Vodafone #ukhols Map: Twitter/Google Mashup

Sun, Jun 14, 2009
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ukhols vodafone twitter google maps mashup
Vodafone in the UK
has just launched a #ukhols map, a great little mashup of Twitter & Google maps where the twitter sphere can tweet to #ukhols followed by their age, sex and postcode with the city (most tweets look like this #ukhols 24 M RG6 Cairo) to have the Vodafone site plot their next holiday from their current location!

One of the really cool features that pushed this mashup, is that it also syncs with TwitPic, which means once you’re on holiday, you can post your photos to TwitPic and they will also appear on the Vodafone #ukhols map tagged to your red dot that appears from your tweets indicating exactly where your going and where you came from!

This is exactly how brands should be creating buzz with social media API’s and mashups are such a simple and viral way of getting people interacting with the brand in a comfortable way!
Check out the site here
. (via Adverblog) Very impressive new campaign from Vodafone.

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