Whopper Sacrifice Shut Down! Results Are In!

Mon, Jan 19, 2009
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As you’d have heard by now, the famous (and very short lived) whopper sacrifice campaign on face book has been stopped. But not actually by face book, according to Inside Facebookonly a small feature of the campaign (albeit the most important one!) was forced to be disabled, meaning that the infamous public sacrifices would now not be so public. Instead of pushing on and altering the campaign, Burger king opted to stop the campaign and grab some publicity about being shut down by facebook. It’s a shame really, as they could have ran with that and started facebook hate groups supporting their app.

In total, the whopper sacrifice campaign results were: 85,000+ people sacrificed over 230,000+ friendships on facebook in just 2 short weeks – now that’s a lot of free burgers!

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