Zegna inSTORE: 3D iPad Shopping Experience

Tue, Sep 6, 2011
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Here is an interesting move from Zegna (an Italian luxury menswear store – not Zenga!), who’ve recently launched an experimental play called Zegna inSTORE, an immersive 3D shopping iPad app that provides a premium, virtual shopping experience.

The app is based around a floating store, rendered in 3D with a somewhat seamless mix of video interludes from various models promoting each garment. You can navigate your way through the store, interacting with content and scrolling through products like say… the tie rack.

At first glance it’s pretty dam cool. But perhaps a little clunky and I wonder if this kind of big-budget app will drive the kind of returns they would be expecting? And do people really want to shop like this? Via the guys over at PSFK.

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