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    10 Best Job Search Engines to Find Your New Job in 2022

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    There used to be a time when youth and unemployed individuals used to scurry through Newspapers’ classified ads to look for good job opportunities. We might think that times have changed, but the format remains the same. Job websites have gone on to become the exclusive classified ads we were once used to. However, it can be tricky to list the best online job search engines with this humungous flood of information.

    How do you know which site is perfect for your niche of work? How do you know which site has the best relationships with employing companies? Keeping all such common questions in mind, we have created a list of the best job search engines you will find today. Let’s have a look- 

    Best Job Search Engines:


    Indeed - best job search enginesNo one, who is looking for a job, hasn’t already come across Indeed. The only problem many people face is that the place has some excellent job offerings and salaries, with equally high competition. However, the best thing about the site is that Indeed often supplies and informs its users of the best employee training programs.

    It is noteworthy here, that many of these programs are among the most sought-after courses. Since Indeed has affiliations with big companies, they know the current demands of the market. The experts here can predict future trends and what training might prove handy when the time is right.  

    Indeed was founded back in 2004, and has been one the most successful job searching sites since then. It has been declared the ‘Employer’s Dream’. Although, with an increase in business activity, there has been some exploitation- Indeed still assumes the first place.

    You can also check other best job search engines like Indeed on our website. The next independent branch we have listed below is also a part of the Indeed family. Although it runs independently, the affiliation is undeniable. 

    Simply Hired 

    Simply Hired Simply Hired is an employment website that can be run on both mobiles and desktops. Based in California, this company was launched as early as 2003. The company brings together job listings from numerous other websites, making it easy to view positions on one single platform.

    If you work in SEO or digital marketing, then they can connect you with some of the best SEO companies in the world. It works like a search engine and caters to options based on keywords and location.

    The website is also a hit among employers who can easily gain higher positions among suggestions. If you are an employer, then you will have to participate in the Pay Per Click program, to achieve this. The site has been a recipient of many awards. They work an Excellence in Technology award back in 2014 by Brandon Hall.

    In 2013, Simply Hired came 3rd in Forbes’ list of “Top 10 Best Websites for Your Career”. PC Mag recognized Simply Hired for being one of the “Best Job Search Websites in 2013 and 2014.” The place continues to receive mention in high places like Forbes and Youtern.  


    Monster - best job search enginesMonster calls itself the global leader in terms of connecting people with their jobs. Each day Monster tries to help individuals connect across international borders to get work done. Their sole motive is productivity, optimization, and inculcating healthy work habits.

    Their working style is markedly different from traditional websites since they are constantly innovating themselves to best suit the interests of all people involved. The best part is, that you can even become a part of Monster itself and find job openings on the site. 

    If you see global social media statistics– you will be astounded at the number of people making living through online resources. With widespread internet usage, you can leverage your advantages with Monster.

    It has better access to new and upcoming companies, it allows you to properly browse jobs, gives salary tools, and career advice, and even helps with your job description. Always keeping humanitarian ethics integrated into its work, Monster has special job offerings for Ukrainians today! 


    Glassdoor - best job search enginesCreated back in 2008, this company aims to bring transparency to the work industry of today. With time, the company has expanded into a Mega force among its competitors. Today this site has as many as 2.1 million employers within the database.

    You will also be able to find 110 million company reviews as well as insights along with 54 million visitors every month. Job seekers are easily allowed to look for open jobs and read the information on the culture followed within a company.

    This site will give you an in-depth review of how the company works in terms of benefits, salaries, its CEO, and much more. The site works traditionally and requires you to create a profile and upload your resume. You should be able to find various digital marketing jobs since the social media explosion has already taken over the world.

    You can easily browse activated listings through the site search bars. Under each job listing, you will find lots of information about the position, its responsibilities, how you can apply, anonymous ratings, reviews of the company, and much more. Glassdoor is free for job candidates, and to help you more, they will also give you information on how to improve your interview performances. 



    Flexjobs was created by Sara Sutton in 2007. To create a website where you could find flexible work from home but extremely legitimate job opportunities. Hence com This site is perfect for people who are looking to grow through their jobs and expand their creativity as well as a skill set.

    Ever since it was founded, the site has become the largest among hand-screened remote jobs. They have more than 30,000 listings of active jobs and have affiliations with more than 6000 companies throughout the world.

    The best part of pop displays is that they focus entirely on removed opportunities, making them more specific. Realizing the importance of mobile usage earlier on than other entrepreneurs in this field, Sara Sutton clearly showed how quick ethical thinking can transform business environments.

    For people who think that it does not have enough listings, you will be surprised to know that FlexJob has as many as 50 categories.

    They offer jobs for entry-level as well as executive level. Members of this company also get access to some exclusive discounts and can land services and deals on products from Dell, Intuit QuickBooks, and more. 


