Wave Report 2010: The Socialisation Of Brands

Sun, Oct 31, 2010
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Universal McCann has has released their 5th Social WAVE report with almost 40,000 respondents globally. The report focus on how the growth in social media is opening avenues never seen before by brands, and show insights on how brands can look to use social to it’s maximum potential.

Contagious Magazine pulled out a few of the key points, but to be honest, you’ve just got to read the entire presentation! It’s a lengthy 72 slides and discusses everything from the new social media landscape, it’s impact and right through to what the future face of social will become…

  • There are 1.5 billion visits to social networks, daily. Of those repsonding to the Wave survey, 61.4% have managed a profile in the past six months, a 10-point rise since Wave.4 in 2009
  • Almost half of respondents have accessed brand communities on social networks. The highest motivations for joining were ‘to learn’ (78.6%) and ‘to gain advance news on products’ (76.1%)
  • Of those who joined brand communities, 71% were more likely to purchase and 63% recommended others to join

If you want to check out the report full screen, just click the “menu” button on the bottom left of the slideshare presentation and click “vew fullscreen”. Hope you guys enjoy!

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