Vodafone’s Power Pinata Facebook Challenge

Sun, Dec 5, 2010
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Last week I was sent a seriously weird package from the guys at Host in Sydney, inside was a wrestling mask complete with an attached cape and a note asking if i’d ever seen a robot smash a piñata with a baseball bat! Unfortunately I’d not been so lucky, so I accepted the invitation to go on a mysterious trip this week, complete with my crazy mask.

So it was a slight relief to discover the Facebook app and social campaign they are running for Vodafone Australia. Called “Power Pinata” the campaign is centered around a robot with a baseball bat, hidden away in a secret warehouse, ready to smash a Vodafone piñata that will instantly release 500 pretty cool prizes to the Facebook community, on a first come first serve basis.

What I love about digital right now, is the potential for online to create real world outcomes, and with the Vodafone Facebook app, you’ll be able to jump in the cue and control the robots next swing of the bat in real time through the app. The robot does look a little familiar though, perhaps he or she is the retired robot from the Halo Reach Monument campaign! (Thanks Katy, also via Bannerblog)

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