Volkswagen BlueMotion: Real Time Roulette

Mon, Aug 22, 2011
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Volkswagen have turned a Norway road into a real time game of roulette using Google Maps. In order to highlight the main feature of the new Golf BlueMotion car (it’s low fuel consumption), in a meaningful and memorable way to consumers, Volkswagen created the BlueMotion Roulette game. To do this they drove a Golf BlueMotion up Norway’s route E6 on a single tank of diesel and encouraged users to bet on when the car would run out of fuel.

This was the work of Norwegian agency Try who produced this online game of roulette using a mashup of Google Maps and Streetview. Through the BlueMotion website users could guess where the car would run out of fuel in order to win it. Each user could only have one guess, so in order to maximise their chance, they had to find out more about the car. Users could follow the campaign live as the car made it’s way on the journey.

A great way of demonstrating a product feature in a fun and innovative way. What did you think?

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