Whopper Virgins Ad Campaign

Fri, Dec 12, 2008
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So it’s here. The new Whopper Virgins Ad Campaign that launched to much debate, with a crazy view to take the ”taste testing” concept to a whole new level in the signature Whopper VS Big Mac battle! The new Whopper Virgins Campaign was created by hot branded content agency Crispin, Porter and Bogusky with a mission to take “taste testing” to a whole new level!

Check out the the actual 30sec shorts about the transylvanian farmers and changmi villagers among others. Personally, I think the campaign is inventive, engaging, controversial and a great watch if you have five minutes to take it all in, however there is a growing number of bloggers ripping it to shreds across the web. From an advertising perspective, this is the future. It’s already started, but there will be a huge push towards branded content over the next two years with a stack of agencies likely to setup content divisions or hot talent leaving to start their own shop.

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