Waterstones & Airbnb Seize The #waterstonestexan Moment

Thu, Oct 23, 2014
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So you’ve probably heard about the American (a Texan at that) that got locked inside a Waterstone’s bookstore after hours. His initial tweet sparked a hilarious trending conversation, one that was a perfect showcase of the narrative and creative power of the Twitter platform. Get the full lowdown at many different sites, like here: http://www.buzzfeed.com/alanwhite/everyones-going-to-be-tired-today-because-a-texan-got-locked. It’s as entertaining as it gets.

But what’s really amazing about the story is how the brand chose to respond. A couple days ago, Waterstones and Airbnb joined forces to turn the momentary buzz into a customer engagement opportunity, one that shows real creativity and wit. They are offering book lovers a chance to purposefully spend the night in the bookshop. Smart stuff. But most importantly was how fast the idea and the execution came together. The future of real time marketing is moving well beyond simply authoring a Tweet responding to ‘news’.

Word of warning to all the creatives out there in agency land, the idea was generated by Airbnb and taken directly to the brand. The competition for creative ideas continues to come from anywhere and everywhere.

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