Wunderman’s Gnome Has Been Kidnapped

Fri, Aug 13, 2010
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There has been some action at the Y&R building in Sydney this week, I’m on the 10th floor and noticed posters being put up for a “missing” gnome, yep, pretty weird, but it’s seems it’s not just any gnome, it’s Wunderman’s “Wundergnome”. A few days later, the Wundergnome appeared on Facebook crying out for help, followed shortly on eBay along with ransom posters in the building.

So if you want to help locate the little fella or you work for Wunderman (perhaps even a rival agency!) around the world somewhere, help the Wundergnome get home safely (or just keep him for your self), where ever he is, You can bid for him on eBay here!

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