Wi-Fireworks: Remote HTML 5 Installation

Mon, Jul 26, 2010
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If you are a Flash developer, it might just be HTML 5 installations like this that start worrying you! We all know HMTL 5 can produce great drawing apps, sure, that’s easy, but combining that kind of functionality into live digital installations with multiple remote users use to be a flash only affair…

This is the latest creation out of Unit9, a Wi-Fi HTML 5 powered digital installation that syncs a HTML 5 drawing app optimised for your mobile phone to their live digital windows allowing you to draw anything you like in real time from your mobile and then have it explode (fireworks style) at a touch of the screen, all connected via a strong Wi-Fi signal. Just remember this isn’t an iPhone app, it’s a pure HTML 5 powered browser experience… So who thinks we’ll be seeing more of this?

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