Whopper Sacrifice Campaign On Facebook

Thu, Jan 8, 2009
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Whopper Sacrifice
is possibly the most talked about thing online this week, and wow, Whopper Sacrifice is a killer campaign! This is the very first widget that actually deletes your facebook friends. Here is how it works, normally if you delete a friend, it happens silently in the background and chances are they will never know you deleted them (lucky right?)…

But The Whopper Sacrifice Campaign, turns this on it’s head and lets your Sacrifice (delete) 10 facebook friends in return for a free Whopper while these sacrificed friends will be told loud and clear that you sacrificed (deleted) them for a free whopper, and that’s something that is sure to spark a viral war of facebook friend deletions! I can’t wait to see the results, but this will be one of the most viral campaigns this year if early indications are true. Burger King’s ad campaigns are really hotting up lately, with this coming just weeks after the launch of the Whopper Virgins campaign that made global headlines!

You can launch the website here, or visit it here on facebook.
So will you participate in the whopper sacrifice war and swap 10 friends for a free Whopper?
Does anyone want to predict how many free whoppers they will give away with this campaign?

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