XmasOnWheels: Live Christmas Card Installation

Fri, Dec 9, 2011
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This is a nice idea from Swedish Post (Posten). They have taken inspiration from traditional Christmas card designs by Jenny Nystrom and created Christmas Cards on Wheels (xmasonwheels.com), a site that showcases live Christmas scenes that replicate the card designs. Visitors to the site can control the camera on wheels and take pictures of the Christmas scene and send as real cards to friends and family. A live camera travels around the Christmas scenes and users can take endless variations of photos. Visitors to the site can also choose to be the driver of the “train” and decide what should happen in the live surrounding.

This is the work of Åkestam Holst. I love the idea of a real life installation that you can interact with online and then send a physical card. It’s a great way to get people sending unique physical cards at Christmas in a world going digital. What do you guys think?

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