Will Facebook’s Video Chat Change Everything?

Mon, Jul 11, 2011
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You’ve probably already heard about Facebook Video Calling, I meant to post it up last week but just couldn’t find the time, but for those who’ve not actually seen it… Here is Facebook Video Calling…

While it might not initially excite you, I think Facebook Video Calling will have a profound influence on the way we communicate over the next few years, we just don’t know it yet. To date, Skype’s popularity has been separated from your genuine friendship circles, it’s been heavily used by people who actually “need” to talk or video chat via Skype, not necessarily those who just want to.

But Microsoft’s purchase of Skype has been rapidly utilised through their strategic ownership in Facebook, paving the way to open up a whole new world of social conversation inside Facebook. Now you’ll be just a click away from a video call to any Facebook friend, in-browser, no Skype software required… But where I think this will influence the way we communicate the most, will be via the ability to leave Video Messages for friends, and opening up the 700 Million Facebook users to something they’ve never really been able to do before.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you think this really means for social interaction, communication and Facebook in general… Not to mention the boost to the growing Microsoft/Facebook alliance that’s been tasked with toppling Google’s domination, including that new “Hangouts” video chat feature in Google+

How will agencies and brands start to leverage Facebook’s Video Calling and Video Messaging?

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