WPP Releases 2009 TGI Product Book Report

Sun, Nov 15, 2009
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2009 TGI Product Book Report
TGI is one of the worlds leading market research companies and every year they release the TGI Product Book Report as it’s known. This report is a high level look at 52 major product categories from 63 countries with data compiled from over 700,000 survey respondents.

The report is about 60 pages long and looks at categories like Internet Use, Beer, Mobile Phones, Credit Cards and even things like Potato Chips and Headache Remedies! I’m not sure how useful this information (in this high level format is) for your general use, but I can guarantee that it will make you look like a genius at your Christmas party drinks this year!

Click here to download the 2009 TGI Product Book Report. Happy reading. (thanks Casey!)

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