Volkswagen: Pak de Polo

Tue, Jul 21, 2009
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Volkswagen Holland launched a great new campaign called ”Pak de Polo”. Its a real life interactive campaign, where a new model Polo travels across Netherlands for 8 days. Along the way, anyone who spots the car (between 9am to 9pm), can signal the current driver to stop the car and you can take his place! Then if you get stopped, you must leave your seat as well. The driver to drive the car for the longest distance, wins. The campaign generated a buzz in the country.

The Website airs footage in real time from inside and outside the car, giving a tip for those who want to participate in the game. In addition, visitors can leave their  postcodes and request that the car go to their towns. This is being promoted by TV commercials and radio. Plus there is also a digital version in the form of a game for members of Hyves, a popular social network in the country.

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