Wrigley’s User Generated 3D Projection Mapping

Fri, Jun 3, 2011
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After posting about NuFormer 3D Video Mapping Interactivity Test we were given a heads up on the world’s first ever user generated 3D projection mapping event by Wrigley’s 5 Gum. The event was showcased in South Africa, both in Johannesburg and Cape Town. This world first experience allowed internet users to create their own projections with the chance of seeing them in real life. It was based on the 5 Experience campaign for 5 Gum and incentivised by the prize of winning tickets to see french electronic DJ, Etienne De Crecy live.

Around 840 projections were created for the event. The complete projection lasted little more than an hour. Audience members were seminal to the performance, as they were able to manipulate the live projection from their iPads. All guests were supplied with 5 Gum samples throughout the evening as well!

This event was the work of Tribal DDB South Africa . It really demonstrates where the future of projection mapping is heading. Incorporating an interactive element to live projection mapping offers an exciting engagement opportunity to the users experience. We can’t wait to see more campaigns like this!

Thanks for the heads up Don’t Party.

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