    Ladders - best job search enginesLadders is the home of $100K careers. This company came to exist as early as 2003, and since then it has focused on providing vetted jobs. The most amazing thing about this place is that it can pay as much as $100,000 per year to its employees.

    Not only does the site work as a job website, but also serves as a networking platform as well as a career newsroom. This site is best for people who are looking for jobs after great experience and want to focus on higher connections and extremely high-paying opportunities.

    There are innumerable sectors that ladders are associated with. They work with companies from finance, industrial engineering, data science, etc. They have connections with major firms, including- Google, Cigna, Morgan Stanley, and more. Ladders offer basic membership free of cost to its users.

    However, if you want to avail the best benefits, then you might want to go for the premium membership. This membership will unlock access to different job listings, curated job matches, top placement, and details about other candidates who have been eyeing the same job.

    Hence, If you are working in a highly competitive market, then this site can be the perfect opportunity for you. As soon as you sign in, you will be given various job listings that you have already entered into your profile.


    Angel - best job search enginesAngelList is a company that came about in 2010 with a wish to democratize how start-ups hired talent and received funding. This company is supplies many jobs and also provides liberal freelancing options.

    Other than this, you might want to check out our list of freelance sites similar to Over, Angel continues to be the best site for start-up jobs because it is trusted by over 130,000 start-ups of all sizes. The company continues to provide high transparency in the working environment.

    They informed the candidates about salary ranges, equity options, at information about all the key figures within the company. All the pros and cons and implications of working within a certain position are within a list on the site.

    One of our favorite revolutionary companies, Angel has always catered to remote as well as local job seekers. You will be able to find a large number of tech sectors within it, such as online publishing, beauty apps, health, and fintech.

    If you want to apply for this site, you will have to create an account, and complete your profile which will also serve as your resume. You will be able to browse various options based on job title, commitment, location, and more. The place also funds internships.


    LinkedIn LinkedIn is not the world’s largest job searching site as per stats. This is only because it is more than that and happens to be the world’s largest professional networking platform. A social media platform completed dedicated to working, professionalism, and professional contacting.

    This place is the biggest database for open opportunities in almost every single company in the world. Contrary to most of the job websites here you can easily add recruiters as well as other members who take interest in your company’s virtual network.

    This is a benefit for employees since they can connect with different levels of executives within a company. However, unlike all the sites mentioned above, it will be very difficult to land a job in this place. If social life has become virtual, then LinkedIn is the biggest proof that professional life is also completely virtual today.

    Every form of competition that you would find outside is present on LinkedIn as well. The reason we have listed this site is that this place has become inescapable. If you are looking for worthwhile job opportunities, then you have to create a profile here and you have to create a strong presence on this website. 



    Most working professionals kind of overlook this site even though it has been working for more than 20 years. Perhaps the reason behind this is that it has been using proprietary technology to scrape up the web for the best-posted job listings.

    However, it continues to create a higher quality database and provides a much better search experience for people looking for jobs. If you are struggling in the professional world, then this company will update you every single day with every fresh happening in your industry.

    Get work is best for people who wish to apply to newly listed opportunities and try out novel ventures. You will find up-to-date job listings in a large number of fields including finance, healthcare, education, etc. It is the only site that mentions such specific industries, including law.

    Naturally, you will also get some amazing regular jobs like tag, marketing, etc. This site is free to use and you do not require any kind of paid subscription for extra features. There is no need to log in or register and create an account.

    Naturally, if you go down this late, it will help you because you can save your listings, save your browsing history, and keep track of your progress. 



    Scouted is perhaps the most recent mention on this list. In 2015, Scouted came into being Hence, compared to other sites, it is extremely fresh which works to its advantage. There is a high chance that you will be able to find jobs here that match up with your generation’s ideology.

    This site in exile believes that people are much more than their resumes. Hence, it always takes into account your attributes against traditional metrics- for instance, experience and skills.

    This unique matchmaking style approach makes it the best possible website for college graduates who are looking for full-time opportunities at entry-level positions.  

    It should be very easy for you to build your profile by uploading a copy of your resume. There is no need for your resume to be extremely traditional or meet up with the business standards of centuries. However, try to make it as information about yourself as possible.

    Mention links to your website, different portfolios, or profiles on platforms like LinkedIn. Make sure that you go through and answer Scouted’s interview questions. Once you have answered all these virtual questions, you will get an idea of how well you fare on the platform. Recently, in 2021, Recruiter acquired this company.


    So, this brings us to the end of our list of the best online job search engines. We should point out that the listings mentioned above are for people who are looking for some serious working environments. However, some people are simply looking to gain experience through internships.

    They might not be sure if you will stay in it for the long run. If so, then you should check out these sites mentioned on our website. Of course, we are all a part of this big professional network and we’re sure you will come across you there as well. Happy job searching! 

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