YouTique: French Connection’s YouTube Store

Tue, Oct 5, 2010
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Sorry! I’m a few days late on this, but if you’ve not already seen it, then check out the worlds first YouTube store (I think…) called the YouTique by French Connection with agency Poke, London. It’s a very clever way of taking the current trend around video based fashion tips and stylists, then working to seamlessly integrate a shopping experience around it through YouTube’s annotation feature. Here you see fashion stylist Louise Roe handing out all sorts of tips and tricks in a very nicely designed brand channel, before showing you how each outfit looks on a model, along with annotations on each item that take you seamlessly to product pages on the French Connection Online Store. Also, the videos on the channel seem to go from simple to very very weird… Expect to see a lot of this in the lead up to Christmas and particularly leading  into summer 2011…

Ok, I hear you, so what, it’s just a video with links to an online store, who isn’t doing that? What’s the big deal? Well, on this occasion it’s all about being first, creating the buzz and having a “YouTube Store” that people want to visit for the content. They could have done it on their site, but they’ll be getting some great SEO benefits out of that video content, while opening up the brand to new customers inside YouTube searches and related videos.

Below are a few interesting videos, from simple to seriously weird… Enjoy!

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