. According to their estimates, there are 135 million phony Facebook profiles on the network. The advertising component of this data is what draws people’s attention.

    Many of us are sold on Facebook’s 2.8 billion monthly users, which is more than half of the world’s overall amount of daily internet users today. Facebook statistics relating to these fake accounts on the platform itself.

    • These ‘fake accounts’ are usually categorized as rule-breakers, such as bots, duplicate accounts, fraudsters, spammers, and less serious cases like sites placed up as profiles. 
    • Facebook concedes that their 5% number is doubtful, owing to the difficulty of measuring bogus accounts on such a large scale. 
    • As an advertiser, it’s vital to understand that the bulk of fake Facebook profiles are rejected at sign-up or terminated as soon as they’ve signed up, thanks to powerful detection technologies that are constantly improving.

    Facebook Statistics of Uneven Gender Ratio 

    The global proportion of Facebook users by age and gender as of January 2021:

    • Males account for 56% of the entire Facebook audience, while females account for 44%. Facebook only allows male or female users to report their gender. 
    • Global gender ratio of Facebook users so far since January 2021. 
    • Between the ages of 25 and 35, Facebook users make up the largest demographic group. 
    • Males account for 18.8% of the population, while females account for 12.8%. 
    • The only demographic category with much more women Facebook users than men Facebook users is those aged 65 and up. 
    • Males make up 2.3 percent of the entire population, while females make up 2.6 percent. 

    Surprisingly, according to a 2020 inclusion study from Facebook, there are many more male employees than female employees. According to the research, men make up 63 percent of Facebook’s workforce. However, the corporation is putting in extra effort to diversify its staff, since the proportion of male workers continues to decline as the female workforce grows. These figures are even more amazing when you realize that men made up 69 percent of the workforce in 2014.

    Facebook is Immensely Widespread amongst Marketers.

    In addition, since Facebook is quite known, it attracts the attention of marketers. 86 percent of marketers are using Facebook to promote their products. Regardless of the size of your company, Facebook is an excellent location to focus part of your marketing initiatives.

    The nicest aspect about utilizing Facebook is that practically any type of material works well, making it very simple to get started. You may use Facebook not only to communicate with your intended audience but also to communicate with clients and build a longer-term connection with them. 

    You may find Facebook advertising to be a bit pricey at first, but if you stay with them and figure out how to use them to link you immediately to your intended audience, they will end up assisting you rather than harming you. Just make sure you try a few things to discover what works for your desired demographic, so you don’t waste money, specifically in the early stages.

    Facebook’s Marketing Revenue and Profitability

    With all of Facebook’s success, it’s no surprise that marketing accounts for most of the company’s income. In the second half of 2020, the firm generated over 27 billion overall in ad revenue. Its ad income accounts for more than 96 percent of its total revenue for the quarter, which is a 31 percent raise over the previous year. This is particularly significant given, because to COVID, Facebook saw a decrease in ad demand at the end of the first quarter of 2020. However, it has picked up the pace since then, and more companies than ever before are using Facebook to sell their product or service.

    Facebook has expanded into other business-related areas, which means you can build a Facebook corporate page for your company and use marketing ideas, ad commercials, and analytics to figure out how to effectively communicate with your target population.

    Facebook costs you are depending on how much you want your ad campaigns to run and who you want to target. It may be marginally more pricey than other standard ad possibilities, as well as what other social networking sites have to offer, but it is a possibility, and there are large organizations that have taken advantage of this promotional tool.

    Facebook does make a lot of revenue, but it also is exceptionally profitable, let’s check out how:

    • In 2021, the global profit was $31 billion. This is a significant increase above the $23.9 billion in 2019. 
    • Meta’s success has continued into 2021, with a net income of $9.2 billion in Q3 2021. For almost more than a decade, the corporation has turned again every year as Facebook. 
    • Gains in 2015 and prior years were all under $10 billion. However, they barely took a year after declaring a $12.4 billion gain in 2016 to surpass $20 billion turnovers and break the $30 billion barriers for the very first time in 2020.

    Favored Smartphone Usage by Facebook Consumers

    One of the principal factors why Facebook has become so prevalent these days is that it is mobile-friendly. Facebook has an advantage over its competitors since it can be accessed through different mobile applications:

    98.3 percent of Facebook users use their smartphones to browse social media networks.

    This indicates that just 1.7 percent of individuals use their computers to log onto Facebook. This is among the justifications why Facebook remains one of the world’s most popular social media sharing programs. This is also an excellent reminder of the need for mobile-optimized content for your business. These Facebook statistics demonstrate the importance of having a proven marketing approach that will appeal to smartphone users if you are seeking to sell your business on Facebook.

    Someone will frequently choose your Facebook business account and wish to visit your website to learn more about the items or services you provide. If you haven’t optimized your webpage for mobile, people will become annoyed and won’t spend much time there. Because Facebook is primarily a smartphone version, you should consider how you can enhance the remainder of your brand’s web presence for it as well.

    Consumption of Facebook by US Citizens

    Usage of Facebook by US citizens:

    • Facebook is used by 63 percent of adults in the United States. This equates to about 178 million people in the United States. 
    • Consequently, Facebook remains the most widely used social networking site in the United States. 
    • Facebook is highly used as compared to Pinterest, Twitter, and Snapchat in the United States, with 95% of the population knowing what it is. 
    • In the United States,