Zugara: Augmented Reality Social Shopping App

Wed, Jun 24, 2009
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I’m thinking Augmented Reality is about to get it’s own section on Digital Buzz! It’s the latest crazy trend and for once, we might have actually found a productive use for it, with a few retailers and developers starting to create virtual stopping and styling type applications…

Meet Zugara’s new online shopping app which couples the functionality of Augmented Reality and Motion Capture together into a utility that allows you to “virtually” shop online and seamlessly connect with facebook to post photos of you wearing the latest dress or shirt and get your friends to comment live before you buy!

It’s just been released in Alpha stage (thats before beta!) so it’s pretty raw and needs a whole lot of polish before it goes to market, but the potential is there! Combine the controls and item management system with the Augmented Reality motion capture quality of the previous transformers example and it will be in a pretty cool place!

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