WIRED Magazine: The iPad Experience

Sun, Mar 21, 2010
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WIRED Magazine recently released their vision for the future: Digital Story Art. Allowing that to happen is of course, the iPad and to showcase the experience WIRED Magazine will be delivering to their readers in April, they released this at TED a few weeks ago.

The WIRED Magazine’s iPad experience is very rich, and believe it or not, is developed in Adobe AIR (even if flash is banned!) which is said to be the technology behind the iPad’s rich text, imagery, interactivity, animation and dynamics!

There are lots of great little interface and experience features of the WIRED iPad Experience, but I think the seamless use of the 360 degree product views, dual axis navigation, favourite bin (very handy!) and standard social integration are the standouts in this first glimpse!

However, the thing that a lot of you will be interested in is how advertising is represented. About 3mins into the video they showcase an interactive ad for Teslsa Motors, it’s a nice clean ad but didn’t seem to create the expanded interactive experience I thought an iPad Ad would deliver. But I’m sure it’s just the very start of what’s to come!

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